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When Maddox flew to Dubai, he actually went on a sincere tour of the metropolis.
"So yes, essentially I flew 7804 miles (12,560 km) to another country just to litter. I have mastered all things petty. Game over."
  • Remember, this is someone who makes jokes about his Gag Testicles, writes a Mad Max: Fury Road review to gloat about how awesome Immortan Joe is, and writes articles about how people are idiots for wanting pepperoni on their pizza, then reminds people in his FAQ that most of the stuff he says he hates on his website are just things he doesn't really care about, i.e. his site is satire and as such most content of it shouldn't be taken very seriously. For all you know, he probably did do more than just petty amusement in Dubai (would be a waste of airfare and time if that was the only thing he did there) and treated himself to traveling around, checking out restaurants, bars, landmarks, and the like; he just chose not to talk about it because the narrative of "I flew to Dubai just to litter, confirm a site ban, and make fun of the world's tallest skyscraper" sounds funnier.

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