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R!Syaoran gave up on saving the clones.
Did you read the ×××HOLiC chapter where he appears? It appears he has made no progress whatsoever and he doesn't even ask Watanuki about it.

  • Jossed. He mentions his desire to bring the clones back in Tsubasa World Chronicle, and is still looking for a way on each world they land.

C!Syaoran is technically not R!Syoaran's son.

...Or at the very least there isn't a direct genetic loop.Think about it for moment. C!Syaoran and C!Sakura died and reincarnated in another world before they had R!Syaoran as their son, right? But they had to be physically born into that world somehow and R!Syaoran mentions several times that the Fuhitaka of the real Clow Country resembles his gramdpa, Nadeshiko his grandma, etc, so it's hardly a leap to assume that C!Syaoran was born to his Cardcaptor Sakura-esque parents as well; meaning that while C!Syaoran is the direct father of R!Syaoran who he eventually gets cloned off, there is no reason to assume he still has the same 'Sakura is my mother genetics' by the time he and C!Sakura eventually have their child.

Or in layman's terms, while C!Syaoran is R!Syaoran's father (both physically and spiritually), R!Syaoran is only C!Syaoran's father while he is the actual clone. After he dies and is reborn, it is only the basis for his soul that he retains from R!Syaoran.That said, the timeloop regarding them still applies so other than adressing the awkward biology problem, this idea doesn't reduce the Mind Screw.

  • That's quite possible. If we consider how time travel works, the clones might have replaced two other versions of Syaoran and Sakura according to this series. Thus, the clone was only the original's father for one volume. By the series' ending R!Syaoran became a what if version Marty McFly. (He has no parents)

    • Of course he has parents! Do the names Kurogane and Fai mean nothing to you?

Tsubasa/×××HOLiC is Clow Reed/Watanuki's home timeline, which he (and its heroes) erase every time it shows up.

At the end of ×××HOLiC, Watanuki is set up to become Clow or Fei Wong Reed, and can now travel time to create the original Cardcaptor Sakura continuity. Also, the hundred-year timeskip from ×××HOLiC seems to suggest that the Acid Tokyo (and consequently) Clow Kingdom continuities also do not occur.

Fei Wong Reed is a Domeki.

He used the egg that becomes a Domeki family heirloom on a version of Watanuki/Clow Reed and clones Kyle Rondart and Xing Huo from him and Yuko.

Fei Wong Reed is an accidental construct of Clow Reed.
Okay, so when Yuuko was dying/dead, Clow made an unconscious wish that she would open her eyes again/not die, and because he's the "Greatest Magician in the Worlds" his magic reacted and stopped Yuuko's time to try and grant the wish. But that wasn't what he actually wished for, and magic isn't sentient and couldn't reason out a way to break a fundamental law of space-time so it created Fei Wong Reed, a thinking being, to do it instead.

Whoever set up the Gambit Roulette knew that Tokyo-Syoran would romance his Elseworlds mother and planned accordingly.
What was (Clone-)Syoran's price for kicking off the Fetch Quest to regain (Clone-)Sakura's feathers? His relationship with Sakura. (Now, whether that extends to the relationship he forms with Sakura during this quest, or the relationship Sakura's going to form with Real-Syoran remains to be seen.)

The Real Syaoran is actually the one from Cardcaptor Sakura.
His description is the same. He's a descendant of Clow, plus his magic is depicted with the same foci and special effects. Which means he's torn between his feelings for an Alternate Universe Sakura, who has feelings for his now Heartless Clone, and a Sakura he can't get back to.
  • Status: Jossed! He's the son of [CCS] Sakura and Syaoran, who took his father's name because he didn't trust Yuuko.
  • Status: Not Jossed. If 217 is any indication, he's the son of an alternative universe of Sakura... who's borrowing powers from the real [CCS] Sakura... what the hell CLAMP?
  • Status: Confusing Kinomoto Sakura claimed that the other "her" came in a dream. It could be her own subconsciousness essentially telling her, "Look. You don't need your staff to kick Ass-chin's butt. Go to him with your hubby and do a Mama Bear/ Papa Wolf combo to teach him a lesson. Remember: Which dream sequence in ANY series drawn by CLAMP has NOT been a Mind Screw?
  • Status: Jossed as of Ch. 223: The reincarnations of C!Sakura and C!Syaoran realize that they're R!Syaoran's parents.

He's being manipulated... by his own Evil Twin / Clone / Perfect Replica!
  • More seriously/plausibly, Fei Wong Reed could potentially be a puppet or patsy for a scheme conceived by Yuuko or Clow Reed or both. They have clearly been planning for the events of Tsubasa for decades, in intricate detail. What's to say they couldn't have kicked the whole thing off as well?
  • FWR is being manipulated by his monocle, in a demonic possession twist. If he's defeated without it breaking, the monocle will then possess Sakura instead. The chapter breaks leave us with enough time that we start pulling theories out of our asses to amuse ourselves before the next reveal/tear jerker moment comes along.
  • He's being manipulated by the CLAMP Goddess herself. She planned all of this to restore reality without people noticing, so, she schemed to try and make all the convoluted schemes that happened; if the world ended silently, nobody would really notice. In other words, it's Mokona's fault. She decided she had to be more subtle after the machinations of Magic Knights Rayearth failed to destroy anything. She went a little overboard on the subtlety and complexity this time. However, Soel and Larg, aka White Mokona Clone and Black Mokona Clone, are innocent.

