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Fridge Brilliance

  • There is a brilliant parallel between Kohaku's backstory and her role in the story.
    • Up until her role in the plot becomes clear during the Wham Episode, her appearances and interactions with Shiki, as well as his thoughts about her, have been entirely superficial; the size of her role in the story is vastly smaller than that of every other heroine, even when they are not the main characters in the route (Arcueid in Far Side notwithstanding, but she doesn't really count). How is this brilliant? In every route before Hisui's endings, since she gets so little character development, Shiki basically doesn't think too hard about her, and if we're playing in the recommended order, the reader probably does not either. So, she's mostly relegated to the background, which is exactly what happened in-plot during in her backstory.
  • Tsukihime is one of my favorite games, even to where I never really found anything wrong with the game's (apparently infamous) H-scenes...well, with one exception. With Arcueid, the sex is a natural conclusion to their slowly blossoming relationship. With Akiha, it's a desperate act of love with a girl fully convinced that she's doomed to die or go insane. With Hisui or Kohaku, it's a life-saving measure that turns into a true expression of love. With Ciel, Shiki's got one of those longer-than-four-hour erections the commercials warn you about, and he needs her help to come down...buh? Whatever flaws Nasu's sex scenes have in eroticism they tend to make up in story, and Tsukihime had up to then seemed free of the nonsensical excuses for sex so often found in other Eroge. It bugged me for quite a while, until I remembered several things. Ciel's mentioning that she'd gone through something similar when she was Roa's incarnation (which the encounter with Dark Ciel in Kagetsu Tohya reinforces), the rather disturbing (especially in retrospect) Bad End where Shiki gives in to the urges and rapes Kohaku, the dream image where SHIKI does the same, and even Satsuki's unnatural obsession with Shiki after she's turned into a vampire. It struck me suddenly that, far from being a flimsy justification, Ciel's task of suppressing Roa really was a sensible genuinely needed act of Intimate Healing. - Drow Lord
    • Shiki has a lot of memories that are covered in sepia tone. This is a reasonable way to represent the fact that they're memories, so you don't think much of it... but it's also to disguise the fact that Kohaku is the one in the window, because it hides eye colors. I just realized that. - Curtmack
    • Not so much Fridge Brilliance as a Fridge Funny, but the way Ciel squees at Arihiko mentioning her bustiness during one of the lunch time scenes made this troper realize that Ciel could have used her power of suggestion to make her cover just an Ordinary High-School Student with no particularly noteworthy attributes. Instead she made herself the School Idol since she's vain and/or wanted to have some fun. Not that her breasts have anything to do with hypnosis so much as the incident highlighted a vain and mischevious aspect of her character. - Nothingface
  • It's established that Makihisa has the ability to alter a person's memory. This is how Shiki forgot about SHIKI and thought he was always related to the Tohno family. All well and good, except I asked myself: "Why does Makihisa not use this power on Kohaku?" Makihisa knew he was basically destroying her life by using her how he did. Why not erase her memories of every incident? Then I realized that Kohaku isn't just a toy for Makihisa, she's also the person being trained to be his personal doctor. We don't know how specific or general the 'memory loss' power really is, but he probably did not use it on Kohaku because if she forgot all of the skills she was learning he wouldn't be able to depend on her for medicine. -Cally
    • Kohaku acting as Makihisa's doctor could also explain why Kohaku is such a good cook compared to Hisui. She'd know how to mix ingredients. Hisui, meanwhile, was a very active child and likely knows how to clean efficiently, while Kohaku was largely confined to Makihisa's room.
  • A less obvious clue as to which twin gave Shiki the white ribbon is in their current appearance: One twin is wearing a maid's headdress, but the other is wearing a blue ribbon.
  • Ciel's Good ending is not a Harem. Its NTR. Arcueid made it clear she only tolerates the situation for now, since Shiki will be hers in the end. She's not less determined than in true ending (possibly more, since she didn't gave up), only methods changed - seduction and kisses instead of murder and mindcontrol. She shamelessly exploits Shiki attraction to her to drive wedge between him and Ciel. And if you remain unconvinced, keep in mind how they kissed - Shiki did not resist the kiss, he returned it, in front of Ciel on top of that. Only thing thats missing is Ciel walking on them getting it on (in Tea Room for maximum insult).

Fridge Horror

  • So Makihisa's plan of covering up SHIKI's Inversion Impulse was to make Shiki out to be the Tohno heir and making out the adopted child to have died. To do this, Shiki was brainwashed into believing he was Tohno SHIKI and sent to live with a branch family while the real one was locked up in an underground cell until he got back to normal. Okay. So what would have happened if SHIKI had managed to recover from his Inversion Impulse? Given that Makihisa saw Shiki as a placement holder for his son, he may had planned on killing him off to reinsert SHIKI back into the picture which wouldnt be too hard considering he had resources and had memory manipulation powers
  • Ciel was immortal because the World recognized her as Roa and Roa can't be dead when he's alive. The thing is: she's the seventeenth incarnation of Roa, counting his original body. Who says the other 15 hosts of Roa between the original body and her have not suffered her same condition, only for far longer?


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