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Girls with Guns

"There is just something sexy about a woman with a blaster, too bad my wife doesn't agree to that."

Girls With Guns describes a sub-genre of action media that focuses on strong female leads being awesome with firearms. May or may not involve Heroic Bloodshed. It was developed somewhere in the Hong Kong film industry and has since made itself a genre that is often used in anime. Usually involves gun fights, stunts and martial arts.

Small Girl, Big Gun is a subtrope—Girls With Guns aren't necessarily small, and their guns aren't necessarily big. Yeah-heh.

Compare Superhero Packing Heat. See also The Other Wiki's page on the subject.

Note that this page describes a genre, not a character trope. Individual examples of Girls With Guns go on The Gunslinger.


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     Anime & Manga 

    Comic Books 



     Live Action TV 
  • Revolution: Charlotte "Charlie" Matheson started out as an archer with a bow and arrow. By episode 10, she has dropped that weapon in favour of guns.
  • The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The title character is a girl who's harder than nuclear nails. A female cyborg often acts as her partner.


     Tabletop Games 

     Western Animation 
  • on Flux is based around the titular hot female assassin.

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