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Authors and Websites
  • Savage Scribbles by Savage Damsel
    • Recommended by ironinfidel, madanimalscientist
    • The author is extremely talented, with a beautiful style and an excellent grasp of the characters and their relationships (and her Technobabble is great too). Writes largely on the relationship between Agatha and Zeetha and the OT3 of Agatha/Gil/Tarvek, but also about the first generation characters and other relationships; there's something for every GG fan. Varied ratings, from G to R.
    • Seconded. Excellent grasp of the relationships and dynamics involved. Can and will make you cry. Can also be found at [1]

General Fics
  • Raised By Jagers Series by Azzandra
    • Recommended by Racheakt.
    • Synopsis: Agatha was separated from Berry and discovered by a particular Trio of Jagers. They return her to Mechanicsburg, where the young Agatha grows up under the shadows of Castle Heterodyne and in the shadow of secrecy. Naturally, Hilarity Ensues.
  • A Wonderfully Hallucinogenic gasby Persephone kore
    • Recommended by Gamma Cavy
    • Synopsys:While Klaus lies next to the chicken clank, Countess Marie has released her hallucinogens, and everybody is shouting about the Heterodynes' return.
  • In the Seraglio of the Iron Sheik by Peculiar Mojo
    • Recommended by Condemned Citrus
    • Synopsis: Utter crack AU, Vanamonde/Tarvek. Based loosely on the book of the same title in Gil's library, with Tarvek and Vanamonde taking the places of the dastardly Sheik and innocent Heroine respectively. Lots of implied nudity.
  • Euphrosynia's Jäger by Khilari
    • Recommended by: PK
    • Synopsis: Girl Genius historical fiction. Maxim becomes a Jäger; the Storm King and the Heterodynes maneuver against each other on and off the battlefield; and Otilia is thrown into both cultural and internal conflicts. The author is particularly good at recreating Girl Genius-style dark humor and paints the old Heterodynes convincingly as Sparks, terrors to Europe and beloved in their own town.
    • Characters: Maxim (central); Otilia; Euphrosynia, Bludtharst, Gradok, and Clemethius Heterodyne; Ogglespoon, Ognian, miscellaneous original characters
    • Tags: Tragedy, Transformation
  • Baronin Wulfenbach by Corgi
    • Recommended by: PK
    • Synopsis: Klaus Wulfenbach's parents were, as the Secret Blueprints tell us, Sparks who ran their holdings well and used their gifts to benefit their people... and had three sons, but the other two haven't been seen in years. Klaus is a construct. This is the story of Katherina Wulfenbach, and how it happened. (Somewhat medical. Not too graphic.)
    • Characters: Katherina Wulfenbach; the rest of her family
  • Well Met At Mechanicsburg by khilari, Persephone_Kore
    • Recommended by Yabumi, Trooper1023, Leporidae
    • Synopsis: An alternate universe where instead of going into hiding, Barry heads to Mechanicsburg when he hears Klaus is there at the start of the Wulfenbach takeover. Klaus talks Barry into helping him conquer Europa for its own good ("You're talking me into things?"), and young Agatha, Gil, and Tarvek strike up a friendship on the still-in-construction Castle Wulfenbach.
    • Tags: Kid Fic, AU, Politics and Intrigue, Canon/OC Romance
  • The General by adiduck
    • Recommended by: songwithnosoul
    • Status: Complete
    • Synopsis: It takes six months for Dimo to officially become acting general of the Jaegermonster army after Baron Klaus Wulfenbach locks Mechanicsburg, and himself and their Heterodyne with it. A lot can happen in six months.

Crossover Fics
  • Sparkgate by Samarkand
    • Recommended by Yarrik.
    • Synopsis: A Crossover Fanfic between Girl Genius and Stargate SG-1, which asks the question of what happens if Agatha Heterodyne were to be trapped in an alternate universe and SG-1 discovers her before she learns her heritage. Hilarity Ensues. Now expanded to Volume 2 and Volume 3. Last updated late 2013.
  • A Spark of Ice and Fire by Samarkand
    • Recommended by Milarqui
    • Synopsis: Tyrion Lannister was riding somewhere close to Casterly Rock with his brother when they found a group of bandits attacking two girls, one called Tysha and the other named Agatha Clay, who apparently comes from another world. When Agatha begins to show a rare ability to develop and create strange machines, Tyrion realizes she could be the best thing that has happened to him... or, at least, the most interesting.
    • Ships: Tyrion/Agatha, Sandor/Tysha
    • Has a Tropes Page here
  • Tony Stark and the Heterodyne Legacy by Jamoche
    • Recommended by: PK
    • Synopsis: Fusion crossover AU with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Agatha's life went in a different direction, Tony Stark is her great-grandson, the Super-Soldier Serum is actually the Jägerbrau, and Maxim is meeting all the Avengers. The background of both canons requires some tweaking, but it really works stunningly well.
    • Tags: Steve/Tony (just a crush so far, but it's only three chapters in)
  • A Spark Of Genius by michaelsuave
    • Recommended by MangaManic.
    • Synopsis: A three way crossover between Girl Genius ,DC Comics and Buffy the Vampire Slayer with some elements from other sources (though its classed as a Buffy/ Justice league fanfiction), Where Xander, in a typical Halloween World/YAHF plot dawns the costume of a gentlemen adventurer and ends up the Son of Agetha and Gil, who is quickly swept away by an annoying cigar smoking imp into the DC universe. His life becomes swept up in a whirlwind of science, sex and superpowers as he goes from 'The Zeppo' to the leader of a mighty empire.
    • Has a Tropes page here.

Shipping Fics
  • Jaegermonstern Dating Guide
    • Recommended by: Robin Zimm
    • Synopsis: A lighthearted three-page comic imitating the What's New with Phil and Dixie style, following Old Man Death's granddaughter on a date with Maxim and offering her advice.
    • Pairing: Maxim/Old Man Death's granddaughter.
    • Tags: W.A.F.F.
  • On Her Undying Majesty's Secret Service by Imperial Girl
    • Recommended by: PK (in support of a previously unsigned rec)
    • Synopsis: Girl Genius meets Steampunk James Bond (as the title suggests.) Featuring Ardsley Wooster's adventures before the comic begins. The other lead is an original character whom the author unabashedly writes as both very human and precisely as awesome as she ought to be. Lots of action and plotting, lots of fun for the readers.
    • Pairing: Ardsley Wooster/Melisande
    • Tags: Adventure/Romance
  • The Clank with the Golden Gun by Imperial Girl
    • Recommended by: PK
    • Synopsis: Sequel to "On Her Undying Majesty's Secret Service". The author sums it up quite well: "A mysterious nobleman, a high-stakes game, nobles from across Europa invited to a mysterious meeting, and a Wulfenbach crashes the party..." Just as good as the first, but fair caution — it's not abandoned (I checked!), but it is a long-term WIP and the author is rather busy.
    • Pairing: Still Ardsley Wooster/Melisande
    • Tags: Adventure/Romance