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Hey, all. I'm back.

Anyway, about me: I'm not a new forumite, starting out here where I'm somewhere between a regular and a old-guard of the same name. That place is in need of some love in the form of new (and permanent) members. Check it out.

I play music and study nursing. As I have been playing violin practically my entire life, I feel like I'm almost entitled to say that music truly is my world. I currently work at a nursing home and sub for a county level orchestra, which is pretty rad, I'd say.

I have taken it my responsibility to keep the Gambit Index in running order. Though I have been slacking from running my watch as of lately. I'm from one of the cloudiest cities in the United States, north of that one city and south of that other one. The actual town of Death Cab for Cutie. Oh yea, if I haven't mentioned it before, I play epic violin. And I quote cheesy '80's songs and puns a lot. And I love being hammy. Because it's silly. For this, I channel my inner BRIAN BLESSED, William Shatner, Nicholas Cage, and Swedish Chef from The Muppets. This is probably because I have acting and theatre in my veins.

I am currently crusading against Fandumb. Help me fight it. note: I'm a big fan of Moff’s Law and Quality Over Quantity.

As for the Table discussion,I am a part of Salt.

What's said here is IMPORTANT.

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  • Regarding a topic I started, does the use of a bidet improve personal hygiene? I bet so. — Belfagor
    • It may, haven't really thought about it. The more important thing for that kinda thing would be to WASH YOUR HANDS. The main pathway for pathogens in modern times in first-world countries is through the feco-oral pathway, or in layman's terms, where people don't wash their hands after they use the restroom and handle things that other people will later use.
    • That's gross. Of course I always was my hands after using the restroom. In Italy, the bidet is used by virtually everyone: if you don't use it, you're quite the Pig Pen.

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I find these bands played so much/adored so much that I've started to not liking them:

Music that I'm starting to not like as much because it's being played WAY TOO MUCH: Clicky 


  • MLP. Fandumb doesn't begin to cover it.
  • Game of Thrones - While the story itself isn't bad, I stopped liking it when I realized that George Martin was writing Chandler's Law...but with danglies instead of guns, and honestly, that's just bad writing. Not that Chandler's Law was ever really good writing to begin with, but the danglies? SERIOUSLY? WTH author?

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     Kids these days... 
Mario: "I don't know Luigi,... hey lets vandalize this page."
Luigi: "Okey dokey."

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  • What is considered Old Guard in terms of how long someone's been here?
    • Hell, who are the mods? Are there any, even?
  • Why hasn't there been a Troper Con yet?
  • What would be the Distaff Counterpart of Strange Girl?