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Hi, I'm Argentum Uranium, one of the nerdiest tropers on the wiki.

I'm a chemical engineering major, which is awesome and all, but extremely taxing to the brain. It hurts in a good way, I assure you. I might be a bit mad in the Hatter sense from the time I broke a fluorescent lamp in the bathroom and was repeatedly exposed to the residual mercury vapor there over the next two years.

I find myself most active on the forums, and when it comes to editing the wiki, I often slip in trope examples pertaining to the Philippines, the Vatican, the Catholic Church, and chemistry. My favorite chemicals are F2, Cs, C6H5CH3(NO2)3, C3H5(ONO2)3, and at least a few others.


On the side, I also make Hitler Rants videos on DiesIstNichtEinstein, as well as a few other Gag Sub videos which suck.

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You didn't have a page. But now you do. You have to have a page because I am vandalizing it. If you didn't have a page, then how am I vandalizing it. - Completely Normal Guy