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  • Anti-Climax Boss:
    • The penultimate level in HTFA 5 consists of Boss Rush where you fight the previous bosses (sans Wart). However, since it's treated as a regular level, you still end the level by fighting a Birdo.
    • HTFA Land also has a Boss Rush level. It ends with you fighting a Boom Boom. Granted he's tougher compared to the previous encounters, but still, he's very easy to take down.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: In the updated HTFA 6, Izzy says "PK Freeze!" as his victory quote for no apparent reason.
  • Breather Boss:
    • In HTFA 5, for a boss in the penultimate kingdom, Wart is incredibly easy to defeat.
    • A similar case happens with Mecha-Bowser Head from HTFA GB. Its only way of damaging you is via Collision Damage, so you pretty much require less effort in destroying it compared to the Boss Rush that happened prior to this mech's fight. However, the final battle after that isn't as easy.
  • Broken Base: Boy, where do we even begin? Most of the casual HTF fans enjoy the series, especially considering that HTF fangames aren't really commonplace and this is one of the most decent ones. Crossover fans even more so, due to the series' nature. The more serious fans usually shake their head at the ridiculous concept, but other parts of the fanbase outright hate it for many reasons (CrossOver/Mega Cross Over, inclusion of fan characters, stolen content from better games, etc.). Non-HTF fans, especially fans of the video games featured in the series, either accept it as So Okay, It's Average, facepalm at the concept, end up being simply confused at what the series is trying to do, or hate it with a passion.
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  • Crack Pairing: Radel999 once paired Flaky with Bowser in a single artwork. Yes, the man went there. Doubles as a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment for his DeviantArt gallery as the pairing is never mentioned again.
  • Crossover Ship: Radel999 once paired Flaky with Bowser in a single artwork. Yes, the man went there. Doubles as a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment for his DeviantArt gallery as the pairing is never mentioned again.
  • Demonic Spiders: In HTF Origins, basically anything that shoots blue flames and missiles (see That One Attack section for why). Worse, you can't simply pass through them. They're usually too big to jump over and it's never an option to literally walk through them (Mercy Invincibility issue is to blame here).
  • Fridge Horror: Radel999's rationale for why certain HTF characters die permanently (in other words, no longer making an appearance in future games) is because their creators have truly confirmed to leave the fandom, as shown by few of his artwork and a demo of HTFA Legends featuring a grave of Brandy as a reference of Brandy's creator no longer wanting to associate himself and Brandy with the HTF fandom. In-Universe, this translates as: What kind of horrible accident that caused the poor Happy Tree Friend to die permanently?!
    • The Fridge Horror above is even worse on Brandy, as the last time he's seen in HTFA 6, he's walking alongside the heroes (and Allay, Neena, Tacho, Pop, Cub and Yoshi) with no signs of anything terrible going to happen, so one can wonder how he died after all this.
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  • Fridge Logic: One can wonder why none of the Happy Tree Friends simply call Splendid, the strongest and the toughest known Happy Tree Friend, to solve every problem faced in each game. Every game will end very shortly though if that happens.
  • Funny Moments: The Stinger in HTFA Land that shows the heroes and Allay standing together on grassy ground... while Bowser falls into the water in the background. It also helps that the credits music abruptly stops when that happened.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Abusing the password system in certain HTFA games. See the Not the Intended Use section on the main page for details.
    • In HTFA 2, you can farm lives in a hidden level where you can fight Flippy, which rewards you 20 lives per completion. Considering that a session can be done in roughly 2 minutes, this makes the whole life-farming in this game pretty much this.
    • You can use the Konami Code in HTFA Land. This rewards you 30 lives. Being a Classic Cheat Code, it's pretty much expected.
  • Goddamned Bats: In HTFA 6, the Mecha Scorpion/Sasoreenu is this. A Spread Shot into three directions is its only attack, but you're more likely to get hit by these things as you can't jump low enough to avoid the shots (assuming you fight one on the same ground level) unless you're far enough. And they can take five hits before being destroyed. And there can be many of these things at the same area.
