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Characters: Attack on Titan: Others

Minor characters in the series. Civilians, those unaffiliated with a particular Branch, and the like.

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WARNING: Unmarked spoilers abound.
Beware if you are not caught up with the manga

Carla Yeager

Voiced by: Yoshino Takamori (JP), Jessica Cavanagh (EN)

The mother of Eren and adoptive mother of Mikasa, whose death at the hands of a Titan leads Eren to vow to exterminate every single Titan.

  • Cynicism Catalyst: To Eren; her death ignites his undying hatred of all Titans.
  • Death by Origin Story: Since her death is the reason why Eren hates Titans.
  • Deceased Parents Are the Best: She was extremely loving to her children. She treated Mikasa the same as Eren despite the fact that she was Mikasa's adoptive mother for a year.
  • Face Death with Dignity: Subverted. She makes a Heroic Sacrifice, but quietly pleads for them not to leave her. She dies desperately pounding against the Titan's grasp in the anime.
  • Good Parents: Despite Carla's brief appearance, it's obvious that she loved her son and daughter, both of whom only have good memories of her.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Pleads with Hannes to abandon her to the Titans, so that he could save her children at least.
  • Hesitant Sacrifice: Like many other Heroic Sacrifices in this series, she changes her mind right in the face of getting eaten. She muffles herself so that her children don't hear her.
  • I Will Only Slow You Down: When her legs are crushed, she tells Eren and Mikasa to leave her behind so they can escape the Titans.
  • The Lost Lenore: Hinted to be one to Grisha, as Eren noted his father's strange behavior after her death.
  • Missing Mom: Being eaten by a Titan will do that to you.
  • Motherly Side Plait: Fitting her role as a good mother to Eren and Mikasa.
  • Please Don't Leave Me: While watching Hannes flee with the children, she suddenly recalls happy moments with her family and has to cover her mouth to keep them from hearing her beg them not to leave her.
  • Plot-Triggering Death: Her death leads to Eren's quest to destroy all Titans, as well as her husband's mysterious actions.
  • Sacrificial Lamb: Eren and Mikasa watch their loving mother die a horrible, messy death two chapters into the story. That should give a hint at what kind of story this is.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: In the anime, Carla and her son have almost identical faces.

Grisha Yeager

Voiced by: Hiroshi Tsuchida (JP), Chris Hury (EN)

The father of Eren and adoptive father of Mikasa, Grisha is a doctor who is highly regarded for his work in the past when he helped cure a plague. He was out of town on business when the Colossal Titan broke down the gates of Wall Maria. While he vanished afterwards, Eren later remembers that beforehand, he forcefully injected Eren with a strange substance heavily implied to be what gave Eren the power to transform into a Titan.

  • Broken Tears: After hearing of the fall of Wall Maria and while injecting Eren with something heavily implied to be what made him a Titan Shifter.
  • Disappeared Dad: He went on a business trip just a few hours before the fall of Wall Maria. He returned briefly to reunite with his son, but then vanished again and hasn't been seen since.
  • Good Parent: He's shown to be very protective of Eren, particularly the time where he nearly got killed saving Mikasa, and we get a brief shot of him with Broken Tears after hearing of the Titan conquest of Zhiganshina, pleading for the safety of his family. He treated Mikasa like she was his own daughter as well.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: A side-effect of the serum he injects Eren with.
  • The Medic: A famous and well-respected doctor, responsible for curing a plague that threatened the citizens — among those he saved was Hannes' wife. Though living on the very edge of human territory, his reputation was sufficient for patients living within the Interior to summon him.
  • Open-Minded Parent: He is not necessarily against Eren joining the Survey Corps, only that he does it with all of his heart and acts on his own belief.
  • Parent Ex Machina: The fact that he may have made Eren a Titan Shifter comes out of the blue, although it is justified by the fact that the injection apparently causes amnesia.
  • Plot Coupon: The key to the Yeager residence's basement, which later finds its way into Eren's possession. The basement is believed by Eren to hold a important secret that may contribute to humanity's victory against the Titans.
  • Put on a Bus: Disappeared to parts unknown after the fall of Wall Maria, effectively leaving his young son and daughter to fend for themselves.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: He appeared in only two scenes thus far, and has long been missing. However, whatever he was doing in the locked basement of his house has great significance to humanity's survival. He entrusts Eren with the basement's key and gives him the mission to reach the basement no matter what. Presumably, the injection given to his son granted him the power of Titans.

