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Tsukihime has a fair amount present of Ho Yay, which the sequels only adds to.


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Originally enemies, in later adaptations, their relationship has escalated into Vitriolic Best Buds territory.
  • An official Take Moon Manga, shows a drunk Arcueid that starts fondling Ciel's butt and comments on how awesome it feels, and manages to get a blush and cute "Kyaaaahh!" out of her. After Ciel gets away, she angrily asks to let her touch some more. When fed up she finally leaves, Arcueid starts crying on how lonely she feels.

Kohaku is very loyal to her master Akiha, even when it’s revealed Kohaku’s Batman Gambit to exterminate the Tohno Family. Also, Akiha genuinely cares about her maid and she is the person the cares the most, besides Shiki.
  • After Akiha found out that her father was sexually abusing Kohaku to keep him from inverting, she saved her and made Kohaku her personal maid,
  • How about that infamous scene with Akiha sucking blood from Kohaku's breasts?
    • The Les Yay was only made worse(or rather, better) in the anime. Kohaku's back being turned means the scene with Akiha sucking Kohaku's blood looks a helluva lot more questionable.
    • That CG also shows specifically that Akiha is sucking Kohaku's blood. The anime being less explicit means it looks more like she's suckling.
  • In Hisui’s True Ending, Akiha protects Kohaku with her body at the cost of her life, which was what Kohaku wanted exactly. In the end Kohaku commits suicide, possibly out of guilt for Akiha’s death.
    "Really, I knew she would die protecting me. But...I was really surprised at the time. Why is she protecting me? Why is she protecting me, risking her life? I still don't actually understand if I was actually happy or sad when Akiha-sama died. But when I wake up in the morning, I take tea to her room even though I know she is gone. Isn't this strange? Even though there's no one in that room anymore."
  • In Hisui’s Good Ending, she can’t go with her plan and when SHIKI is about to kill her, Kohaku moves her out of the way.
  • Akiha knew about Kohaku's plan for revenge against the Tohno family meaning that she knowingly took the bullet for someone who wanted her and her blood brother dead.
    Akiha: "That is fine, I didn't like Father, either. He was pure evil. Just thinking he was my real father made even me want to kill him. Right? Succumbing to his blood and forcing his passions on you when you were still a child. Every, every day, he would do those disgraceful assaults without end. So, Kohaku. I already know that you have a grudge against me and SHIKI."
    Kohaku:"Why? You know all that and still drink my blood?"
    Akiha:"Of course. I know that it can’t be helped that you have a grudge against me, but I still like you. So whatever you do, I will forgive you."
  • In Kohaku’s route, after Akiha becomes possessed by SHIKI and an unstable Yandere, she seemingly kills Kohaku, but fails to hit her in a vital spot because she wasn’t really trying.
    • Also, from that route, Kohaku forcing Akiha to snap out from her Death Seeker moment.
    "It is because I like you, Akiha-sama. No matter how much you hate me, I always want to serve you. So Akiha-sama, if you feel sorry for me at all, please don't die. If you die like this, I will go back to being the Kohaku from before."
  • In later adaptations, Kohaku seems to support Akiha’s feelings for Shiki and even makes her schemes for them to hook up.

Former best friends, SHIKI has a grudge on Shiki for taking his place in the Tohno family and wants to kill him. In later adaptations, when SHIKI is not so Ax-Crazy, they get along just like in the past.
  • The two were very close as children, so much that Akiha was jealous of them.
  • Originally, little SHIKI killed Shiki by putting his arm through Shiki's chest which results in a gaping hole.
    • And in the manga, SHIKI injures him by hitting him in that same spot, no less!.
    "Fabulous! It feels the same as back then! This the same as when I plunged this hand into your chest! I’ve never felt a pleasure greater than that."
  • Drinking Dreaming Moon. Not only Shiki seems concerned that SHIKI still hates him, but he keeps commenting in his monologues that he likes watching SHIKI smile.
  • Because it's canon that due to Makihisa's spell on him, Shiki does not remember SHIKI and when he does, he holds no attachment towards him, SHIKI is sometimes shipped with Nanaya instead.
  • The manga deliberately parallels Shiki's relationship with Arcueid with his relationship with SHIKI, most notably having similar conversations about 'what ifs'. Some of the paralleled scenes aren't so sweet, like Shiki holding them to the ground by the neck and trying to kill them by instinct while desperately thinking about how he doesn't want to kill them, but it still only makes Shiki and SHIKI's relationship seem more romantic.

  • Neither Shiki nor Arihiko use Honorifics when talking to each other, but it's Shiki's habit of also referring to Arihiko by his first name (a habit usually attributed to girls) that makes Akiha do a double take.
  • How about that moment in the manga when Arihiko says that he is always watching over Shiki. Always.

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