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  • The origins of MAH BALLS:
    Lucahjin: We can choose her name...
    (They see that the game only lets you choose from a set of predetermined names for the horse)
    Lucahjin: Are you serious?!
    JoshJepson: Lucahjin. I hate all of these names.
    Lucahjin: I don't like these names. I'm, um, let me think...well, we could name the horse..."Vagisil" for Tyler but, I'm gonna name Barbie's friend "Vagisil" instead...
    JoshJepson: Okay (laughs)
    Lucahjin: So I'm gonna name the horse... (deep breath) ...MY BALLS!
    ("My Balls" text appears over preset name, both of them crack up)
    • A bit later, when they manage to jump an obstacle...
      Barbie: Good girl, Belle.
      Lucahjin: What? That is not her name! Her name is MAH BALLS! (beat) Good girl, Mah Balls!
      JoshJepson: Good gir...(breaks down laughing)
  • At the very end of the game, they are awarded with a foal, which Lucah names "My Penis". When they move on to Barbie's Wild Horse Rescue, My Penis becomes the main character, resulting in even more innuendos than the first game.
    • Not to mention all of the other horse names they (and the fans) come up with.
  • Josh and Lucah's shared reaction to the horse-cleaning minigame.
  • Barbie's Horse Adventure Riding Camp: Jon's reading out some of the game text
    • Jon keeps trying to get the horse to jump on the human NPCs.
    • Their reaction to the horse having "tank controls".
    • Their reactions to the campy bad voice acting, and that everyone keeps asking Barbie to do things for them that they could/should do themselves.
    • Jon and Lucah keep trying to jump the horse off of cliffs.
    • The horse's names were Tardy, Rambo, Col. Sanders, Satan, and Barack Obama.
    • They see "TRG" in the credits and declare that The Runaway Guys made this game!
  • When playing Barbie: Dreamhouse Party on a stream, she paused the game near the end of a dancing-themed minigame. The game paused... except for the heads of Barbie and co. The results are a thing of beauty.

    Paper Mario 64 (blind) 
  • The voice she does for Raphael the Raven in episode 39.
  • Any time several new characters are introduced at once and she has to quickly come up with different voices for all of them, especially with the penguins in episode 53.
  • Her reaction to the Ice/Crystal King. She beat him in one sitting.
  • In the Final Boss fight in episode 67, Bowser gets his power boosted and grows to giant size as well as having a Power Glows aura (which Lucah interprets as stink lines) and then he uses the Star Rod to become invincible, causing him to flash with rainbow colours...
    Lucah: Oh no! Now he's big, ugly, smelly, and at a rave!

    Pokemon White (blind) 
  • Lucah's reaction to the carnage leftover from the first two battles of Pokemon White.
    Lucah: Oh, God, my room! My bed!
    Game: The bed is a mess!
    Lucah: It's a mess! Oh no, my Wii! It's—
    Game: It's a Wii console! It's not even scratched!
    Lucah: --okay. But still! Aaaaah!
  • She insists on referring to Patrats as "gophers with headaches" (due to their red eyes, and probably their pose).
  • Also, Roggenrolas are always compared to anuses.
  • She considers Timburr and its evolutions to be examples of Body Horror, and so always has a "No. Just... No" Reaction when fighting them...and towards the end even refuses to look at the screen while fighting them.
  • "Why are all these children so philosophical?!"
  • The innuendo potential of "My Balls" is such that some Innocent Innuendo manages to slip through too, such as Lucah repeatedly saying things like "I forgot I had My Balls out in front!" without realizing the innuendo.
  • In Part 26, Lucah is constantly freaking out over all the Timburr and Gurdurr that the Cold Storage workers have. She even relates a story about how she'd recently seen a Timburr plush in real life, and how much it freaked her out.
    • She also decided that JoshJepson is lactose intolerant after not letting Joshtheslt fight a Vanillite.
    • Fun fact: as revealed in his vlogs, he actually is!
  • Her Mind Screw reaction to beating Clay so easily in part 27, especially since it took her a long time the first time she played.
  • Part #28 gives us "MAH BALLS FOR PRESIDENT" and "Punching like a hundred and eight Bambis in the face can leave you pretty tired!"
  • Lucah's joy at the innuendo potential when My Balls learns the move 'Discharge' in episode 34.
    • Earlier in the same episode, Lucah calls a Nurse a jerk for making her battle before getting healed, and then there's her reaction to Alomomola.
  • In episode 40, Lucah constantly complains about the cat freaking out in the background, which is only audible to the viewers when it spoils a cutscene.
  • In episode 41 she fights several Team Plasma Grunts and, due to the Ambiguous Gender nature of their top-down sprite, has to guess what sex they are for what voice to use when reading out their introductory dialogue. She invariably guesses wrong and lampshades this.
  • From episode 42, her reaction to Stunfisk and "Only you can prevent Pokemon fires, Ranger Harry!"
  • Her Mind Screw in episode 44 on fighting a trainer with her own name...who is male and bald.
  • Commenting to Chuggaaconroy about how she never gets to hear the Gym Leader's last Pokemon music because she keeps getting lucky with hits and killing them too fast. She deliberately brings out Joshtheslt because she thinks he'll miss with Blizzard. She proceeds to get a Critical Hit and OHKO Iris's Haxorus, winning the fight.
  • In the aftergame stream, Lucah constantly questioning the appearance of pretty much every new Pokemon she meets.
  • She's also taken to playing Spongebob music whenever she feels as though she's failing. She isn't.
  • Lucah spends over an hour trying to catch Coballion, until Coballion ran out of PP and Struggled itself to death.
  • Later in the stream, using yodeling music to attract Thunderus. It Makes Just As Much Sense In Context (and it's hilarious).

    Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (blind) 
  • Her Mood Whiplash reaction to the title screen in the first episode:
    Lucahjin: I see Mario! I see Peach! I see Kammy! ...WHO THE HELL ARE THOSE OTHER PEOPLE?!
  • The Running Gag of claiming that all women associated with Rogueport are actually male.
    • Another Running Gag is Lucah's constant renaming of characters. Lord Crump becomes Lord Dump, Koops becomes Poops, Grodus becomes Scrotum, Hooktail becomes Hookertail etc.
  • Lucah constantly calling Goombella a 'judgmental bitch' for, well, making pretty much the same kinds of comments as Lucah herself does.
    • She later switches to calling her "Ms. No-Arms".
  • Randomly giving Hooktail a French accent, and then not knowing what voice to give Madame Flurrie because she doesn't appear on screen at first, so going through French, British, Australian and Southern Belle voices.
  • There's a minor running gag about Flurrie's missing necklace being anal beads which comes roaring to the fore once Lucah gets it back:
    Lucahjin: (reading the description) ...Flurrie's favorite necklace. That's just great. I will never unsee that.
  • Her reaction to Flurrie when she finally appears. The whole last 5 minutes of that video, Lucah is laughing uncontrollably, messing up her commentary because of how funny she finds Flurrie to look.
    Lucahjin: Is this for real?
  • In part 20, due to pressing buttons too fast, she accidentally skips through a conversation option and ends up paying off a guard she had intended to fight for experience instead, much to her chagrin.
  • Her utter glee in episode 24 when the newly hatched Yoshi Kid asks for a name and she finds there are just enough spaces to fit in "My Balls". "This was meant to be!"
  • In episode 27, she responds to a multitude of fans spoiling the poisoned cake by enacting her spoiler policy and doing the opposite of what they say. She eats the cake and loses the following fight as a result, continuously reminding the fans that it is their fault.
  • In episode 34, her inventory is full and she's trying to pick up a new item, so she throws away a Peachy Peach, only for it to keep rebounding off the wall and Mario to pick it up again.
  • In episode 36, her encounters with Crazee Dazees as well as "Happy ending lady! Will you still give me a happy ending even though I'm purple?" And when Doopliss asks her to guess his name before she knows it in an Unwinnable by Design segment, her guesses for it are "Dickbutt" and "CaCadood".
  • Her reaction in episode 39 when she keeps accidentally talking to a mouse instead of Podley in the bar.
  • In episode 42 she uses a Fire Flower against fire enemies (which heals them) and then spends the rest of the video calling herself dumb because of it.
  • In episode 43, Lucahjin encounters a Bulky Bob-omb for the first time. She finds it adorable and even claims that she wants to hug it. When she attacks, she makes the mistake of using Bobbery, which causes a chain reaction explosion that defeats the enemies but almost kills her.
    Lucahjin: Oh shoot! Oh my god, I shouldn't have done that. I shouldn't have done that!
  • In episode 50, we have her reaction to the 100 "I love you's." Words cannot describe it. For your viewing pleasure.
    Lucahjin: (with slowly dawning horror) ...Oh, no.
  • Throughout Chapter 6, Lucah desperately trying not to make a joke about the "sticky, yummy threat".
  • Her reaction to having to search for General White in episode 60 consists of pure fury that doesn't get any better when she finds the place where she left to go search for him.
    Lucahjin: WHAT?! What?! He's right there! He's been here this whole fucking time?! Are you serious? Are you fucking serious right now?!
    • And soon after she finds him sleeping in a bed.
    Lucahjin: You! Oh, I'm gonna kill this dude. I'm gonna pee in your mouth.
  • Her Epic Fail in episode 61 when she attempts to fight an X-Yux.
  • In episode 62, her fascination with the Shhwonk game show host's eyes, comparing them to fireplaces, Geordi LaForge's VISOR, and a Transformer.
  • Lucah comparing Magnus von Grapple to a Chinese takeaway container.
  • After spending most of the LP never getting three of a kind in the bingo segments of battles, she finally starts getting them...when she doesn't need them, like getting a refill of her FP when it's already full.

