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"But don't worry! I'm not going to kill you - oh, no! I mean, I was going to, but then I had a really good idea! See, I'm thinking I'll just core your stupid brain and make you my zombie slave - hee hee! You're going to be so in love with me... you will soooo regret choosing her over me!"
Zola 'Heterodyne' la Sirene D'oree, Girl Genius

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  • 95-tan of the OS-tans, a 2chan meme who are Moe Anthropomorphisms of operating systems. Normally quiet and shy, when she sees Mac-tan, she brandishes a katana and tries to kill her.
  • Ava's Demon has Maggie Lacivi, she appears to just be Ax-Crazy at first, but later parts reveal that she wants to be in love with someone and someone to reciprocate these feelings, and is completely up to use her pact with Tuls to achieve it.
  • In the Selkie arc of Bad Machinery, Sasha gets so mad at Mildred over a boy they've got caught up in a love triangle over, she attempts to drown Mildred Later on we listen to said boy talk about how Sasha was always there for him when he hung out with friends as a kid. Friends who mysteriously drowned after he spent a decent amount of time with them.
  • While Liu Ruyan of Cheating Men Must Die comes off as a regular scheming foe for most of the first arc, her true colours are revealed when she finally loses the emperor's favour and is deposed. He visits her one last time in the cold palace, and rather than be abandoned by him, she drugs his tea and stabs them both with the hairpin he gifted her, happily claiming that she can never leave him and they can now be together forever.
    Liu Ruyan: Your Majesty, I love you. No one will ever love you like I do… I cannot be separated from you…

