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ERod got his ring from the Grim Reaper

ERod’s Blockbuster Buster ring is the same one that appears in Eric’s short film ‘Phobias Mortem.’ At the end of the film the old Grim Reaper had given the ring to the new Grim Reaper. She then told ERod that she knew a friend who would be interested in him when she found him smoking. Maybe he beat Death and got his ring.

  • Confirmed.

The mysteries hooded man is Doctor Nemesis

He said he’d be back maybe this is him.

  • Jossed; but he is working for him.

The mysteries hooded man is Nerdlinger

Nerdlinger was the last person before the hooded man to use that outfit. Maybe he’s not as soft and easily scared as he pretends.

  • Jossed.

The hooded man is The Hooded Fang from Jacob Two-Two
  • Jossed.

The Nefarious Alliance of Devious Scoundrals' [N.A.D.S] will ...

The three parter was an allegory or comparison to the prequel trilogy.

He said the film was unreviewable, so he made the videos to act as a comparison.Also the three aspects of phantom menace he mentioned in the videos to me, seems to be the things he was most pissed about with the film. They were probably the biggest flaws in the film to him.

  • Confirmed in the commentaries

The Hooded Man/George Lucas
will be re-imagined as a Darth Vader Expy, and reference the Dark Side of the Plot. Think about the main bad guy(the Executor) of To Boldly Flee-he parodies Palpatine, and introduced the Dark Side of the Plot. The Block Bluster Buster is part of the Channel Awesome universe. When one thinks about it from having the Dark and Light sides of the plot be different perspectives on film-making, George Lucas is a perfect parallel: a young, optimistic film-maker who fights for independence so he can avoid Executive Meddling and allow passion into his movies, but ended up becoming that same tired, merchandise-driven executive that he once hated. He could reappear if the Blockbuster Buster decides to do an Honest Review of the Original Trilogy. Bonus points if the Hooded Man has a bunch of CGI(he's more special effect than man, anyone?)

Erod is the Super Skrull

How else could he have manifested the powers of all the Fantastic Four at the end of his Fantastic Four (2015) review?

Nerdlinger, Fedora Freddy, and El L0ver are alternate personas of Erod.

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