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Funny / Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-

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  • Whenever Fai and/or Mokona decides to troll around with Kurogane.
  • One of Mokona's 108 special abilities is imitating people's voice, and boy does she have fun with it.
    • In the Lake Country, she imitated Kurogane's voice when they were exploring with Fai.
    Mokona!Kurogane: I'm so scared! So scared!
    Fai: Don't worry. I'm here with you.
    Mokona!Kurogane: You make Kurogane happy!
    Kurogane: Who the hell is Kurogane now!?
  • Outo Country has many of these. When told that they're allowed to use pseudonyms, Fai decided to fill in everyone's names. When Kurogane finds out, he was not amused. Cue the chase between both of them.
    • The names are : Kurogane -> Big Puppy, Syaoran -> Little Puppy, Fai -> Big Kitty, Sakura -> Little Kitty.
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    • Whenever Kurogane and Syaoran has to introduce themselves with that name. Kurogane absolutely refuses to give out his name, and Syaoran being The Comically Serious...
  • When alcohol is introduced to the group. Fai and Sakura were meowing all night long, while Syaoran picks up a ladle to use in his 'sword training.' And then Kurogane went Team Dad on all of them.
    Kurogane: Go to bed, all of you!
    • As a matter of fact, any time Syaoran or Sakura get drunk is bound to be hilarious (especially since Sakura is immune to feeling a hangover the next day).