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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.
"That guy, how to say it...He never had anything of his own. So he looked like he never wanted anything. That was, uh, terribly aloof. Although aloof is just another name for lonely. That's why I couldn't help but worry about him..."

... You are the only one who can make me happy. I want to always be near your side, always be near your sunshine.

Not everything is paranoia, death and bittersweet moments in Tsukihime. It also has its heartwarming moments, if only a few.


  • One big moment is when the UST between Shiki and Arcueid is resolved.
  • Arcueid's Good Ending. After defeating Roa, she spends an entire week suppressing her urges and meets Shiki on his way to school, exactly at the same point where he killed her at the beginning of the story. The two then go off to seemingly spend the day together.
    Because you promised to be with me forever. Didn't I say so when we first met? I'll have you take responsibility for me.
  • When Ciel reveals herself as a Executor, Shiki is not in his right mind, so Ciel Shadow Pins him on the spot. Is she going to kill him for helping a vampire all this time? No. She just smiles and talks to you in a soft and calm tone, gently asking you to take a second to listen to her. Given how high the stakes are, and how the scene happens close to the route's climax, it just feels good to have someone able to talk Shiki like a friend.


  • Ciel's True Ending: Daylight Blue. Shiki, realizing that Roa has overtook his body, tries to kill himself by slashing his throat, so an enraged Arcueid won’t have to finish him. After doing this, Arcueid returns to her senses and vanishes after saying farewell to Shiki. However Shiki manages to survive and Ciel takes him to her house to heal his wounds, as she sheds Tears of Joy, happy that he survived.
    Even though I've settled the problem with Roa, Senpai has her own problems as well. I don't think we can return to a peaceful life. But even still...I've decided to be with this person already.
  • Shiki talking with the spirit of Roa and watching him as he passes away for good.


  • Akiha's True Ending: Warm Afternoon Nap. Shiki stabs himself to return Akiha the half of her life. With that, she regains her sanity, but Shiki is gone. She is depressed about it, until the maids convince her that Shiki is still alive somewhere. She then finds Shiki's knife and after touching it, senses deep inside her that there still seems to be a faint heartbeat that is not her own. She recognizes this as a sign that Shiki is still somehow alive somewhere, and that as long as she feels it, she has hope, and declares that she will faithfully await his return.
    • In "A Story for the Evening", a 'sequel' scenario to Akiha's True Ending from Kagetsu Tohya, at the end of the scenario Akiha receives a letter from Ciel that reveals that Shiki did infact survive.
    I take a deep breath and swallow my words... I can believe. That heartbeat is enough. No matter what happens in the future, I feel like I can believe in Nii-san and wait for his return. That makes me really happy.


  • Shiki recognizing Hisui as the cheerful girl in the past and encouraging her to be as her old self.
  • While leading to a Tearjerker, Akiha shielding Kohaku from SHIKI's attack shows that Shiki wasn't the only person Akiha cared about. It becomes even more Heartwarming in Hindsight when its revealed that Akiha knew about Kohaku's plan for revenge against the Tohno family meaning that she knowingly took the bullet for someone who wanted her and her blood brother dead. Further coumpounded by the fact that Kohaku later reveals that she can't stop bringing Akiha's tea to her room, in spite of her death; she actually regrets carrying out her revenge. She ends up killing herself due to grief.
  • Hisui's Good Ending: Dream of Sunshine. Kohaku decides not to continue with her revenge and protects Akiha. Unfortunately, Kohaku believes that because of this, she has failed and commits suicide. Thanks to Shiki, she survives but loses her memories. Hisui then decides to be the cheerful girl she used to be.
    We lost a lot, but we haven't lost everything. The days will still go on into the future. Then, we have to go on, and try our best to make everyone live happily.


  • Shiki and SHIKI talking about killing and their purpose at life. Then SHIKI comments that Shiki reminds him of his special childhood friend and speaks fondly of said boy, unware that they're the same person. It's sweet, because it's one of the few times SHIKI doesn't speak of Shiki in a hateful or resentful manner and openly admits that he befriended the adopted Nanaya boy in the past because he seemed lonely.
  • Shiki returns Kohaku's ribbon, proving that he recognized her and remembered his promise to her, prompting the still emotionless Kohaku to start crying]]. Or it might be that, despite everything that's happened in her past and despite everything that's happened in other routes, Kohaku gets a happy ending. Not a bittersweet ending. A happy ending!]]
  • Kohaku's True Ending: Dreams of Sunshine. After everything Kohaku goes through in life, and the mental trauma she endured, Shiki shows her the love she desired her entire life, being given a reason to truly be happy. The True End to her route has brought nearly everyone that's seen it to tears of happiness.
    Welcome back. This time, it is for real. As if fulfilling that childhood promise at last.


  • The scene in the flashbacks when little SHIKI befriends a lonely Shiki. Then we're shown them stealing food from the kitchen, attemping to do a leaf-blowing and playing tag which culmines with SHIKI convincing Shiki to befriend his little sister Akiha as well. This can literally bring tears to your eyes knowing what's about to happen to SHIKI.
  • The Bittersweet Ending of her True End becomes a happy one in the manga. Shiki, some time after talking with Aoko for the last time (as in the Eclipse epilogue) and donning his Satsujinki outfit, finally reaches the Millennium Castle with help from Ciel, wakes Arcueid up after slashing away the chains binding her, and promises to live with her thereafter. The two subsequently greet the rising sun on the castle balcony holding each other.
    We're happy to be alive. That's all what matters.

Kagetsu Tohya

  • "The Tohno Family Con Game," where all the characters are participating in a game of tag on friendly terms. After the game is done, and Kohaku has collected her prizes, she's asked which one she liked best.
    Memories of having fun with everyone
    • Also SHIKI hears Akiha screaming and doesn't hesitate to rush to her aid while Shiki prepares to escape out a window warning him that its very likely a trap. SHIKI responds by saying even if it is a trap he'll protect Akiha no matter what. Sure enough, he gets tagged. It's a sweet moment since its probably one of the few times SHIKI doesn't speak of Akiha in a possessive manner and does show a genuine Big Brother Instinct towards her. Makes one wonder how things could have turned out if he hadn't inverted or been possessed by a vampire.
  • Drinking, Dreaming Moon, the secret side-story in Kagetsu Tohya, when Shiki meets SHIKI and both drink as they talk about the past and present and finally cry the tears they should have shed when they killed each other. It´s nice, because Shiki shows that despite what happened to them, he is remorseful for having to kill his former best friend and still cares about him. And SHIKI is delighted to hear that Kohaku is not a Stepford Smiler anymore.
  • Also from Drinking, Dreaming Moon, the obvious friendship between SHIKI and Satsuki's ghosts, especially given that the only interaction they'd had with each other previous to this was when he sucked her blood and made her into a vampire.
  • A Story for the Evening, a direct sequel to Akiha's True Ending, shows Akiha' school life, complete with reflections on how she became a better person thanks to Shiki. In the ending, she receives a letter from Ciel that reveals that Shiki DID survive, having been under her care this whole time. Now fully recovered, he is waiting for Akiha to come back home from her boarding school.

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