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Silver Sable is a well-known female mercenary in Marvel Comics. Originally appearing in Spider-Man's series, she's been both an ally and a foe to the webslinger. She first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #265 (June, 1985), created by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, and Josef Rubinstein.

Joining the Wild Pack at the age of 17, Silver Sable served as second-in-command until the death of her father, Ernst Sablinova. Based in Symkaria, a tiny country sharing a border with Latveria, the Wild Pack began offering its services internationally under Silver Sable's leadership. Eventually gaining approval from the Symkaria government, the Wild Pack would become one of the country's largest economic contributors.

As the Wild Pack often takes on contracts to capture various supervillains, Sable and the Wild Pack have crossed paths with other heroes in the Marvel Universe a fair number of times, particularly Spider-Man. Though more stand-up heroes like Spider-Man and Captain America tend to dislike her callous demeanor and mercenary ways, she usually remains a trustworthy (if unpredictable) ally of justice, and more financially-minded characters like Paladin or Sandman have no problems working with her, or even for her.

Sable was killed in the Ends of the Earth storyline in Amazing Spider-Man, sacrificing herself to help prevent Doctor Octopus from conquering the world, but as of this writing, they Never Found the Body. Indeed, she later reappear alive.

  • Silver Sable & the Wild Pack (1992-1995)
  • Sable and Fortune (2006)


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Silver Sable provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Jerkass Façade: At least some of her cold, ruthless demeanor is this.
  • Mean Boss: To her own men and any "temps" working under her, Spider-Man included. Often he only does it because he needs the funds.
  • Mexican Standoff: Engaged in one with The Punisher during her solo series.
  • My Greatest Failure: Blames herself for the events that led to both her mother's death and her father's kidnapping by neo-Nazis. Later, she suffered extreme guilt when she killed the man responsible for both in cold blood.
  • No Sense of Humor: As usually remarked on by Spider-Man.
  • Not Quite Dead: She seems killed by Rhino in Ends of the Earth sacrificing herself to help prevent Doctor Octopus from conquering the world. Later, she reappear alive; she was escaped by Rhino thanks to her suit.
  • Pet the Dog: Gets her moments now and again. She really does care for her employees, and not just as investments.
  • Pregnancy Scare: After sleeping with her ex. It turned out to be an ordinary glitch in her cycle.
  • Prison Episode: Toward the end of her solo series. The CIA was apparently responsible.
  • Private Military Contractors: She is the ruler of her own micronation who employs her mercenary group Wild Pack as a way to support her nation. She also takes many jobs on her own and has employed superheroes such as Spider-Man from time to time.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: The Wild Pack's "A-Team" is basically made of this. There's ex-KKK bodyguard Doug Powell, ex-assassin Amy Chen, ex-Spider-Man villain the Sandman... pretty much everyone besides Sable herself is an ex-con of one stripe or another.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Much like her boots, her hair started out short, manageable, and realistic for an athletic woman. Then it started becoming longer and longer during The Dark Age of Comic Books.
  • Screw the Money, I Have Rules!: Her company may have money as its first priority, but she has a thing about killing in cold blood and she refuses to do assassination jobs for any client. This becomes kind of a problem when she repeatedly turns down the CIA on that front.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!: Despite her miserly ways, she's never hesitated to throw around money when she thought it would help her. The Daily Bugle often ends up on the receiving end of her windfalls.
  • The Scrooge: Displays shades of this every now and then; during her first team-up with Spider-Man, she expressed concern when it looked like he was about to die, because she feared his heirs suing her.
  • She-Fu: Not as often as other female characters of the era, since she's usually packing lots and lots of heat, but dives into it now and again.
  • Ship Tease: Often with Spider-Man.
  • Steven Ulysses Perhero: Her parents must have been prophets. The name is even quite fitting, describing her beauty, strength, and cold lack of emotion in two words.
  • Supreme Chef: Revealed to be one in a What If? scenario where she and Spider-Man fell in love.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: This often comes up when she has to work with the Marvel Universe's more upstanding heroes. Arguably taken to its peak in the "For Love Nor Money" Bat Family Crossover, where she had to work with the fairly-upstanding Luke Cage: Hero for Hire and the wisecracking, almost Nominal Hero Terror.
  • Unresolved Sexual Tension: While never an Official Love Interest of Spider-Man's, the subtext has been there. They became an Official Couple in a What If storyline and then, years down the line, Dan Slott would play this up whenever she appeared.
  • Unstoppable Rage: When someone gets her very, very mad, watch out.
  • Weapon of Choice: The items strapped to her thigh are a sort of blunt throwing star she designed herself, which she calls a "chai." She rarely uses them in modern stories, instead favoring standard handguns.
  • "Well Done, Daughter!" Girl
  • Woman in White: Her costumes are pale enough to pass for white, only slightly darker than her hair.
  • Working the Same Case: How a lot of her teamups with other heroes in the Marvel Universe happen.