The events of the series, as well as the CLAMP multiverse as a whole, are the product of Shinji Ikari in Instrumentality.
He made it after he already tried most of the rest of fiction in existence, at which point he was a bit... confused. He was starting to get homesick, which is why everything is so mysterious and confusing- the poor guy's life was so bad, a bunch of mysterious assholes with Gambit Roulettes is to him what Grandma's Chicken Soup is to the average person. Clones and evil twins feature heavily as reflections of his memory of the Rei clones, and the Syaoran-Sakura Oedipus Rex bit is the reflection of his own crush on Rei. As in Cardcaptor Sakura, however, the Ho Yay wasn't part of the plan. It just happens sometimes.
  • You haven't seen the Kaworu episode, have you? Yukito looks a lot like a kind version of this guy. And so does Fai (although Fai himself manages to be not that kind after all).

    • On the contrary; Fai turns out to be much more kind than some may have suspected. In fact, it's a plot point that he's much more kind than he gives himself credit for.

It wasn't the kind of acid that eats through metal in the Acid Tokyo arc.
Rather, it was the other kind of acid. Everything since arrival there has been one character- probably Kurogane, given that he's the only one without anything major revealed after that- tripping out due to the LSD-laced rain.

R!Syaoran is NOT the biological son of CCS Sakura and Syaoran.
HEAVY-DUTY SPOILERS. In the latest manga chapter, Yuuko reveals that in exchange for R!Syaoran's wish to return to that moment in Clow Country, Watanuki will be given to R!Syaoran's parents - who are Sakura and Syaoran from CCS - as a replacement son. However, Yuuko's lying. The people R!Syaoran called his parents are nothing of the sort. R!Syaoran, the hero of the story, is actually the proper Syaoran for Clow Country - just as there's one Touya, Yukito, etc. for every world, so there's one Syaoran, and the Clow Country Syaoran ended up in CCS Tokyo by mistake Gambit Roulette. CCS Sakura and Syaoran, much older than Clow Country Syaoran at the time, took care of him until he was old enough to leave for his real home country, at which point they accepted Watanuki into their care (possibly they have some ongoing deal with Yuuko, to care for any stray orphans she might accumulate)

At any rate, it means that Syaoran at least is not romancing the source of half his genetic makeup.

FWR's taboo wish is to revive Clow Reed for... personal reasons.
FWR was madly in love with Clow Reed, which is why he wants him back. Yuuko was able to beat FWR because she was an attractive woman and could understand the companionship that Clow Reed needed. While FWR was stuck in his twisted thinking that he was the only person that could love Clow. But after being rejected by Clow (since Clow was straight), FWR tried to get a regular everyday girlfriend. But those attempts failed when none of the women that he met could keep up with his lust for Clow's power. So FWR used his magic to try and make a clone of her but failed to reproduce a replica of the person that he loved.

So now FWR is looking for Clow's power to revive the person that could understand his need for another person. While at the same time, FWR, is constantly disrupting other peoples lives in various dimensions so that he can achieve his lustful dream of power. And so ends another episode of FWR needs for a perfect mate. (I borrowed this "theory" from the forums)

  • Jossed: The person FWR wants is ×××HOLiC's Yuuko, or at least someone with her body or something. Meaning...

Fay Wong Reed is Clow.
Clow is always shown as a young man and Reed is always shown as an older man. Clow and Yuuko had a very close relationship. Yuuko has the same "fickle" nature as, say, POTC's Tia Dahlma, Clow could've come to believe she's dead or beyond reach in another world, and becoming a manipulative bastard and screwing up time and space was the only way he could find her again.
  • He has not one but two living reincarnations. One of whom has memories of being Clow. And its generally accepted that the purpose of the gambit that was Card Captor Sakura was to set things up to prepare Syaoran to stop Fei Wong. So, time travel again? Amnesia? Prophesy and having a giant multiversal game of chess with himself across time, space, worlds, lives, and stages of life?

CLAMP are contemplating retirement.
Characters from every one of their previous works; an entire casino full of Gambit Roulettes; Mind Screws all over the place? Clearly this entire series is a Grand Finale, and one suffering from Trippy Finale Syndrome, at that. note 
  • They may not start any new projects, but they've already stated in interviews that they plan to finish Drug & Drop, and may or may not finish X.
  • Jossed. Kobato and Gate 7. Kobato is an ongoing series that has cross-overs with Wish, and Gate 7 is a series CLAMP is yet to release.

Everything is the product of Hiwamari's doom magnetism.
In the original timeline, Watanuki/"Syaoran" fell in love with her, just as the time travel duplicate currently is. Her "cause massive misfortune to anybody I touch" effect hit him so hard he became fated to travel to an alternate universe, romance his mother, duplicate himself dooming his parents, remain in a jar for years, etc. Woe betide he who lays with the doom girl.

The Dragon in Zarastra was originally from Portoria and the Zarastra Retcon was planned from the beginning.
When the group return to Zarastra Fay suggests Mokona wasn't able to sense the feather because the dragon was underground. However it could be that the feather wasn't in that world yet maybe FWR transported the dragon (which already had the feather in it's horn) from ghost island. He did this to confirm that you couldn't revive people with just the power of a feather and a god which would make everything he's trying to do much easier. Now the Zarastra Retcon theory is supported by the fact that the no reviving rule was already established in a previous arc. Secondly a pan over the villagers in an episode 26 flashback shows a Sorata which would be pointless if they didn't have anything further in store for this world. It also gives development to FWR and enforces the no reviving rule which is important in the Shura/Shara arc because it would have been almost a year since Chunyan's world which viewers might have forgotten. It's also worth noting that we never hear Sakura's wish which may have been along the lines of help the villagers overcome their sadness instead of an all out revive the villagers wish.