    Suikoden II 
  • The RNG hates Lucah! In the cooking contest minigame, she got Luc as a judge three times in a row! Luc is one of the worst judges to get, because he almost always gives low scores.

    Ocarina of Time (Blind) 
  • The first thing she does is name Link "Fuck me", naturally resulting in tons of hilarious dialogue.
  • Her reaction to the opening sequence in episode 1, where she decides that the reason for Link's shocked expression when he sees Ganondorf is "A black ginger?! How is that even possible?!"
  • Lucah's Jump Scare moment in episode 3 when Kaepora Gaebora pops up at night.
    • This becomes a Running Gag, as KG keeps showing up, and it always, without fail, makes Lucah jump.
  • Constantly accidentally pulling out the chicken due to a button mapping issue (which also leads to an Epic Fail when she tries to learn the first Ocarina song) and treating it like a Felony Misdemeanor when the chicken vanishes from her inventory.
  • In episode 5, an epic Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny! moment after Lucah listens to Ingo complaining about Talon being in charge:
    Lucah: Well that's kinda rude, why don't you tell him how you feAWWWWWWWWWH! Horses!
  • Lucah being terrified of the flying pineapple-like Peahat enemies in episode 6 due to having a fear of pineapples in Real Life.
  • Her reaction to Darunia's dance, and her giving him the Hulk Hogan / Rawk Hawk voice.
  • Her utterly horrified/bewildered reaction to the Great Fairy in Episode 12 has to be seen to be believed. Bonus points for her talking up how beautiful the Fairy must be before seeing her.
    • Also hilarious because it's one of the few times when Lucah is left genuinely speechless.
  • In episode 15, "He looks like a cross between Fat Voldemort and Sloth from The Goonies! (puts on Sloth voice) "Voldemort love Harry!"
  • In episode 16, Lucah is asked to compose a song on the C-arrow buttons for a scarecrow, and "plays" the Konami Code.
  • The title of episode 17, "FishTits McBitch", with Lucah calling Princess Ruto many variations on it during the episode.
  • She spends the beginning of episode 19 trying to climb onto Jabu Jabu's back for a good minute before she finally gives up.
  • In episode 21, Lucah is determined to spoil some of the game's most dramatic cutscenes by wearing the Keaton Mask during them.
    Lucah (as Link pulls the Master Sword and travels through time): Pikachu GOOOO!
  • In the same episode, she describes the Medal of Light as "a shiny gold hubcap" and says Link's going to put it on his Honda Accord.
  • Lucah accidentally sets off the Cuccoes and gets chased by them on horseback while trying to escape from Lon Lon Ranch in episode 22.
  • At the end of episode 26, guest commentator NintendoCapriSun pre-empts Lucah's usual outro by starting to sing the Stupid Statement Dance Mix himself.
  • In episode 32, Lucah's Heroic BSOD when she sees that if you look from the right angle, the counter guy in the Treasure Box shop has no body below his torso hovering in midair, as well as her joy when "Henry" the dog keeps following her.
  • The entirety of her fight with Dark Link in episode 37, "helped" by guest commentator LiamSixx. Especially all the time lapse cards.
