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First Journey:

    Volume 1: Agatha Heterodyne and the Beetleburg Clank 

    Volume 2: Agatha Heterodyne and the Airship City 

  • The falling machine.
  • Agatha's reaction to Barry first giving her the locket just sums up the worldview these people have so well. Keep in mind Agatha was five at the time...
    Barry: Now, Agatha — this is important. You must always wear this.
    Agatha: But why?
    Barry: Because... because as long as you do, your parents can...protect you.
    Agatha: Really?
    Barry: Really.
    Agatha: But how can they protect me if they're not here? That's illogical.
    Barry: Um, it'
    Agatha: Ah, you mean you'll explain it to me once I have a sufficiently advanced background education.
    Barry: Er... yes.
    • Doubles as a tear-jerker if you know what the locket does to protect her:
      Agatha: Uncle Barry—are you crying?
  • Othar's reaction here.
    Othar: No one ever takes me to parties.
    Gorb: Hokay, ve haff our own. You ken be de pinata!

    Volume 3: Agatha Heterodyne and the Monster Engine 

  • Bang, right from the moment she "introduces" herself.
    DuPree: Ta-daa! I am here!
  • Even better, her Establishing Character Moment on the next page makes sure that even the slowest reader knows what kind of person she is.
    DuPree: Ooooh, he asked me to help! A wise choice! Nobody knows more about torture than me!
    Baron: I believe he expected you to rescue him.
    DuPree: What- Is he stupid?
    Baron: A bit.
  • "FOUL!"

    Volume 4: Agatha Heterodyne and the Circus Of Dreams 

  • Lucrezia's facial expression in the last panel here.
  • This strip, if you're familiar with Baba Yaga and Russian fairy tales.
    Agatha: Why do you even bother keeping this running?
    Circus Member: We need the eggs.
  • Everything about this page.
    • "Horse! Pie! Horse! Pie! Horse! Pie!"
  • "Sorry — vos ve supposed to catch him?"
  • Augie desperately trying to convince Da Boyz that he's okay and doesn't need help calming down.
    Abner: How are you, Augie?
    Dimo: (leaning in real close, smiling) Hokay.

    Volume 5: Agatha Heterodyne and the Clockwork Princess 

    Volume 6: Agatha Heterodyne and the Golden Trilobite 

    Volume 7: Agatha Heterodyne and the Voice of the Castle 

  • "[Airman Higgs] dragged your father and Dupree ashore, where he encountered a nesting goosewhich broke his other arm."
  • Zeetha and Agatha have a good discussion on the merits of training during an arduous trek to Castle Heterodyne:
    Zeetha: Hmf. Somebody's been neglecting her training.
    Agatha: ...I so don't care.
    [next panel, with Agatha in an all-out sprint up the mountain and stars of pain emanating from her backside]
    Agatha: I CARE! I CARE!
  • Agatha's reaction to her first cup of coffee. And when she starts to slowly get down again...
    Agatha: Say, can I have another cup of coffee?
    Von Mekkans: NO!
  • Coffee shop report scene
    Vole: Dere haff been three explosions so far, sir.
    Gil: [happily] Agatha!
  • The Spark Roast coffee sequence, complete with Von Mekkan's "PERFECT SAUCER!" and "Vid a Nize Kick!".
  • "Now I vill not just keel HYU - Now I keel EFFERYVUN! ....Hey....Dot is verra gud coffee."
  • While laid up in the hospital, Klaus tells Gil that every woman with the Spark he's ever met has tried to kill him.
    Gil: Father... maybe it's you.
    [Beat Klaus thinks about it]

    Klaus: completely honestly ...No... no, I don't think so...
  • Dupree has her broken jaw wired shut.
    Klaus (having a boyish smile of glee): Good Heavens. I wouldn't miss this for the world!
    • The novelization takes it up a notch; Her jaw's not broken, Gil and Dr. Sun just decided to shut her up for a while. Klaus actually begins to laugh, but due to his injuries, he nearly literally busts a gut.
  • The second coffee shop report scene.
  • "Jenka, vy for iz Füst runnink away?"
  • "Invade In Front"
  • Jenka and da Boyz help Gil with the 'Mysterious Disappearance After the Battle' ending.
    Jenka: Iz dis de first time hy faced down an entire army all by hyuself vit a veapon hyu vasn't sure vos gonna vork?
    Gil: Well, yes...
    Jenka: Vell den. Dot's just hyu body bein' all surprized hyu ain't all blowed up and dead! Next time, hyu von't even blink!
    Gil: Next... I really think I have to lie down now.