Fye and Kurogane are gay.
They had the whole "he said my name for the first time" scene, Kurogane carried Fye when his leg was hurt, and now Fye's a vampire, and Kurogane's his willing food, which Yuko says bonds them forever. One can only ignore the signs for so long.
  • Its written by CLAMP, so thank you for your insight as to a character relationship never before seen in the presented multiverse. Although, CLAMP being CLAMP, its not homosexuality, its "a love that transcends gender".
  • Given how much the cast of the manga has screwed with time and destiny yet, one of them could EASILY have started out as woman once... just a thought. (It was probably Fye, because sorceresses are cool
    • But this is CLAMP we're talking about. You'd expect Fay to have been a girl, so naturally they'd make it Kurogane.
      • Except that you would expect that, so it would have to be Fay.
      • Except that you would expect that, so they both would have been girls.
      • Maybe one was an animal. Kuro-doggie?
      • So Kurogane was originally Ioryogi?
      • Yes, but Ioryogi was originally Fai's dead twin.
      • And Fai's dead twin was originally Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura.

Clow is actually Acid Tokyo in the future.
HEAVY SPOILERS UP TO CHAPTER 212. The two worlds are apparently linked, as pointed out by FWR in the latest chapter: they're both a desert land, they both contain a highly-guarded water reservoir, and above it they both feature a building with two towers. The logic of time and space has also begun to crumble, so... This is the deal: during the journey, Sakura leaves one of her feathers in the water reservoir at Acid Tokyo. After they depart, everything around the government building is destroyed by the acid rain... Then, the people from that world are able to stop it, and start anew (probably thanks to Clow Reed, hence Clow Country's name). They make the wing-shaped building in place of the government tower to commemorate and preserve the water... Many years later, Sakura reacts to the feather that is still in the ruins, and the whole dimension-travel ordeal begins. And then they get to Acid Tokyo, again...
  • Not only that, Acid Tokyo is also the future of the Japan that Cardcaptor Sakura took place in. This is why TRC!Sakura (who can see dead people) saw a vision of (presumably) CCS!Sakura.
    • Actually, it's possible to shuffle all of Tsubasa into one big long timeline. The different countries are different points of time in the same world. And Celes? Isn't the end, it's the beginning; the universe gets made from Kurogane's arm and Fai's magic.
    • This, in turn, means that Princess Sakura is a case of Identical great^x granddaughter of CCS Sakura, and not an analog. This, of course, greatly decreased the Oedipus factor for Syaoran Jr. down quite a bit, although by no means all the way.
      • So that's true for the whole family then? Because we have her parents and older brother running around too, not to mention that cute silver-haired priest... I dunno, I guess it just seems implausible that the entire family would reincarnate just at the right moment. Then again, it is CLAMP... Hitsuzen, and all that...
    • Of course, this means one of Syaoran is his own great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grampa.
  • Status: Confirmed by FWR in chapter 213.

Prince!Touya and Priest!Yukito are going to bust in to save the day.
Spoilers for the Clow arc. So we're currently locked in a moment of frozen time in the reservoir at Clow, which is stuck at the moment that Princess Sakura's curse activated on her birthday all those years ago. From Syaoran's flashback, we can assume that King!Fujitaka and Queen!Nadeshiko are now dead, because they knew about the curse and that was their payment for helping Syaoran. But at that point, when time froze, Prince Touya and Priest (in training) Yukito were also in the reservoir. So where did they go? Theoretically, they should be frozen, just like Sakura, somewhere at the edge of the reservoir. But they're not. Perhaps they escaped the frozen time/time loop (through the power of love?) and have actually been observing the entire journey, and are now waiting to burst in and save the day, Deus ex Machina style. Or alternatively, they've been watching the entire journey and pulling the strings all along.

Fei Wang Reed and Clow Reed are twins.
At one point, FWR calls himself Clow's 'ancestor', if I remember right. I'm actually not too sure about that translation, I want to get a look at those Japanese raws, but anyway... TRC (and CLAMP in general) has always had a twin theme going on. Fai/Yuui, Mokona Soel/Larg, the clones of Sakura and Syaoran, Syaoran/Watanuki (who, if you look, are often dressed in matching clothes for promotional art), and it can even be argued about Kurogane and his father, because they look quite a bit alike (Oh Gods, just what we need, MORE time-travel theorizing...). With the way CLAMP loves to mind-screw us, I can see it being revealed that Clow and FWR are not just related but twins.

Himawari is the true Clow Country's Tomoyo.
That would explain Tomoyo's weird absence of magic in the CCS universe (maybe she found a way to nullify her magic to not hurt Sakura), but excellent grasp with cursing in the Kurogane's. Maybe she holds the negative energy necessary to balance things, but due to the CCS one nullifying her energy, it had to unbalance somewhere.
  • Until she pays it to Yuuko to keep Fay from killing "Syaoran" Sakura has the God's own Luck, so to speak. She was very lucky because she was loved by the gods. Yuuko now has this ability/trait/whatever you want to keep it. Which means it will someday be passed to someone else. Could it be given to someone to nullify Himawari's curse?
    • Possibly. And how interesting a Shaoran/Tomoyo scenario could be?
      • Except for the fact that they're both in love with Sakura?
      • Two people in love with a third person eventually ending up together isn't so farfetched; after all, it happened toShizuka Doumeki and Kohane Tsuyuri. And both series take place parallel to each other. . .

Syaoran left for Clow Country before his parents had taught him something very, very important.
Specifically, the incest taboo. The boy was only 7, and prophesies and visions (the best they would have had to work with in preparing him) are notoriously fickle and unspecific. How were they to know who the Princess was? He was only seven, its only logical that they (unfortunately) felt that they could wait until he got back to teach him that loving your mommy that way is a no-no.
  • Does that mean we could have avoided this if they had just taken the time to talk to him?
    • No, then he'd do it anyway because True Love Conquers All. But at least he'd consider it, and show that he does what he does with knowledge that he's going against millenia of genetic and cultural taboos. As it is, he shows every sign of being blistfully ignorant that he's on the road to hilbillyville.