    • Not to mention that when she enters the room, she reacts by throwing a bomb at Dark Link to try and damage him. She instead causes him to phase up to her and start the duel.
    • Liam being outraged when Lucah kills a Like Like from a distance with bombs rather than 'fighting like men'.
    • He gets annoyed again in episode 41 when he talks up how difficult it is to cross a gauntlet with moving spiked platforms before the boss door, only for Lucah to almost beat it on her first try and successfully beat it on only her third or fourth attempt.
  • Lucah gets to the room with a bunch of boulders, whirlpools, and tektites and attempts to traverse it with the Iron Boots. This doesn't work out so well, but results in all the tektites converging on her from above the water, forming a "spider dance party".
  • At the end of episode 40, Lucah spots the switch she hit to open the dungeon floating in the water and mistakes it for Princess Ruto's corpse.
  • Her reaction to Dead Hand in episode 43.
  • Lucah's Why Did It Have to Be Snakes? reaction to all the timed missions of the Biggoron's Sword sidequest in episode 45. As well as the way she talks to Epona as though calming a real horse.
  • Episode 46 gives us guest commentator Pcull44444 constantly trolling Lucah by giving her wrong advice (which she usually sniffs out ahead of time), Lucah being interrupted by the same text boxes over and over, and her misreading the phrase "Hyrule's bloody history" in one of these as "Hyrule's booty history".
    • Pcull's impression of Tyler after Lucah mentions that he was the other possible choice of Sage for this temple.
    • Pcull's sarcastic Catch Phrase "If only there was a way you could X" when Lucah forgets she has some ability or weapon that would solve the problem currently stumping her.
  • Lucah getting snatched by a Wallmaster in episode 47, much to Pcull's delight.
  • In episode 49, as part of his Trickster Mentor act, Pcull keeps doing a Bane impression.
    • When Lucah rides the ship on the River Styx, Pcull starts singing "Don't Pay the Ferryman" by Chris de Burgh and Lucah, mistaking the reference, instead sings along to "Don't Fear The Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult.
    • After clearing the wooden crusher room using Din's Fire, Lucah asks "Do bombs work?", which Pcull mishears as "To Bombzork?".
  • In episode 50, Lucah completely fails a simple jump. Pcull gets immensely annoyed by this and leaves, leaving Lucah alone... For about ten seconds, when Pcull jumps back in saying "Shadow Temple... Here lies Hyrule's bloody booty history." in a creepy voice.
    • Pcull giving Impa a high-pitched German accent.
    • And then, at the end of the episode, using the same accent to sing Auld Lang Syne.
  • Lucah's love for the Black-Ginger-Girls. And repeated explanations of why they're attractive.
    • In episode 52, Lucah tries to give every Gerudo she sees her digits. It's actually starting to get a little disturbing.
  • The Running Gag of Tyler pointing out that the minimap of one area looks likes a deflated balloon in a Mundane Made Awesome fashion.
  • Her first attempt at taking on Ganon's Castle (Warning: also quite painful to watch if you're a veteran of the game).
  • Three words: Nabooru's tiny hole.

