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  • Frivolous Lawsuit: Almost every lawsuit threatened in any story here, really.
    • This guy wants to sue a town, not the town government, but the town itself and everyone in it. By the look of things, he appeared to be under the impression that "Boise Idaho" (without a comma) was a company and not a town.
    • This guy, every year, goes to a family's haunted house, comes out bruised, and sues them for it, never winning from a lack of evidence but wasting a lot of their money nonetheless. He eventually gets his when they install security cameras and catch him injuring himself - his case is immediately thrown out with that evidence, and the family promptly counter-sues him for three times what he wanted from them, making back nearly every penny they had lost fighting his lawsuits.
    • This elderly lady blatantly pretends to have slipped on something wet and threatens to contact her lawyer - after basically proving she made it up, by trying to "recreate" the incident by making movements she could not possibly have done if she were actually injured. Because of this and the presence of security cameras, the manager gives her the store's information in the hopes that she goes through with the lawsuit so he can then get her put in jail over it.
    • This elderly woman tried to scam a department store by faking a slip-and-fall accident. The CCTV footage immediately disqualifies her claims.
  • From Bad to Worse: This poor worker. A lady buys $40 of various brands of cat food, and refuses to help the cashier load it up. Then she pays entirely in change. Then she drops the cans all over the parking lot when she realizes that she actually meant to buy dog food.
  • From the Mouths of Babes:

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