Creator / Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Una Ronan (born April 12, 1994; her name is prounounced "Seer-sha" and is the Irish Gaelic word for "freedom") is an Irish film actress best known for her roles in Atonement, Brooklyn, (for which she received Academy Award nominations) and The Lovely Bones. She is known for her portrayal of mature characters, who rarely are Irish. Though she's most famous for her roles in period pieces, she also tried out for roles in things like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.


This actress provides examples of:

  • Child Prodigy: Adopted a perfect Fake American accent in her first film at age twelve - I Could Never Be Your Woman and was nominated for an Oscar only two years later.
  • Its Pronounced Tro Pay: She says that Irish people normally pronounce her name "seer-sha" but she would pronounce it "ser-sha", similar to 'inertia'. Between these were the many mispronunciations by the Hollywood media during press for Brooklyn.
  • What Beautiful Eyes!: Known particularly for her extremely striking pale blue eyes. Almost any role she plays will see the director focus heavily on her eyes in various camera shots throughout the film.