    Super Paper Mario (blind) 
  • The Running Gag of Lucah being unable to pronounce 'Prognosticus' and substituting a different word every time.
  • In episode 2, the shapeshifter Mimi imitates many different characters and at first Lucah's not sure what's going on, leading her to lose track of all the different voices.
  • In episode 8, Lucah's reaction to the Growmeba enemy: "What is that? Is that a washing machine? It looks like that boss from Blaster Master that looks exactly like that!"
  • In Episode 9, after Lucah accidentally gets kicked out of Merlee's Mansion: "No, I'm not giving up! I need to tell you about Jesus, it's important!" *runs back inside*
  • In Episode 10, she keeps finding Accidental Innuendo in everything (especially the guys with the whips).
  • Lucah having fun making the characters go in the opposite gender's bathrooms.
  • In Episode 16, Lucah is derailed by the game saying things that are already dirty-sounding ("inky soup" and "girth") since she's used to having to make up the dirty sounding stuff herself. Also she ends up commenting on Bowser's arms like Chuggaaconroy did in his LP despite not knowing that that's where it came from.
  • In Episode 19, Lucah gets to Fort Francis with barely any HP left, so she decides to go back to Flipside to heal, hoping that she won't have to play through all the previous chapters again. Guess what happens.
  • When she visits the minigame arcade, she meets an NPC who complains he lost a game because of his controller failing (which plagued Lucah throughout Thousand Year Door and Ocarina of Time). She comments "This guy is me!"
  • Lucah's reaction to the Non Standard Game Over in episode 23.
  • In episode 25 she picks up a Space Food item, reads the description saying it heals 10 HP, and decides to use it as her health is down to 10/30. It promptly heals 50 HP and Lucah spends the rest of the episode calling herself dumb for wasting it and misreading the description. What she doesn't know is that she read it right, and the item gives 5 times the usual amount of HP if you use it while in space, but that's something players have to discover for themselves.
  • The voice she gives Squirp is priceless.
  • Lucah ends up with a bunch of tiny pixelated Peach's following Mario around and immediately dubs them as Mario's Ho's.
  • Lucah ends up in a room full of brainwashed Cragnons, who take away points from your score if you kill them. She jumps up onto the platforms to cross the room successfully... but her Pal Pill companions don't, and kill just about every Cragnon in the room as she screams at them to stop.
  • In Episode 43 she enters the Sammer kingdom and decides that their king looks like Terrance and/or Phillip from South Park. She decides to voice him as such whilst calling him the King of Quebec and making fart noises. All this in addition to giving all the other Sammer Guy's really bad Asian/Japanese accents.
    • The Nimbis end up being Canadian too, since they have the same head thing going on.

    Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga (Blind) 

    Pokemon Heart Gold 
  • The triumphant return of 'The Oak Hand' from her earlier livestream.
  • Her fans send in songs for her to sing to the tune of the Pokemon Centre music, as before. She usually doesn't pre-read these before she reads them out live: Hilarity Ensues.
  • Lucah catches a Wooper and dubs it 'Mr. No Arms' after Goombella.
  • In episode 9 she misreads an NPC saying 'I'm a hiker' as 'I'm Hitler' and then he tells her he'll call her when he 'thinks of a heartwarming story'...
    Lucah: No! I don't want to hear Hitler's heartwarming story!
  • Lucah gets a phone call from Joey...and discovers that he's the "Top Percentage" guy. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Lucah's fans talk up how hard Whitney's Miltank will be, Lucah defeats it effortlessly (partly by luck and partly through having a Pokemon that is its exact combination of weaknesses purely by coincidence) and she ends up wondering if she did something wrong.

    Humongous Games 
  • Declaring all the random clickable sight gags are euphemisms.
  • Getting really annoyed every time there's a random song.

Freddi Fish
  • Trying to get Eddie the Eel to eat Luther. note 
  • When one of the school guppies makes a bad pun, Lucah decides he's Chuggaaconroy in fish form.
  • Saying she'll throw something if the pirate fish goes into song again, and following through when he does.

  • Trying to mow obscene shapes into the lawns.

