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Tear Jerker / Tsukihime

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.
"...Why? That's fine. I was okay with the way I was. If you were happy, then I was happy. I-I was always protected by you, so...I was always happy.."note 
I see...I guess it was only an illusion after all. It hurts. That's why...I wanted to become a doll...

If one is softhearted enough, Tsukihime seems to run on these, with each route having one or two. Quite appropriate for a story focusing on death as a central theme.


  • Roa kills Arcueid by cutting her in half, and watches as she bleeds out in Shiki's arms. The sheer power of Arcueid's last request, a simple kiss rather than the life energy that would allow her to regenerate, makes this one of the most moving parts of the entire game. The fact that Roa took a flying leap over the Moral Event Horizon by killing Arcueid makes the following "World of Cardboard" Speech and Moment of Awesome from Shiki even more badass and memorable.
    • The Manga's rendition of that scene and the following ending count as well. Arc's farewell is pretty poignant, and poor Shiki's reaction is likely to mirror the reader's.
  • Arcueid's True Ending: Tsukihime (Moon Princess)
    You really are kind, Shiki. Yeah, I knew coming here to say goodbye was a good thing. I love you, Shiki. Your honesty, how you are always spaced out, how I'm the only one you yell at, how you always look forward to the future... I love all of you. So please, keep living like that, okay?


  • Ciel's backstory, (specifically, the "How can you not hate me?" scene).
  • Bad End 13. If Shiki decides to avoid Ciel after being possesed by Roa, Ciel suspects and both are forced to fight. In the climax of their battle, Shiki cuts Ciel lines at the same time she pierces him with her bayonet. It's implied she let herself to be attacked on purpose.
    What...In the end...I liked her? Until the very end. Feeling sad like this until my own death, she was that dear to me


  • Satsuki's story. She happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and gets bitten by SHIKI. She becomes a vampire and targets Shiki in order to make him into a vampire so that they could be together forever. If the player makes the correct choices, Shiki is about to get bitten by her, until he recalls his love for Akiha, giving him the strength to kill Satsuki.
    I killed her. I wanted to save her. I even said I would save her. But in the end...I killed her to save myself.
  • Akiha's Normal Ending: Distant Reed Warbler. SHIKI is dead, but Akiha is a mindless monster that feeds regularly on Shiki's blood. Poor Shiki has nothing but wait until she returns to her old self again, which seems pretty unlikely.
    Even if Akiha's eyes are not staring at anything, I'll keep smiling until the end of the world. So that one day, when Akiha wakes up I would be able to greet her like it was another normal day and say hi.


  • Makihisa Tohno had been portrayed as a ruthless bastard, due to abusing Kohaku, orchestrating the extermination of the Nanayas and imprisoning his biological son SHIKI. However, after Shiki reads his diary, he shows regret for raping Kohaku and comments that the reason he imprisoned SHIKI instead of killing him was because they were apparently close and hoped that he would recover his mind one day. It shows that he was a caring father after all.
  • Hisui's True Ending: Midday Moon. It features a powerful double-whammy: First, Akiha dies protecting Kohaku from SHIKI. This is pretty terrible on its own, since it shows that she cares for someone other than just Shiki, and because if it hadn't been for Shiki's appearance, she wouldn't have been distracted enough to let that attack happen. In other words, it's your fault that she dies. Killing SHIKI lacks any real satisfaction or closure, as a result.
    • However, the real impact comes afterwards. After SHIKI reveals with his last words that he didn't recognize him, Shiki comes to the realization that he must have had someone to aid him throughout the route. Putting everything together, he (and the reader, if they've been sharp enough) realizes that Kohaku must have helped him. Confronting her, she confesses at length that she essentially put into motion the entire plot of the game, all because she was sexually and emotionally abused by Tohno Makihisa ever since she was brought to the Tohno Mansion. It's an avalanche of revelations, the final piece of the puzzle that the reader needs to realize how events can change so much from one route to the other, and filling in any inconsistencies. Kohaku then kills herself, having fulfilled her goal of taking revenge. Even though Shiki and Hisui have each other, it's still pretty bleak.
    Then, she passes away. The hollow eyes endlessly look into the blue sky. Not a fake smile, but a quiet and very sad face.