King Clow is Watanuki.
When Syaoran chose to rewind time and change history in order to save Princess Sakura, his decision ended up unmaking, in various ways, three people: himself, Queen Nadeshiko, and King Fujitaka. Syaoran, as we know, was replaced by Watanuki. Nadeshiko was killed and didn't need a replacement. Fujitaka got a downgrade and was remade into an archeologist, while his role as king was filled in by a Clow look-alike. The look-alike is dead before the series starts and never properly explained, but that's all a part of the big reveal: King Clow is actually Watanuki (who also looks like Clow, albeit a young one) all grown up and displaced, willingly or otherwise, by Syaoran's reality-warping wish.
  • But the wish created him in the first place, and he didn't exist and now I've gone cross-eyed.
    • It's been shown a few times that that logical order of things has started to break down, what with the group traveling through time in Shara, Clow Kingdom being the future of Acid Tokyo, and also with Kohane in ×××HOLiC, who received her powers from one of Sakura's feathers years before the TRC group first showed up in Yuuko's shop. Given that Watanuki is an anomaly in the first place, it's not too much of a stretch to say he could get yanked through time by the wish that created him in the first place.
    • Now that I think about that, Watanuki does look a lot like a short-haired Clow, even more than like Shaoran. Oh, the paradoxes! *Head spins* For that matter, so does Kyle Rondart.
  • Jossed by chapter 220.

FWR is Clow and Yuuko's son!
The reason FWR has committed all these sins against everyone and even the multiverse itself is because he loves his mother too much. FWR is Yuuko and Clow's son See, Clow attempted to avert Yuuko's death but didn't succeed completely, he only managed to reject Yuuko's entry to the Dead's Dimension by having the entire multiverse reject her, perhaps he balked at the great consequences of what he was going to do and balked fatally but FWR has no such qualms and completes it by creating this Gambit Roulette to get the necessary ingredients to decisively revive Yuuko.
  • Taking consideration it's CLAMP, it makes perfect sense. Although it makes the "Naoko is Goddess and wants to rebuild the entire thing" theory get even more complicated to explain... It's CLAMP, of course it'd give space for both theories.

Alternately, combining the two theories above, Fei Wong Reed is Watanuki.
Yuuko has grown to mean a lot to Watanuki, and she just left him in charge of her store full of magical artifacts. (Incidentally, Fei Wong Reed has a monocle over the same eye that Watanuki lost once upon a time. Whether that is evidence towards confirming or jossing this theory is up to you.)
  • Oh please no. NO.

Yuuko's store is just a big storage room.
Yuuko keeps nothing. Everything in her shop is waiting for the right/destined person to come along and pick it up, she's stated this before. This means CC-Sakura's staff, TRC-Sakura's luck, Fay's magic suppressing tattoo and Kurogane's sword (though he wants it back) will all find new owners one day.
  • Subverted? The running the shop was a price for one of Yuuko's wishes, not to mention that the shop itself is going to be passed to be somebody else
    • I say not subverted. Yuuko worked their to grant her wish, just as Watanuki was doing at the start of ×××HOLiC. She's gone but the shop isn't, the shop isn't dependent on Yuuko's existence. There's still storing/trading that needs to be done, Watanuki just got promoted to manager.

The whole setting was a plan by CCS Naoko/Rayearth Fuu all the time. And she probably could be God as well.
First things first: It's an unwritten rule at CLAMP that nobody that uses glasses is a normal person. Ever. Second: She looks like a loli Fuu from Rayearth (but with slightly darker hair), but this is unrelated... For now. Third: That girl is savvy to not know what she's doing, even when she used that Clow Card (I believe that wasn't an accident, and with this card, she actually triggered all the complicated plot just to... Perhaps fix something?) Also, she wasn't exactly noticed as a non-magic user even by Kerberos, which would mean that she had something going behind the curtains. Fuu in the Rayearth universe controls wind, a really strange element by nature (even when being gentle, just like a God's nature), despite being extremely shy; such element would fit better to Naoko, thus, making Fuu's personality a disguise. Of course, you might think that Naoko is a Shout-Out to another shoujo mangaka, but then, such mangaka had the main character in her most famous work inspired in herself, and having the power to change the whole Universe, making such name fit for a Goddess... Perhaps CLAMP was giving a hint on how contrived and complicated was going to be their plot since Cardcaptor Sakura? Either way, I think Naoko is Fuu, and, in turn, is CLAMPverse's God. C'mon, CLAMP can't show a bespectacled person appearing as one of the main characters close acquaintances and throw such person away to the pit of forgetfulness for nothing!
  • Alternatively, she's just an exception to the rule, and/or just Fuu's mom. Poor girl, it's due to being savvy (not to a villain point, but to a Haruhi-esque one) that condemned her to being powerless. If she had powers, it would be frightening.
    • She can also be Miyuki and Yuuko as well.

CLAMP have gone completely insane.
Just look at the recent chapters as proof. This is the only rational explanation of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.
  • Additionally, they are being compelled to attempt to pass this insanity on to all their readers, new and longtime, through Tsubasa. They're just not very good at it.
    • All God Haruhi Naoko Mokona's work. S/he wants the verse to collapse and restart a new, since something there is really wrong...
  • This is probably a fact and not just WMG. In fact, in a Funny Moment, now that both Tsubasa & ×××HOLiC have ended, even Word of God has admitted that they too are rather confused over how everything turned out and want to re-read it.

One of the members of CLAMP has an Electra complex.
As a result, she doesn't see Oedipus complexes as a bad thing. This... shows up in her writing.
  • If her dad was hot as Sakura's, many girls wouldn't blame her, I guess. I'm kind of neutral on this, though. Electra Complex is not my thing.

TRC Sakura is not Clow Country's version of CCS Sakura.
CLAMP puts a lot of emphasis on knowing someone's real name. According to both Yuuko and Seishiro (in Tokyo Babylon, no TRC), knowing someone's real name allows you to control their destiny. Now, every member of the group but Sakura has so far been revealed to be using a false name, but it's implied that she knows the rules about names as well.

Most importantly though, when Syaoran is first visiting Clow Country, he talks to Sakura about how she resembles his mother and shares her name. However, part way through the conversation Sakura says "But... my name..." and then won't elaborate on it (See chapter 191, page 7). This implies that her name is not, in fact "Sakura", which further implies that she might not be the Clow Country version of CCS Sakura. At least, that's what I'm hoping.

  • $10 on her real name being "Tsubasa"
    • As of Epilogue: Freaking called it! Though I thought it would be Sakura or Syaoran, not both

A character will be borne of one country, conceive in another, and live in a third.
The order may change. The country in which the child lives will either be shortly before the country in which the original character lives, or the country in which the child lives will be before the birthplace but after the home of the parent character. My preferred guess is TRC!Syaoran is the parent, Seishiro is the child, and he learned to fight from Future!Clone!Syaoran. No guesses as to the probably female parent, but a brainwashing sorceress who knows of Clow's descendants would not be an unreasonable assumption. Possibly the human on which Yuuko's physical form is based, considering Seishiro's looks. This Gambit Timey Wimey Crash of a series is murder on the WMGs.

CLAMP decided to make a series that would confound forum theorists for decades after it finishes.
Why else would it be a near-Mind Screw rich with WMG potential? Also, shippers, considering the attempts at Ship Teases and Ship Sinking, but that could just be CLAMP having fun.

Fay will become the Pirate King.
The "D." in his name indicates the Will of the D. King Ashura knew of his true heritage and "awarded" him the title because he wanted him to reach the Grand Line and find the One Piece treasure. That was also the true purpose for Fay's leaving his dimension, whether he knows it or not.
  • The splash for Chapitre 127 even references this fact by portraying Fay as a pirate wearing luxurious clothing. The fact that Fay is a prince in the manga also alludes to this.

Probably he found a way how to lift his curse, left Kurogane, hooked up with some lady and started the who deal.

Mokona and Modoki will become human.
Modoki will reveal himself to be a facet of Clow, and Mokona will reveal himself to be... A girl. No idea if she's going to look like Yuuko, though.
  • Whichever of the Mokona Modoki, or "false Mokona" you are calling Mokona, who turns out to be a girl, will look exactly like one of Li's sisters.
    • Alternately, all Li's sisters are Mokona constructs, kept to watch him and his mom. When population control come to see if Li's house is with more kids than it should, they go back to Mokona mode.

Yuuko knew Sakura (the Cardcaptor one) from her childhood.
She wasn't Tomoyo, though. She could have been either of her three other friends (Chiharu, Naoko or Rika), that took a magical dye job (like Watanuki himself), and may or not lost her glasses, depending on which one she is. She might have hidden her magical powers all the time, to make sure it wouldn't spoil her plan of helping Sakura behind the curtains. Judging by her personality, I'd say Chiharu. Takashi probably helped her by changing his name and adopting Watanuki, and might have a small amount of power by himself. Even their Tsundere-ish childhood love probably was an act to make sure everything looked ideal.
  • I got the impression that MIZUKI Kaho in CCS was some sort of version of Yuuko.

At the end of the series, Sakura and Syaoran's soul incarnations will become the anchoring point for the dimensions.
Each "country" will have a version of Sakura and Syaoran, and their anchoring the countries in the space-timey wibbly-wobbly continuum ball is why they appear to be the same ages. They will have been there for the specific purpose of anchoring the countries in place, but only because they were made as such by Yuuko and Clow's plan anyway, which was made possible by TRC Sakura and Syaoran being a pair of the anchors... Well, they will succeeded because they couldn't not have. Anyway, each country stays where it is because a Sakura and Syaoran live then.

The CLAMP writers are just taking turns writing.
The've stopped consulting each other about the story and are writing 4 stories in one giant Mind Screw. The reason it makes even a bit of sense? It's Hitzusen.

Thanks to time travel and Yuuko and Clow's last wish, the clones are the mother and father of "Syaoran" Li.
Since there's been some hints that Mama Bear and Papa Wolf might not be the CCS pair, this is the next 'logical' conclusion. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean that Syaoran is just romancing an analog of his mother, but the woman his mother was cloned from. Also, it means Cloney is a clone of his own son.
  • Very No. That would be so cheap, gratuitously circular and symbolic and paradoxial... the more I think about it, the more realistic it seems, and that makes me sad.
  • Makes a lot more sense than introducing a new Shaolan/Sakura pair or CCS!Shaolan/Sakura being the parents. Also, then a lot of other things would make more sense too: Seishirou knowing R!Shaolan's father, Sakura having a vision of daddy!Shaolan in the first chapter, etc.
  • Spoilers for chapter 223 confirm this.
  • Do you hear me, Nanase Ohkawa? I hate you! I still respect your decision, but I. Do. Hate. You!

The series will end with Syaoran the Son and Sakura Prime in therapy.
Because, I mean, really now. The parents/clones are fine with it because they've had years to cope, but the kids/originals will need years of psychotherapy to be able to deal with day to day life and be able to understand the fundamentals of their existence. There is no way in hell they're coming through all this psychologically unscathed, especially with Syaoran's "I am technically my own father" problem.

