Saoirse Una Ronan (born April 12, 1994; her name is prounounced "Seer-sha" and is the Irish Gaelic word for "freedom") is an Irish film actress best known for her roles in ''Atonement'', ''Brooklyn'', (for which she received UsefulNotes/AcademyAward nominations) and ''Film/TheLovelyBones''. She is known for her portrayal of mature characters, [[FakeNationality who rarely are Irish]]. Has constantly vied for success outside of Ireland, but hasn't quite made it-- she tried out for [[Film/HarryPotter Luna Lovegood]], [[Film/TheHungerGames Katniss Everdeen]], [[Film/TheHobbit Tauriel]] and [[Film/TheForceAwakens Rey]].

* ''{{Literature/Atonement}}'' as Briony Tallis
* ''Film/ICouldNeverBeYourWoman'' as Izzie Hanson
* ''Film/CityOfEmber'' as Lina Mayfleet
* ''Film/TheLovelyBones'' as Susie Salmon
* ''Film/TheWayBack'' as Irena
* ''Film/{{Hanna}}'' as Hanna Heller
* ''Literature/TheHost'' as Melanie Stryder
* ''Violet & Daisy'' as Daisy
* ''{{Film/Byzantium}}'' as Eleanor
* ''Film/HowILiveNow'' as Daisy
* ''Film/TheGrandBudapestHotel'' as Agatha
* ''Film/{{Brooklyn}}'' as Eilis Lacey.
!!This actress provides examples of:
* ChildProdigy: Adopted a perfect FakeAmerican accent in her first film at age twelve - ''Film/ICouldNeverBeYourWoman'' and was nominated for an Oscar only two years later.
* ItsPronouncedTroPay: She says that Irish people normally pronounce her name "seer-sha" but she would pronounce it "ser-sha", similar to 'inertia'. Between these were the many mispronunciations by the Hollywood media during press for ''Brooklyn''.