Keith Shadis

Voiced by: Tsuguo Mogami (JP), Patrick Seitz (EN)

The instructor for the 104th Trainee Corps. He is a harsh, but effective commander that seems to have known Eren's father in the past. He was a former commander of the Survey Corps before resigning to become a drill instructor.

  • Ambiguously Brown: Likely a result of grilling trainees in the sun over several years.
  • Bald of Awesome: Years after retiring as the Survey Corps' commander, not a single hair is left on his head.
  • Beard of Evil: A neatly-groomed goatee. He's not evil, but he is a man to be feared.
  • Chewing the Scenery: Patrick Seitz pulls out the stops and goes over the top when verbally abusing the cadets during training.
  • Corporal Punishment: Keith has no patience for screwing around, and punishes recruits with headbutts or even lifting them up by their heads if they cross him. He forces Sasha to run until she collapses as punishment for stealing food
  • Death Glare: The setting his eyes seem to be perpetually stuck in.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Crossed it when he was commander of the Survey Corps, after a failed and fruitless expedition resulted only in the deaths of countless soldiers.
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty: This is his preferred method of preparing recruits for the harsh reality of life in the military, subjecting them to endless amounts of verbal abuse.
  • Misery Builds Character: He's a firm believer in this, and uses verbal abuse as well as harsh disciplinary methods to prepare his recruits for life as a soldier.
  • Pet the Dog: He spares victims of Titan attacks from his Drill Sergeant Nasty routine. It's explained by another officer that the reason for this is because the point of said routine is to break recruits down so that they can be rebuilt into soldiers. As the Titan attacks that they survived would've already broken them down, tearing into them would be pointlessly cruel.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: At least, enough to consider that Eren's problem was faulty equipment, and not him simply being incompetent. His job requires him to be harsh and brutal, but he's also able to recognize the potential in each of the trainees.
  • Retired Badass: Implied, as he survived in the Survey Corps long enough to become Commander in the era prior to Erwin's tactics improving survival rates significantly.
  • Survivors Guilt: When asked about Keith's personal life, Isayama noted he doesn't have a family because he doesn't believe he deserves happiness after so many died under his command.
  • Veteran Instructor: He was the commander of the Survey Corps in 845, when the Colossal Titan destroyed Wall Maria. At some point in the following two years, he stepped down from his command and became an instructor.
  • Use Your Head: Headbutting seems to have been his standard method to punish recruits. In a side chapter of A Choice with no Regrets, he actually headbutts Levi when called in to initiate the three problem recruits. The latter doesn't flinch.

The Ackermans

Voiced By: Daichi Endō (Mr. Ackerman), Yuuka Hirose (Mrs. Ackerman) (Japanese), Jarrod Greene (Mr. Ackerman), Colleen Clinkenbeard (Mrs. Ackerman) (English)

Mikasa Ackerman's parents, a loving couple living in a small cottage on the outskirts of Shiganshina. They were murdered by human traffickers seeking to capture Mrs. Ackerman and her daughter.

  • The Clan: Mrs. Ackerman hails from one, and passed her clan's emblem on to Mikasa, which is apparently carved on her right forearm. What the emblem looks like is unknown, but it is traditional for the parent to personally pass it down to their children.
  • Cynicism Catalyst: Mikasa ended up so damaged because of their murder.
  • Death by Origin Story: Revealed to have died years prior to the story via flashback.
  • Deceased Parents Are the Best: The fact that Mikasa is an adopted orphan is an important part of her character.
  • Good Parents: From what little could be seen of them, Mr. and Mrs. Ackerman were kind parents, raising their daughter lovingly.
  • Happily Married: They seemed to be a genuinely happy, loving family. What a shame.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Mrs. Ackerman tries to stall the criminals so that her daughter can escape. It's a wasted effort, since Mikasa ends up too frightened to run.
  • Last Of Her Kind: Mrs. Ackerman was the last known pure-blooded Asian.
  • Mama Bear: Mrs. Ackerman fought so fiercely to protect her daughter that one of the thugs panicked and killed her.
  • Mighty Whitey and Mellow Yellow: Averted. Neither of them seemed to care in the least bit about her rare heritage, and were Happily Married. The kidnappers that killed them, however, intended to take advantage of it by selling mother and daughter off to wealthy nobles with a Race Fetish.
  • Posthumous Character: Murdered long before the events of the story.
  • The Talk: Mr. Ackerman narrowly avoids having to explain the birds and the bees to Mikasa... only to wind up on the wrong end of a dagger.
  • Unnamed Parents: Not even given enough time to have established names. The world certainly is cruel.