TRC is the ultimate Book Ends. It is the beginning and end of the CLAMP multiverse.
Specifics in the below WMG. In short, TRC takes place first chronologically of all the works.

FWR has/will win. A new universe will be made. Yuki/Clow's real plan has been to guide the creation of the new universe.
As of 223 the timeline seems to have gone from stable time loop into a stable mobius strip: C!Sayoran and C!Sakura are given chances at a new life. They find each other and give birth to TRC!Sayoran. TRC!Sayoran jumps across time and space to meet TRC!Sakura. From here, the clones are made by FWR to recreate the universe as part of his grand scheme. The clones will/did, thanks to Yuki and Clow, created the CCS universe are part of The Plan.

Clone Sakura (second lifetime) had Cardcaptor adventures in her youth.
Before meeting up with the reborn Cloney. She did have a Star Wand before she gave it up, after all, and Watanuki seemed to recognize the Key of Clow replica in Yuko's shop, and she seemed to steer him away from it- indicating that it was something from his sealed memories of childhood. Seen in family photos, perhaps?
  • This begs the question of, if she was indeed Card Captoring, why the Lis in that world never sent Syaoran to meet with her. Perhaps they sent the local Meiling in his place, noticing that he had an unusual twinkle in his eye when they described the girl to him?
  • Jossed. She only had the star wand because Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura appeared to in a dream to give it to her. This in turn implies that...

Cardcaptor Sakura is yet another Chessmaster manipulating events.
She was manipulating things to ensure that everything has a happy ending, as Clow and Yuko had given their all to merely get the clones into the cycle of reincarnation, resulting in something unplanned and unmanipulated.

Syaoran Jr's real name is Tsubasa.
The weird cloney reincarnation thing means it might be Syaoran .

CLAMP is just making everything up as they go along.
Someone had to say it

Fei Wong Reed read the saga of TRC.
He is, in reality, a fan of CLAMP in our time, but has extreme magical powers. He found it too confusing, and as he got older and his abilities matured, Reed transferred himself back in time and into the Tsubasa Universe in order to straighten it up.

He just ended up making things much worse.

Fei Wong Reed is a future version of Watanuki.

Fei Wong Reed is a future version of Doumeki.
...and he has to wear a monocle because the vision in his right eye is 10/20.

The egg from ×××HOLiC will be used on Fei Wong Reed.
Here's The Plan; Doumeki will make a wish - hopefully, to stay by Watanuki in the shop... Squee! - and the price will be the egg. Tomoyo will wish to save the Sakuras, and will hand over her Moon Bell to Watanuki in exchange for the egg. She will then get Fuuma to deliver it to her alternate self in Piffle, who has conveniently just discovered the method to cross dimensions, who will go to Clow and deliver it to Kurogane.

Together with Fai's magic, the egg will be used on Fei Wong Reed. This will cause him to lose all his memories, return to his original world, and either become Doumeki's ancestor or reincarnate as Doumeki himself, but purified of his sins and caring for both Watanuki(who subconciously reminds him of Clow) and Yuuko. If Doumeki somehow sees Fei Wong Reed through Watanuki's eye, he will either recognize his ancestor or remember his past life.

Either way, someone's got to explain the past several chapters and Fei Wong Reed's real wish, and Doumeki may just be the calmest one to do so. This could lead either to a classic CLAMP yaoi ending of "destined to be enemies" or to a change of their usual pattern and an ending of forgiveness and understanding on the part of everyone. Both ×××HOLiC and Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- are full of both classic CLAMP and subversions, so either possibility is just as likely.

Oh, and the Moon Bell is eventually given to Mizuki Kaho, who may or may not be Yuuko's reincarnation. She then uses it to grant CCS!Sakura the Star Wand, sending the whole plot back to the beginning.

  • With all the major players - Yuuko, Clow, and FWR - seemingly dead we need someone to explain this mess. It would have to be on the ×××HOLiC side of things, since TRC is way to busy at this point. It will likely be Eriol. There's a decent chunk of Clow's memory alive in Eriol Hiragizawa, who by process of elimination is the only one left to explain things. Unless spirits show up, in which case the ball is still in Yuko's court.

Kingdom Hearts is a parallel universe of the Tsubasa world.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to notice all the similarities between the two series. Just compare the ending of Tsubasa to Kingdom Hearts 1's ending!
  • But that would make Kurogane and Fay Goofy and Donald...Oh God, you're right!
    • And Mokona would be Jiminy Cricket. The real question would be if either Clow or Yuuko are King Mickey.
      • Clow is King Micky. Yuko is the Hollow Bastion crew.
      • Wait, wait, who is Sakura then?
      • After the epilogue Kairi.
      • But if Kairi is Sakura, then who is Riku?
      • Clone!Syaoran, obviously. And Fei Wong Reed is Maleificent.
      • I think Clone!Syaoran fits Roxas better...
      • And Watanuki is Xion.
      • But Watanuki is completely male, and looks nothing like Sakura
      • Or you could switch it around and say C!Syaoran is Xion, and that Watanuki is Roxas since he's not supposed to exist.
      • But Xion is the one who isn't supposed to exist...Tsubasa and Sakura are Kairi and Namine, Syaoran and Tsubasa are Roxas and Sora, Kuro's Goofy, Fai is Donald, Mokona is Jiminy, Watanuki is Xion and...maybe Seishiro is Riku? Kind of?
      • Y'know guys, Tsubasa is complicated enough to keep making it even more complicated. Just sayin'. But i kinda like with the last one. Adding Clow as King Mickey and Yuuko as Ansem
  • For what is worth, i think they're not parallel universes, but actually just different worlds all on its own, which allow them to meet at some point (C'mon, Donald Vs. Mokona would ROCK)

Kobato is Watanuki's Sakura.
Well, she has a cheerful personality like Sakura herself. Not really impossible.