    • From the same game, Koopa Muscler can be considered this too. These things are bigger than common enemies and their only attack is jumping to crush the player. Their size makes it difficult to go past them, so having them jump is the only way to do so. The problem is that they actively follow the player, they take multiple hits before being destroyed, and there can be more than one on-screen. It's also not uncommon to encounter them in the middle of platforming segments where you have to jump across multiple pits. It's best to simply run past them and take few hits instead of trying to get rid of them, take multiple hits, and waste your time.
    • HTFA GB has Bowbow. These critters are first introduced in the third level and they're pretty much bothersome. They walk faster than other enemies and their only method of attack is spitting a fireball, which travels extremely fast (as fast as Hyoey's shots, in fact). If they're in enclosed spaces, you can think twice before striking them, but if they're at the same flat ground as you, it's usually too late for you to dodge or shoot them. Helpful tip: Shoot at all times starting from the third level. These critters are really annoying, yes, but at least they die in one hit.
  • Good Bad Bugs
    • In HTFA 3, you can actually damage any of the Koopalings before you even trigger the boss event by shooting them from a considerable distance. You'll still win even if you kill them this way.
    • In HTFA 6, there's a chance that Brandy can end up stuck on the ground when he's about to jump to the other side of the boss room, giving you a free kill.
      • Likewise, in most games, due to collision problems, it's possible for enemies to get stuck, rendering them mostly harmless (due to still being capable of hurting your character via Collision Damage) and giving you a free kill.
    • Enemies with projectile-based attacks won't shoot unless most of their sprite is shown on-screen. If you choose to be patient and careful, you can simply take out the more annoying enemies (especially the ones in HTF Origins) by shooting a little bit of their visible sprite from a certain range!
    • In HTFA games that used HTFA 2's health system, for some reason your health can get stuck on the 5-health count that cannot be reduced unless the bug somehow resolves itself (also for no clear reason), making your character virtually immortal.
  • Growing the Beard: As more sequels and spinoffs are made, the series keeps getting better, both graphically and "game mechanic"-wise. Sprites are rarely overly re-scaled in the more recent games and game physics keep improving with each game.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Considering that most HTFA games, especially the early ones, took some inspiration from NES Konami games, not to mention that said games usually have a "special thanks" part to said company, it's kind of difficult to look at the credits now with said mention after considering the massive backlash that Konami had gotten in 2015 and 2016, especially from the West. The more recent HTFA games are more Super Mario Bros.-esque, so Konami is no longer mentioned anymore in the credits, but if you're playing the older games...
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The HTFA series' playable cast usually consists of Cuddles, Flaky, Petunia, Nutty, Giggles and Toothy. Flippy also appears in this series, but he's not playable, only appearing as a boss in two main games and as a NPC in one spinoff. An official HTF iOS game called Deadeye Derby has exactly those six characters as the standard playable characters. Not only that, you can fight Flippy in the latter game as well!
  • It's Easy, So It Sucks!: The games tend to be generous when it comes to extra lives, and HTFA 3 is probably considered to be the easiest thanks to exploitable boss battles. However, people tend to forget that the series can be rather brutal with platforming and certain boss battles.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!: Plot-wise, people's reactions to the series tend to be this.
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • Say what you will about how bizarre/stupid/cheesy this fan series is. The fact that you play as the notoriously-fragile Happy Tree Friends and you fight Bowser and his army with said critters are enough to make the playable characters seem awesome on their own. Being the only known HTF fanwork to become a relatively large series (consider that most HTF fangames are either unfinished or ended up disappearing from the web) is also considered an awesome moment for the fandom.
    • You can fight Flippy in two of these games! Time to show him who's the better killer!
