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Characters: Casi Angeles
The characters in the Casi Angeles tv series:

     Teen Angels 

Cielo Mágico/ Angeles Inchausti

Cielo is a 20 years old circus performer and professional acrobat who saves Aleli from being caught by a man she stole from and takes her to the Inchausti mansion, where eventually she gets a job as maid. There, she starts falling in love with Nicolas, as well as developing a great affection for the orphanage kids, who mostly view her as as a sisterly figure. It is later discovered that her real name is Angeles Inchausti, true heir of the mansion, who was abandoned by Bartolome and Justina at an early age in order to get the mansion to themselves.

Nicolas Bauer

Nicolas Bauer is a worldwide famous archaeologist who travels the world in his continuous search for the island of happiness, Eudamon Island. While researching in Spain, he meets Malvina and they quickly start dating; when he returns to Argentina, they get engaged but then he meets Cielo. He also develops affection over the mistreated orphans, who see him as a fatherly figure, and treats as they were his own children.

Marianela "Mar" Rinaldi Tallarico

Marianela, commonly nicknamed Mar, is a young teenage orphan who was abandoned as a baby by her grandfather in a church. There, she was raised by a priest for her first years until he passed away, and Mar was sent from one orphanage to another, each worst than its predecessor. At the age of fourteen, she is taken in by Bartolomé and Justina, who immediately recognize her potential talent as thief.

Ramiro "Rama" Ordońez

Rama is a fifteen years old boy and one of the orphans taken in by Barto. He and his younger sister Aleli were abandoned by their mother at an early age, who went to the United States in search for money and promising to return for them. However, the people who they left them with constantly abused them, so Rama took his sister and ran away only to be found by Justina.

Juan "Tacho" Morales

The eldest of all the orphans, Tacho comes from a poor northern town. His biological father sold him to a man from Buenos Aires (it was actually supposed to be his brother, but Tacho took his place). Once in the city, Tacho goes from one reformatory to the next until he is rescued by Bartolome. He dreams of a world where he is allowed to be a free teenager like any other, he enjoys theatre performing and catch fighting.

Jazmin Romero

A young and beautiful gypsy, Jazmin lived a happy life until her parents were murdered on her eighth birthday right in front of her. On her own since then, Jazmin was found by Bartolome and later sold at the age of thirteen to a gypsy slaver named Joselo. Two years later, Rama and Mar find her and (with the help of Bauer, Tacho, Cielo, Lleca and Iberlucia) manage to save her from Joselo... only to have her captured by Barto again, and return to the orphanage.

Thiago Bedoya Aguero

The son of Bartolome with his former wife, Thiago is completely unaware of his father's activities. He arrives from London in the first episode of the series, where he was sent to study by Barto in order to avoid being discovered. Unlike his father, Thiago is kind-hearted and likes music; he also develops a great liking in Mar, much to Bartolome's dismay.

     Fundación BB/Hogar Mágico 

Malvina Bedoya Aguero

Malvina is Bartolome's younger sister and Bauer's fianceé (later wife, and later ex-wife) who loves him deeply and would do anything for him. She is forgetful, careless, and loves shopping; she usually gives the series comic relief, but as the series progresses her character developed Darker and Edgier aspects (although never losing her status as Cloudcuckoolander). By the end of the first season, she does a Heel-Face Turn and sides with Bauer, accepting his true love with Cielo.

Justina Merarda García

Bartolome's right hand and the mansion's housekeeper, Justina is a dark middle-aged woman who dresses in black from head to toes. She is fierce and unscrupulous, and exploits the children without minding it... and actually enjoys it. In the second season, she does a Twin Switch with Felicitas and slowly begins changing for good while she poses as her cousin, Becoming the Mask by the end of the season.

Aleli Ordońez

An adorable ten year old girl, Aleli is Rama's younger sister and Bartolome's favored victim, as he knows that's the other kids' (particularly Rama's) Berserk Button. She endures the pain just to lighten her brother's load and dreams that someday their mother would come and save them. She also develops a sisterly bond with Mar, who she views as her elder sister.

