Tear Jerker / Lucahjin

  • The ending of the 57th episode of Super Paper Mario, which covers the final boss and ending of Chapter 7. The cutscene at the end of Chapter 7 is already known for its Tear Jerking properties, but Lucah just makes it worse. For one thing, there's her own emotional reaction to the scene; the fact that Luvbi was not the biological child of Jades and Grambi, and resents finding this out hits especially close to home to her, being an adopted child herself. And instead of her usual goofy ending slate music, she instead goes with a Lonely Piano Piece.
  • A literal example in the finale of Super Paper Mario, when the game becomes one of the small number whose story is capable of making Lucah cry.
  • In Part 18 of South Park: The Stick of Truth after defeating Butters, he cries and says "nobody likes me". This causes Lucah to start tearfully apologising and states how upset she is about defeating him.
  • One fan named Andrew gives Lucah his 3DS, attached with a letter that moved her heart:
    Give it a good home. Her name was Liz and she was a friend. I introduced her to your channel and when the effects of her chemo became overwhelming, we'd spend hours watching your videos together, until things became bearable.
    I bought this for her, but I know it would have made her ecstatic to see it in your hands. One of the last things she said to me was "Everyone dies, but not everyone lives." and for a short time, she truly lived, through you, in the worlds you created and brought to life before our very eyes.
    You were a comfort to her in ways I can never replay. Never depreciate what you've done or doubt how much a laugh can mean to someone that has little to laugh about.
  • Every single second of Hatoful Boyfriend brought a teardrop to every single person in Lucah's stream.
    Lucah: I like to remind everyone, that this is a dating sim.
  • In the Ace Attorney Let's Plays: