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You're the reason I have to keep my shades drawn!
  • Adventure Time: The Ice King to nearly every princess on the show, usually capturing her with the intent to marry her.
  • Aladdin: The Series:
    • Sadira is a "street rat" like Aladdin was, and falls for Aladdin the way he did for Jasmine. Since Aladdin is already in love with Jasmine, he refuses Sadira's romantic advances. Then she stumbles onto an ancient library of forgotten magic, and the end result is increasingly dangerous plots to get rid of Jasmine and take Aladdin for herself, including rewriting reality at one point and altering his mind. Eventually she gets over her crush and befriends the gang, but almost has a brief relapse when she believes that they don't trust her.
    • Jasmine, as a Criminal Amnesiac, becomes this in "Forget Me Lots". She only returns to normalitynote  when Aladdin remembers their anniversary.
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  • In the The Amazing World of Gumball episode, The Girlfriend, Jamie becomes this for both the titular character, Gumball and his adoptive brother, Darwin. She goes especially yandere for Gumball during the end, before realizing that her attempts to make Gumball love her wasn't exactly the best idea.
  • American Dad!:
    • Francine Smith has shown these tendencies towards her entire family, but most of the time it is directed toward her son Steve. The whole thing gets taken to an especially creepy length in the episode "Iced Iced Babies".
      Francine: You can stay right here. With mommy. Forever.
    • When Hayley Smith gets dumped, she burns down forests.
    • Stan gets this way when someone starts dating his mother.
      Stan: Francine, I can explain. SHE'S MY MOMMY.
    • Roger became one towards Hayley in "Love A.D Style" after he becomes infatuated with Hayley's singing voice. He goes as far as abducting her and handcuffing her to a bed. He even threatened to skin her so that he can feel close to her. He ends up skinning Jeff in a misguided attempt to do so (Hayley and Jeff luckily survived and have seemed to forget about all that in later episodes).
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  • A oneshot villain from Archer, Lucas Troy. He was a close friend of Archer and developed feelings for him. However, he insists that he's not gay, despite his desire to be with Archer. When Lana and Cyril go into the mountains to save Archer, Lucas drugs Archer and ties him up while he tries to kill Lana and Cyril. It doesn't go well. While he's dying under a tree, he makes a Death Bed Confession, revealing that he took advantage of an unconscious Archer on a mission years ago.
  • Amora the Enchantress in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! is this to Thor. She takes out her anger from being rejected by him in battle with Thor and his allies frequently. This follows along with her comic book character.
  • Batman: The Animated Series:
    • "Mad Love" had Harley Quinn getting closer than anyone else to killing Batman because The Joker was spending all his time obsessing over him instead of her.
    • Firefly in "Torch Song." He had a shrine to the singer Cassidy in his apartment.
    • The Mad Hatter, for Alice. He put her boyfriend under mind control and made him break up with her. In the later episode "Trial", Batman's lawyer suggests that Tetch should have just left her alone.
      Hatter: I'd have killed her first! Oop! I'd like that last statement stricken from the record, please.
  • "Cynthia", the Robot Girl from the Batman Beyond episode "Terry's Friend Dates a Robot". She tries to push over lockers on a "rival", and the "just be friends" talk makes her rather volatile.
  • Somewhat Elena Validus turned into this to Ben in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode "Revenge of the Swarm".
  • In Ben 10: Omniverse, Princess Looma comes off as one of these thanks to being raised in a Proud Warrior Race Guy society. Her attempts to make Kevin honor their engagement are extremely violent and destructive. This quote says it all:
    "I will fight for your love, even if I have to break every bone in your body!"
  • Magpie of Beware the Batman became this due to being Wrong Genre Savvy from Batman showing her kindness and visiting her in prison. She thought it was an example of Dating Catwoman.
  • In one episode of The Boondocks Granddad meets an incredibly hot woman over the internet. We later learn that she's also a martial arts master Raised by Wolves, has a very bad history with previous boyfriends (whom she killed) and has a friend who gives her terrible advice. The episode ends with the Freemans managing to calm her down after which, her friend drives her to kill herself, to the relief of the other characters.
  • Panini on Chowder is obsessed with the title character, to the point where it's scary at times.
