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Comic Strip: Dogs Of C Kennel

Dogs Of C-Kennel was a newspaper comic strip created by Mick Mastroianni and drawn by the B.C. artist Mason Mastroianni. The strip started in October 2007, and relaunched as a full fledged newspaper strip in October 2010.

The comic chronicled the adventures of a group of dogs that lived in a kennel known as C-Kennel. The dogs consisted of Will, a streetwise pit bull and the de facto leader of the group, Tucker, a technologically-inclined schnauzer who consults the use of electronic devices, such as his iPhone, his computer, etc., Kenny, a half-witted yet lovable husky, Iggy, a chronically nervous chihuahua, Cocoa, a beagle and Kenny's love interest, and Oliver the Great, a stiff-upper-lipped Great Dane who moved into the kennel.

Much of the strip's humor comes from the dogs' life at the kennel, such as reenacting prison movies such as Stalag 17, Cool Hand Luke and The Shawshank Redemption, Will's attempts to escape from the kennel, etc.


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