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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Was Chiffon a Big Good Jesus expy that made a Heroic Sacrifice to save the Pandoras and the world? Or was she a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing that committed a Senseless Sacrifice due to her own stupidity after she was perfectly willing to let her colleagues be subjected to Cold-Blooded Torture and You Have Outlived Your Usefulness, and who could have prevented the entire situation from deteriorating if she had sided with the protagonists at the beginning instead of Just Following Orders?
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  • Arc Fatigue: The non-focus on the protagonists after the Bridget-sibling arc can be quite fatiguing for some people that aren't interested in seeing any of the development for the side characters. The rough part is that its been over 100 chapters since the end of the mentioned arc, so Kazuya, and Satellizer have been side-lined since forever.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • The anime tones down Louis' actions, and seems to be aware of how poorly his survival was received in the manga. Instead of an attempted murder-suicide, Louis comes to realize just how horrible he is and throws himself from the cliff. Holly's attempt to die with him provides an element of Love Redeems, as his first thought upon waking up is her safety. It still seems like he got off easy, to many fans.
    • After the introduction of humanoid Novas and Legendary Pandora the majority of the warriors we've come to know and love in the cast became basically useless in a fight, unable to even injure their enemies. This was averted by the transcendent upgrades but only partially as it was limited to a couple characters and the power-ups still weren't a match to the most powerful of the new enemies. Now in the most recent chapters the transcendent powers are getting stronger, and a means to spread them to more Pandora has emerged.
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  • Awesome Music: The original anime's ending theme, "Kimi wo Mamoritai", an entrancing EDM track backed up by dark and sexy vocals. This song is best known for being the debut track for artist Aika Kobayashi, who would later go on to a much, much bigger role.
  • Badass Decay:
    • Satellizer was the top student of her generation and called the "Untouchable Queen" for a reason. However as the others catch up and the real threat appears, she seemingly took a sharp drop in performance.
    • This becomes true of pretty much every Pandora once humanoid nova and Legendary Pandora start making an appearance, with even the strongest characters reduced to next to nothing in comparison. Gets rectified as various characters start transcending, putting their powers closer to their enemies.
  • Broken Base:
    • The anime producers overlapping the E-Pandora arc with the Bridget-sibling arc for the second season adaptation. Viewers are split amongst those who think it was a good idea, or not, to go this route.
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    • Kazuya Aoi finally doing something other than just standing around on the sideline in Chapter 195. People are either happy that the main character is finally being useful, or it is an Ass Pull of massive proportions just for the sake of providing Kazuya with a Next Tier Power-Up without ever having to see his character develop, or train his Freezing abilities, up until this point.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Isabella/Isabelle Lucas was recruited as a Pandora comparatively late to other Pandoras. Formerly a nurse before joining the corps, it was revealed that Isabella had killed multiple infants in her care to satisfy her bloodlust. When the attack on West Genetics begins, Isabella attacks Pandora and bystander alike, gleefully murdering everyone she sees. When one Pandora is able to give her a fight, Isabella promptly injures her Limiter partner's leg and attempts to rape him, using the life of his partner as leverage.
    • Isuzu Sawatari, one of Isabella's teammates, is a charming, friendly and sweet woman whose life is "plagued by tragedy" on the surface. Underneath this façade lies a sadistic sociopath whose MO for murder is to lure men into her bed to enrage their female super-soldier Pandora partners, so Isuzu can kill them in "accidents" or self defense when she is confronted by them. Having continued this practice with civilians, Isuzu is recruited to murder the scientist Gengo Aoi with three other Pandora criminals. Isuzu agrees to the mission in return for a guaranteed "license to kill", and shows her sadistic side by massacring multiple young Pandoras, and even kills one of her own teammates after crippling the other woman. Upon finding Gengo Aoi, whose bodyguard is her old rival Suna Yi, Isuzu provokes Suna into a fight by attempting to torture and rape Gengo so she can finally slaughter Suna in a straight fight.
