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Video Game: Bullet Witch
Bullet Witch is a 2007 Third-Person Shooter made by Cavia for Xbox 360; the game was published by AQ Interactive in Japan, Atari in North America and Europe, and Codemasters in Australia.

Taking place in a Crapsack World, you play as Alicia Claus as she kills demons and... well, that's pretty much it. There was something about some guy who killed himself and summoned the demons, but let's face it: no one really cared about that. But if you must know, the story takes place in 2013, with humanity on the very of verge of extinction thanks to all hell breaking loose. The demons formed their own army called "the Geist" and continue to slaughter humans by the thousands. Alicia enters some unnamed part of the eastern United States coastline to fight off the demons taking over a city, despite the disembodied voice of the Darkness telling her that place was already doomed. Along the way, she meets up with Maxwell Cougar, the commander of the last of humanity's remaining armed forces, who requests Alicia's assistance in their resistance against the demons.

The game's highlight was that you played as a gun-wielding witch who could use various spells, like calling lighting strikes, summon tornadoes, and meteors showers. Also, your gun could transform into various different weapons. The game fared poorly in markets with middling reception from critics. Problems included awful A.I., bad English voice-overs, and bad level design, but the fast action and ultra spells got praise.

Not to be confused with Bayonetta, or Marisa Kirisame.

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