YMMV / Bullet Witch

  • Best Boss Ever: Tri-Serpent, the final boss, is very epic. He's massive, has a variety of powerful attacks, and can take around a half hour to kill on EASY, yet he never seems cheap.
  • God Damned Bats: Grudge spirits the annoying ghost's spawned by Screamers they aren't likely to kill you but damn are they a pain.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Many enemies have the ability to one-shot the player, or just plain keep attacking after a game over.
    • The Walnut Heads, for example, will lift up vehicles with their telekinetic abilities and send them flying straight at Alicia. Said vehicles also can explode and one-shot the player.
    • The Geists, in design, wear the skin of people. In gameplay, the sniper Geists are also very fear-inducing, with their laser sights slanting across the screen and aiming at the player's head. Getting shot results in a instant game-over.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The voice acting and dialog is so horrible but it's so funny especially Maxwell and the Geist's.
  • That One Boss: Drago-Bat the boss of stage 3 unlike Tri-Serpent comes off as cheap and teeth grindingly annoying and being a glorified Mook Maker makes him look like a coward.