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Trivia / Tsukihime

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  • Bonus Material
    • Once you've cleared all the routes (and "Eclipse") in the game, it seems like there's nothing more to do... but click the topmost Kanji for the Mirror Moon Staff Room, the thin bar for a series of gags, and the words "TYPE-MOON" along the bottom for more gags.
    • Kagetsu Tohya also has 10 short stories, which are unlockable through doing certain actions during the game. Three of these are non canon, but the others are used for world building including one that is actually the epilogue to Akiha's better ending.
  • Development Hell:
    • The remake was announced in 2008. Ten years later and all we know is that it is being worked on concurrently with Fate/Grand Order.
    • There's some concept art.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "The Gland", "The Tohno Gland" note 
    • Miss Blue (or THE Blue), Magic Gunner note 
    • Brainwasher Detective note 
    • Satsujinki note 
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    • Capslock-kun note 
    • Haruo note 
    • Sacchin, Badluck Vampire note 
    • The Russian fandom also gives you "Vugluskr" for Nrvnsqr. "Vugluskr" is a word from a particular obscene Russian joke about bestiality.
    • Arcade Bumstead/Atari Dumbledore note 
    • Lord of Bedroom Jackassery note 
  • The Other Darrin: The anime's voice cast is entirely replaced by that of Melty Blood for succeeding appearances.
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  • Shrug of God: Supposedly, a request to describe Altrouge's appearance was declined because "it's more interesting that way!"
  • Vaporware:
    • Tsukihime 2: The Dark Six. It got a No Fourth Wall trailer alongside the release of Kagetsu Tohya and TM posted three prologue chapters which have floated around the internet forever. And then Nasu & co. decided they wanted to make a different, simple little action VN for their first commercial product, both because they just liked the concept of it, noticed fans liked Tsukihime's action sequences and wanted to give fans more of that, and because they wanted to expand on some worldbuilding that would be handy for TDS (specifically the idea of the Counter Force and Counter Guardians, who are similar to Servants), and once that was done, they'd get right back to Tsukihime. Needless to say, after Fate/stay night's explosive success, there has been no real discussion of Tsukihime 2 since 2004.
    • The Tsukihime remake used to be this, as it was rumored and vaguely hinted at for years (since Type-Moon had money after F/SN and wanted to go back and clean up the rough bits), and finally got officially announced at the end of the manga adaptation in 2008... and aside from occasional updates promptly disappeared into deep Development Hell again, especially once the wider Fate 'verse picked up steam and became a genuine media juggernaut. Interestingly, though, Nasu has committed, publicly, to getting the remake out in the timeframe of Fate/Grand Order's second story arc (so 2019/2020 or so) in order to use the juggernaut popularity of F/GO to promote the remake. Interestingly enough, this point has been used to help bring some of Tsukihime's lore into the wider Fate franchise, including several characters connected or originating from Tsukihime stories being added to the game.
  • What Could Have Been: Satsuki was originally supposed to be one of the main Tsukihime heroines with her own route. This was removed at the last minute and she simply became a minor character. One of the big supposed thrusts of the remake is that it will finally restore this content... and the remake is somewhere between vaporware and in Development Hell. Isn't... it... sad?


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