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Awesome / Lucahjin

  • In Episode 34 of her blind Paper Mario LP, she goes to fight Anti-Guy. She's freaking out about him, because despite keeping herself sequestered from spoilers, she knows he's tough and is terrified of him. She beats him without taking any damage.
    • A similar thing happens with Kent C. Koopa, another Bonus Boss. She stumbles into the easy trick to beat him and once again crushes him into the dirt.
    • She beats Huff and Puff, who many consider that ONE boss due to his healing and ability to spawn Ruff Puffs while drunk with using Lakilester and Power Jump.
    • Getting double star points from the first Bowser fight in episode 67.
  • She only lost one party member in her Oregon Trail LP.
  • Managing to keep the Twist Ending of Journey secret throughout the LP (by warning she would zealously defeat any attempts to post spoilers).
  • In her Pokemon White LP, after struggling and losing two Pokemon in the battle against Lenora she manages to win...with Diarreahed (aka Pansear)
    • Also from this LP, her Audino Snuggltits manages to take down Ghetsis' Hydreigon despite being 6 levels lower and having a moveset without many strong attacks. While the battle was a defeat overall, its performance really stood out as a victory. Lucahjin even comments that no one can ever make fun of her or her Audino ever again because of how well it performed.
    • Lucah takes down Ghetsis with ease! She one hit KO's three of his pokemon. INCLUDING HYDREIGON! Donna probably could have taken on his whole team, but Lucah didn't want to beat Ghetsis' entire team with one pokemon.
    • From White's aftergame, Boobarel is the personification of Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • A couple from the finale of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door: after sometimes having bad luck with bosses throughout the game, Lucah beats the Final Boss relatively easily, despite having a glitchy controller that means she can't do jump attacks properly. This is partly because, after a whole game's worth of never getting three of a kind in the bingo pop-ups, finally getting one at the best possible moment note .
    • Also a meta one for her fans for managing not to spoil the ending of the game and the identity of the Final Boss, meaning Lucah has a genuinely shocked and impressed reaction to the concept.
  • In episode 26 of her Ocarina of Time LP, she beat Phantom Ganon without taking any damage.
    • Then in episode 41 she easily beats Morpha after working out the trick to it, as well as going through the gauntlet to the boss door without much difficulty (much to guest commentator LiamSixx's annoyance).
    • For a blind run, Lucah does amazingly well on the Water Temple as a whole (well, except the Dark Link fight), even finding the two most well-hidden keys without any help from Liam.
    • In episode 56, she stumbles across a trick to beat the Iron Knuckles by exploiting Young Link having a too-small hitbox when he's ducking, astonishing guest commentator Tyler. The best part is, she wouldn't have discovered it if Tyler hadn't lied to her that the Iron Knuckle can break the Deku Shield (leading her to not use the shield), as holding the shield prevents you from ducking.
  • In Super Paper Mario, she manages to finish the first Pit of 100 Trials (which she failed at in Thousand Year Door) and then quickly works out a trick with Luigi and Peach to curbstomp the boss of the area.
  • In Wario Ware Inc. she's delighted to find 9-Volt's challenge consists of old Nintendo games she grew up with, and proceeds to beat all of them without trying, not losing a single hit point.
  • Correctly guessing in part 7 of HeartGold that Wooper is based on an axolotl.
  • In episode 16 of HeartGold blind, Lucah reveals she went through herculean effort to "fix" Jasper her Geodude after she inadvertently had gotten rid of Magnitude a few episodes earlier. She then one-ups herself by taking on Whitney's Miltank, the most infamous That One Boss in the entire Pokémon franchise, and beating it on her first try, without even having that much difficulty.
  • In episode 61 of HeartGold, it took a lot of MooMoo Milk and panic on Lucah's part, but RickNMorty successfully defeats Will of the Elite Four all on her own.