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Heartwarming / Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-

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  • The friendship Piffle!Tomoyo forms with Sakura.
  • Syaoran tells Fay it's possible that his entire miserable backstory could have been caused by Syaoran's wish to turn back time. Fay's reaction? Instant forgiveness. He just claps the boys cheeks, like the Team Mom he is.
    • Additionally, Syaoran basically told Kurogane the same thing. Kurogane's reaction? A light hit over the head. Yay for the Team Dad!
  • The extent to which Kurogane is willing to do to keep Fai alive, even when Fai hates him for it.
  • Fai punching Kurogane while calling him nicknames again during Nihon country, such a sweet moment after every hell that both Kuro-sama and Fai go through.
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  • Kurogane's relationship with Syaoran.
  • Fai's relationship with Sakura.
  • We see Syaoran get some help later on in the series from Yuko, who got paid by a mysterious girl who foretold his troubles... It's the Sakura WE knew, giving up her Star Wand and saying that it's OK she can't cast magic since the cards are still with her.
  • Despite what will happen later the clones were allowed to reincarnate and get to live a normal and happy life together abit briefly.