YMMV / Casi 聲geles

  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Tefi, who was introduced in halfway through season 1 as a temporary love interest for Thiago, became wildly popular due to her deadpan one-liners and her bitchiness, not to mention the Les Yay vibe she had with Mar (the actresses are best friends in real life). The showrunners just couldn't get rid of her, and made her a main character for season 2.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: Examples include Thiaguella (Thiago/Mar), Tachmin (Tacho/Jazm璯), Rameria (Rama/Valeria), Lucefi (Luca/Tefi), Nielo (Nico/Cielo)...
    • Hilariously referred to in episode 102, season 4, when Tefi tries to figure out which couples will end up together.
    Hope: What are you doing?
    Tefi: I'm making predictions for the future. [...] Love predictions. Which of these do you like best, Simeria or Rameria? [...] Lucefi or Nachefi?
  • Toy Ship: Cristobal and Luz.