Heartwarming / Power Rangers S.P.D.

  • The episode where pre-upgraded R.I.C saves Syd's life, even after she'd been acting like a total jerk to him all day before. She even broke a few rules and regulations to save him from the furnace.
  • Syd sharing her birthday with Jack, since he doesn't know the exact day he was born.
  • Jack handing Sky the SPD Red Ranger powers, so that he can take down the alien who killed his father (a former Red Ranger) as the Red Ranger.
    • Even better: After the fight is over Sky respectfully gives it back, accepting Jack as the Red Ranger and leader.
  • Boom's Rousing Speech in the finale.
    Boom: I'm staying. I'm staying for Commander Cruger. I'm staying for Jack. For Sky. For Bridge. For Syd. For Z. I'm staying, because they would stay for me. And they'd stay for you too.