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Drinking Game / Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-

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Drinking game for CLAMP's Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-.

  • Take a drink when Syaoran says 'princess'.
    • Take two when Syaoran just calls Sakura by her name
  • Take a drink when Sakura says 'Syaoran' without any honorifics.
  • Take a drink when Syaoran and/or Sakura get a quiet close up of their faces.
  • Take a drink when Fay calls Kurogane a funny variation of his name.
  • Take a drink when Kurogane insults or verbally attacks Mokona.
  • Take a drink when Kurogane treats someone with unnecessary rudeness.
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  • Take a drink when Fei Wang Reed says something vague and ominous.
  • Take a drink when Fei Wang Reed states his plans have been successful despite having accomplished nothing on screen.
  • Take a drink when Xing Huo stands behind Reed while looking skeptical or disdainful.
  • Take a drink when Mokona says something silly.
  • Take a drink when Syaoran or Fay do a spectacular capoeira kick.
  • If you are into death risk, take a drink any time Sakura looks ditzy and/or ethereal.
  • If you have no qualms about dying, take a drink when Fay is smiling for no discernible reason.

WARNING: TV Tropes cannot be held responsible for any alcohol poisoning. You have been warned and it is up to your responsibility. Have a nice day.


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