Lleca/Leon Benitez

Lleca (whose name is an anagram of the word "calle", which means street) is a young boy who was abandoned as a baby on the street, where he was found and raised by various other street kids older than him. He eventually found his way into the mansion, and is exploited like the others. Despite his young age, he knows his way through the rough streets and has various contacts which provide him with information whenever he needs it.

Caridad Martina Cuesta

A teenage girl who lives in one of Bartolome's fields, Caridad took care of the field along with her father until he passed away early in the second season. Bauer meets her while visiting the field, since he was now director of the orphanage, and takes her in at the orphanage. Due to her being raised in a rural area, her habits and costums are very different from everyone else's, which causes her to be bullied by the rich kids from the city, mainly by Melody and Tefi. However, Mar, Jazmin and Vale quickly become friends with her and accept her anyway.

Luca Francini

Luca is a seventeen year old boy who is rescued by Nicolas in the second season and he forces him into getting Luca to stay in the orphanage. He is secretly an agent trained by CC to become an undercover agent inside the orphanage, but with time he becomes good friends with the other (specially Tacho) and starts feeling as part of their family. In the end, he betrays CC along with Franca.

Luz García /Inchausti

Justina's secret daughter, who she has kept locked under the mansion's basement for ten years. Luz is innocent and naive, and believes (as she was told by Justina) that there is a war in the world outside the basement, where her mother fought bravely to keep her safe (which, in retrospective, was partly true). It is discovered eventually that Justina isn't her biological mother, Alba was, making her one of the heirs of the Inchausti fortune and mansion, as well as Cielo's younger sister.
  • Big Sister Worship: Towards her biological sister Cielo.
  • Break the Cutie: This is the Big Bad's plan, and while he initially succeeds in season 3, by the end of season 4 the protagonists return to the time and save her.
    • She still went to a lot in the first season already though, she lived her whole life trapped in a basement for crying out loud!
  • Broken Bird
  • Broken Pedestal: For Justina, when she leaves the basement and learns there isn't any war out there. Gets even worse when she discovers that she wasn't so sweet to others as she was to her.
  • Calling the Old Man Out: To Justina (despite her not being her biological mother, since she didn't know that at the time).
  • Cheerful Child: After she is released from the basement.
  • Creepy Child: In the first season, while living in the basement.
    • Heck, even after that she has a few moments that make you realize she has a bit of a dark side. Probably the best example would be when she nonchalantly threatens to kill herself if Justina doesn't give her the antidore. With a straight face.
  • Cute Ghost Girl: When he first sees her, Lleca thought she was just this; a little girl too cute to be a ghost, but that seemed like one. He later learns he's wrong, though.
  • Deliberately Cute Child: In the second season.
  • Emotionless Girl: After learning the truth about Justina. Cielo helps her work through that, though.
  • Faking the Dead: Bartolomé thought Justina had killed her.
  • First Girl Wins: In the end, it's implied that she'll end up with Cristobal.
  • First Kiss: Cristobal is her first kiss, on season one.
  • Fragile Flower
  • Ignorance Is Bliss
  • Little Sister Heroine: She gained a much bigger role as the first season progressed.
  • Morality Pet: She is this for Justina and, later, for Cielo. The former more than the latter, as Justina claims that Luz is the only thing that made her feel human prior to her Heel-Face Turn.
  • Nice Girl
  • The Ojou: Even through she doesn't know it.
  • Puppy-Dog Eyes: Pulls them off once to try to convince Justina to let her slip out of the basement.
  • Shipper on Deck: Luz and Aleli are both die-hard Nico/Cielo shippers.
    • And they both seem to support Rama/Vale in the second season, as they both help Rama with his love confession.
    • She also shipped Justina and Carlos Maria, as she believed them to be her biological parents. Well, one of them was, at least...
  • Shrinking Violet: On the first season.
  • Token Mini-Moe
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: Yet thanks to CC, she's not anymore in season four. This gets later solved, though, when the cast returns from the future.

Mateo "Monito" Bauer

Monito was a young child who lived in a dumpster with an old man named Tulio, who he viewed as his grandfather. Justina, among discovering his talents for stealing, murders Tulio and takes Monito to the orphanage. He is cheerful and optimistic, even in the worse situations, and views Tacho as his older brother (mainly since Tacho promised Tulio before he died that he would take care of him).