    "I just wanted to pass laws to make you my property!"
  • Lizzie from Codename: Kids Next Door is Nigel's clingy jealous girlfriend, who can go from sweet and cutesy into an Unstoppable Rage in seconds when things don't go her way. Oddly enough, she's the one who breaks up with Nigel.
  • Darkwing Duck: In "Star-Crossed Circuits", D-2000 falls in love with Darkwing, and she refuses to take no for an answer. Once she understands her "love" doesn't reciprocate, she launches into If I Can't Have You... territory.
  • In one rather disturbing Disney example, Daisy Duck becomes one in Donald's Dilemma (1947). An accident causes Donald Duck to forget his own past and his relationship with Daisy, while improving his voice and allowing him to have a successful career as a singer. A distraught Daisy at first becomes suicidal and engages in self-destructive behavior, but later uses violence in order to reclaim Donald as her own. This was notably the only Disney classic short were Daisy was the protagonist, while Donald was a mere supporting character. The misleading title fails to indicate that it is actually Daisy's dilemma, on whether Donald should belong to the world or to her alone.
  • Danny Phantom: What else do you call a guy who has been pining for a woman for 20+ years and plots to kill her husband in order to claim both the woman and her children as his own? Vlad Masters even owns a Maddie Fenton hologram to compliment him on his work, to tell him that she serves him and to say that Jack Fenton is a fool. He even sleeps with a Maddie doll.
  • Soren the new cadet from Duck Dodgers is so crazy, she goes to the point of trying to kill Porky to get close to Dodgers.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy has the Kanker Sisters towards the titular trio (May, Marie, Lee respectively), as they have been stalking them for awhile now, want to marry the Eds, are quite possessive towards them and constantly force themselves on them. The "dere" part comes in whenever they act flirty and sweet towards the Eds moments before physically and sexually (at least a G-rated version of it) assaulting them.
  • The Fairly Oddparents:
    • Leading off, Princess Mandie (pronounced Man-DIE...which is very fitting). "Nobody leaves me at the altar! NOBODY!"
    • And there's "Just The Two Of Us", where Trixie goes batshit insane on Timmy because he wished that they were the only two people on Earth, and being the Attention Whore she is, can't handle not being worshiped by a huge number of boys, Timmy not being able to keep up with her demands.
    • Or "Super Bike", an animated bike, towards Timmy. After being wished up, he spends the entire episode keeping Timmy away from everyone he cares about and using his Hypnotic Eyes on him. When Timmy breaks free, he pulls If I Can't Have You...
  • Family Guy:
    • Quagmire marries one (Joan) in the episode "I Take Thee Quagmire" and Peter convinces him to get a divorce using champagne and Lois's breasts, and when he tries to broach the subject she threatens to cut herself with a kitchen knife and then cut him.
      "I love you, Glen..." (Slasher Smile)
      "And I love you too, Crazy Woman I'm Having Second Thoughts About!"
    • Meg shows instances of this toward Brian in "Barely Legal", Joe in "The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair" and a gay boy she likes in "Friends Without Benefits".
    • Stewie has also shown to be quite the Yandere towards whoever he may express an attraction to or fall in love with, male or female.
    • Quagmire attracts another one in the form of Sonja who drugs him to guarantee sex with him and simultaneously beats him up while expressing forceful affection to him. She also kidnaps him in an attempt to make him her boytoy and when Peter and the gang try to stop her she attempts to shoot them.
    • When Lois sends Peter's ex girlfriend Gretchen an old love letter from Peter this ignites her romantic passion towards Peter and when she learns of Lois she attempts to shoot her dead.
    • When Meg starts working at an airport she's better looking than the other woman and this makes them jealous especially when one of the female workers believes her crush to have a thing for Meg. So she engages her in a brutal battle.
    • Herbert (the Pervert) also comes off as this towards Chris.
  • Yo towards Chum Chum in Fanboy and Chum Chum. She's obsessed with taking him home, dressing him up in a sailor outfit, and putting him on her toy shelf. She even trapped him in a giant virtual pet case at one point. Also a Genki Girl.
  • Berry from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends acts sweet and kind, but is homicidally jealous of anyone who she sees as a threat to her relationship with Bloo, which is even more imaginary than she is.