    • The wicked High Priest of El(u)ka, Ibanyle, abuses the very balance itself for his own pleasure and hedonism. With the balance thrown out of whack, Ibanyle torments countless souls and fuses them into tortured Nova so he may experience his world's Pandoras, or Rounders, fighting them, while also taking advantage of his status as one of the few males around to keep a harem and engage in frequent orgies, while expressing a desire to rape and abuse his world's Satellizer. Attempting to have Kazuya Aoi gang raped by his concubines and expressing glee when he learns that Earth's destruction thanks to his carelessness can only help preserve Elka, Ibanyle, upon putting down the rebellion by his consort Maria, declares he will turn Maria into an abused concubine, caring only for his own pleasure and power.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Lim-Dall Young seems to make it his mission to put humanity as much a dark light as possible. Most of problems recently were caused by a few people scheming. The last few nova clashes were caused accidentally by human error. Also, apparently, the reason the Nova are even attacking, because Poor Communication Kills. The government is corrupt, and the leading expert on the Nova is a Magnificent Bastard, who uses his own family like pawns. The Pandora, who are supposed to be working together to ward off the Nova threatening humanity, are far more prone to mutilating each other over petty arguments. Even, the MC is starting to lose it because of learning his origins. It's gone way past the point that readers have just stopped caring what happens, and some even want the Nova to destroy the world.
  • Draco in Leather Pants:
    • Dr. Gengo Aoi has a fandom that sees him as the unquestioned Big Good of the setting, even though he treated his own family like superpowered livestock to get where he is. Humanity would have been doomed without the Pandora, but not even Gengo thinks he should be given a free pass on everything that's his fault.
    • Holly Rose is viewed by many in a much more positive, sympathetic light than she really deserves, simply because Louis was so much more depraved. She hates Satellizer for the clearly unwanted attention she receives from Louis, openly admitting that she would want to kill her even if she wasn't ordered to. When she nearly kills Louis, it's not really about the abuse she suffered so much as Louis' refusal to reciprocate her feelings.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Roxanne seems to be pretty popular. Likely reasons for this are her badassery (and how her weapons are much like Chiffon's), her energetic and quirky personality, and the fact that she's probably the only major Pandora character in the series who isn't a mega-bitch at some point.
    • Elizabeth Mably is considered one nowadays which says a lot given her rough introduction for being portrayed as nothing but a bully towards Satellizer. However, Elizabeth gained a lot of respect amongst readers due to her Character Development throughout the E-Pandora arc. It is here that she showed a much kinder and understandable side, particularly to the E-Pandora test subjects, which made her stand-off to Chiffon all the more satisfying due to the later going in the exact opposite direction in likability at this point in the story (See Alternate Character Interpretation).
    • Her Limiter, Andre Francoise, isn't too shabby either amongst fans. Shown to be perhaps one of the few capable Freezing supporters during the Pandora duel against Charles to the point that many wish for Kazuya to follow his example.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Everyone laughed at Stella when she freaked out at the thought of undergoing a "baptism" with Kazuya, at Elizabeth's behest, because there was just way too much sexual symbolism in it, including her shaking in fear and Squick. Then we find out what Lois did to her. Then, as if that wasn't enough, there's Elizabeth's reaction to Kazuya using her and Arnett as People Puppets, in an act of desperation to save them all from the five transcendent nova. She is reacting exactly the same way Stella was at the mention of the "baptism" and nobody's laughing.
  • Growing the Beard: Despite how up-and-down Freezing has been, many agree that the series got a lot more interesting after Kazuya was sent off to the Nova homeworld from chapter 205 onward.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Think "research" along the ethical lines, propaganda, and poorly executed/planned form of the E-Pandora project can't exist in real-life? You'd be wrong. A Missouri university ran an "experiment" on abused and abandoned beagles, pouring acid in their eyes, blinding them, and then killed the unfortunate animals to try and cover it up. A non-profit charity specifically dedicated to rescuing abandoned and mistreated pets has brought suit against said university for it. The saddest part? Not only was the experiment completely unnecessary, since the very premise and result was already well-documented, but the exercise was funded by tax-payer dollars. State-Run health care doesn't sound so benign anymore does it?
  • Ho Yay:
    • The OVAs.
    • In the manga, there's Roxanne Elipton, who literally just gropes Satellizer in the middle of a conversation. Doubles as a Funny Moment due to everyone's reaction, since she doesn't stop until Chiffon pulls her off. And she just has the most ridiculous grin on her face, as if there's nothing she enjoys more than groping other girls.
    • And there's Chiffon Fairchild and Ticy Phenyl in Freezing: First Chronicle. Hell, When Chiffon dies, she has a huge goodbye with Ticy (in which Ticy fondly remembers being groped), while Chiffon's limiter (and in this series, Pandoras and Limiters are almost always closer to each other than to anybody else) is ignored.