Bartolomé "Barto" Bedoya Aguero

The director of the orphanage Fundación BB, Bartolomé is a humanitarian and a gentleman to everyone, but that's just a cover: in reality, he exploits the young children in the orphanage, making them manufacture dolls and steal money from people, as well as being verbally and physically abusive. He is also desperate for money, but his late aunt's will specifically claimed that he should manage an orphanage and Malvina should be married for them to inherit (if the true heirs never appeared, that it), which is why he's quite anxious for Bauer and Malvina's wedding (and since Cielo's in between, he's not happy with her).

Felicitas García

Justina's cousin who appears towards the end of season 1. She is immediately mistaken for her cousin, but soon it is proven that they're different people, much to everyone's surprise. Felicitas is kind and nice to just about everyone; the complete opposite of her cousin. As a child, they were raised together, but her popularity with boys earned her Justina's hatred. In the second season, she takes over as the new housekeeper.

Rosario Guevara de Dios

A social worker who comes to evaluate the orphanage in the first season, and is eventually accepted into the family when Nicolas and Cielo take over the orphanage. She is religious and hard-working, but enjoys playing with the small children and taking care of them, serving as a sort of grandmother figure.

Jasper Hantus

The mansion's gardener. Jasper is quiet and reserved, often keeping to himself and rarely speaking unless necessary. He's only loyal to who he considered his true master; Carlos Maria. He was killed by Bartolome when he wasn't able to kill Malvina.


Ignacio "Nacho" Perez Alzamendi

Nacho is the son of a very important and very rich judge, which makes him believe he can do whatever he wants. In the first season, he is Thiago's best friend and becomes attracted to Jazmin. Nacho also enjoys tormenting Mar due to her being poor and parentless, something Thiago doesn't take very well. In the second season, he still keeps his jerk aspects but slowly begins changing upon meeting Caridad, who decides to bring out the golden heart burried so deep inside him. He is also the founder of the band Man!, which competes with the Teen Angels on every occasion.

Estefania "Tefi" Elordi

Estefania Elordi, commonly nicknamed Tefi, joins the cast halfway through season one when Nacho sets up Thiago with her to get him over Mar. She was adopted at an early age by Sandra Rinaldi and her husband, something Tefi takes no shame on. She is the first one to discover that Sandra is Mar's biological mother (or at least suspect it), and through she tries to hide it, it eventually comes out to light. Tefi hates Mar because she believes that she's trying to steal her mother from her, although deep inside, it is revealed that she really does love Mar, she just has trouble accepting her as her half-sister, but accepts her completely by the end of season 2.

Simon Rodriguez Arrachavaleta

Simon is Thiago's best friend since their childhood, who was living abroad when the series begin. In the second season, he returns to the country and meets Mar in the summer camp... who mistakes him for a camp worker. He is very kind-hearted and shy, which causes him some problems opening up to other people, and is very often seen talking with his psychologist on the phone, even very late at night. He has a younger sister, Soledad, who has a special condition since birth, and he's quite protective of her.

Melody Paz

A beautiful professional model who traveled the world on the job, and settles on Argentina to complete her education in the second season. She met Thiago a year previous to her arrival on a photoshoot, where the two connected over their mutual love for Grease and had a brief relationship. She's nice to him, but can be quite bitchy and bossy to others (particularly to Mar). We later learn that she's not actually a model, just had that photoshoot where she met Thiago. She's actually the daughter of the maid who works for a rich ambassador, but takes shame on it and decided to lie about it instead. She eventually reveals it. On live television.