  • Futurama:
    • The Planet Express Ship. She tries to kill herself and the rest of the crew after Bender breaks up with her.
    • Bender himself towards Fry, albeit platonically. When Fry discovers his old dog Seymour's corpse fossilized in a museum, Bender becomes increasingly jealous until, when Fry announces he's going to clone Seymour, Bender grabs the fossil and throws it into a live volcano (in a near-literal Kick the Dog), screaming that he's never, ever going to let himself be replaced as Fry's best friend if he can help it.
      Bender: (joyfully embracing Fry through Evil Laughter) Now I'm all you got!
  • Generator Rex:
    • Breach towards the titular Generator Rex...sort of. While she does have an unhealthy obsession with him (kidnapping him to make him her boytoy, and refusing to let him go even when her life was in danger because of him) it's never been confirmed that she likes him romantically. (If we take her literally, she just thought Rex would be a great action figure.) There's enough evidence for fans to run with, though.
    • For a definite example, there's that Creepy Child minion of Breach's. She's never named, but she's absolutely obsessed with making Breach happy and tries to kill Rex when she realizes Breach likes Rex more.
  • Gravity Falls:
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy:
    • Nergal Jr. desperately wants friends but if someone refuses to be his friend, he freezes them and takes their form.
    • Irwin can be this to Mandy, despite the fact that advancing upon Mandy, who may very well be the Anti-Christ who has the Grim Reaper to command, is insanely dangerous.
    • Puddin's rabbit from "Wishbones". Puddin wants a bunny for a pet that will love him. The bunny asks him if he has ever heard of the phrase "tough love." The bunny than attacks Puddin and the two battle. At the end of the fight the bunny says that he forgives Puddin because he loves him to death...
  • Grossology : Kid Rot or "Chester" is this for Abby, at first his feelings for her seem innocent and good natured but that's before the parasite that gives him his "rotting touch" corrupted his mind. After that point his love for Abby turned into a psychotic infatuation for her (who ultimately hates him, at least his prevalent Kid Rot persona), and will stop at nothing to win her heart, even going as far as to rot the entire world.
  • In an episode of Disney's Hercules: The Animated Series, Hercules gets an idea when he learns about Pygmalion and tries to make his own dream girl out of clay. Unfortunately, being a hormonal teenager, all the personality he can think to give her is "crazy about me". Aphrodite, who Hercules has called to assist in this endeavor, snarks on the poorly-thought-out idea, but brings her to life anyway. Naturally, after he gets tired of her Clingy Jealous Girl tendencies, as well the girl attacking anyone who makes fun of him, she changes to full Yandere during a break up. By the end of the episode, Aphrodite gives her a real personality... one that just doesn't care much for him at all.
  • Hey Arnold!
    • At the end of Arnold's Nightmare Sequence we see Arnie go stark raving mad when he thinks Arnold was trying to steal his girl, Lulu.
    • Helga is a mixture of this and Tsundere. She varies between hating and loving Arnold and is obsessed with him to the point of stealing his favorite hat for her Stalker Shrine made of his bubblegum. She also tends to write poetry about him and swoon over a picture of him in private and has made other shrines of him which she would dance around as if she were worshiping him like he was a God. She shows a slightly unstable side with the lengths she was willing to go to as a way to prevent her parrot (who had heard her say a love poem for Arnold revealing her feelings for him) from repeating the poem to Arnold who had taken it as his pet. She also shows jealousy towards girls Arnold is interested in, like Ruth and Lila, and would occasionally try to sabotage Arnold's relationship/dates with them. She even threatened to strangle Lila if she ever told anyone that Helga liked Arnold because she wasn't ready to tell him yet. She also disguised herself as Arnold's foreign pen-pal in order to go on a date with him.
    • Lila becomes this towards Arnold in an episode depicting the future when she is shown pining over him to a desperate degree after he and Helga are married. She even went as far as kidnapping Arnold so that he would finally love her. It's worth noting that this is Helga's dream specifically, meaning that this is how she thinks things will work out for them.
