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  • Accidental Innuendo: "It was just bad luck that some insane guy from overseas entered SHIKI."
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Kohaku probably lends herself to this more than any other character. How much control does she have over SHIKI/Roa's actions? Is she drugging everybody, and how often? Does her backstory excuse her actions? It's made worse by the fact that the answer to any of these questions, and more, could be answered quite differently depending on the route. Makihisa Tohno also lends himself to this, though it's mostly along the lines of whether he's truly a monster or something less, due to much of his villainy being in response to factors beyond his control.
  • Anticlimax Boss: Roa/SHIKI. The game made you think that he is a truly Badass enemy that even Arcueid knows isn't an easy opponent or made Akiha increase her powers in order to destroy him. When we have the Shiki vs. Big Bad fight, what happens? Shiki kills him with very little effort.
    • Justified in Hisui's route since SHIKI was undergoing a Villainous Breakdown from killing his blood sister Akiha and had been severely weakened in his earlier fight with her. After the death of his only close relative by his own hands, its possible that at that point SHIKI was hoping to die.
  • Awesome Music: Say what you like about it not existing, but the one thing the Shingetsutan Tsukihime anime got absolutely PERFECT was Toshiyuki Omori's opening theme, 'The Sacred Moon'. One of the most outright beautiful anime openings ever made.
    • 'Justice' (the song playing in the background during the Shiki/SHIKI fight in the anime) is not half-bad either.
  • Broken Base: A bunch of the new character designs for the remake have caused a heavy stir among the fandom. The two biggest examples are Arcueid's and Ciel's.
    • Some like Arcueid's because her new appearance and modernized outfit reflects her childishly playful personality and that her old outfit needed a modernized update. Others on the other hand are not pleased with the changes, citing that Arcueid's new design makes her look like another typical Saberface that the Type-Moon fandom has grown sick of at this point and that it's a huge cry away from her original and unique character design from the original game. Apart from that, these same fans also absolutely hate the fact that Arc's wearing a mini-skirt instead of her signature long purple skirt in her redesign, saying that the "granny skirt" reflected how out of touch she was with the modern era's time and how the mini skirt completely ruins her looks. Regardless of which side you're on, the discussions about it will be bloody.
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    • Meanwhile, Ciel's also receives backlash for the changes to her hairstyle also making her come off as far more generic and looking too much like Mash Kyrielight, while others find it cuter and that it sells the Nice Girl aspects of her fake school persona better.
  • Complete Monster: Michael Roa Valdamjong in the manga, was once a pure priest who fell in love with the True Ancestor Arcueid Brunestud. Growing to despise her for stealing his "purity", Roa became a parasitic vampire who stole the lives of others, possessing them to take new incarnations, going on vicious murder sprees to steal countless lives in hopes of drawing Arcueid to him to possess or torment her. In his 17th incarnation, Roa possessed a girl named Elesia and used her to rape and murder the people of her village. In the present, Roa incarnates in SHIKI Tohno, intending on killing even more people before going after Arcueid again, disdaining her for being "sullied" from the pure vision he once knew.
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  • Crack Pairing: Some side stories and doujinshi suggest Nero/Kohaku make a good couple. His Melty Blood Victory Quote against her hints that Kohaku is so tragic a figure his beasts instinctively refuse to eat her.
  • Crazy Awesome: When Shiki snaps, he snaps awesomely, and in ways that put Ryoma Nagare to shame.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Nrvnqsr "Nero" Chaos and Satsuki "Sacchin" Yumizuka seem to be well liked, with the former due to his badassness and the later for her cuteness and unfortunate fate both in-game and metawise.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: The anime adaptation is given this treatment in spades simply because of how poorly of an adaptation it is, to the point of the below mentioned Memetic Mutation.
  • Harsher in Hindsight
    • Once you go through Hisui's route and learn the truth about Kohaku, everything involving her becomes very, very cringe inducing.
    • Also, during the climax of Akiha's route, fearing that she will invert, she asks Shiki to give her a Mercy Kill if she ever inverts. Shiki refuses to do it and the ending of her route depends if he goes through with it or not. It becomes harsher once you read the manga and realize that little SHIKI asked Shiki to do the same thing and the Foregone Conclusion of it makes it harder to watch.
    • Once you read the manga, Drinking Dreaming Moon becomes this too.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The anime's soundtrack is arranged by Toshiyuki Omori, who also arranged Neon Genesis Evangelion's cover of "Fly Me to the Moon", which in the context of that anime, centers around an Eldritch Abomination associated with the moon.
