YMMV: Bullet Witch

  • Best Boss Ever: Tri-Serpent, the final boss, is very epic. He's massive, has a variety of powerful attacks, and can take around a half hour to kill on EASY, yet he never seems cheap.
  • God Damned Bats: Grudge spirits the annoying ghost's spawned by Screamers they aren't likely to kill you but damn are they a pain.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Many of the enemies will attack and kill Alicia in extremely brutal and cruel ways, and after killing her, will continue to abuse her dead body.
    • The Walnut Heads, for example, will lift up massive vehicles with their telekinetic abilities and send them flying straight at Alicia, often killing her in a single attack. After Alicia has died, they often lift her corpse into the air, telekinetically rip off all her clothes, then tear her naked body to pieces.
    • The Geists, despite being the basic enemies in the game, are very brutal as well, often continuing to shoot Alicia's dead body after she has been killed. The sniper geists are also very fear-inducing, with their laser sights slanting across the screen and aiming at Alicia's head. If she is shot by a sniper, Alicia will die instantly.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The voice acting and dialog is so horrible but it's so funny especially Maxwell and the Geist's.
  • That One Boss: Drago-Bat the boss of stage 3 unlike Tri-Serpent comes off as cheap and teeth grindingly annoying and being a glorified Mook Maker makes him look like a coward.