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Frollo is a strange one. It's certainly not love, for obvious reasons. It's also not just the desire for sex, because then any woman would suffice. It's more like an unhealthy obsession. Which, of course, fits the definition of Yandere to a tee. Now throw in a ridiculously rigid version of catholic sexual moral, and you get one of the greatest Disney villains of all time.
    "Destroy Esmeralda, and let her taste the fires of Hell! Or else let her be mine and mine alone..."
  • Whitney Stane from Iron Man: Armored Adventures. Her feelings for Tony appear to be yandere, becoming violent if there is a possible threat to Tony's life, even going so far as to try to kill her own father as she believed he was trying to harm Tony.
  • Heloise on Jimmy Two-Shoes. Among the things she's done when Jimmy hasn't noticed her is doing a "Freaky Friday" Flip on Beezy and Cerbee and fusing Jimmy and Beezy together. There's also "Best Bud Battle", where Heloise chains Jimmy up to keep him from leaving her and locks him in a tiny cage.
  • Kaeloo: The Alpha Bitch Pretty is one towards Mr. Cat. She even takes it to the extent of knocking him out so she can give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
  • The Legend of Korra: Korra's cousin Eska is extremely possessive (evenly violently so) of her boyfriend/slave Bolin. When he breaks up with her, she gives chase - over the open sea, using waterbending - wearing the most terrifying Nightmare Face ever seen on the show, complete with tearful mascara streaks.
  • In one Looney Tunes cartoon, Daffy Duck must exorcise a possessed heiress, though there is open room for interpretation that she was actually one of these.
  • The Looney Tunes Show:
    • Lola Bunny becomes this for Bugs Bunny. Her song "We Are In Love" sums it up nicely. Basically she stalks Bugs, scares his neighbors with her constant presence in the neighborhood, bypasses the security systems of his house during a home invasion (she has the access codes), and moves in with him without his permission. When Bugs threatens her with a restraining order, she casually remarks that restraining orders are difficult to enforce. Implying that this is not the first time that she stalks someone.
    • In one episode, Lola offers to help Daffy practice his declaration of love for his new love interest. She develops feelings for Daffy and starts stalking him instead of Bugs. With behavior such as entering his bedroom through the window at night. Meanwhile, Lola hypocritically offers Daffy advice on how to avoid stalkers.
  • The Problem Solverz: Katrina Rad is obsessed with Roba and stalks him in "Magic Clock". She then steals a time-freezing clock so the two of them can be together for eternity and tries to marry him against his will. When Roba refuses to kiss her at their wedding, she threatens to rip a hole in the fabric of the space-time continuum.
  • The eponymous character of Pucca. She's smitten over Garu, but since he thinks Girls Have Cooties, he's not having any of it. Ever. Except this one time... when Garu is told to get Pucca to her birthday party while she cries a waterfall, and he sucks it up for a couple seconds to blow her a kiss to get her spirits up.
  • An episode of Regular Show has Starla, Muscle Man's old girlfriend. She falls in love with Mordecai, and he starts dating her just so he can get her and Muscle Man back together. But when Mordecai can't take it anymore and breaks up with her... well...
  • Rick and Morty: Downplayed. Morty doesn’t do anything creepy to Jessica or treats her as a possession. However, whenever he finds a scenario where he might end up with her, he goes to pretty sociopathic lengths to achieve it. He gave her a love potion because he couldn’t handle that she was dating Brad, which ended up mutating her and causing Rick to label him as a creep for trying to roofie her. Likewise, one of Morty’s Mindblowers shows that he’s violently protective of her, as he was willing to torture an alien for releasing a worldwide virus that nearly killed Jessica. He’s also willing to sell Rick, his own grandfather, for some trim as he ignored Summer’s concerns about Tiny Rick overwhelming Rick’s mind because he helped him get close to Jessica. Furthermore, upon gaining a death crystal that let him see a future where Jessica comforted him in his old age, Morty committed several atrocities to ensure it happens, up to avoiding resurrecting Rick and killing many cops and military man while acting like an AKIRA.
  • In a Robot Chicken sketch, Lisa the on-board GPS cares a little too much where her driver is going.
  • In one episode of Sabrina: The Animated Series, Sabrina becomes one for her piano teacher and casts spells on his girlfriend to sabotage her.
