Characters: Nnemonic

This is a list of people and characters (chat users, stream characters, trolls, whatever) in Mike's streams.



"Hey Hey Hey! It's me Mikennemonic!"

The man of the hour, Mikennemonic is a 30 something man from Texas who does streams on the weekend to entertain everyone. His streams bring up a lot of bizarre and unique people to watch the fun.+

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     Stream Regulars  


Or rather calls herself "Bernkastel". In reality, she ain't the actual "Witch Of Miracles" but a chat regular who appeared during mid 2012. At first she had a small impact in the community but over time as she got more active, she was quickly noticed by Mike and was made the Butt Monkey for a while.

Tropes Related to Bern..

  • Butt Monkey: Formerly, but that's died down. (There are trolls who show up, still latching onto her old butt monkey status, however).
  • Drinking Game: Is fond of these.


The main moderator of the Chat, Hatter displays sanity to the already batshit insane chat Mike attracts. She is level-headed, mature, and is known to ban or TO people who bother the chat or Mike without a second thought.

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Soviet Steve

From Denmark, Soviet Steve is a man who appeared in Mike's chat as "Istvant" but later as "The Soviet Steve". He is proud of his communist nature and despises capitalism and Christian Weston Chandler with a passion. He also makes sex puns.

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Ambush Bug

A chat user who also happens to be one of the non-Mike streamers. He was the first to set up a streaming schedule. His avatar is, well, obviously, Ambush Bug.

Tropes Related to Ambush Bug...

  • Back from the Dead: His account was banned on Twitch for some time, but he managed to get it unbanned. (Doesn't mean he'll be using the site again after moving on to Hitbox)


dicks. That is all.

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A user in the chat who, whenever has nothing to say, sends faces instead. :T (=ↀωↀ=)✧ :V :Y or whatever. Is also a non-Mike streamer; is the second to have set up a schedule.

Tropes related to Default...

  • Catch Phrase: If the faces count as catch phrases, that is.


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Bingo The Clown

A happy traveling clown who can somehow traverse continents within a short span of time.

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A Red Bear and a known lurker who is fond of trains and steam fuel. Also, he has a tree gun.

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An Odyro. Comes from the land of the Odyros.

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A chat user and non-Mike streamer from Mexico who has a very fancy accent. Is the third to set up a schedule.

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     Stream Characters  


The awesome badass magical flying dog of Japan who has a penchant for grabbing cakes, eating sweets, kicking ass, and saving lives. He is pretty much the mascot character of the streams.

His "real" name is Cinnamoroll of Sanrio.

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The muscle bound disciple of Jesus Christ. Jebs has a wide variety of magic and physical strength that makes him very formidable. Jebidiah is also a wrestler and was once a prisoner in a jail, all of which caused a lot of death and hilarity with him around. He has literal god mode on.

Tropes related to Jebidiah...

  • Back from the Dead: Whenever Jebidiah "dies" he mysteriously comes back to life a little while later, possibly due to his god powers from Jesus making him near immortal.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: How every one of his fights turn out.
  • The Big Guy
  • Holy Is Not Safe: Do not mess around with Jebidiah or else he'll beat you in the name of the Lord.
  • Mary Sue: Played for laughs. He is a combination of a Jerk Sue, God-Mode Sue, and Parody Sue. Oh and if you call Jebidiah a Mary sue, he'll curbstomp you to the ground.


From Mutant League Football, McWhimple is the coach of the Sixty Whiners. His team is so bad that mcWhimple accepted and even expects to lose all the time in his team considering it's the worst team in Mutant League. He is also very pessimistic and is abused by his wife.

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A brony DeviantArt user who caught Mike's eye. He has a fascination of crystals, hand growth, hospitals, and his best friend Roger. Some of this disturbs Mike but after a while, he found it interesting.

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Fat Swordsman

Like his name suggests, Fat Swordsman is a morbidly obese swordsman who has his own Youtube channel. Also called Bbilly K or Will Keith, he has been known to destroy water bottles and other stuff with a variety of weapons, mainly swords like his name suggests. He tends to yell at his cameraman.

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An Italian Chuck e Cheese character. Reminder: Pasqually's pizza is best pizza. Despite his Italian heritage, he is still a proud American.

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Alan Beast

A black boxer from Evander Holyfield's Real Deal Boxing, who is also Bern's most fearsome rival.

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LA Beast

The second "beast" in Mikes streams, LA Beast is a competitive food eater who is known to challenge himself with eating odd, disgusting, and dangerous foods as well as do stupid stunts all in the name of being competitive.

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Dick Swagger

A wrestler in Wrestling Revolution who works for Lucha Libre Wrestling. Dick Swagger quickly became Jebidiah's rival during his wrestling career due to his overconfidence and huge ego.

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Adolfo Mateo

Your friend. From Argentine.

Tropes related to Adolfo...

  • Broken Record: A rare case in Youtube format. 90% of his videos are of him smoking and mumbling.
    • Also applies to his comments, which are always something along the lines of "Thank you, my friend. The friend, of Argentine." Yes... he even says this towards insults.
  • Random Smoking Scene: His shtick.


Tropes related to the Centaur...

  • One-Hit Wonder: Despite not being seen again, his video left a bit of an impact.


A superhero who runs to people aids...to give them pepsi.

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Dark Syde Phil

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David Bowie

One of the many stream characters who didn't appear in Mikes streams.

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Some random bored people decide to make accounts to either flame or otherwise say really weird or nasty things; most of their comments in the chat are tl'dr.

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Some guy who threatens to kill Bern for liking Watch Dogs. Most of his messages consist of "FUCK YOU DEVIL DOGS YOU MUST DIE AND GET RAPED FOR LIKING DEVIL DOGS!!!" except much longer.