    Volume 8: Agatha Heterodyne and the Chapel of Bones 

  • Agatha's "alibi" for why she was sent to Castle Heterodyne.
    Sanaa: Really? Oh, man, we need a good cook! Guy doing it now's a mechanic - and he's a complete idiot. I'd rather eat his engines. ... So - what did you do to wind up here, anyway?
    Agatha: Poisoned thirty-seven people — who complained about my cooking.
  • After utterly kicking the crap out of Vole, Gilgamesh responds to Dimo's appreciation of his methodology.
    Gilgamesh: My father once wrote a monograph on how to communicate in the workplace.
    Dimo: ...iz dat so?
    Gilgamesh: All seven Popes ordered it burned.
  • Da Boyz on relationships
    Maxim: Excellent! Hy vill teach him how to impress de gorlz!
    Oggie: Hy vill teach him about de birds ud de veasles!
    Dimo: [whispering] Und Hy vill teach him how to avoid those two.
    Jenka: Ah. Den he might have a chence.
    • Even funnier since Oggie is the only one of the group that actually had been successful with women, if his great-great-grandchildren are any indicator.
  • Gil's Fabulous Hat: "Hey- NIZE HAT!" "That's it. Everything's going to go boom."
  • Klaus goes for a stroll. The real kicker is Klaus's Indignant "What?", as if he's genuinely got no idea why Sun's getting so upset.
  • Technically they're called "fun-sized mobile agony and death dispensers."
  • "Here's your boot, your majesty."
  • Gil and his friends from Castle Wulfenbach have just demonstrated why Sparks under the influence of their own alcoholic creations are up there among the most hilarious things ever: "We forgot the crowd!"
  • You know that trick with laser pointers and cats? So does Agatha.
  • And when they return with a crowd (one which, admittedly, thinks Gil is a traveling circus performer):
    Theo: Gil, you're making me nervous.
    Gil: How can that be? A jolly entertainer like myself? A spreader of mirth?
    Theo: At least stop smiling. It's creepy.
    Gil: But everyone is having such a good time!
    Theo: If you look like a demented idiot, no-one will take you seriously.
    Gil: But no-one does that now!
  • And then he actually talks to the guards...
    Gil: Hi! I'm Gilgamesh Wulfenbach! Can I please go into the castle?!
    Guard: NO.
    Gil: There, everyone! You heard me! I asked nice!
    Guard: Wait—You're who?
  • Agatha is not pleased about how Gil's knocking on her door.
    Agatha: Hey, you kids! STOP HITTING MY HOUSE!
  • TA-DAH!
  • Next strip: it looks like Mechanicsburg wholeheartedly ships Agatha/Gil. Complete with Unwanted Assistance to Gil, though naturally Zeetha is having way too much fun to stop.
    Gil: Don't help me!
    • Moloch's only take-away from Gil's actions. "But where'd he get that great hat?"
  • This one.
    Moloch: He'll learn. 'specially since, when she punches, she puts her hips into it.
  • Or where Violetta argues that Agatha wouldn't possibly want two boyfriends.
    Violetta: Oh please! A boyfriend is an accessory. You don't go around wearing two hats.
    Moloch: Oh yeah? I saw this Jäger...
    • Agatha responding to speculation: "WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU TWO?! ARE YOU TWELVE?!"
    • Violetta asking hesitantly, "Can I have a pretty dress too?"
  • Hole in the wall? Been done. Hole in the wall and the turret behind it? Much better. Hole in the wall, the turret, and a faraway mountain? Inspired.