  • A mild moment, but Akiha seems to be genuinely sad after killing SHIKI. This is pretty harsh on its own, since she showed nothing but contempt towards him over the years for being a Creepy Child, inverting, and ultimately killing Shiki.
    • Not so noticeable, but in the manga, she actually hesitates about killing him and keeps a photo of them as kids together with Shiki.
  • Shiki returning Kohaku's ribbon and saying that he remembers their promise, causing the poor girl to shed Tears of Joy.
    I don't have the right, but thanks. I really was happy that you waited here for me.
  • Akiha's breakdown after being defeated by Shiki. She confesses that she knew Kohaku's Batman Gambit to destroy her family and played along out of guilt. She asks Shiki and Kohaku to kill her, only to a tearful Kohaku making her snap out of it.
    It is because I like you, Akiha-sama. No matter how much you hate me, I always want to serve you. So Akiha-sama, if you feel sorry for me at all, please don't die. If you die like this, I will go back to being the Kohaku from before.


  • Young SHIKI has just been posessed by Roa and he fears that he will invert. So he asks his best friend to give him a Mercy Kill if he ever inverts, since as a Nanaya he can easily kill things. Shiki refuses to do it, because they're friends. When the time comes and SHIKI inebitably inverts, Shiki decides to Take a Third Option and protects Akiha at the cost of his life.
    I didn't want it to dissapear...I didn't want it to become just a memory...I didn't want to kill it, but...but in the end I...
  • Ciel's backstory, which is expanded. We see how Roa possesed her, forced her to kill her parents and how she was found and tortured by the Church, until they decided she'd be more useful as a Burial agent. Afterwards, Ciel is shown as completely broken and resigned.
  • After Akiha reveals to Shiki the truth about him and his connection to SHIKI, Shiki sympathizes with his former friend's situation, cursing Roa for turning him into a monster. Cue a image of Shiki happily drinking tea with Akiha and the maids as SHIKI is lying alone in the basement.

2003 Anime

  • Every time Arcueid angsts about the fact that she is a vampire and cannot be with Shiki.
  • Young Shiki's Death Wail after witnessing the corpses of his family.
  • Never a little child repeating a Madness Mantra in his cell has been so creepy yet heartbreaking. Poor SHIKI.
    Help me...Help me!
  • The rendition of the anime when Arcueid is seemingly killed by Roa. The background music does not help much.
  • Also, when Shiki kills Roa for once and for all, killing SHIKI as well, Shiki seems to be genuinely sad about being forced to kill him. Cue SHIKI's face as he dies, when instead of his usual Slasher Smile, he has a very sad face. It feels more like Shoot the Dog than Karmic Death.
  • Satsuki confessing her love to Shiki and him rejecting her off-screen. Seeing her running away tearfully was pretty sad.

Kagetsu Tohya

  • The sidestory Dawn. A young woman, Maiko Yamase happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets devoured by Nrvqsr Chaos, but she gains some of his powers. She wanders around the town mindlessly and just remembers who she is after seeing a family photo. Not wanting to harm anyone, she ends up dying at the hands of Shiki, unaware of anything other than her nature as a vampire and dies happily in her sister Akemi's arms. In her sister's birthday, no less!
  • Red Demon God. After living an empty life as a killer, Kiri Nanaya finds some joy in his life after his son Shiki is born. However, he and his clan are killed that fateful day by Kishima Kouma. The final scene shows little Shiki waking up as he wonders where his father is and walks towards the forest in order to look for him...
    • Kouma's backstory is also pretty sad.
  • Drinking, Dreaming Moon is pretty heartwarming because Shiki and SHIKI discuss past and present on friendly terms. However, Shiki is crying the whole time as they talk, because he believes everything to be All Just a Dream, because the real SHIKI was Killed Off for Real, feels guilty for all the crap he put on him before he died and still believes SHIKI resents him. This is pretty terrible on its own, since it shows that despite all the hell that they went through after SHIKI's inversion, Shiki still cares about him and considers him as his friend.
    Shiki: Will we meet again?
    SHIKI: Who knows? Won't we? If this is a dream, then we can meet again soon. But if this is real...then it'll have to wait until you die.

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