    • We get more from Roxanne (not surprising) and Charles Bonaparte (very surprising). Charles appears to be closer to Rox than to her own limiter (remember what we just said about Pandoras and their Limiters) and is ridiculously tsundere towards her. Roxanne tends to look out for Charles and enjoyed giving her Marshmallow Hell. And later, Charles plants her own face between a naked Roxanne's breasts. It's still there five pages later, as well as eight pages later. Neither of them seems to mind much.
    • Chapter 136 only adds to this. Charles' reaction to the possible death of Roxanne is similar to the reaction one would expect from someone who was about to lose a lover, and it's made clear that her friendship with Roxanne is more important to her than anything. The thought of losing Roxanne was enough for Charles to swallow her massive pride and beg Lana to find a way to save her, and her despaired screams were enough to help Roxanne pull herself back from her Nova Possession on Heroic Willpower alone, something nobody else has ever been able to do. When Roxanne kills herself to keep herself from fighting her comrades, her last words are for Charles, and after Roxanne dies, Charles crosses right over the Despair Event Horizon and keeps going. Until Windy May heals her and Charles Accel glomps her.
    • The second season's Eyecatches invokes this..
    • Julia in Vibration as she always grabs Cathy's breasts much to her annoyance.
  • Informed Wrongness: Dr. Scarlett O'Hara gets chewed out and slapped by her superior, Dr. Aoi, for trying to advance their understanding of how the stigmata works, and how to grant Pandora abilities to those not innately born with the talent for accepting the stigmata. The only reason Dr. Aoi gives is that doing so would be 'tampering in the realm of God' and that they should be satisfied with what they've been given. Of course, it does go horribly wrong later on, but only because the higher-ups are desperate for results, and push Dr. O'Hara and her test subjects much faster than she wanted to go. And as an added bonus, he has a project of his own that is essentially the same- Valkyrie It becomes less "Informed" with The Reveal that the E-Pandora project was never anything but a publicity stunt to buy time for the Type Maria project.
    • It gets revealed even later that Gengo had another reason to oppose O'Hara's experiments. He didn't want it revealed to the higher-ups that Maria was secretly still alive, and he feared O'Hara would be smart enough to realize this if her studies went on long enough.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Checks out on all six bullet points. Gengo Aoi's a bastard alright.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Everything Louis does.
    • Everything Marks Spencer does to anyone not named Charles Bonaparte.
    • Miyabi molesting Satellizer.
    • Charles Bonaparte cutting off either one or both of Atia's breasts.
    • As sad as Orie's past was trying to be a good mother for the Aoi family, attempting to suffocate baby Kazuya with a pillow for rejecting her breast milk destroyed any sympathy the reader had for her.
    • Chevalier giving Raddox his general title back, putting him in charge, and openly declaring Gengo "a traitor inciting rebellion" (admittedly for reasons even Gengo admits aren't too off base), and planning to continue trying to kill him, at all costs.
  • Narm: The first few chapters involve the name "Bridget L. Satellizer" shouted dramatically over and over and over again. In full. In the middle of a fight. By someone who should be too angry to think straight, much less repeat her full name.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Louis el Bridget shows the audience just why Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil in Volumes 7-8 of the manga... Shiver.
    • The Body Horror as the Pandoras are absorbed by the Nova, becoming Brainwashed and Crazy after they've been assimilated.
    • Elizabeth being subjected to Electric Torture, complete with bladder failure and drooling.
    • In the most recent arc, All the Pandoras are experiencing extremely creepy hallucinations... that physically hurt them. Seeing them all screaming for help is NOT a pleasant sight.
    • An out-of-control Lana's Slasher Smile on the final page of Chapter 197...eep.
    • There's no need to imagine what's going to happen now that Raddox has brought everything Chevalier has to offer to bear on West Genetics, and Isabella, of all people, still admits that their chances of success is only 50%, and that's with the Legendary Pandora out of commmision, and that the battle is going to take place in less than 48 hours, in universe. Goes to show how much of a dick Raddox is, because he's laughing with glee as he orders this to occur.
