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Filipino Tropers, UNITE!:

 1 Icarael, Sun, 7th Aug '11 9:25:58 AM from the Diliman Sprawl
I'm certain there are at least three other tropers on this board who are Filipino, so I made a thread for them.

It doesn't matter whether you're from the mainland, an expat, a balikbayan, or whatever; if you're a Filipino, then this is the thread for you.

Also, if you've ever been to the Philippines or are part Filipino, come right in.
Compromise is the death bed of conviction.
Huh. Hello there, then. I was thinking of making one, but I thought there weren't too many of us.
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 3 Sharysa, Wed, 17th Aug '11 9:26:30 PM from Alameda, CA Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
The local bard
 4 J The Great, Mon, 22nd Aug '11 5:39:14 PM from Everywhere and Nowhere
Disciple of Sarcasm
Second-generation immigrant here smile. I can only understand conte Tagalog, so don't be offended if I bring in Google Translate for a "Blind Idiot" Translation or two.
Everyday I'm Tumblin'!
 5 Sharysa, Mon, 22nd Aug '11 7:23:58 PM from Alameda, CA Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
The local bard
...It took me a moment to understand what you were reading.

I can never keep all the double-vowel words straight in my head. "Conte" sounded like "Cawn-tay" in my head, and I was like "WTF ANOTHER FUCKING DIALECT" before I realized it should be "co-onteh, " like "a little bit."
 6 Kinkajou, Thu, 25th Aug '11 7:11:41 AM from you're not your
We Do Not Sow
And it's spelled kaunti in Filipino.

Of course, still in the country.
"Wait, it's IV. Of course they are. They'd make IV for Dreamcast." - Enlong, on yet another FFIV remake
 7 Kyler Thatch, Thu, 25th Aug '11 7:29:29 AM Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
literary masochist
Why do they keep calling it "alibata" anyway? "Baybayin" sounds much more elegant. which I mean, hi!
It's hard to explain puns to kleptomaniacs.
They always take things literally.
Coincidentally, yesterday, I bought a baller with alibata on it.

Hmm... so where does everyone here live?
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 9 theindefiniteone, Thu, 25th Aug '11 7:39:51 AM from the End of the World
A nice new, thread. Hello, everyone. Manileno here. (Well, Quezon City...) tongue

 10 Kinkajou, Thu, 25th Aug '11 8:00:59 AM from you're not your
We Do Not Sow
I live in the south of the Metro.
"Wait, it's IV. Of course they are. They'd make IV for Dreamcast." - Enlong, on yet another FFIV remake
I live in Paranaque, but I'm in one of the UP dorms right now.
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 12 Kinkajou, Thu, 25th Aug '11 8:13:54 AM from you're not your
We Do Not Sow
Ooh, not far.

I commute to uni anyway - would be too obvious already.
"Wait, it's IV. Of course they are. They'd make IV for Dreamcast." - Enlong, on yet another FFIV remake
 13 Sharysa, Fri, 26th Aug '11 7:00:48 PM from Alameda, CA Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
The local bard
I live in California.
 14 Kinkajou, Sat, 27th Aug '11 6:17:44 AM from you're not your
We Do Not Sow
California's nice - and on the other end of the Ring of Fire.
"Wait, it's IV. Of course they are. They'd make IV for Dreamcast." - Enlong, on yet another FFIV remake
That One Guy
I don't feel so alone anymore :D
"His eyes were the color of FEAR..." "Wait, what is that, YELLOW?"
 16 eternal Noob, Sat, 12th Nov '11 3:33:38 AM from yer mum Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
If you wanna PM me, send it to my mrsunshinesprinkles account; this one is blorked.
 17 judasmartel, Fri, 6th Jan '12 8:13:42 PM from Philippines
Accelolita's Butler
Hello everyone! I hail from Davao City, but currently living at Cainta, Rizal and working in Quezon City.

Now that we are here, let me compose a mini-article about classic Action Film cliches of The Nineties, TV Tropes style.

edited 10th Mar '13 10:22:05 PM by judasmartel

 18 papercut, Mon, 16th Jan '12 5:11:01 AM from in your head
Another Manileno here :D Also, I love that list above.
World-class worrywart.
O...kay, I'm not a Filipino (obviously), but I just have a (rather stupid) question.

Does anyone here practice eskrima/kali/arnis (which is it?)? I heard it is pretty popular there, what with being originated there and all.
Stay awesome, people.
Accelolita's Butler
@TPAM Not really a practitioner here, but Eskrima is the general term for the Filipino martial art involving both Arnis and Kali.

It originated from since the ancient times when the country was still divided into so many tribal kingdoms. At the time, it was usually expected for an ancient Filipino tribesman, even a non-fighter, to know at least the fighting basics so they can defend themselves against attacks by a rival tribe while the army is away.

Even today, the blade culture is still so strong that even when guns are now the standard weapons, Filipinos still prefer to use knives (people from Batangas favor the Butterfly Knife) or Improvised Weapons to kick ass because they are more practical and easier to acquire than guns.

Arnis equipment are usually dual wield wooden sticks, but the martial art can be used with any kind of long material, such as PVC pipes, metal sticks, and even swords.

Kali is usually all about knifeplay, but given that ancient Filipino warriors are often depicted in media as either Fragile Speedsters or Glass Cannons * compared to warriors from other races, there are so many ways you can beat an opponent with a standard knife.

edited 16th Jan '12 7:14:59 PM by judasmartel

 21 papercut, Wed, 18th Jan '12 3:11:13 PM from in your head
For all it was worth, I had arnis as a PE class for one semester. Fun times, even if it almost made my hands bleed from holding the sticks during the final exams. We used yantok sticks, though I think kamagong can also be used. It's heavy as hell though, and not really suitable for newbies like us.
World-class worrywart.
Accelolita's Butler
For non-Filipino tropers who don't know what are these:

  • Yantok is a type of commonly used for furniture and baskets.
  • Kamagong is a type of hardwood derived from the velvet apple tree.

As TPAM suggested above, arnis sticks made of these wood types are as heavy as hell, and can still hurt somebody if used for hitting.

In a documentary featuring the martial art, the sticks still hurt the combatants despite both of them wearing body armor.

So, sure, wooden sticks will still get cut in half by katanas, so you might want to use iron sticks or swords to beat a swordsman with arnis.

But then, that's probably the reason why ancient Filipino warriors are often depicted as swordsmen, though.

edited 18th Jan '12 8:34:47 PM by judasmartel

I heard that some of the dual sticks maneuver was applied to machetes. That's one hardcore martial art right there.

Recently I'm very, very, VERY fascinated with this martial art. I will definitely learn this one if I can find a good place that teaches it.

Too bad that it's still a quite exotic and non mainsteam martial art yet. :/

edited 18th Jan '12 9:42:58 PM by dRoy

Stay awesome, people.
Accelolita's Butler
[up][up][up][up] Updated the TV Tropes list of Filipino action movie cliches.

Ready for a new Cliché Storm? Here it is:

edited 11th Apr '12 9:12:31 AM by judasmartel

5, 6, and the last one comes to me as quite odd to me.
Stay awesome, people.
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