Nowadays, everyone male is a Syaoran clone and everyone female is a Sakura clone.
  • So, we're all clones of the clones, or do you mean we're all clones of the two Tsubasas?
    • ... both?
    • Does that mean I am destined to fall in love with someone who is really a clone of my mother? No matter what I do, I will end up dating a mother-clone. Congrats. You made me Asexual.

Clow impregnated multiple versions of the same woman as part of his Gambit Roulette.
  • As everyone knows, CCS Syaoran Li is supposed to be a direct blood descendant of Clow Reed. R!Syaoran from Tsubasa is also referred to several times in the series by both Yuko and FWR as being a blood descendant of Clow Reed. Since the manga series imply that there is only ONE Clow Reed in existence, there is only one logical explanation as to how two Syaoran Li's from two different parallel universes could BOTH be blood decendants of Clow; Clow Reed purposefully impregnated the same woman in multiple worlds, for the specific purpose of establishing a blood lineage that would eventually lead to the birth of Syaoran Li, an indispensable player in Clow's plans. Which just adds another bizarre layer onto the already crazy complicated plan that this series has going.
    • Knowing Clow, it probably was more that he was already impregnating every version of her he could find as a mix of hobby and Gotta Catch 'Em All, and he decided to build the roulette around that.

The Seishiro of Tsubasa is not the one from Tokyo Babylon, but rather...Watanuki
in disguise.One eye, dark hair, intimate knowledge of Syaoran's past, present, and possibly future? Does his best work in the world of dreams? The immortal twin characters that he's after explicitly fail to match the continuity that he's supposed to be from? Sounds like we've got our man. A bit of ensoulment, a visage copy spell, and a pact-switch later would account for everything, though I highly doubt that the twins are actually the twins.

CCS is the version of the timeline created by R!Syoaran's decision to turn back time.
When R!Syaoran turned back time, it had some signifigant effects on the timelines; in Clow world, for instance, Nadeshiko disappeared and Fujitaka became an acheologist instead of the king. In the same way, when R!Syaoran turned back time, it retconned his own world...into the CCS timeline. The reincarnated Clone Sakura and Syaoran no longer have their memories of their adventures during Tsubasa, and therefore the events leading to their eventual meeting and marriage are different, which in turn ensures that the boy born to them is not the same Syaoran as the one from the first timeline, explaining exactly why Watanuki came into exisitence in the first place. Eventually, through magic or contact with Yuuko, CCS Sakura and Syaoran regain their memories of the Tsubasa events and their own pre-altered timeline. CCS Sakura visits herself in the pre-altered timeline in a dream and gives herself the Star wand, ensuring the continued maintenance of the stable timeloop.
  • This too seems to have got Jossed at some point. It's been confirmed that Watanuki's parents are the same clones all along. Yuuko uses the word children. Also CCS Sakura is still in school at the time she visits clone Sakura in a dream and gives her the staff, so this shouldn't be really possible. Screwdriving this story just creates more screws if you ask me...maybe we should just abandon logic.

Vic Mignogna is trolling the Tsubasa fandom and the Yaoi Fangirls.
  • Look at the comments he's made. Can you think of any better way to incite the fury of a thousand message boards? Who likes to incite the fury of a thousand message boards? Trolls. It's as if each and every comment was carefully designed, nay, crafted, to elicit these responses!

Tsubasa is Tsubasa.
  • To elaborate T-Syaoran & T-Sakura are really alternate-reality versions of each other, adding Screwing Yourself to the already f-ed up nature of this series.
    • If Ashura of Shara actually is a woman, then there's already a case where someone changes sex between universes, so it's more likely than you might think. Oh, CLAMP...

Syaoran and Sakura are breeds of Pokémon.
Like Taurus and Miltank, gender-differentiated. This is why in the one instance where we see the offspring of a Syaoran and a Sakura, the only natural child was also a Syaoran. note 
  • Another alternative is Watanuki being a Shiny Syaoran...

Clone Sakura was a Magic Knight.
The only time we see Umi, Fuu and Hikaru in the whole series is when they are hanging out with Clone!Sakura and Clone!Syaoran finds them. It's hinted that they have been friends for some time, and they all wear the same uniform: Conclusion: Sakura also went to Cephiro and got the Earth/Ground magic along with a Mashin of her own. The manga/anime that we saw is the "corrected" timeline, and that's why she isn't mentioned and no one takes her place.

Cloney broke free of his programming because he lacks the Delta Brainwave.
The lack of the brainwave naturally makes him resistant to subtle mental manipulation/programming, albeit not as immune as it makes him to direct control. Its pretty obvious he lacks said wave, given that he's genetically his own father, just like Philip J. Fry was his own grandfather.

Sorata and Arashi asked for Yuuko’s help to have children.
  • When Sorata is telling them what kind of transport they have, he mentions cars, trains, boat etc, and then goes close to Arashi and asks if a baby carriage isn’t also a form of transport. She doesn't answer.
  • Then when they say that the Syaoran and the rest of the group can stay at their place, Sorata says they owe Yuuko a favor, holds Arashi’s hand, and she blushes. Nothing else is mentioned on what that favor was.
Perhaps the couple wanted children, but had some form of difficulties. They asked Yuuko for help, and in return, they had to help Syaoran’s group when they arrived in the Hanshin Republic.