    Volume 9: Agatha Heterodyne and the Heirs of the Storm 

    Volume 10: Agatha Heterodyne and the Guardian Muse 

    Volume 11: Agatha Heterodyne and the Hammerless Bell 

    Volume 12: Agatha Heterodyne and the Siege of Mechanicsburg 

    Volume 13: Agatha Heterodyne and the Sleeping City 

Second Journey:

    Volume 1: Agatha Heterodyne and The Beast of the Rail 

    Volume 2: Agatha Heterodyne and the City of Lightning 

  • Martellus' Oh, Crap! face as he realizes who the bears answer to now. Krosp's smug reaction is just icing on the cake.
    König: Say-is this human bothering you, Master?
    Krosp: Oh, no. I'm quite enjoying this.
  • The monks adhere to their vows of sanctuary quite... technically.
    Brother Vadaxxus: Oh! My goodness, Father Abbot, he just fell over!
    Abbot: Why, it was as though an invisible hand struck him down, brother!
    Brother Vadaxxus: Perhaps it was one of those legendary Smoke Knights!
    Abbot: Ah! How mysterious!
    Violetta: Yeah, we get that a lot.
  • The Beast has been reduced to its core, unable to do anything but hurl insults at his captors and desperately trying to keep train!Ulm focused on driving.
  • A poster in the lab of a guy plotting to overthrow the Master of Paris reads: Today, Paris! Tomorrow, Paris. Don't get greedy.
    • Also that the guy thinks his ally kidnapped Agatha for a date instead of a hostage.
    • The look on Agatha's face while bound and gagged isn't so much fear or anger as it is just annoyance. "Dammit, someone kidnapped me again? This is getting old."
  • Overlapping with Moment of Awesome, Agatha's smile in the last panel here, as a fragment of the Castle's personality that's essentially taken over every engine in Paris like a Trojan comes to life.
    Drusus: I say, what on earth is that?
    Agatha: That's mine!
  • Agatha treating the mini-castle like an adorable pet.
    Agatha: Who is a clever little thing? Hmm?
    Castle Clank: Why, I believe it is I!
    Agatha: Oooh! Yes you are!
    • Which is also a callback to the wolf pack that had hunted Agatha before where their pack leader asked them who a bloodthirsty monster was and they excitedly rejoiced when he revealed it was them.
  • This comic, wherein Agatha uses the Castle Heterodyne fragment to force Professor Beausoleil (via his clank parts) to say whatever it wants him to. Her smug smile seals it.
    Beausoleil: For example - have I mentioned that my clank bodies are officially not city systems? And thus, the Master will never suspect that I have been surreptitiously embezzling cheese from his private larders! Muahahahaha-ha!
    [Beausoleil looks suitably stunned and embarrassed]
    Agatha: Who's a very, very clever little thing who's learned so much?!
    Castle Clank: Would you like to hear him quack like a duck?
    Agatha: Oh, my, could you?
    Beausoleil: Miss Heterodyne! How QUACK dare you - I will AWK personally see to it Quack QUACK! Quack QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK!

    Volume 3: Agatha Heterodyne and the Incorruptible Library 

    Volume 4: Kings and Wizards 

    Volume 5 

  • The werewolves that attack Tarvek's pirate ship are pretty scary, then they say their battle cry:
    Alpha Wolf: All right, boys, no witnesses! KILL THEM ALL!
    Other Wolves: KILL! KILL!
    Alpha Wolf: And then... TREATS!
  • After Gil introduces himself, Tarvek's pirates realize the woman with him must be Bang. Cue fannish squee:
    Pirate 1: Oh! Ohmigosh! Oh wow!
    Pirate 2: Is it really her?
    Pirate 3: It is her! She stabbed my mom once!
    Pirates 1 & 2: Lucky!
    Tarvek: Um-
    Gil: Yeah, this happens a lot.
  • Two ingredients for one of Gil's worst nightmares: Naked First Impression and Trelawney Thorpe. It was Bang's idea and Tarvek liked it enough to go through with it.
    • Then there's the small matter of Gil hijacking a British sea serpent, which Tarvek justifies by invoking "Royal Pursuit and Rescue", saying Gil was duty-bound to rescue him. Trelawney points out that every time the British invoked R.P.R., it was in cases dealing with kidnapped royal princesses. A smirking Gil says "It's totally applicable."

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