    • As weird as it sounds, yes, you can play as an Unexpected Character that is Izzy in HTFA 6. Unlike TwinBee and WinBee, once he's accessible, you can spend the rest of the levels in HTFA 6 playing as him. If you know his franchise origin, you'll know why this deserves to be in this section, even though you consider this character's presence as weird.note  But seriously, Izzy blasting Koopas with a laser gun just sounds awesome.
  • Narm: The broken English and cheesy plot pretty much result in this. Also, the whole crossover idea.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Due to HTFMegaman keeping the default keys in any of these games, the controls may as well be this. You see, Games Factory/Multimedia Fusion, for the keyboard controls at least, defaults the action keys to Shift, Ctrl, Space bar and Enter. Using Enter as the "Start" button is forgiven, though, but consider that jumping and shooting are bound to Shift and Ctrl, respectively. Both actions are done often, especially jumping. You can see where this going. Special Powers, introduced in HTFA 6, have their usage bound to the Space bar, resulting in a rather uncomfortable control layout. Fortunately, you can either re-bind the controls yourself or use a joystick (if supported).
    • Unfortunately, most games with button prompts specifically mention the default controls as he assumed that the game is played with those default controls in mind (resulting in, like, say, "Press Ctrl" on a selection screen, meaning that you have to use the re-bound key that replaced the Ctrl key), but some that don't give prompts end up being specifically bound to a specific key (like using Ctrl, and Ctrl only, to progress through dialogue). This makes the controls inconsistent if you go out of your way to re-bind the controls, or heck, trying to use a joystick (if it's supported, that is).
    • Speaking of re-binding keys, your setting being reset if you reset the application. Combined with the fact that the game normally uses the default controls (see above), this causes more tedium for the player.
  • Sequel Displacement: Not many people know about the very first HTFA game. HTFA 2 and 3 also suffer from this, as there are more people who know about HTFA 4-6 and its spinoffs than those games. To be fair, the early games suffer from Early Installment Weirdness and Fake Difficulty in the form of clunky physics and mechanics.
  • So Bad, It's Good: Another result of the above Narm factors.
  • Surprise Difficulty: You thought a fangame series with a laughable premise is going to be piss easy, right? For a notable example that fit this bill, try HTFA 6. Don't let the silly crossover aspect fool you.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: The Happy Tree Friends and their cute allies, of course. The "played for laughs" aspect that is present in the original show is toned down by Radel 999 himself, however, making this trope mostly played straight.
    • Played completely straight in the future games, as Word of God stated that he will remove blood and gore in those games, starting with HTFA Maker (though HTFA GB started it first).
  • That One Attack
    • In HTF Origins, pretty much anything that deals two points of damage (blue flames and missiles) is this. The fact that your Mercy Invincibility is rather poor makes this worse.
    • In HTFA 4, Ludwig's machine shoots bullets to unpredictable ways. Seeing that you have to jump to have your shots reach him, this can be aggravating. You might die more often to this particular boss than to Bowser himself.
    • In HTFA 5, pretty much any "huge flame"-based attacks from the three (out of seven, not counting Birdo) bosses can be this. The flames cover quite a long range, about half of the screen. The worst part is that, the flames follow your character, so it's near-impossible for you to avoid them unless you're out of range. The third boss in this game is the worst offender, as it constantly moves from side to side, and it's pretty big too, so you have to force yourself to jump over him every time with the help of the floating blocks, making the flames even more likely to hit you.
    • In HTFA 6, Fire Koopa's lava pillars are the same as the blue flames in HTF Origins. They deal two points of damage, but even with the more functional Mercy Invincibility, you can still die really often, especially if you ended up cornered on either side of the boss room. Fortunately, Fire Koopa is rather predictable, so if you know his chain of actions, you should be able to dodge the blazing pillars easily.
    • Fireball shots in HTFA GB. They travel way too fast and often hit you when you're not aware enough (remember that you only have 5 hit points in this game, and health pick-ups aren't really commonplace). Common sources include Bowser statues and those goddamn Bowbows...