  • The Simpsons: One-shot character Julia was one of these towards Homer in the episode "Homer of Seville". Homer Simpson has become a famous opera singer and Julia is a stalker fan of his. After her repeated attempts to seduce Homer fail, she tries to kill Homer.
  • Wendy, Stan's love interest/girlfriend in early seasons of South Park. She went so far as to have a substitute teacher (Ms. Ellen) (later revealed to be lesbian) arrested on false charges, framed for murdering thousands in the Middle East, and locked inside a rocket launched directly at the sun, for the crime of having been the object of a brief crush from Stan.
    Simple rule to follow: "Don't. Fuck. With. Wendy. Testaburger"
  • Spider-Man:
    • Venom in TAS. As in the comics, the symbiote bonds with Spider-Man, but is detached when Spider-Man gets more violent and about to kill Shocker and Rhino. Eventually the Symbiote bonds with Eddie Brock that tries to kill him because he "refused a great power" and when Carnage is about to kill Spider-Man, Venom stops him, saying that Spider-Man is his and his alone, meaning that while Brock hates Spider-Man, the Symbiote still loves Peter.
      "STOP! Spider-man is OURS! and OURS ALONE" ''
    • In the CG Spider-Man: The New Animated Series Loony Fan Christina is this to Spidey lampshaded in one interaction aka hostage situation with MJ.
      Mary Jane Watson: You're Insane!
      Christina: Insanely jealous.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The episodes Valentine's Day and Nature Pants depict Patrick as having these tendencies towards Spongebob.
    "You're gonna look good on my mantle!"
  • On Squidbillies Early Cuyler for his ex-wife Krystal
    "I love you (waves knife around) Imma kill you bitch."
  • During one episode of Teen Titans, Starfire shows a few Yandere tendencies when Kitten blackmails Robin into going to her high school prom with her. At one point, she crushes the front end of a car with a single punch. She stops once the forced date plotline is resolved. Of course, there's the part where she nearly rips Kittan apart on the buffet table like an alien Jaws abomination.
  • Total Drama:
    • World Tour introduces Sierra, an in-universe ascended fan who has an enormous crush on Cody and spends the entire season invading his personal space, going through his belongings, and violently fending off anyone she views as a threat. Cody is repulsed by her behavior but is also touched that she cares so much about him. In "Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles", he offers to be her friend on the condition that she start treating him like a person instead of a toy, and she happily accepts.
    • Pahkitew Island has Dave. Early on, he falls for Sky and while the two had a mutual thing for each other, Sky focus more on winning. Dave slowly become crazy over time, especially when Sky at one point (who was transferred to the other team) hurts him during the challenge, Things become so bad that Dave chose to eliminate himself in the next episode after believing that he has no chance with her. When Dave comes back to the finale as Sky's helper, Sky kisses him and Dave sees this as the start of their relationship. However, he later found out from Sky's audition tape that Sky had a boyfriend the entire time (who she dumped before joining the season). This is the last straw for Dave and he outright tries to murder Sky for betraying him when he is given the chance to hinder them.
    • Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race has Emma, who seems perfectly levelheaded but has a bad case of Love Makes You Crazy (which is why her previous boyfriend left her). She begins planning a wedding immediately after getting together with Noah and later attempts to take a lock of his hair as a keepsake. Oddly enough, Noah isn't the least bit creeped out and is fine with the idea of being a stay-at-home husband while Emma pursues a career in law.
  • In the episode of Wander over Yonder, "The Lonely Planet", Janet is this to Wander. It gets more than a bit creepy, complete with an attempt to imprison her target in a Stalker Shrine, which is what finally tips off the ever naive Wander. Naturally, Sylvia winds up being on the receiving end of some violent antics as a result.
  • We Bare Bears:
    • In "Panda's Friend", Panda meets Tom, who is essentially a human version of him, and they become very good friends after noticing how similar they are. The next morning, Panda wakes up in a replica of his room in Tom's apartment, and is forcefully stopped from leaving.
    • Dave from "The Island" is so in love with Karla that he's willing to kill bear cubs to have her all to himself.
  • Cyclops was this to Jean Grey on Wolverine and the X-Men due to the unhealthy nature of their relationship. And Jean is this in turn to him somewhat in the finale.


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