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Some guy who believes he is the messiah of gaming and wants to change everyone's gaming habits/tastes to "save the industry"

Tropes related to Gorillz

  • No True Scotsman: Does this a lot to justify attacking peoples tastes in video games.
  • Put on a Bus: Hasn't been seen since Christmas 2013 (approximately).

Mr. Jizz

A conspiracy theorist who believes everyone is a lizard man who are trying to take over the world or something like that

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Zuzzy Valos

Unlike the other trolls, Zuzzy doesn't threaten or insult Bern. Instead he exhibits a very creepy crush on her and talks about how much he loves "Kangaroo ass."

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    Radioactive Uber Clan  


The most infamous (and pretty much the predecessor to the other) troll(s), which started with a user named Fat_albert1 acting like a jackass and getting banned for it.A large group of Anonymous-esque Internet trolls( Most likely just one troll with multiple alts though. who try and derail the stream because they believe everyone is a "Demon" and must be purged. They seem to be a bunch of bizarro versions of popular cartoon characters like Felix The Cat, Popeye the Sailorman, Alf, Garfield, and the Noid.

Tropes related to every RUC member

  • A Nazi by Any Other Name: Normally you don't stoop to invoking Godwin's Law, but seriously, the RUC really does exhibit some creepily Nazi-like traits.
  • Believing Their Own Lies: Their jackassery has somehow turned them insane enough to start believing their own lies on their wiki.
  • Better Than Canon: Due to how the RUC's wiki is, Mikes fans have began making their own canon for the RUC which portrays them as the exact opposite as they claim to be and is more accepted than the RUC's own Wiki.
  • Black and White Insanity: Seems to portray everyone in the streams as evil demons with no redeeming features.
  • Blatant Lies: So many it's hard to count. Either that or they're all delusional. Or both.
    • Most of Jabberjaw's answers on his ask.fm is this.
  • Can't Take Criticism: Criticize them on their wiki? Prepare to have your comment edited into something pro-RUC.
    • Also, Jabberjaw on his ask.fm, he'll either scream, call you names, or say something like "WE'RE PERFECT!!!!!!" or maybe even all three if you criticize him.
  • Catch Phrase: #MAKEBELIEVE, #FEAROURPOWER, #BUYOURPRODUCTS, basically anything with a hash-tag and a phrase after it. #MAKEBABIES
  • Designated Hero: In-Universe example, they seem to think of themselves as goody goody heroes, especially on their wiki and youtube videos. This is despite some of the nasty and rather disturbing and downright Jerk Ass things they say or do at many times, and they're even portrayed as heroic acts!
  • Everyone Is Satanin Hell: To them EVERYONE IS A FUCKING DEMON
  • Harmless Villain: Is commonly seen as this due to how little they tried to disrupt the streams. It is commonly joked about how they may end up pulling a Not-So-Harmless Villain shtick only for it to backfire and bring them back to their "Harmless villain" status at the last minute.
  • Jerk Ass: Every. Last. Member.
  • Knight Templar: A twisted example, even by this tropes standards.
  • Laughably Evil: A bunch of cartoon characters in an Anonymous like group try to disrupt streams and make propaganda on their own wiki to demonize everyone, yet their intentions are near Nazi-like and they fall into name calling and screaming at times. How is this not pathetic and laughable?
  • Leitmotif: Their National Anthem which despite their constant claims that it's heroic, sounds more like the cartoon group equivalent of The Imperial March.
    • Also, they claim their theme was composed by their "100's of RUC composers," when in reality they just stole it from someone on youtube. (When this was pointed out to them, they claimed that he was the one who stole THEIR theme, even though the upload dates say otherwise.)
  • Moral Myopia
  • No Indoor Voice: Most of their members often scream, swear, and call people names whenever something upsets or criticizes them even a little.
  • Propaganda Machine: Their wiki, ran by Jabberjaw.
  • Quirky Mini Boss Squad: Acts like it.
  • Goldfish Poop Gang: They often pop up in the stream chat to threaten everyone only to get perma'd the next second.
  • Unknown Rival: Not exactly unknown, but the most Mike talks about the RUC is surprise that Albert or other RUC members are still going at it and at times he acts like he doesn't mind their presence.
  • The Fundamentalists: PRETTY MUCH.
  • The Wiki Rule: They just had to do it.


One of the most notorious members of the clan. At first he started out as a Fat Albert roleplayer with a few jackass slippages here and there but over time he grew obsessive over wanting Bern banned and/or dead and was eventually banned. He tried to disrupt the streams himself but now he got the entire RUC with him and even then, it still ain't working.

Tropes related to Albert...

  • Big Fun: Averted. It's only what the RUC wiki says he is, it's complete bullshit though.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Expect this from Albert.
  • Fat Bastard: Self explanatory


The supposed leader of the clan

Tropes related to Popeye

  • Big Bad: Not very threatening, but still the leader nonetheless.

Felix The Cat

The clan's top "hitman."

Tropes related to Felix

  • Stealing The Credit: He's never really assassinated anyone, and usually takes credit for someone's death he was not involved in. (Example would be him taking credit for Jew Wario's suicide.)


The clan's youngest member

Tropes related to Jabberjaw

  • Berserk Button: Well, essentially anything could be a Berserk Button for the RUC, but Jabberjaw and Shoes is the most notable.
  • Immediate Self-Contradiction: Some examples on his ask.fm.
  • Lame Excuse: His reasons for the RUC not attacking the streams recently? "WE ARE PLOTTING!!!"
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Oh man, his ego is gigantic, and when someone called him out on it on his ask.fm, he backpedaled and tried to make himself look humble to save face, even contradicting his earlier answers in the process.


The "strategist" for the clan and Popeye's best friend. Ironic how the RUC sees him as a hero despite him being the villain from Aladdin.
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