Syaoran and Sakura's bodies are still lying on the floor in Hong Kong.
When Syaoran and Sakura (the clone versions, reborn, AKA Tsubasa's parents) make the decision to seal themselves into the jar, they somehow de-age to the age they were when they first went on the journey. They even suddenly morph into wearing the same clothing that their counterparts are wearing at the Final Battle against Fei Wong Reed in Clow. They arrive in time to save the universe, then evaporate into feathers, which are then absorbed by their respective counterparts.Obviously, the Syaoran and Sakura we're seeing here are only their souls. That would explain how they could change appearance, how they could fit in that jar in the first place, and why they could only maintain their forms independently for a short time after the final battle without relying on the support of physical bodies very similar to theirs. If this is true, Touya is going to get an unpleasant surprise when he walks into that room in answer to Sakura's note...

Ora is Suu.
When Seishiro confronts her at the end of the Oto arc, Ora admits that this isn't her real name or what she really looks like. However, being CLAMP, it can't be a coincidence that the video game persona is just like the character from Clover. In addition, the video game is revealed to be an attraction at Fairy Park, which was the Clover!Ora's favorite amusement park, and the last place we chronologically see Suu. My theory is that Suu, or an alternate universe counterpart, worked with Chitose Hibiya to rebuild Fairy Park and develop the virtual reality game, using her powers as a Clover. As Suu was the strongest of the Clovers, it makes sense that in Oto country, she's the strongest of the oni. She takes part in the game as Ora as a tribute to her dead friend's memory. You'll notice that in the Tsubasa manga, the song she sings is the one that she and Ora wrote together. The name of the bar is even Clover, as a hint to sharp-eyed players.

Genetics doesn't matter across the multiverse, only souls. Likenesses are more to do with luck and fate than genetics.
We've already seen that genetics can't possibly be identical across all variations because a) the reincarnation of Clone!Syaoran and Tsubasa!Syaoran can't be genetically identical because of the fact that Tsubasa has DNA from his mother b) Tsubasa!Syaoran and Watanuki look nothing alike despite being the same existance and c) Vampire!Kamui was born as Vampire!Subaru's twin when they didn't share any genetics in X/1999. The fact that the clones were made from the two Tsubasas doesn't mean anything genetically because they probably weren't reincarnated into genetically identical bodies. This could also mean that Tsubasa!Sakura might not be genetically identical to the reincarnated Clone!Sakura, which means Tsubasa!Syaoran might not be romancing his alternate universe mother's body (just her soul...but since he share's his father's soul that makes it less weird!).

Clow and Yuko are twins.
They look and act similar, and who wouldn't wish with all their heart for their twin to 'open their eyes, one last time?' I have no other evidence to back this up, but it's always just been a little theory of mine. And if not twins, it's possible they could just be brother and sister.

Fai's mother is/was a twin.
Fai based Chi's looks after his mother, implying that Chi is his mother in his original world, Valeria. As anyone who has read Chobits knows, Chi has a sister herself, who, while not exactly a twin, could be considered one, and looks identical to her either way. So, Valeria Chi, (Who was probably called Elda) was born with a twin sister, Freya. They too, were put through many horrible situations in life, and, as such, Elda began to see being a twin as a very bad thing, and so, by the time Fai was born, she couldn't live with it happening to her again.

Twins also run in the family, you know?

As for what happened to Freya, well, she's probably dead. They were given the same option as Fai and Yuui, but unlike her sons, Elda found herself able to kill Freya, either because she wanted to live that much, or because Freya told her it was okay to do so. This would also explain why she hated having twins of her own, despite them being her own sons.

Fai knew all along.
Knew what, exactly? Well, first off, I'm talking about real!Fai here. The dead twin of the man we thought was Fai but is, in fact, Yui. And what am I theorizing he knew?

The entire journey, of course!

From what we know, Yui was/still is incapable of learning healing magic, and is not a dreamseer. No matter how hard he tries, he can't memorize healing spells or anything that goes beyond shields on the scale of harmful to holistic. So who's to say that Fai, had he lived, wouldn't have been struggling with similar issues? Except instead of healing magic, he's incapable of learning attack magic, while he has a heavy grasp on healing spells and the like. While I'd rather not consider this canon, real!Syaoran said that him breaking the universe may have caused Yui to be born with a twin brother instead of one or the other born alone. Who's to say that the magics originally meant for just one baby split into two when the break in reality happened, and with it, the ability to use attack magic went to Yui, and healing magic to Fai?

Another thing to consider is the dreamseer aspect. Fai very well could have been a dreamseer, and was so determined to get FWR to kill him because he saw the life that his brother would have if he did die. Him saying "I'm sorry I can't go with you, Yui...But please, be free..." could also be evidence of that, as he would know there's no way for them both to escape and live happy lives. He likely saw these dreams prior to being placed in the tower since magic didn't work there, which could imply Fai wanted to believe there was another way—a way for them both to live happily. And when he realized it wouldn't be possible, he became determined to die, to save his younger twin brother. Even though it was painful, he was so selfless and willing to die and give up any chance of happiness for Yui's sake. He likely knew it'd be hard, and that Yui would spend a long time with pain in his heart, but at the end he would meet and travel with people who would not only heal him, but love and take care of him. And to Fai, Yui's eventual happiness meant more to him than his life.

R!Syaoran isn't C!Syaoran and C!Sakura's son.
Watanuki supposed to took R!syaoran's place in broken reality, he supposed to be R!Syaoran's parent's son instead of R!Syaoran, but by some reason everyone can identify Cloneys as R!Syaoran parents. Even Cloneys remember being R!Syaoran's parents. That's weird. But it can be explained.In original (mostly) unbroken timeline R!Syaoran's parents wasn't Cloneys, they were more or less normal people. After R!Syaoran broke reality (even more) Watanuki became son of R!syaoran's original parents. But this way R!Syaoran didn't have parents at all and should ceased to exist. And here comes Cloneys. They became R!Syaoran's parents and cycle became more or less stable.