Valeria "Vale" Gutierrez

At only sixteen years of age, Valeria already has a criminal record that leaves nothing to be desired: and it is right when she’s escaping from a reformatory that Rama comes to her rescue, immediately falling in love with her. Initially rude and distrustful due to her unpleasant past, Valeria later opens up, becoming friends with Mar, Jaz and Caridad and coming to return Rama’s feelings. She’s shy and insecure, which results in her sometimes becoming aggressive in order to hide it, and enjoys screenwriting, a hobby she passionately pursues, although the outcomes aren't always brilliant.
  • BedsheetLadder: Used this trick right before stumbling upon Rama to escape from a reformatory.
  • Break the Cutie
  • Broken Bird
  • Daddy's Girl: She probably was this before her adoptive parents’ arrest, considering that pretty much all the nice memories she has of her childhood involve her father being awesome in her eyes.
    • Not to mention he used to sneak her in an indoor children’s playground when it was closed in order to allow her to play even when they didn’t have enough money.
  • Dark and Troubled Past
  • Drives Like Crazy: Oh, so very much. Poor Rama suffered the consequences.
  • Fake Memories: On season 4, when she's captured by Simon, she gets brainwashed as well, and the tomboy "jailbird" is replaced by a quite feminine singer-songwriter raised in France who leans on Femme Fatale territory.
  • Fingerless Gloves: She always wears only one fingerless fishnet glove in the second season, in conformity with her street-smart, tomboyish look.
    • Said look may or may not include a Tomboyish Baseball Cap; although it’s not really a distinctive trait of hers, notably her and Mar are the only ones who wear one in the second season’s promotional images.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: The Melancholic, with Caridad as the Phlegmatic, Jazmin as the Sanguine and Mar as the Choleric.
  • Happily Adopted: Abandoned as a baby, she spent her early childhood years in custody of a foreign couple whom she recalls with deep affection. Unfortunately, the two were sent back to their country due to bureucratic issues, and she ended up in an orphanage.
  • Harmful to Minors: It’s implied she’s witnessed some form of sexual harassment while living on the street during her childhood, which led her to have a very harsh reaction and doubt for a long while before having her first time with Rama.
  • Hates Being Touched: As often stated by Rama. She gets better in the later seasons, though.
  • Lethal Chef: Seems to be this in the second season, justified since no one ever taught her how to cook; when she attempted to bake a cake to make peace with Rama, poor Caridad looked horrified.
    • She actually improves in the latter two seasons, even having the other members of the Resistence praise her for her cooking in the fourth one.
  • Preppy Name: On season four, after having been brainwashed. Although she keeps her original name, she is given an additional surname, Blair. While the latter is not particularly posh per se, the two surnames underline both the fact that she's at least half-French now (given the way Blair is pronounced) and that she's far from her former poor, orphaned self.
  • Street Smart: Similarly to Mar, Vale spent almost all her life on the street and knows its ways, so she definitely fits.
  • Street Urchin: Until she's found and rescued by Rama in the second season.
  • Suspiciously Similar Replacement: She's awfully similar to Mar pre-Character Development, but eventually she goes through some character development of her own in order to subvert this.
  • Tomboy
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: The tomboy to Caridad's girly girl.

     Corporación Cruz/CC 

Juan Cruz York

Born to Hilda Fernández, he is also the illegitimate son of Bartolomé and Malvina’s father. Chosen by the Portal, he was later rejected by it due to his soul not being pure. After the death of his own body through necrosis, Juan Cruz started to wander from one body to another like a parasite. His main goal is to go back to Eudamón, the dimension protected by the Portal.

Franca Mayerhold



     Inchausti family 

Carlos Maria Inchausti

Alba Ortega de Inchausti

Amelia Inchausti

  • Killed Off for Real
  • Posthumous Character
  • Rich Bitch: To an extend. She disapproved her son's marriage to Alba, a simple maid, but towards the end of her life she calls her feeling sorry for her actions and names Alba (and her two daughters) heirs of her fortune.

     Bauer family 

Cristobal Bauer

Nicolas's son, Cristobal is an incredibly smart ten years old boy who loves archaeology and history. He has lived his whole life abroad, following his father from quest to quest, and like him is curious to discover the truth of Eudamon Island. He is actually the son of Iberlucia, with whom Carla was having an affair at the time, but when Carla gains custody of Cristobal he decides to allow Nicolas to keep raising him as long as she's always allowed to visit.

Bertha Bauer

Luis Bauer

Esperanza "Hope" Bauer

Funny and light-hearted, she is the owner of Mandalay’s beauty centre, as well as Nicolas and Malvina’s daughter. She has a deep love for her step-sister Paz, which leads her to conceal the huge crush she has on the latter’s boyfriend, Teo. As an elder, she will travel in time in order to provide her help to the main characters until her death in 2082.