    Liu Ruyan: Are you happy? We will be together forever… Forever…
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  • April from College Roomies from Hell!!! starts out as the conscience of the cast, but her sanity unravels as she is unable to articulate a crush on a friend. The joke is ultimately on her: Her rival in love, Marsha, is twice as madly possessive as she is, and handy with a knife.
  • Both Becca and Zoe from Fletcher Apts fall under this trope. At one point they have a vicious Cat Fight over Bill and it has to get broken up by Cool Big Sis Lori.
  • Girl Genius:
    • Snaug has shown definite Yandere tendencies toward Moloch, who seems oblivious to the subtle threat in her affections. Notable examples include This and This. Whether or not he ever catches on (or she catches him) remains to be seen.
    • Tweedle claims no romantic interest, rather ones involving politics and allies, but he's so intent on playing out his personal script with Agatha as his 'princess', that he effectively enslaved Agatha by chemically changing her and himself so he has to touch her ever so often for her to remain healthy. When Gil shows up looking for Agatha, Tweedle almost goes off his rocker trying to kill 'Evil' Baron, Jr.
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    • Also Tarvek's cousin (Tweedle's sister) "Seffie". She claims she's just interested in Gil purely for political reasons, but her behavior around him, including a tendency to look through his personal mail for love letters and to smash furniture when her main rival for his affections gets mentioned, suggests the situation is not so cut and dried.
  • Zimmy from Gunnerkrigg Court does this to her only real friend Gamma, to the point she "translates" other people's words (Gamma doesn't speak English) to make Gamma think everyone else hates her. Nicely embodied in this quote:
    Zimmy: I love her! I'd kill everyone in the world and then myself if she wanted it!
    Kat: That's pretty sweet. Except for the part where you kill everyone.
  • Head Over Heels focuses on a girl who falls in love with a guy that bullies her. She loves it when he hurts and humiliates her and has her room decorated with his pictures. She declares that he is hers and that they will be together forever.
  • Homestuck:
    • Orphaner Dualscar, Eridan's Famous Ancestor, He had redrom feelings for Mindfang despite their long-standing blackrom relationship. So when Mindfang started to show signs of redrom with a slave girl, actually the Dolorosa, the Signless'/Sufferer's mother/lusus, Dualscar got jealous and had the slave girl killed. Mindfang wasn't even red for her, she was just using her to make Dualscar jealous in the first place. Then again, for Alternian society, this was probably considered normal. One could even make a case for Eridan himself being this - he really didn't handle being rejected by Feferi well...
    • Mindfang's descendant Vriska was one for Tavros Nitram — alternating between redrom and blackrom for him, constantly attempting to be the most important person in his life, manipulating him constantly, paralyzing him via mindcontrol, keeping his sawed-off legs as a Creepy Souvenir, and finally killing him with his own lance through the heart.
    • Then there's that fact that sober Gamzee ends up cutting off Tavros' head, whom he had unrequited flushed feelings for, and keeping it around. His lips are covered in brown blood, and it's never specified whether he kissed Tavros before or after having decapitated him. Whether or not this counts as Yandere-ness is debatable, though, especially considering that Vriska was the one that killed Tavros in the first place.
    • Taken to its extreme by Damara, an explicit character of this archetype who follows a lot of other Japanese Media Tropes as well. Her romantic jealousy of Rufioh is so extreme that Meenah exploited it to make her snap, but apparently it caused her to have a Freak Out leading to her becoming an extremely horrible, crude person obsessed with random acts of revenge. (It should be noted, however, that she lacks the "sweet outside" portion of the trope, save for her brief conversations with Dave and Rose—around her fellow trolls, she makes no attempts to hide her psychotic demeanor.)
  • I Dont Want This Kind Of Hero: Knife has two notable ones. There's Morae Baek, who basically formed Knife in order to win over Raptor, who had stopped him from killing himself. He ends up not only stalking her for years, he also murders her friends and almost kills her brother, and has attempted to kill her boyfriend several times. There's also Lady, who develops a crush on Naga after he saves her. It's implied her own murderous habits were influenced by Morae.
  • Yuta from Kubera is a male example, towards the heroine Leez. It's not entirely clear how much of it is due to his feelings for her and how much of it is due to his instinctual desire to eat her, though.
  • Cecilia van Peck from Nukees, who after being spurned by Suzy Gee, King Luca, and Gav, single-handedly brings a movement to ban atheists from marrying to majority support.
  • In My Deepest Secret, Emma's boyfriend, Elios, is revealed to be an incredibly protective one in the first episode. So far, he has killed a cat for peeing on her shoes, beaten and almost killed her senior who tried to rape her, and killed the professor who made creepy advances on her while making it look like a suicide. Time will tell what else he does for her sake.
  • From the Nuzlocke Fan Comics, we have May as one in Hale's Emerald.
  • Eri-chan in Okashina Okashi. Ironically, she pretends to be Tsundere (rather unconvincingly), in furtherance of a typical Yandere obsession.
  • The Sleeper of N'kai in Ow, my sanity is a Yandere for David. Dealing with a human Yandere is bad enough. It's even worse when the Yandere is an Eldritch Abomination who can turn people into frogs. Complicated even further by David's pact with another Eldritch Abomination that has just enough of a grasp of human emotions to start acting like a Clingy Jealous Girl.
  • Ksendra of The Phoenix Requiem is rather obsessed about her husband. She has the peculiarity of already being dead.
  • As the first panel shows, Regina of DMFA seems to have been one in the backstory, though only a few vague hints regarding the context of that panel have shown up so far.
  • Curio from Templar Arizona, under her cute and bubbly exterior, turns crazy and weird not even over a love interest, but over friendship interests.
  • Tsunami Channel's "Experimental Comic Kotone": A trio of females is a bit too convincing at cosplaying as Kaede Fuyo, Rena Ryugu, and Kotonoha Katsura, all of whom have already been mentioned on the other Yandere pages (and one of whom had her picture at the top for the longest time). Now that's a scary encounter...
  • Winter Moon: Landor began to show signs of this thanks to Risa being the first girl to treat him nicely. He's shown signs of possessiveness and tries to ask Risa not to talk to any other guys, and after she mentions Winter Moon he just asks her to leave the guild and "that toxic Florence". He's finally confirmed as one when after Rise rejects him, he stalks her in real life and leaks her public information online, leading to her life becoming even more of a mess than it already was.
  • Sadoko in YU+ME: dream , as we learn late into the series. When she first appears, she's a somewhat suspicious, yet innocent appearing girl. Not soon after the Wham Episode, her true nature is revealed.
  • Viv the electronic poltergeist-tsukumogami hybrid from White Dark Life is madly in love with Ne Mokary. And we do mean madly — pretty much every time she shows up, she makes at least one death threat against Miriam Calibur (another girl with a crush on Ne), and if Miriam is actually present, Viv is likely to try to kill her. Despite the fact that Miriam is completely fine with Viv and Ne being together (they're both prankstrers, so Miriam believes Viv to be a better match for Ne than herself). Which Miriam has pointed out to Viv. More than once. It took Viv driving herself to exhaustion trying to kill Miriam for Viv to finally listen.
  • Wilde Life
    • Raven has definitely turned into one of these. Buying alcohol for troubled teens is generally frowned upon, but escalating to forcible touching and breaking into his bedroom at night to tell him all about the thing scratching at the inside of your eyeballs that'll leave you alone if you can be close to him is definitely seen as getting outside anyone's comfort zone.


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