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Nightmare Fuel / Tsukihime

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.
Told you not to do that.note 

It. hurts. i.t.h.u.r.t.s.s.o.m.u.c.h.i.t.c.a.u.s.e.s.m.e.t.o.f.a.d.e.a.w.a.y.

Tsukihime is known for creating both paranoia for the player and Humanoid Abomination in the settings. The bad endings that you can get range from depressing and squicky to pure, undiluted Nightmare Fuel. Have fun sitting through forty bad endings to get 100% Completion...


  • The first Game Over you can get: simply put, Shiki is attacked and eaten by Nvrsqr Chaos at night and he can't defend himself. And all because you choose not to help Arcueid in her quest to kill Roa. Well, so much for free will.
  • Bad End 9. If Shiki decides to rape Arcueid in the back alley, the next time they met, she can't control herself and sucks his blood to death.
  • Bad End 8. If Shiki chooses to go home when Arcueid doesn't show up at the arranged time at the park, he gradually starts losing his memories of her and returns back to his normal life. It seems fine, until you think if Arcueid ever has a chance to defeat Roa in her weakened state...


  • Bad End 3. When the hotel is attacked by Chaos, if Ciel's affection isn't high enough, she never sees Shiki after killing Arcueid, so she never gives him a charm to help repel vampires. This ends with Shiki going out into the hallway, exploring the empty hotel, and being swallowed by random Chaos animals in the dark.
  • Bad End 12. A completely out of nowhere bad ending (caused by not taking the time to ask her questions of a serious nature) where Roa appears, reveals about SHIKI and his connection to Shiki and kills him so swiftly that even Shiki doesn't realize what just happened.
  • Shiki manages to kill Roa, but he transfers the burden of his madness to him, causing Shiki to have murderous thoughts and strange dreams. After he gets out of control to the point that he rapes Kohaku.


  • Bad End 18. A vampirized Satsuki bites Shiki so they could be together forever.
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  • Bad End 20. If Shiki doesn't tell Ciel about his nightmares, he goes to check at the back alley and has hallucinations of himself killing girls similar to Akiha (which is caused by the psychic link with SHIKI). He is then killed by SHIKI in a whim. What makes it horrible is that Shiki is laughing madly because this proves that he wasn't the killer as he thought.
  • Bad End 22. During Shiki and Ciel's battle, if Shiki decides to kill her, he loses his sanity and becomes convinced that he is the killer. He then reverts to his Nanaya instincts.
    Now then, welcome to this wonderful killing chamber.
  • Bad End 23. During Shiki and SHIKI's fight, he dies after being impaled by multiple swords caused by SHIKI's Blood Magic.
  • SHIKI's death. After Shiki defeats him, he struggles to go back to Akiha's side. Let's not forget that this is Inverted Akiha, who is nothing more than a mindless monster. After SHIKI gets to Akiha, she crushes his heart and mauls him to death.
  • Akiha's Normal Ending: Distant Reed Warbler. SHIKI is dead, but Akiha is a mindless monster that feeds regularly on Shiki's blood. Poor Shiki can do nothing but wait until she returns to her old self again.
    • Which mirrors the situation with SHIKI and how he was imprisoned by Makihisa until he could return back to normal. Which means that Akiha will stay in her demon form forever.


  • The entire middle part of Hisui's route sees the protagonist immobile, in bed, gibbering unintelligibly as he descends into several different kinds of madness simultaneously. You're playing a game from the perspective of a character who is desperately, vainly trying to cling onto the tattered wreckage of his personality; afraid to be awake for fear of what he'll do to the people around him; terrified of going to sleep because of the murderous dreams that invade his mind; all the while tormented by agonizing migraines and uncontrollable bouts of furious rage...
    • And the very worst part of this is when, locked in the throes of madness, you see Kohaku's true smile for the first time.
    • Which isn't helped by Kohaku masquerading as Hisui at the time.
  • Bad End 29: Satsujinki. Shiki, completely under the influence of Kohaku's drugs, wakes up next to a girl's corpse and sees a crouching SHIKI, who seems to be in pain. After a small confrontation, Shiki decides that he is the murderer and kills him in a particularly gross scene, as Shiki vomits and laughs at the same time. He decides that now that SHIKI is dead, he will be the murderer from now on, as Kohaku laughs in the background.
  • Kohaku's diary:
    Kohaku: Help me. Help me. helpmehelpmehelpmehelpmehelpmehelpmehelp me. I should just become a doll.


  • SHIKI's death. He runs into Akiha and Kohaku. Akiha kills him by trapping him in her hair and absorbing him, as the guy has no idea what's going on. And all the time Kohaku has a Slasher Smile pointed at him.
  • Bad End 33. After Vermillion Akiha seemingly kills Kohaku, Shiki loses it and both fight. If Shiki decides to kill her inmediately, he reverts to his Nanaya mode.
  • Bad End 34. Shiki dies tangled in Vermillion Akiha's hair, exactly in the same way SHIKI died.


  • The manga, by virtue of being illustrated, shows off much better why Shiki's Mystic Eyes nearly drove him insane at first. Having the entire hospital, and especially all the people in it, covered with the lines makes them look both incredibly fragile and freaky as all hell.
  • Shortly after little Shiki and SHIKI become friends, SHIKI has outbursts due to the Tohno blood in front of him. Then, Shiki succumbs to his Nanaya impulse and tries to strangle SHIKI, as both kids struggle until they come back to their senses. Shiki is of course freaked out by the whole thing while SHIKI just laughs, because it always happens to him. Let's not forget that in that moment they were only 6 and 7 respectively.
  • Think for a second about Shiki's life. He lost his entire family on a night, was then adopted by the man who orchestrated the whole thing, befriends the son of said man only to find out that he is an unstable Half-Human Hybrid, is killed by said boy after being possesed by a vampire, he is revived thanks to said boy's sister, gets brainwashed to forget all his memories of said boy and gets the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, which nearly drove him insane the first time. What a Trauma Conga Line.
  • Also, we get a depiction of what happened to Ciel after she revived from being killed by Arcueid while possessed by Roa. Basically, the Church attempting to 'correct' as what they saw as an unnatural body, had her killed at least six hundred times including such deaths as by drowning, burning and organ removal, the whole time as she begged them to stop, only quitting when they decided she'd be more useful as a Burial agent. Afterwards, Ciel is shown as completely broken and resigned.

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