  • From her "Project Brave Heart" charity livestream of Pokemon HeartGold and Emerald with Donnabellez and others:
    • The Running Gag of "The Oak Hand".
    • Donnabellez's reaction to Lucah randomly blowing a swanee whistle.
    • Lucah deciding that the game is actually set in Professor Oak's pants, after the protagonist is miniaturised.
    • Naming her Cyndaquil starter "Tacobellez" because it looks like it's having fiery diarrhoea. And adding that Lucah and Donna have both randomly been endorsed on Twitter by Taco Bell and Chipotle respectively. "We are the masters of Mexican fast food!"
    • After the game crashes, she switches to Emerald and immediately becomes obsessed with the size of May's ass.
    • Saying Ludicolo looks like something that tried to make it into DuckTales but was rejected for being too racist.
    • Lucah shouts "MY BALLS IS SO CUTE!" out of her window as a challenge.
    • Lucah and Donna both hold up their respective pets In the Style of... the beginning of The Lion King as a challenge, only for Lucah to fail as her cat weighs four times as much as Donna's dog Baxter.
    • AttackingTucans' Incredibly Long Note.
    • The Refuge in Audacity concerning the naked picture of Pcull44444.
  • Saturday Skyrim: J'zargo must go, his people need him.
  • Lucah has started a Sims playthrough where all the characters are based on Let's Players she knows. Hilarity Ensues.
    • The two horses are Jewker and My Balls.
    • Many of them take a long time to get dressed properly, leading to lots of them hanging around in their underwear.
    • Tim dancing in his underwear.
    • Tyler is a fairy. Literally.
    • #NAKEDHOTTUBPARTY. And then Lucah has her character steal everyone's clothes.
    • Lucah frantically tries to get all the characters inside because she thinks there's going to be a zombie attack, but they all keep going out again. Especially to the stables.
    • Everyone in the chat keeps asking to see the sex dungeon. (And for her to pair up Chuggaa and Jon).
    • ProtonJon ends up riding a horse wearing nothing but a towel (because he was in the hot tub and Lucah stole his clothes). Comparisons to the Old Spice Guy surfaced.
    • And that was just the first stream. The other ones have been equally hilarious. There's even a tumblr page for the series with screenshots of the best moments.
      • In an later stream, she turned on cheat codes and had My Balls delete the Repo Man from existence when he had come to repossess some items. Then, she sent Clay to the graveyard on the chat's demand, where he promptly began flirting with a widow visiting her husband' grave. She and her guest commentator at the time came to the conclusion that he was flirting with the Repo Man's widow.
      • When Clay isn't flirting, he spends all his time making inappropriate posts on internet forums all day, while Donna spends 13 hours in the hot tub.
      • Chugga and Donna both keep getting stuck on things for no reason, and when Lucah uses debug cheats to move them off, a side effect means Chugga glitches through the floor.
      • The Running Gag of Lucah irritatedly dismissing notifications saying that Tim, Chugga, Clay and others are all trying to flirt with her sim.
      • Lucah's horrified reaction when a message pops up saying her sim has had her first kiss...with Clay.
      • ProtonJon's sim ends up becoming Mr. Fixit due to repairing all the toilets broken by Tim and computers broken by Clay, even though what he actually does seems to be limited to scraping off a sticker. "Stickers mean I CAN FIX THINGS"
      • Lucah creates a Barbie sim at the chat's request, and then argues about the chronological order of the Barbie horse riding games in the 'canon timeline'.
      • Later she has Tyler use a fairy trick on Barbie that ends up setting her on fire and giving her an Ash Face effect. When she tries this on other sims it never works and turns out to have been a rare fluke, so they joke that it was because Barbie was made of plastic.
      • In another stream, Lucah became determined to kill Booker Singleton ("Booker the Hooker") after learning what he had done in the game's backstory. What followed was one long Epic Fail. She used Jon's Sim to invite him over, only for him to decline due to it being around midnight. He called in the morning, only to be denied again, and having to call him at 7. The whole household had been invited to another party with the Floor Baby family (who left their baby on the floor for Jon to play with), so they were on a strict time limit. Finally, he came over, but Lucah had trouble finding him due to her being unsure where she had set the house's front door. When she finally found him, he had been zombified, so she couldn't effectively direct him into the pool to be drowned. She tried to trap him in the Box of Shame (a glass cage), but he somehow managed to simply walk out. She was eventually forced to manually take control of him after he became un-zombified, and directed him to the pool, which she then surrounded with garden gnomes to make it impossible to escape. Unfortunately, she was unaware that Sims could pass through gnomes in The Sims 3, so he started climbing out right as she made a backup save. She was forced to control him AGAIN, force him to go swimming, and surrounded the pool with fences. He finally drowned, and she had Clay attempt to flirt with the Grim Reaper on a Troper/chat member's suggestion: sadly, he could not interact with Death.