Generalissimo Darius Zackly

Voiced by: Hideaki Tezuka (JP), Brian Mathis (EN)

The supreme commander of the military, with authority over all three branches. He is the judge at Eren's trial, and holds absolute authority over his fate. After the trial, he decides to give custody of Eren to the Survey Corps.

  • Chekhov's Gunman: See The Cavalry for more information.
  • Cool Old Guy: He establishes himself by granting custody of Eren to the Survey Corps, but later confirms this when he arrives during Erwin's trial and has the King's Court taken into custody at gunpoint.
  • The Cavalry: He arrives at the King's Court to settle matters, bringing news that the monarchy's misdeeds have been exposed and that he has seized control of the Central Brigade. Under his authority, Erwin is set free and all military branches officially no longer answering to the Monarchy.
  • The Judge: He oversees and passes judgement on matters concerning conflicts between the military branches.
  • Minor Major Character: He is the ultimate power amongst all three military branches, but rarely seen onscreen.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: He calmly and reasonably weighs the evidence presented to him, and accepts Erwin's proposal. He turns out to be the highest authority not involved with the Government Conspiracy, and stands against the Monarchy along with Erwin.
  • The Stoic: He is utterly unfazed by people yelling at each other or Levi beating the crap out of Eren in his courtroom.


A childhood friend of Reiner and Bertolt, who sacrificed his life to save Reiner from a Titan.

  • Chekhov's Gunman: His death set a major event in motion, and serves as the trigger to more than one major revelation years later. Devouring him allowed Ymir to regain human form, and the conversation Bertolt and Ymir have about it leads Hange to realize Titans possess a Cannibalism Superpower.
  • Eaten Alive: Probably the youngest character to be eaten on panel.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: Implied, as the Titan devouring him is seen sinking shark-like teeth into his midsection.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Pushed Reiner out of the way, dying in his place.
  • Infant Immortality: A notable aversion. While children are implied to die regularly, so far he's the only child shown dying on panel and in a fairly graphic fashion.
  • Meaningful Name: French for "Little Warrior".
  • Plot-Triggering Death: One of several in the series. His death is what allowed Ymir to regain human form, setting a major player back on the proverbial board.
  • Posthumous Character: We don't even learn of his existence until five years after his death.
  • Sudden Name Change: His name is given as "Berwick" in the original version of Chapter 47, but changed when it is published in Volume 12.
  • Taking the Bullet: For Reiner.
  • You Killed My Friend: Subverted; Bertolt confronts Ymir about having killed Marcel, but seems to forgive her since she doesn't remember doing it and had no control at the time.

Marquis Bart

Voiced By: Kousuke Takaguchi (JP), Barry Yandell (EN)

A cowardly and selfish nobleman, on good terms with Commander Pixis. He thinks only of himself and his fortune, and serves to illustrate the corrupt nature of the nobility.

  • Adipose Rex: The nobles are clearly not as affected by the food shortage as the lower classes.
  • Aristocrats Are Evil: Downplayed example, since he's just a selfish, cowardly prick. There are a few, more minor characters who are high-ranking businessmen whose priorities are on themselves.
  • Canon Foreigner: An anime only character, Dot Pixis' whereabouts when Trost is attacked are not shown in detail in the manga.
  • Dirty Coward: He begs Pixis to abandon the people of Trost, and instead defend his estate.
  • Fat Bastard: This plump noble certainly wasn't designed to inspire respect for the upper class.
  • The Hedonist: Shown to be eating pastries by the handful, and drinking fine wine while most people are going hungry. He doesn't particularly care about anyone but himself.
  • Idle Rich: He doesn't seem to do more than play chess with Pixis, eat food most would never see in their whole lives, and drink plenty of wine.
  • I Let You Win: Pixis throws his chess games against him and he's quite perturbed to be informed that this is the case.
  • It's All About Me: He tries to get Pixis to have his men guard his own estate instead of, you know, Wall Rose, which is protecting the rest of humanity from getting eaten.
  • Spell My Name with an S: Called "Lord Balto" in the Funimation subs, and "Lord Wald" in the dub itself.
  • Straw Character: Really only exists to show how selfish and useless the ruling class are.

