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  • Accidental Innuendo: Everything in this sequence.
    Luigi: Like our model always says, the customer is always wet!
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: King Koopa apparently has amazing psychic abilities, if the beginning of "Do You Princess Toadstool Take This Koopa..?" is of any indication.
  • Ass Pull: The show seems to rely on one every episode. Sometimes this happens during the songs but two other examples include:
    • Luigi knowing how to speak Pidgit for some reason.
    • Mario using one of the Circling Stars that appears after hitting his head as a Starman, which gives him invincibility. Yeah...
  • Awesome Music: The "showdown" music in "Robo Koopa". Sort of a techno-Mario-Spaghetti Western thing.
    • Also music used only in specific episodes such as "The Mark of Zero" and "The Ten Koopmandments".
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: In the first episode, Bowser orders two mouthless ice creatures (Flurries) to lick his feet while he sits on his throne. For no reason.
  • Cant Un Hear It:
    • For many older fans, Captain Lou Albano's deep-but-friendly Brooklyn-accented Mario voice still trumps the higher-pitched stereotypical-Italian-accented voice Charles Martinet gives the character in the official games. Oddly enough, every voice actor who auditioned for Mario after the DiC cartoons ended knew this trope would be in effect, and tried to imitate Captain Lou. Ironically, Charles Martinet got the role because he was the only actor who made no such attempt.
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    • Likewise, many can't help but read Bowser's in-game (e.g., Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi) lines with Harvey Atkin's voice.
    • Even Martinet seems to have based his performance as Luigi as basically a cross between his own take on Mario and Danny Wells' take on Luigi. Note the lower-pitched voice and the quirky vocal phrasings. Likewise, although Nintendo initially went with a higher-pitched, childlike voice for Toad, they eventually based Toad's voice on John Stocker's distinctly raspy performance.
  • Crazy Awesome:
    • Captain Lou Albano as Mario. That is all.
    • King Mario of Cramalot features a medieval duel between Mario — wielding a mystical plumber's snake — and Bowser — wielding a mystical toilet plunger. With Michael Jackson's "Bad" playing in the background. Yes, really.
  • Critical Research Failure
    • In one episode, Mario and Luigi flee in complete terror from a Goomba, despite the fact that they have it outnumbered, and there's hardly any way it could actually pose a threat to them. A few seconds later in the same episode, they run on top of a field of Piranha Plants.
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    • Also in the opening, when Mario touches a star and gets fire powers. It's the Fire Flower that gives you this; the Starman gives you invincibility (the shorts themselves generally get this right).
    • It would still be off somewhat, since that form is called "Super Mario".
  • Ear Worm
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Bunsen in "Robo Koopa." Her design and voice are downright Moe, and she's technically the one to defeat Bowser this time around—his thirteenth one, we might add.
  • Esoteric Happy Ending: The live-action segment "Goodbye Mr. Fish". Mario and Luigi petsit the beloved goldfish of a kindly old woman named Mrs. Periwinkle, only for it to die unexpectedly. Rather than explain the situation, they get her a Replacement Goldfish, and she's none the wiser, firmly believing it to be her "Kenneth". Granted, Mario declines any payment, but when Mrs. Periwinkle says that she'll spread the word about the brothers' supposed good work, Luigi starts telling her about their "rates"...
  • Harsher in Hindsight: One episode of the series had Bowser forcibly marrying Toadstool, with several members of the kingdom turned to stone. In Super Paper Mario, Peach is literally brainwashed into marrying Bowser so the Big Bad (Hint: Not Bowser) can create a Chaos Heart to completely destroy existence.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight
    • "The Fire of Hercufleas" has so much of this with Hercules — from Hercufleas looking almost-exactly like the Disney version of Zeus, to one of Koopa's Mooks explicitly saying he's a "zero" instead of a "hero." Likewise, both versions of Hercules temporarily lose their strength and eventually manage to regain it.
    • "Two Plumbers and a Baby" gave us Baby Bowser and Baby Peach.
    • The episodes "Stars in Your Eyes" and "Star Koopa" are all about the Mario Bros. venturing into space to save both the Princess and the galaxy from Bowser.