Paz Bauer

Daughter of Nicolas Bauer and Cielo Mágico, she shares her mother’s abilities and appearance. The main characters will meet her in her twenties while travelling to the future. Kind-hearted and spontaneous, her hobby is creating perfumes; she’s strongly connected to the Portal inside the Hogar Mágico, and therefore her life is often threatened by Juan Cruz.

James Jones/Marcos Iberlucia /Bauer

Carla Kosovsky


Camilo Estrella

Director of the Mandalay Hogar Mágico, Camilo was abandoned by his mother as a baby and providentially rescued by a she-dog called Camila. At first he doesn’t know who is father is, but eventually finds out he’s the son of Big Bad Juan Cruz. He has a good sense of humor, likes cooking and is a fan of the Rolling Stones. He falls in love with Paz, whom he will marry at the end of season 3, and therefore faces some opposition by her former boyfriend Teo.
  • Amicable Exes: With Ariel.
  • Big Brother Mentor: Thiago sees him as such. Curious enough, since Thiago is actually the older brother, but, due to time travel issues, he is younger than future Camilo in season 3.
  • The Big Damn Kiss: It takes a lot for him and Paz to finally kiss.
    • He claims that it’s difficult to live up to the expectations since the member of Paz's family all had unusual first kisses.
  • Cool Teacher
  • Don't Call Me Sir: Justina persist in calling him Rector, despite all his attempts to avoid it.
  • Horseback Heroism: When coming out of a burning plane after having rescued its passengers.
  • Love Triangle: He and Teo compete against each other for Paz’s love.
  • Raised by Wolves: When his mother abandoned him, he was saved by a she-dog.

Teo Gorki

Former boyfriend of Paz Bauer, he leads the so-called Open Sky, a group of rebels who fight against the corrupt government. This often causes disagreements between him and the people of Mandalay, who think that the situation should be solved pacifically.

Juan Dalmasio/ Victor Vörg

He works as a Literature and Screenwriting teacher in Mandalay, but is actually there to spy the main characters under the orders of Juan Cruz.

Agustín Chandía


Orphaned of both mother and father, she got to Mandalay when she was ten, and was raised by Cielo and Nicolas. She befriended Esperanza and Paz, becoming like a sister to them. She works as a psychologist, at first in a radio station and later on in Mandalay, but also secretly collaborates with Juan Cruz, who has been manipulating her since her early years.


A skilled hacker, she’s also Camilo’s ex-girlfriend. She starts off as quite selfish and cynical, but quickly reveals her tender side once discovered that Kika is the daughter who had been taken away from her. She grows very protective of her loved ones, which ultimately leads her to sacrifice herself in order to save her daughter and the people of Mandalay.

Francisca “Kika” Zanata

Abandoned as a baby (at least, that’s what she thinks), Kika grew up in a small town. In 2046, Esperanza in her elder version makes her travel back in time to 2030, where she attends high school at Mandalay. Intelligent and shy, she falls in love with Rama, who will help her find her long-lost mother, Ariel.
  • Blind Without 'Em: She’s heavily myopic, and is rarely seen without her glasses.
  • Cute Bookworm: She has some traits of this.
  • Insecure Love Interest: She spends most of the third season wondering why Rama has chosen her over Vale, often out loud and in front of Rama himself.
  • Not So Different: She points this out to Valeria in episode 88, season 3, noting that both haven’t had much luck until having their lives changed thanks to Rama.
  • Teach Him Anger: Her mother Ariel sometimes deliberately treats her sharply hoping for some kind of reaction, since she’s afraid that her tendency to bring herself down will get her hurt.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In season four.

Luna Vörg

Pedro Vörg


     Rinaldi family 

Sandra Rinaldi

Mauro "Terremoto" Tallarico

Dora Aguirre

     Other characters 

Tic Tac

Jeronico "Jero" Vanstrate

Soledad Rodriguez Arrachavaleta



Brenda Azucar

Ramon Bueno


  • Freudian Excuse: His brother accidentally killed off his pregnant mother before his eyes, later blaming him with the Police; then he ended up in a series of unpleasant orphanages/reformatories.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: In spite of all the attempts he has made to destroy her relationship with Rama, Vale still tries to understand Gabo and not to leave him alone, knowing that he has no one to rely on.


would almost certainly lead to the guy's death, he refuses to obey and secretly does it anyway.
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