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     Walking Spoiler Characters 

Pastor Nick

Voiced by: Tomohisa Aso (JP), Francis Henry (EN)

An influential member of the Church of the Wall, which views the Walls as holy and opposes any form of alteration to them. He is killed by corrupt members of the Military Police who were torturing him for information Hange and Levi suspects to be Eren and Historia's whereabouts. They deduce that he did not talk.

  • Alas, Poor Villain: Found tortured and murdered. Hange and Levi both suspect he took not only the Wall Cult's secrets, but the secrets of what the Survey Corps know to his grave. Hange is visibly shaken by his death.
  • The Alcoholic: Was one before joining the Church of the Wall.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Appears at the very beginning just as a zealous preacher in the streets. He becomes more prominent later.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: Hange notices evidence of him being tortured prior to his death, and suspects the Military Police Brigade were attempting to learn something from him. The severity of his torture leads them to suspect they were trying to get information from him concerning the Survey Corps.
  • Corrupt Church: Eren notes that the Church of the Wall makes it difficult to get important reinforcements to the Walls. He's also aware of how the Wall is filled with Colossal Titans.
  • Crisis of Faith: Is deeply shaken by the reality of people suffering due to the Titan attacks. Probably didn't help his prayer were viscerally proven to be in vain as he was saying them. Not enough to make him reveal what he knows but enough to reveal that there is someone else with the authority to reveal the truth.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Appears briefly in the background during Episode 1 preaching in Shinganshina well before his canonical debut.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: He's a callous Jerkass as a bureaucrat who refuses to divulge vital information to the Survey Corps, and vies for Eren's execution despite the fact that his Titan powers resulted in the first major victory for humankind in its entire history. Yet he's clearly shaken when he sees the suffering that the people who have to escape the Titans go through, and he even attempts to help a child who's been separated from his family.
  • Exact Words: His oaths absolutely forbid him to give up any of the Wall Cult's secrets but saying that someone else knows them and doesn't have any such vows technically isn't included in that.
  • Hidden Depths: He's introduced as a callous, ignorant bureaucrat, but we later see that he does deeply care for people besides himself. He even dies protecting the secrets of both his religion and the Scouting Legion.
  • High-Altitude Interrogation: Hange does this to him on top of a Wall to get him to explain why there's a Titan inside the Walls. He'd rather die than break his oaths of secrecy... but she lets him go when he tells her about an another source of information that is more free to talk.
  • Interrogated for Nothing: When Hange and Levi speculate how much he told his captors before he died, they note that all his fingernails were torn off. Levi suggests that he didn't give up anything or only did at end, since "talkative" people give in after one nail but "non-talkative" people won't say a word after all 10.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: The Wallist position about zero interference with the Walls makes a lot more sense given they know what's inside them.
  • Killed to Uphold the Masquerade/He Knows Too Much: Before he can reveal what he knows, he's found brutally murdered. Hange suspects the Military Police Brigade to have been involved.
  • Loophole Abuse: Refuses to tell the army any of the information he knows via his cult, but directs them to a source that can without breaking any vows of secrecy. Alas, that was already too much for the higher-ups to let it pass.
  • Not Afraid to Die: He'd rather die than reveal his cult's secrets. He seems to have proven it, as he endured lengthy torture before being murdered.
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat: As well as being a corrupt church preacher, Nick also advocated for Eren's execution, stating that his ability to transform into a Titan is evil by nature. His church is also the reason that the Walls have barely been changed in over one hundred years since they claim that any modifications are a defilement. The obstructionism against any change to the walls turns out to have a much more valid reason, though, given that any modifications would risk revealing or even releasing the Titans contained in them.
  • Pet the Dog: Goes out of his way to help a refugee child, showing he's not completely indifferent to the people's plight.
  • Preacher Man: He acts as pastor at a Wallist church in Stohess.
  • Sinister Minister: In his first appearance, he advocates for Eren to be executed. It's later revealed that he knew about the Titans in the Wall, and has likely been withholding other secrets.
  • Spell My Name with an S: His title has three different translations — Pastor, Priest, and Reverend.
  • Tempting Fate: Is in the middle of preaching how the Walls will always protect them exactly when the Female Titan crashes through his church.