    • It's clear that, since this is a cartoon based on a video game, certain features were bound to be included into future games. From Mini Mushrooms and Mega Mushrooms, to Baby Bowser and Baby Peach, Mario's love of food, Luigi's cowardice, Peach's and Toad's much greater roles, and many many more, it's clear that the cartoonists had some very good ideas that Nintendo would use later on. One thing, however, a lot of people will skip over is the following sentence from the live action skit, "No Way To Treat A Queenie": "Well, since I am the queen, you see, I really must use the royal 'we' ". HM The Queen actually has a "Royal Wii", one that is gold-plated.
    • Mario's athletic tendencies are mentioned in one episode, and later games have him playing all sorts of sports.
    • The fact that Mario is played by wrestling icon Lou Albano becomes funny after the canon Mario actually became a wrestler for a while.
      • That and an episode of each Saturday Morning spinoff dealt with wrestling in some way.
    • "The Trojan Koopa" introduced the concept of the Princess rescuing Mario, Luigi, and Toad.
    • "Count Koopula" features a piranha plant who can spit out fire, which had not appeared in any of the games yet (in North America), but would appear in Super Mario Bros. 3note .
    • The live-action segment "Slime Busters" features a guest appearance by Ernie Hudson as a Ghostbuster pastiche and had Luigi get possessed. Also of note is that Ernie Hudson's character Winston Zeddemore was notably omitted from the trailers for both Ghostbusters movies. Now we have a whole series where Luigi captures ghosts, both of which were intended to help Luigi live outside of his brother's shadow.
    • In another of the live action segments, where Mario and Luigi are charged with the task of fixing up Inspector Gadget, they refer to each other as Dr. Mario and Dr. Luigi. Dr. Mario would come out a year later, and Dr. Luigi would come out in 25 years.
    • Toad getting captured by a giant Birdo in the first episode has some shades of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.
    • Mario's fight with King Koopa in "Mario Meets Koop-Zilla", at one point, has him grabbing Koopa by the tail and throwing him away. And then came Super Mario 64.
    • "Jungle Fever" features Shy Guys dressed like jungle natives and wielding spears.
    • The theme song has the line, "We're not like the others, who get all the fame." which is rather funny considering that Mario is known as the most famous video game character of all time.
    • The series was originally syndicated by Viacom, when it was merely a company composed of MTV Networks (a group of cable networksnote ) and a syndication arm. In October 2017, Paramount Pictures, an outlet owned by the Spiritual Successor also named Viacom, bought the movie rights to the Sonic the Hedgehog, a rival character to Mario that Sega would create two years after the Super Show! aired (and also had a few cartoons by the same producer of the Super Show!, DIC Entertainment). That means Viacom, along with DiC, will be involved in producing separate works with both franchises!
    • Bowser marrying Peach would make its way into the games.
      • As would some of the costumes Mario wears in some episodes including at least a cowboy costumenote  and even a chef's outfitnote .
    • The Koopas using magic wands make its way into Super Mario Bros. 3.
    • Mario himself goes to hell before he dies.
    • The episode "Plummers Academy" features background characters who look similar to Wario and Waluigi. Another one looks like SMG4's Author Avatar, albeit with a white hat.
  • Informed Real Life Fame: While most of the celebrity guests in the live-action segments are either still well-known (Magic Johnson, Ernie Hudson) or at least recognizable as '80s icons or historical figures (Cyndi Lauper, Mikhail Gorbachev), some of them will be complete headscratchers to contemporary viewers. Who the hell is Rob Stone? note 
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Even though the cartoons have some prominence in YouTube Poops, it's the live-action sequences that are the highlight for some viewers due to having much better comedic writing and cool guest-stars.
  • Memetic Mutation: "Luigi, I'm home!"
  • The Scrappy:
    • Toad is pretty much the least popular of the main characters for his annoying voice and Jerkass attitude.
    • Patty in "Day of the Orphan." She's a bossy and whiny Manipulative Bastard to Mario and Luigi, and it turns out she's such a Spoiled Brat that she's repeatedly run away from home and lied about her parents whenever she hasn't gotten her way. No wonder her parents ground her "till the end of the century."
  • So Bad, It's Good: This is how many people see the cartoon today. While it was very popular in its time and there are plenty still willing to admit to genuinely liking it, it is difficult to overlook its many Off-Model moments and glaring continuity errors.
  • What an Idiot!: See this page.


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