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Fridge Logic

  • Well, after reading up to Ch. 224, this troper realized that Assuming that the clones of Sakura and Syaoran have the exact same DNA as the originals... 1. C!Syaoran + C!Sakura = Original Syaoran (50% Sakura's DNA, 50% his own DNA) 2. If the original Syaoran and the original Sakura had a kid....he/she'd be 75% Sakura's DNA and 25% Syaoran's DNA... 3. This also means that the original Sakura and Syaoran are related...because Syaoran has 50% of Sakura's (clone) DNA and 4. Because the clone of Syaoran is 100% Syaoran's DNA, then that means that the clone of Syaoran is has 50% from Sakura, and 50% from the original (Because this is the make-up of the original's DNA)
    • Well, since its a loop, there's actually an infinite regression going on here, with each generation changing. Tsubasa Li's DNA is an infinitely small % Syaoran and an infinitely large % Sakura, since there is a literally infinite chain of /2 Syaoran going on in his ancestry and genome as the genetic loop runs over and over, since each change in his genome to be +x% sakura means the clone is retconned to also have that genome, passing that Sakura DNA to Tsubasa Li instead of Syaoran DNA. The 50/50 thing applied the first time, the second loop Tsubasa Li was 25% himself and so on. Since it was infinite, he has an infinitely small amount of his own DNA. The Mind Screw page is over there.
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    • Oh we've had enough Mind Screw already. It's much simpler to consider that Clamp failed biology forever. See My Own Grampa.
    • Actually, this wouldn't occur at all, because by the time he conceived Tsubasa, C!Tsubasa is longer a clone of him. He's now his clones reincarnation, but actually now inhabits the body of an CCS!Syaoran making him alt of him, with lineage from Clow Reed and a different origin now. And Presumably different genetics with it. Assuming that was truly the case however it need not be complicated, as Syaoran only had Tsubasa Li once, ontologically speaking. One inception, one copulation, one scramble of genetics, that was it. Just because his DNA would find itself back into the clone who would birth him doesn't mean I'd be necessarily selfcest. Syaoran is a paradox temporally created copy of Tsubasa who in turn also happens to be his son.... in this given scenario. The gene's are all there for the two to be created, and that Sakura was in the mix doesn't mean she's splicing/inserting herself into his existence, but she always was and always meant to be, coinciding with the whole destiny/cosmic familiarity theme ongoing. It's a simple stable time-loop; Syaoran's existence is facilitated by Tsubasa's and vice-versa, (With Sakura's somewhere mixed in) looking into it deeper is just obfuscating the matter. But that's all completely irrelevant, since Syaoran being reincarnated into Alt!CCS!Syaoran, with the deceased C!Syaoran's soul is what helps make this less relevant of headscratching to think about.
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    • It's better if we all just don't think too much about it...

Fridge Brilliance

  • In the early days of the manga, I kept wondering why Kyle Rodart looked so much like Watanuki. Much later, I realized that it's intentional, Kyle is a clone of Syaoran, just like Watanuki.
    • Whilst I'm not sure he's a clone of Syaoran, he does follow the aesthetic pattern: pale with black hair.
  • In RG Veda it was established that a Third Eye represents "sins even a demon wouldn't commit", so I was really confused when the Ashura statue in the country of Shara had one. But just now I remembered that he wished for Yasha to come back from the dead. Perhaps in the original timeline of that world (before Syaoran and co. mucked it up), this wish led him to doing something that messed with the natural order of things, hence the extra eye.
  • The reason FWR found Fai and Yuui was because real!Fai wished for death in the tower and that FWR fulfilled his wish while at the same time making it seem like they really had a choice in the matter when he asked them who should be the one to die so the other could live.
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  • Mokona's powers are the only thing that allows the characters from different worlds to communicate with each other, and only work when they're all near him. So why, when they split up in Outo country can they still talk to each other, and the other people in Outo? Why of course, because Outo is actually a RPG made to be played be people from different worlds and has it's own translation circuit
  • This only seems to work in hindsight, since Kajiura would have had no real idea what twists the plot would take at the point when the anime adaptation was begun, especially since it's one of the first tracks that plays in the anime as a whole, but A Song of Storm and Fire applies to both Syaorans. The original uses wind magic almost exclusively, and the clone prefers to use fire over everything else, both with Hien and Fai's eye. It's a literal song of Storm ( The original Syaoran) and Fire ( the clone. ), especially when they end up battling each other in the world of dreams.
  • The anime didn't cast Motoko Kumai and Sakura Tange in the lead roles, despite reusing the same voice actors between in-universe counterparts. Fandom was rather annoyed at this at the time. But, as it turns out in the manga, they aren't really Alternate Universe counterparts of the lead couple of Cardcaptor Sakura...
    • Well, they become true alternate counterparts once they reincarnate. Their originals, the two Tsubasa - one of which is their son - count too, which gets confusing...
  • Most fans agree the casting was rather spot on.
  • Aya Hisakawa did return to her role as Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura in the anime.
  • In volume 24 we have a visit to the shop that was illustrated with the same angles and lines as the first chapter of ×××HOLiC as a big foreshadowing to the revelation that the original Syaoran and Watanuki share the same role.
  • Names are important in this Verse. When they appeared to Yuuko, the only characters who said their real names were Watanuki, Syaoran and while Sakura didn't say her name herself, she was introduced by Syaoran. The real Syaoran, Fai and Kurogane gave fake names. It meant that the first three had no control on their destinies because they were shaped by other while the formers could (and did) seize control on their future.
  • It may seem weird at first that Watanuki was born as a replacement of Tsubasa!Syaoran, (the whole "he'll be your parent's son") given how different they are in appearance. Even if, as Fei Wong says, Watanuki looks like a young Clow, normally it would be quite strange for a child to be born with the features of such a distant relative. Yet, Watanuki as Syaoran and Sakura's child makes sense because he does have a close relative with pale skin and black hair: CCS!Syaoran's mother, Yuelan Li. Also, one of his sisters may have blue eyes as well, which would close the circle as proof that Watanuki's characteristics are indeed in the Li's (even if recessive) genetic pool. We could say that Watanuki is the child that manifests all the recessive traits on his father's side, unlike Tsubasa who had inherited all the dominant traits (brown hair and fair, but not pale, skin: Syaoran and all four of his sisters share these); thus, they are truly "two sides of a coin".
  • Early in the story it's established that Syaoran and his father are archaeologists who periodically visit the Clow Kingdom. What ruins could they be studying that takes them on so many long journeys? Clow Kingdom was built on the remains of Tokyo, so Syaoran and his father were actually excavating the ruins of Japan.