Historia's parents

The unwed parents of Historia, a Heroic Bastard living under the alias Krista Renz — Lord Rod Reiss, and his beautiful mistress. They abandoned their daughter to be raised on a farm owned by the Reiss family, but came to claim her shortly after the fall of Wall Maria. Confronted by members of the 1st Brigade, Reiss allowed his mistress to be murdered and ordered Historia to live under a new identity if she wished to live. In truth, the Reiss family are the true rulers of mankind and part of the Government Conspiracy within the Walls. Lord Reiss is the true ruler of mankind, with the King merely a figurehead that allows him to rule from the shadows.

  • Abusive Parents: Historia's mother hated her daughter, avoiding her at all costs and reacting violently when Historia attempted to hug her. She only spoke to her daughter twice, and both times expressed how much she wanted her child dead. On the flipside, Historia's father flippantly seems to want both of them dead, but can't stand watching his daughter die.
  • Asshole Victim: Considering how Historia's mother treated her her entire life, no tears were shed when Captain Ackerman plunged that dagger into her throat.
  • Dying Declaration Of Hate: Historia's mother makes perfectly clear her contempt for her daughter as she dies.
  • Fluffy the Terrible: Assuming it isn't short for anything, Rod isn't the most impressive-sounding name for being the actual ruler of humanity.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Historia's mother fervently denies that Historia is her daughter when they are captured by members of the First Brigade, presumably in an attempt to save her own skin. After Lord Reiss confirms that she and Historia are indeed in no way related to him, Captain Ackerman almost immediately opens up her throat.
  • Kick the Dog: Lord Reiss gives up his mistress and watches her be murdered without a second thought.
    • Pet the Dog: However, he's unable to let them kill his daughter and spares her at the last moment.
  • Missing Mom/Disappeared Dad: After Historia tried to hug her, she left the ranch for several years. Historia only met her father when she was 10-years-old, when he tried to take his mistress and daughter to safety. However, he ended up abandoning one to die and forced the other to take an alias and go into hiding.
  • The Mistress: She is referred to as such at one point, though it remains unconfirmed whether or not she and Lord Reiss were really married. Prior to having Historia, she was a servant in his mansion and he callously throws her away when confronted by the Central Brigade.
  • Morality Pet: Historia is this to her father Lord Reiss, as he seems to genuinely care for her, at least on some level.
  • Mysterious Parent: Lord Reiss, the father Historia only met once when she was 10. He is hinted to be an important figure connected to the Wall Cult, and later revealed to be the true ruler.
  • Offing the Offspring: She wished she had killed her daughter, while Lord Reiss ultimately spares Historia and forces her to adopt a new identity and go into hiding.
  • Plot-Triggering Death: Her death forced Historia into hiding under a fake identity, resulting in her eventual enlistment in the Survey Corps and role as the second Living MacGuffin of the series.
  • Shadow Dictator: Reiss is the real ruler of mankind, though only a select few know him as anything more than a minor nobleman.
  • Slashed Throat: Historia's mother is killed this way.
  • That Thing is Not My Child!: Historia's mother hysterically denies her daughter, while trying to save her own life. Considering how much she hated Historia to begin with, it's likely she always felt that way.
  • Unnamed Parent: The mother is never given a name.
  • Walking Spoiler: Their existence provides hints of the greater conspiracy within the Walls.

Edward "Dimo" Reeves

Voiced By:

President of the Reeves Company, a merchant organization with many customers in Trost. First appeared blocking the exit of Trost with a massive supply of expensive items during the Titan attack, before Mikasa forced him to get out of the way. He became an ally of the Survey Corps and Garrison in their planned revolution.