  • It Was His Sled: Most newcomers to the series know all of the spoilers that are supposed to be surprising twists, because of the amount of side-stories and sequels written for the game.
    • That Shiki is really the adopted son of the Tohno family.
    • That SHIKI exists.
    • That Kohaku and Hisui switched roles and Kohaku is actually a Stepford Smiler.
  • Magnificent Bitch: Kohaku once offered to allow Makihisa Tohno to rape her in order to spare her sister Hisui from the same fate. Seeking a purpose in revenge on the Tohno family, Kohaku manipulates Makihisa's death and guides Makihisa's daughter Akiha into being her pawn, likewise manipulating Makihisa's adopted son Shiki by revealing incomplete points of information and revealing other pertinent details at the opportune time. Guiding Akiha into embracing her dark side in her own route, Kohaku tricks Shiki multiple times and steadily guides the destruction of the Tohno family, only relenting due to her own love of Shiki while remaining the finest manipulator in all Tsukihime.
  • Memetic Mutation: Many. It comes with the territory.
    • Isn't it sad Sacchin? note 
    • A cat is fine too note 
    • One day we'll get a Tsukihime anime. note 
  • Moe:
    • When she isn't ripping people apart with maniacal glee, Arcueid is frankly the sweetest and cutest "girl next door" you'd ever have the good fortune of meeting.
    • Akiha also fits this trope like a glove.
    • Satsuki is such a woobie you can't help but want to hug her.
    • Hisui has her moments, such as when she ends up wearing a sweater.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Makihisa Tohno seems to embody this in just about everything he does, despite being a Posthumous Character.
    • Also from the manga, we get a depiction of what happened to Ciel after she revived from being killed by Arcueid wile possessed by Roa. Bascially, the Church attempting to 'correct' as what they saw as an unnatural body, had her killed at least six hundred times including such deaths as by drowning, burning and organ removal, the whole time as she begged them to stop, only quitting when they decided she'd be more useful as a Burial agent. Afterwards, Ciel is shown as completely broken and resigned.
  • One True Threesome: Shiki/Arcueid/Ciel and Shiki/Hisui/Kohaku are the most common. Also Shiki/Akiha/Melty Blood's Sion.
  • Player Punch:
  • Squick:
    • In order to hone and maintain the Psychic Abilities within the family, the Nanayas practiced a heavy system of inbreeding which resulted in severely deformed individuals.
    • Some Shiki's views from the gore scenes. Get to watch the results of the carnage committed by monsters like Nero Chaos, Sacchin or SHIKI are not pretty.
  • Sequel Displacement:
    • In the wider sense of the Nasuverse. Tsukihime was really successful for a doujin product when it came out, even getting manga and anime adaptations, but the Fate series, especially in the 2010s with the advent of things like Fate/EXTRA and especially Fate/Grand Order, has so thoroughly dominated the fan zeitgeist and the time of Type-Moon's staff that Tsukihime has fallen by the wayside, and newer Type-Moon fans, even otherwise devoted ones, are not very familiar with it. The manga adaptation being the only Tsukihime product to get any kind of updating or promotion past 2003 has not helped. Needless to say, this is something of a sore spot for "old-school" T-M fans who first fell in love with Nasu and company due to Tsukihime.
    • Curiously enough, Nasu himself acknowledged this trend in an interview in early 2017, and committed to getting the remake out during the span of F/GO's second story arc, partially so that the juggernaut popularity of F/GO can be used to introduce the newer fans to Tsukihime. True to his word, A piece of blue glass moon is set to be released in summer 2021.
  • The Woobie
    • Becoming the monster the real Tohno SHIKI is now can be blamed on at least three things beyond his control, a combination of his particularly strong awakening of the Tohno's demon blood, being the 18th reincarnation of Roa, AND being locked in a basement for years while Kohaku drugged him and generally screwed with his mind. He didn't really have much of a chance. The side-story game Kagetsu Tohya gives a small amount of closure to this with the final, hidden Tear Jerker bonus story "Drinking, Dreaming Moon" where Shiki and SHIKI finally meet on friendly terms in a dream.
    • Shiki has had more than a few traumatic experiences in his backstory too. Getting kicked out of his home by his father for having a near lethal injury that made him see death everywhere is only the beginning, and that's not even getting into the more spoilerrific elements of his backstory. Though to give an example of one of those bits, the opening scene, before the hospital? That's his entire blood related family being slaughtered right before his eyes. He's remarkably well adjusted in spite of it.

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