  • Only the Author Can Save Them Now: By the time the Busters come to the forefront, it's clear the author has put himself in a bind. The previous upgrades from the last arc can't even hurt them, so they need the Legendary Pandoras... three of whom who are then turned into Novas.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • Ganessa's Establishing Character Moment in the first episode sets her up to be an interesting character. Then she spends the entire second episode revealing herself to be the most punchable character in any anime ever. She starts a fight with Satellizer and forces her to fight back, claims not to care about her victory (which happened offscreen) but decides to brag about it anyway, and still has the nerve to consider her the one that needs to be taught a lesson. And all with one of the biggest Smug Snake attitudes to date until she was rescued when she didn't hesitate to take the bullet for Satellizer, resulting in horrifying wounds.
    • Now we have Charles. So she was a bit of a bitch during the E-Pandora arc, but hey, she was just doing her job as a loyal soldier and daughter. During the Valkyrie arc... not so much. She callously insulted Elizabeth in front of the latter's friends, and when Attia demanded she apologize, she got curb-stomped and at least one of her breasts cut off by Charles out of spite. However, like Ganessa before, Charles has been rescued after a bit of Character Development led her to pull a You Shall Not Pass! to protect Arnett, and when she though she was about kick the bucket, she told Arnett to tell Attia that she was sorry.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Ryuuichi Aoi and his son Kazuya are treated as ungrateful to Dr.Gengo Aoi by the fandom, and are subsequently labeled as sissy drama queens for refusing to aid in Gengo's plans for them. Yes, Ryuuichi is called a whiner because he didn't want to commit Brother–Sister Incest with the Legendary Pandora, and Kazuya is given No Sympathy from these same fans even though anyone in Kazuya's horrible position would have reacted exactly the same.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Louis is universally reviled by the fanbase because of his misogyny and inhuman treatment of both Satellizer and Holly. Even though he found redemption in the end, most fans rather want him to either be killed off or castrated instead.
      • Many are also fairly unhappy with how Louis finds redemption, as, in spite of just how monstrous his actions were, he is completely forgiven by everyone, including the victims of his abuse.
    • Kazuya, despite being the protagonist, is seen as a scrappy to many due to always being seen as a useless protagonist throughout the story; the worst of it occurring in the Bridget-sibling arc. He also didn't do himself any favors when he lashes out at Satellizer twice for matters concerning his grandfather.
    • Many fans absolutely loathe Gengo Aoi for his constantly smug manipulation of the main characters, his family, the pandora as a whole, and anyone and everyone in his sphere of influence, and were cheering for Chevalier to finally kill him off... until it becomes evident that Chevalier's actually far, far worse! Not only do they do everything in Gengo's book, they add all new flavors of evil to the recipe, and pat themselves on the back for it.
  • Second Season Downfall: The second anime season, Vibration, was not as well-received as the first season due to how the producers went about adapting the manga materialnote , and because the main cast remained mostly Out of Focus in favor of Character Development for side-characters such as Elizabeth, and the E-Pandora test subjects, that people were less invested in. To be fair though, the latter problem persisted in the manga as well.
  • Shocking Swerve: Louis' survival at the end of his arc. As is the backstory for Mark Spencer in Chapter 75.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: The 2nd anime season had this reaction at first for what looked to be the anime producers skipping over the Bridget-sibling arc to adapt the E-Pandora arc; with critics saying that by doing it, it would miss out on much needed Character Development for Satellizer. However, part way into the season, it turns out that the producers decided to overlap the Bridget-sibling arc with the following E-Pandora arc which calmed some of the earlier backlash and now creates a Broken Base amongst viewers (See Above).
  • The Woobie: Kazuya. First, his parents die when he's a baby and has to be raised by his elder sister. Then his elder sister performs a Heroic Sacrifice to save humanity, forcing him to be a Minor Living Alone. Then he comes to West Genetics because of his Stigma Body, and absolutely nothing goes right. From having Satellizer land on him, and he, not knowing her reputation, embracing her, to being nearly raped by Myabi, and seeing the same happen to Satellizer when she comes to his aid, and there isn't a single chapter where someone isn't beating up on him physically, emotionally, or mentally, and whenever it looks like he and Stella are actually getting close, it's not long before people around them start dropping like flies. Oh, and if he ever does something right, people hate him for it.
  • Too Cool to Live: Kazuha was skilled enough to invent High-End Skills in the middle of a battle after seeing a Nova perform them once and was jumping twenty feet into the air as a child. She was one of the strongest Pandora to ever live, and would've made a number of the cast look like a joke if she was still alive during the main series.

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