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Arson Murder And Jaywalking / Animated Films

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  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire: Vinny Santorini says that "we've done a lot of things we're not proud of: robbing graves, plundering tombs, double parking..." Earlier, he lists what he's got in his pack: "Gunpowder, nitroglycerin, notepads, fuses, wicks, glue, and paperclips. Big ones. You know, just office supplies."
  • Tangled: in Mother Gothel's Villain Song she when she mentions reasons why Rapunzel shouldn't go outside she brings up Ruffians, Thugs, and Poison Ivy among other things
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  • Big Hero 6, when Hiro is testing out Baymax's prototype Powered Armor:
    Hiro: Hammer fist! Side kick! Knife hand! Back kick! Gummy bears!
    (cuts to Baymax getting a bag of gummy bears from a vending machine)
    Hiro: Yes!
  • Despicable Me 3: While in prison, the Minions become so feared they can get anything they want from the other inmates. Some of those things are money, gold, and a teddy bear.
  • In DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp when Gene recounts all the horrific things Merlock unleashed upon the world by abusing his unlimited wishes, he lists off sinking Atlantis, destroying Pompeii, and inventing anchovy pizza.
  • The Emperor's New Groove combines this with I Take Offense to That Last One!, with the trivial item being the one that causes Kronk's Heel–Face Turn:
    Yzma: Kronk! Why did I think you could do this? This one simple thing. It's like I'm talking to a monkey!
    Kronk's Shoulder Angel: Whoa now.
    Yzma: A really, really big, stupid monkey named Kronk!
    Kronk's Shoulder Devil: Ouch.
    Yzma: And do you want to know something else? I've never liked your spinach puffs.
    (All Kronks gasp)
    Yzma: Never!
    Kronk: (starts sobbing)
    Kronk's Shoulder Devil: That's it. (cocks his pitchfork like a pump-action shotgun) She's going down.
    • Justified in that Kronk's cooking skills are the one thing he truly prides himself on.
      • As we learn in the sequel, Kronk had always dreamed of being a cook, but his father had mocked his ambition, making little Kronk cry.
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  • Heavy Metal features a segment with Captain Sternn on trial for heinous crimes, including: 12 counts of murder in the first degree, 14 counts of armed theft of Federation property, 22 counts of piracy in high space, 18 counts of fraud, 37 counts of rape... and one moving violation.
  • A censored version of "Topsy Turvy" from The Hunchback of Notre Dame replaces one line with "Good is bad, and best is worst, and west is east!"
  • In Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Buck lists off the rules if the heroes want him to help them: "Rule 1: Do whatever Buck says. Rule 2: Stay on the middle of the track.... Rule 3... He who has gas walks at the back."
  • The Incredibles: Edna Mode does this twice while demonstrating the new super suits she designed for Helen Parr and her children: The first time is also combined with Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick.
    Edna: I cut it a little roomy for the free movement, the fabric is comfortable for sensitive skin...and it can also withstand a temperature of over 1000 degrees. Completely bulletproof, and machine washable, darling. That's a new feature.

    Edna: Your suit can stretch as far as you can without injuring yourself, and still retain its shape. Virtually indestructible, yet it breathes like Egyptian cotton.
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  • This line from Kent Mansley's "goldarned security" rant in The Iron Giant:
    Kent Mansley: You think this metal man is fun, but who built it? The Russians? The Chinese? Martians? Canadians? I don't care!
  • The LEGO Movie:
    Lucy: Poverty! Pollution! People putting raisins in stuff!
    (Ultrakatty loses it)
  • Lilo & Stitch: According to Jumba, Stitch's programming will cause him to be irresistibly drawn to large cities, where he will back up sewers, reverse street signs, and steal everyone's left shoe.
  • Madagascar: Alex rants to Marty for getting them stranded on an island.
    Alex: I'm gonna kill you, Marty! I'm gonna strangle you, then bury you, then dig you up and clone you and kill all your clones! And then, I'm never talking to you again!
  • In Megamind, the title character's De-Gun has these modes: Decompress, Debilitate, Demoralize, Deregulate, Death Ray, Destroy, and Decoupagenote .
  • Meet the Robinsons: Wilbur Robinson's Robot Buddy Carl lists the negative consequences that arose from Wilbur's careless failure to shut the garage door properly: One of the family's time machines (a prototype, only two currently in existence) got stolen by the villain, the time stream could be altered forever, and someone took Carl's bike. Later in the film, Wilbur gives Lewis three objections to Lewis' suggestion that the Robinsons adopt Bowler Hat Guy, who is actually Lewis' old roommate Mike Yagoobian - "He stole our time machine, tried to ruin your future, and he smells like he hasn't had a shower in thirty years!"
  • Ratchet & Clank (2016): Ratchet calls Qwark out on him betraying the Galactic Rangers. Qwark retorts that he did it because Ratchet usurped his position in the public's eye and took his fans, his sponsors, his lucrative endorsement deals, and his parking space.
  • Shrek:
    • From Shrek 2, the Fairy Godmother's tirade:
      Fairy Godmother: Let's see... P-p-p-p-p, Princess. Cinderella... Handsome prince, lived happily ever after... oh, no ogres! Sleeping Beauty... handsome prince, no ogres. Thumbelina, no! Hansel and Gretel, no! The Golden Bird, The Little Mermaid, Pretty Woman... no, no, no, no, NO! You see, ogres don't live happily ever after.
    • Shrek the Third: The Witches run people down on their broomsticks, the living trees knock stuff over, and the cyclops... pulls letters out of mailboxes, peels off the stamps, and puts them back.
  • Superman/Batman: Apocalypse:
    Kara: Kal, I've been chased, shot at, kidnapped, beaten up, mind controlled... and I broke a nail! I could use a little quiet.
  • Trolls: Having just fled their home to avoid being eaten, King Peppy says that the Trolls' new home has all they need: "Fresh air, clear water, and sweet acoustics!"


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