      • Booker's ghost shows up after Lucah had Jon relocate his remains to the sex dungeon, but completely fails to scare anyone (and ironically the first thing he does is possess a gnome).
      • Two zombies also try pushing gnomes over, only for an unconcerned Jon to walk out of the house through the middle of the zombie outbreak to put them upright again.
      • Chugga and Super Jeenius play catch after a date between the two...while the latter is in his underwear.
      • Chugga gets a job as a businessman while Lucah isn't looking, so she makes him quit it, but he keeps his business suit on while he plays catch with several other sims with an American football (cue "You are TEARING ME APART, Chugga!") And then he wets himself.
      • Clay's ex-girlfriend Jazlyn Parrott breaks the sink in the Taco Bell house and Lucah promptly decides "she's not leaving this place alive", proceeding to trap her in a maze. This is followed by an even longer series of Epic Fails than the Booker incident, with Jazlyn spending an entire stream refusing to die and all of Lucah's Zany Schemes to the contrary failing until she tries 'old age'.
  • At one point, a 'juice' kegger got broken up by a police officer who proceeded to start drinking juice and helping people do keg stands. Annoyed at this hypocrisy, Lucah promptly walls him in a glass 'Room of Shame' with no escape, only for him to teleport out.
  • The Running Gag of LiamSixx's sim constantly asking everyone out on dates, only to ignore them and just play his guitar when they get there.
  • Liam and Donna both keep turning on all the radios in the house. When Lucah tries to turn them off, either of them immediately start running around the house turning them back on faster than she can turn them off.
  • Barbie asks Jon out on a what looks like a water treatment plant, while Lucah plays Aqua's "Barbie Girl" in the background. And then Barbie tries again by inviting Donna out to the graveyard.
  • Lucah's Mind Screw reaction when she finds out that Masae Anela's sim is friends with a car. And so are Liam and SuperJeenius.
    • In the same stream, she hosts a birthday party for Masae that doubles as a The Fun in Funeral-style funeral for Jazlyn with a swimwear dress code. Liam shows up, gets in the hot tub and pulls a radio out of his trunks to put beside the tub.
    • Chugga goes on dates with three separate people to random fields in the middle of nowhere, and all of them pass out in front of him...
  • Lucah decides to channel a certain recurring merchant by spawning thousands of cabbages at a stable in Skyrim, and using a full Fus Ro Dah on them. The result and accompanying reaction need to be seen and heard to be believed. (Around the 3:30:00 mark)
  • The overly-complicated schemes to make CLAM canon.
  • She spent one Sims stream creating new hangouts for her town with hilarious names and descriptions created by guest commentator Liamsixx and the chat including:
    • The Downtown Bonezone (An amusment park)- You know the Tunnel of Love? Aw fuck, I don't know where to go from there. Vaginas.
    • Burrito Gong (A parody of Taco Bell)- Come bust a move where the food is eaten - It's Burrito Gong, I don't fucking know. PREPARE YOUR ANUS.
    • Tyler's Greasy Old Wood Arcade (An arcade with a sauage truck out front)- You're going to want my weiner in, and around your mouth. Cum play with my joystick at Old Wood! FONDLE OUR HUGE ASS SIGN!
    • Mah Bowls (A bowling alley)- No shirt, No pants = Yes service. And chicken wings. YOU'RE GONNA LOVE MY BOWLS!
    • The Hump and Dump Love Hotel- Cum and Go ejactculate and evacuate Ninten DO Me CUMPSTER Ram and Scram Nail and Bail Shoot and Scoot Stay and Spray Flirt and Squirt Churn n' Gurn Ronald Mc Fondle Heave and Ho Park and Fark Tap and Fap Stop Drop and Blow Screw and Spew and Chicken Wings
  • Donna goes on a protest at what looks like a graveyard, leading Lucah to joke that it's a Tumblr-style "protest against dead people".
    Lucah: Living people, check your privilege!
  • In her blind stream of Pokemon Stadium, Lucah discovers that one of Lt. Surge's trainers is simply called "Old Man" and declares him her arch-nemesis.
  • In one Sims 3 stream Lucah introduces a pop-up that shows different messages and sound effects when people follow, subscribe or donate. The latter in particular proves very popular as it consists of Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air dancing as an Ear Worm 'derp' song plays.
  • In her FIRST STREAM OF 2015:
    Rover: Oh! Looks like we're about to pull into the town of FRANK.
    • During the tutorial, Tom Nook makes her send a letter to Vesta:
    Fuck me!
    I wanna touch your butt!
    Something, something child
    labor, my balls are ready
    • Later, she sends a letter to Robin:
    Dear dum fuk,
    Batman is judging you.
    You will give me an egg,
    where yo booty at?
    My ass in your dick,
  • The Eiffel Tower story.
  • From the 'This is Not My Beautiful House' stream, Lucah tries to say she's OCD about where she places things, but accidentally says ACD instead...
    Tom Fawkes: You're AC/DC about where you put things?
    • Giving Tom Nook's house a creepy back room.

    "What the F?" Fridays 

Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail
  • Tyler completely loses it when the "Where's Dildo?" minigame first makes its appearance.

King's Quest VII

Hunie Pop
  • Lucah ends up having to censor some bits of the game. What does she use? Tyler's face.