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No one truly knows when the darkness came into the world. In that vast black, a single cell divided itself into three separate entities. These three creatures are not human, but each one of them possesses a strong sense of justice deep within their soul. And though they are monsters, hideous monsters, they believe that by doing good deeds, they will one day become human.

A remake of the 1968 series Yōkai Ningen Bem, Humanoid Monster Bem is the story of three monsters trying to right the wrongs of other monsters. Along the way they hope to gain the approval of humans who fear and despise them, and to one day become humans themselves.They are:

  • Bem: Team Dad, and oldest looking of the three. Uses a cane in human form. Looks like a tall guy in a suit, with pointed ears and blank eyes.
  • Bera: Team Mom, and the only female. Uses a whip in human form. The most normal looking of the three, she's still dresses bizarrely, has pale skin, and wears heavy make up.
  • Bero: The youngest looking of the three and most childlike. Doesn't use any weapons in human form. With olive Green Skin, pointed ears and fingernails, and an outfit that looks like it's right out of a circus act, he's the least normal looking of the three.

Another remake simply titled BEM, was produced by Production I.G with LandQ Studios in 2019, with a movie followup, BECOME HUMAN, in 2020.



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