Characters: Power Rangers S.P.D.

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     Our Heroes 

Jack Landors / B-Squad SPD Red Ranger | (Actor: Brandon Jay McLaren)

Sky. Heroes come in all colors.

Schuyler "Sky" Tate / B-Squad SPD Blue Ranger | (Actor: Chris Violette)

Promoted to Red Ranger in the season finale - then to Commander of the Earth forces as revealed in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

You think being a Power Ranger is all about roundhouse kicks and being a hero? It's also about hard work and doing what you're told.

Bridge Carson / B-Squad SPD Green Ranger | (Actor: Matt Austin)

Promoted to Blue Ranger in the season finale, then to Red as shown in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.

Wait. I ask long, drawn-out questions?

Elizabeth "Z" Delgado / B-Squad SPD Yellow Ranger | (Actress: Monica May)

It kind of gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside...that I hate so much.

Sydney "Syd" Drew / B-Squad SPD Pink Ranger | (Actress: Alycia Purrott)

Okay. I'm filthy, cranky, and my new shoes are trashed. Do you really wanna mess with me?

Commander Anubis "Doggie" Cruger / SPD Shadow Ranger | (Actor: John Tui)

Eventually promoted to Supreme Commander, as revealed in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

You have taken what was dearest to me, Benaag - but that has only made me stronger. I am SHADOW RANGER!

Sam / SPD Omega Ranger | [-(Actor: Aaron James Murphy; voice actor: Brett Stewart)-]

The A-Squad

SPD Nova Ranger | (Actress: Antonia Prebble)

     Their Friends 

Boom | (Actor: Kelson Henderson)

I'd be psyched if I were the Red Ranger!
You'd be psyched if you were the Pink Ranger...!
(Beat) True...

  • Ascended Fanboy: He's a fanboy, all right, but the "Ascended" part is averted; he's one of the few cast members that doesn't get a morpher at some point.
  • Badass: Despite getting kicked out of the academy, Boom proves his skills during the final battle with a Rousing Speech and manages to get through without a scratch on him. Of note is the fact that in the first episode, he was throwing around the three best students at the academy like they were rag-dolls during a training simulation.
  • Rousing Speech: Delivers one before the final battle, convincing everyone to stay and fight. Oddly enough, this speech has more of a Go Ye Heroes, Go and Die vibe, yet no one runs away after he gives it.
  • The Chew Toy
  • Plucky Comic Relief

Dr. Kat Manx / SPD Kat Ranger | (Actress: Michelle Langstone)

Tell me I didn't just fry the Quantum Enhancer. TELL ME I didn't just fry the Quantum Enhancer!

R.I.C. (Robotic Interactive Canine)

Sergeant Silverback | (Voice actor: John Tui)

You belong to me! Say it! Say it like your freedom depends on it!


Supreme Comander Fowler "Birdy"

I still think there are certain areas in which S.P.D. could be, for example, the Supreme Commander staying out of his best commander's business.

     Their Enemies 

Emperor Gruumm | (Voice actor: Rene Naufahu)

You returned with nothing. Therefore, you shall be nothing. [..] I need another.

Mora / Morgana | (Actresses: Olivia James-Baird /Josephine Davidson)

Broodwing | (Voice actor: Jim McLarty)

That was not a very clever plan you had, Broodwing. If the Rangers find out about you. It may jeopardize my mission.
Understood your excellence. I'm just trying to make a living.
I do A LOT of business with you, did you show no allegiance? The highest bidder gets your devotion. I should end our relationship now… for your betrayal.
Or you could just pay me more.

Omni / The Magnificence | -(Actor: Geoff Dolan)-

  • The Corrupter: Well, Mora was already evil, but exposure to Omni's gases made her lose interest in her childish ideals, even tossing away her doll.
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere He doesn't show up at all until the 35th (out of 38) episode
  • Greater Scope Villain: It only appears in 3 episodes and speaks in 2 of them, but it is Grumm's master and all of the plans were to turn Grumm's ship into a new body for it.
  • Walking Spoiler: Only appears in 3 episodes, but plays an important role over all in the final episodes.

     Other Characters 

Piggy | (Actor: Barnie Duncan)

What have I done? I'm a filthy, slime-ridden, low-life, worm-eating vermin! All right, so I was that before I betrayed the Rangers.

Dru Harrington