  • Bald of Evil: He's a selfish man, willing to risk the lives of others for his merchandise.
  • The Bus Came Back: He reappears in Chapter 54, after being absent since the invasion of Trost.
    • Back for the Dead: Murdered by Captain Ackerman, not long after allying with the Survey Corps.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Seemingly just a minor one-shot Straw Civilian, until he shows back up some time later. He becomes a vital ally to the Survey Corps and helps them capture Djel Sanes.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Played straight, but later subverted by his change of heart. After Trost, he grew from a selfish and greedy businessman to the primary force keeping the Trost District alive.
  • Due to the Dead: Erwin praises his determination to help rebuild the devastated Trost District, and swears to avenge his murder.
  • A Father to His Men: He appears to truly care about the well-being of his employees and the people of Trost who rely on his company.
  • Graceful Loser: After Levi's Squad soundly foils his kidnapping attempt, he does not put up further resistance, even laughing at himself for being beat up by teenage Mikasa.
  • Jerkass: He was obstructing the evacuation of hundreds of civilians and angrily shouts down any attempt at rationality before Mikasa threatened to kill him. Despite wailing children nearby.
    • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Levi notes this - if he were truly callous, he would have cut all ties with the Trost district, which is a ghost town save for people unable to move out due to being ground zero for the breach, and operate somewhere that would actually profit him. But he continues providing jobs and worries what will happen to the city dwellers if the Military Police takes over his company.
  • La Résistance: His company has allied with the Survey Corps and Garrison against the Military Police and aristocracy.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: His actual name is Edward, but everyone knows him as "Dimo". It isn't clear if it's a nickname, alias, or a title.
  • Slashed Throat: Dispatched while his back is turned, in a fairly gruesome manner.
  • Smarter Than You Look: Seems to have this opinion of Levi.
  • Straw Civilian: Causes the evacuation of Trost to come to a stand-still, by trying to force his cart piled high with wares through a narrow passage. He criticizes the military openly, when Mikasa points out soldiers are dying to hold back the Titans until the evacuation is complete.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: Erwin notes that Reeves was so shaken by the devastation of the Trost District, that he had a change of heart and began to use his influence and resources to keep the ruined District alive. His efforts allowed the people of Trost to survive, after being abandoned by the government and military.
  • Underestimating Badassery: He underestimates Mikasa's fighting prowess and caves when she threatens to "remove" him. In his second appearance, he jokes that his men have no chance against the Survey Corps, and Mikasa alone could defeat all of them.

Flegel Reeves

The son of Dimo Reeves and heir to the Reeves Company. He's a spunky young man, and Dimo is doing his best to mold him into a proper successor.

  • Bring News Back: Flegel manages to make it back to Trost to inform Hange of the truth behind Dimo's murder.
  • Bystander Syndrome: After seeing what became of Dimo for siding with the Survey Corps, Flegel believes the best course of action is to go into hiding, and give up on the rebellion and justice.
  • Declaration of Protection: To the people of Trost.
  • The Drag-Along: Hange repeatedly tries to convince Flegel to cooperate with the Survey Corps, but eventually decides to just drag him along.
  • Engineered Public Confession: He lures the Military Police tasked with his assassination into a seemingly deserted neighborhood, before tricking them into revealing their role in the deaths of his father and his men, in full view of a large number of hidden citizens.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Presumptuously talking down to the World's Strongest Man... and then later voicing his disgust at Levi's cruel treatment of Historia.
  • Hidden Depths: He seems like little more than a bratty, goofy youth. But when push comes to shove, he turns out to truly be his father's son — revealing a strong conviction and courage to help others beneath his initial cowardice.
  • Hope Is Scary: Hange tries to convince him to help the Survey Corps, but Flegel is terrified that he will end up like his father.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He's quite presumptuous and needs to be kept in line by his father, but he has a good heart.
  • Just Between You and Me: Goads the military police into doing this for him in order to exact a confession from them.
  • Rousing Speech: To the people of Trost, declaring his intention to double-down on his father's protection of Trost.
  • Sole Survivor: His timely bladder saved him from otherwise certain death along with his father.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Though initially unwilling to stand up to the Military Police Brigade, he comes into his own as the new head of the Reeves company and declares his intention to follow in his father's footsteps by protecting the people of Trost from the government.
  • Youthful Freckles: Fitting his naïve personality.

Roy and Beaure

A pair of reporters that work for the Berg newspaper company, located in Stohess District. While responding to the street-battle between the Special Operations Squad and the Anti-Human Suppression Squad, they find themselves becoming entangled in the growing revolution.