  • That One Boss
    • In HTFA 4, Ludwig. (see That One Attack section for why)
    • From the same game as the above, Morton can be this. He floats mid-air, firing bullets in a Spread Shot. This might not seem like much, you can simply dodge them by jumping if you're on the top floating block. Then he starts flying around, spreading more bullets. If you cannot exploit this battle by standing on the rightmost side of the arena, you'll take damage often or waste a lot of lives fighting him.
    • In HTF Origins, the second phase of Bowser's final boss fight, due to the still problematic Mercy Invincibility. You're going to hate flames in this game, especially the blue ones, a lot more than flames from other games.
    • The same can be said for the third boss in HTFA 5 (can be re-encountered in the penultimate level...), as well as Fire Koopa in HTFA 6.
    • In HTFA 6, Mecha Tacho is this. Like Flippy and Mecha Neena, this particular boss follows you. Despite only walking along the ground like the aforementioned two bosses, he presents more difficulty than those two. First things first, he mainly attacks by shooting flames, which are fast. Secondly, he can also fire missiles between (somewhat) random intervals. Thirdly, and the most important factor to the difficulty he caused, is the boss room layout. Both of the two bosses mentioned above have a friendly layout that simply consists of two small platforms on one side each, aside from the flat ground both you and the boss can stand on. They're placed low enough, but are convenient enough for moving from one side to another without colliding with the boss. In this boss's case, however, the layout consists of a single floating platform placed high, which can only be reached via either one of the two moving platforms on each side, which move up and down. Using those platforms, in fact, lessens your chance of hitting the boss because, remember, the boss actively follows you and forces you to keep moving. Now, combine that with the boss's attacks, and you have a recipe for frustration.
    • In HTFA Land, you have Crush Crawfish as the boss of the third world. His attacks are actually easy to dodge. What's the problem? The water. In a certain interval, a large amount of water rises, forcing your character to swim while still dealing with Crush Crawfish's attacks. This can lead to awkward controls, especially when the water drains back after a certain time has passed. If you pick Toothy, the battle against this boss, while still a bit difficult due to the swimming physics, will be more doable. If you pick someone else? Prepare to struggle a lot.
    • In the first HTFA, Giga Bowser (which doesn't resemble his SSB self). When you start his level, there are several health items and an extra life at the bottom part. Then you start climbing up. You'll die a lot to his fireballs when you get to the upper platforms. Remember, the Mercy Invincibility mechanic in this game is very poor. What makes this worse is that the fireball graphics are located underneath the boss's layer, so you cannot see them easily before it's too late. Hint  This is pretty much a Surprise Difficulty in this game when it comes to bosses. He's the final boss, after all.
    • In HTFA GB, Hyoey appears as a boss in the penultimate level. Damaging it is pretty easy, but its shots are so fast that it's just useless to try to dodge whenever they're fired. You have to get the timing down in order to keep your character safe, but even then the timing might be screwed often because the boss keeps switching places (and no, it's useless to stand behind it when it's moving to the other side, as it's programmed to always face your character), forcing you to do the same as well. Also, keep in mind that even if you've finally gotten the timing down very well, you can only make five blunders (either from the shots or from Collision Damage).
      • What's worse is that you'll re-encounter this boss again in the level after that, considering that level's Boss Rush nature.