Fridge Horror

  • This is not just Fridge Horror, CLAMP's upgraded to Ascended Fridge Horror = Squick: Fridge Squick - Everyone's related in this Tangled Family Tree.
    • Tsubasa Li now has the memory of sending himself to another dimension to fall in love with his moms original self because his wife had a dream
    • And Tsubasa Sakura has all the memories of C!Sakura which means she has all the memories of what it is to be Syaoran's mom. But never mind she was seeing everything through her clone's eyes the whole time, even while Frozen in Time.
      • Doesn't this only apply if we assume that Tsubasa obtained all the memories of C!Sakura!mom's entire existence? I just assumed it was only of original Clone!Sakura up until the point where she died. Did it state whether or not she inherited Reincarnated mom's memories? If you mean when she absorbed the last feather, I felt like that was more like absorbing her essence/soul type thing like with Kari/Nami rather than obtaining her full set of memories. I cannot imagine how squicky it would be only to see your clone's travels, and than there new life as your crushes mom, than remembering several years of being trapped/frozen for years (a bit willingly), and than being freed only to get adsorbed (ded pretty much) shortly after before getting to greet your son and original self.
      • Wait a minute, then that would mean that Tsubasa!Sakura and Tsubasa!Syaoran would remember Tsubasa!Syaoran's, ahem, conception. That is, that one special night between his parents, when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much... yeah, awkward to the max.
    • Regardless of Whether or not Tsubasa is related to himself or not, he's already naturally sort of an incestual child. His father (C!Syaoran reincarnated) was born as a relative of Clow Reed (Son? He's a descendant somehow). Mom clone Sakura also is related to Clow Reed already, assuming we believe the original timeline still happened, and to top it all off Princess Tsubasa Sakura is born of an Alt-version/reincarnation of Reed well before any of that happened. Squicky.
    • Now the clones and the originals have become one. Which means... There are quite a lot of reasons why R!Syaoran wants them back alive.
    • All along, the originals have been seeing (and experiencing and therefore re-living) each other through the clones' eyes.
  • When I first read through Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-, I figured the second promise Kurogane talks about in Chapter 134 is just to stay with the gang and help find Cloney, blah blah blah. It was only much later that I realized that's not it at all; the new promise is really to take responsibility for Fay's life and stay by his side to give him the blood he needs to survive. (Notice he only confirms that he would stay with the group after Fay says he will.) After Kurogane says this, Sakura and Mokona give him almost questioning looks, but Fay looks down sadly — he understands exactly what Kurogane is talking about.
  • In Fai's backstory, it says that the elder prince looked forward to their birth. It also says that the twins' mother and father (the younger prince) died. That means that the ruler who imprisoned Yuui and Fai was their own uncle.
    • Actually, "elder prince" implies that Yui and Fai had an older brother, as one cannot have a prince without having a king (or queen, but in that case the "elder prince" would have immediately been made king going by traditional royal heir shenanigans). The "younger prince" would have been the two of them. The king, however, was indeed their uncle.
  • What the freaking thing happened that made most of the rain that fall on the world be acid rain that destroyed most of Tokyo and possibly effect the rest of the world? Had pollution caused by humanity gotten that bad that it almost permanently screwed how the weather worked?