  • Bystander Syndrome: Roy has long since embraced this attitude, understanding all too well the risk of doing more.
  • Going for the Big Scoop: Beaure wants to do this, but the older and more experienced Roy knows how the world works well enough to hold him back.
  • Government Conspiracy: Roy discusses it with his younger associate, pointing out how the government uses the newspapers for propaganda and has spies planted in every single company to control what information gets released.
  • Hope Is Scary: Roy firmly believes that even if they did report the truth, the government would simply prevent it from reaching the people and silence them.
  • I Will Punish Your Friend for Your Failure: Roy admits this is the reason he gave up on reporting the truth, since he knows the government will hurt his family and friends should he report anything but the official story.
  • Intrepid Reporter: Beaure is young and inexperienced, and shows eagerness to expose the Central Brigade's actions. In contrast, Roy has been around long enough that he realizes the futility of doing so and advises against it.
  • Propaganda Machine: Beaure is disheartened to learn that the newspapers are merely this, while Roy has long since accepted that this is the way things have to be.
    • Voice of the Resistance: Hange challenges them to be this, bringing them along to witness an Engineered Public Confession and encouraging them to print the truth for once. Their decision to do so clears the Survey Corps of all wrong-doing and exposes the misdeeds of the government to the people.

The Woman

A woman who shares a mysterious connection with Eren. She befriended a young Historia, but used her powers to erase the girl's memory. Even so, Historia based her "Krista Lenz" persona on the woman. Eren experiences a strange vision, looking through the woman's eyes at herself in a mirror.

  • Compelling Voice: Her powers appear to be tied to spoken commands.
  • Girl of My Dreams: A non-romantic example. Our first glimpse of her is when Eren has a vision, seeing her brushing her hair at her dresser.
  • Headbutt of Love: Shares one with Historia prior to erasing her memory.
  • Jedi Mind Trick: She commands Historia to forget about her, instantly erasing the girl's memory. It's clear she's done this repeatedly, though some echo of the woman remains in Historia's subconscious.
  • Living MacGuffin: Like Eren, she possessed the power of the Coordinate. She regularly erased Historia's memories of their time together.
  • Mysterious Waif: Oh, so mysterious. Next to nothing is known about this beautiful, delicate woman other than the fact she is very important.
  • Mystical Waif: She possesses the same Coordinate ability as Eren, but she can use it on normal humans.
  • No Name Given: Her identity and name remain a mystery.
  • Only Friend: To a young Historia Reiss.
  • Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: Dark-haired, and obviously a lovely young woman. Eren initially thinks that she resembles Historia.

King Fritz

The current monarch of the Fritz dynasty, an ancient royal family left over from the previous era. He is the ruler of humanity, and noted for his continued support of the Survey Corps even when popular opinion turned against them. However, he is merely a symbolic figure with little actual authority and a servant of House Reiss, the true rulers within the Walls.

  • The Alcoholic: Implied, as our first glimpse of him has a strong focus on the whiskey bottle beside him.
  • Beard of Sorrow: Our only glimpses of him is of a haggard, melancholy looking man with a beard.
  • Cleopatra Nose: Yet another character with a prominent, downturned nose.
  • Fake King: The Reiss family is the true royal family. This guy is just a figurehead.
  • No Name Given: He is identified only as a member of the Fritz family.
  • Perpetual Frowner: From what we see of him, it looks like he's gotten used to frowning.
  • Puppet King: He is merely a figurehead, while House Reiss rules from the shadows.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Viewed as such by the Survey Corps, due to his continued support of them against strong opposition from the nobility and even the general public. The Wall Cult is noted to have acted to obstruct access to the King, working against the military in their efforts to bolster defense and make headway in learning about the Titans. After the disastrous 57th Expedition, it is noted that even the King could not protect them from the wrath of the nobility and common citizens. Even so, when the Titan Shifters reveal themselves and kidnap Eren, he responds by ordering the Garrison and Military Police Brigade to assist in his rescue — forcing his personal guard out of the Interior and onto the front lines. However, the trope is Subverted when it is revealed he is merely a Puppet King for the true powers ruling over humanity, with his apparently reasonable acts part of a much larger conspiracy.
  • Upper-Class Twit: While a very serious and heated discussion is going on concerning the fate of the Survey Corps and humanity itself, he's.....napping. His handlers have to yell at him to wake up, and his immediate response is to wonder if its lunchtime yet.

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