    • In HTFA Land, Bowser himself. You may be thinking "Oh, come on. He's the final boss. He's supposed to be difficult yet fun." But... I'd rather say otherwise. First things first, Bowser has two phases, with the second one being obviously insane. After a ridiculously easy Super Mario Bros.-esque boss fight in the first phase, Bowser grows gigantic thanks to Kamek. During this second phase, you have to shoot his head to damage him. However, because of his size, you have no choice but to use the springboards (even if you've picked Flaky, as the Special Power gauge would eventually run out before you defeat the gigantic Bowser). And... it's easier said than done. Bowser constantly moves and attacks, distracting you as you have to focus on dodging the many projectiles he shot. You can make the fight somewhat easier by jumping over him and trying to shoot him from the back, but you have to be closer, as the head cannot be damaged if it's off-screen. That's not the worst part, however. It's the fact that despite the more polished game engine, it STILL managed to ruin the fun by having Bowser hop off-screen due to a glitch (and this is not one of the rarer instances in the series either), forcing you a reset... but wait, this is HTFA Land we're talking about, which is infamous for being extremely buggy when it comes to game saves (well... this is the first HTFA game to have Autosave, so it might be understandable, but still...). If luck isn't on your side, good luck restarting the game over just to reach your lost progress again!
  • That One Level
    • The third level of the first world in HTFA 1. You've breezed through the first two levels, trying to get used to the broken game mechanics. Now, you're entering a castle, where there are many hazards. The fact that you're (almost) lacking Mercy Invincibility will cause you to run out of lives easily, and you can only make very few blunders if you want to reach the first boss. If you're not careful, not getting used to the game's physics, AND not stocking up on health (every time you die, you'll only start with 3 hit points), you might as well start over from the beginning. The only good thing is the fact that the boss is ridiculously easy, and the next levels don't pose as much threat as this one.
    • HTFA 4 introduces a skiing section, which in this game is located in the fourth level. Prior to this section, you platform your way while avoiding the water-based Blarggs that pop out from the water. If your character's not a high jumper, you'll be more likely to get hit. But other than that, this is considered a breeze compared to the skiing section itself. There, you're carried by Neena as you try to either dodge or shoot the many enemies that appear. The problem lies in the second part of this section. There are some parts of the level that require you to jump over lava pools. The fact that there's lava in a water-skiing level is bad enough, but you have to have a near-perfect timing if you don't want to end up falling into those pools. Also, due to being an Autoscrolling Level, get ready to get squished often. However, after this part, you're going to face Ludwig...
    • Spiked Pirate's level in HTFA 6. Bottomless Pits, spikes, and tricky platforming abound. This being the first choice in the beginning part of the game (this covers one-third part of the game; like the Mega Man series, you can do those levels in any order) can throw off some players. You might find yourself dying often while trying to platform through. Not like the other levels are any easier. Some players consider HTFA 6 to be the most difficult (near-stable) HTFA game, and it shows. As for the boss battle itself, it is easy, but wastes a lot of time due to his attacking pattern.
    • In HTFA 6, the second level of Bowser's fortress features one vertical section where you have to dodge lasers that deal three hit points of damage (keep in mind that you have 8 hit points at maximum in this game). You have to move fast, as the lasers are shot quite quickly, and there are numerous of them as you climb down this section. There are health items scattered around, but there aren't many of them and aren't enough to save you. Not even Mercy Invincibility can help either if you're not quick enough or often getting stuck, slowing down your progress and quickening your death. Going into this level as Petunia, the fastest runner, is recommended.
    • In HTFA 4, the second level, Lemmy's Crazy Fortress, can be this to some. For an early level, it already shows some signs of tricky platforming. On the other hand, there's an elevator section that goes down really slowly as the platform you're on passes through numerous hazards and you have to navigate on your own as well to avoid either getting crushed by the top part of the screen or getting hit by hazards. While the somewhat tricky platforming parts can be done if you're careful enough, the elevator part is criticized for making the level feel boring. As for the boss battle? Lemmy can either be That One Boss or an extremely easy one depending on how you actually fight against him.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Flaky, obviously. Even before Word of God from Mondo, Radel 999 clearly stated that Flaky is a girl. And he was correct about that.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: One HTF fan managed to question whether Radel 999 was high when he made this series. He didn't take it kindly. Doesn't help that the Crossover concept uses a highly-unlikely franchise combination.


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