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  • Is it just me, or does the entirety of the plot come off as one massive Idiot Plot? The whole mess started with Satelizer, a second-year, rather brutally defeating Miyabi, a third year. Because of this, the other third-years (or, at the very least, a small group among them) feel the need to "defend their honor", by beating the living shit out of Satelizer. Okay. That's all well and good, except for the fact that she was not only defending herself, but also another student, Aoi. And, while it's true that she did go a bit overkill, anyone who says that Miyabi didn't deserve it obviously wasn't paying attention. And yet, the other third-years seemingly go out of their way to ignore this fact. Obviously, this can be handwaved as Honor Before Reason, and, while it still annoys me, I can accept that much. But then there's one of the teachers, Yumi, who goes up to Satelizer and threatens to kill her if she ever gets Aoi involved in anything like that again. Never mind the fact that she was defending him from basically being raped and forced to become Miyabi's slave. It's bad enough that the third-years are blatantly ignoring what actually happened, but a teacher? I mean...seriously. What the hell?
    • One reasons could be that the teacher sees Kazuya as merely Kazuha's younger brother. He's basically her legacy so Yumi feels a degree of duty and obligation towards that. Combined with Satellizer's bad publicity and rebellious, one can sort of see why she might get angry. Not by any means a satisfactory reason, but that's one of the possibilities.
    • But why don't any of the Third years learn anything? Ingrid gets told by Kazuya that this devotion to hierarchy is ridiculous, and she concedes to that. But then more third years come to fight Rana and Satellizer and preach about the exact same thing about maintaining a hierarchy.
      • Ingrid was the only one who backed off. At the very least, at this point in the manga, all of the third years have now backed off.
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    • They all have a superiority complex who’s so arrogant and selfish and don’t want to admit they are third rate compared to Satelizer whose stronger then them. In short they're nothing but a bunch of bullies.
    • Also, remember that the school is technically a military. Assaulting a superior officer is a huge deal. Since it was in self-defense, the teachers and president were willing to let it slide with a slap on the wrist (a night in confinement), but the rest decided to be bullies.
      • Makes one wonder just what the definition of "military" is in their world, as there are serious laws against abusing subordinates too, and the discipline is non-existent.
      • That makes a lot more sense with later updates, as it's revealed that Chevalier is filled with people who only want the chain of command to go one way.
      • Except I'm fairly sure that removing their stigmata while not being a part of the staff (Ingrid) and wanting to outright destroy them (Attia) go far beyond what's acceptable. Ingrid was clearly going insane from Survivor's Guilt, and if Attia and the others went through with destroying those Stigmata, which belonged to Kazuha and can't be replaced, humanity would have lost some very valuable assets. Not to mention they aren't supposed to be fighting each other at all, at least not to the extent they were, which brings into question just how much attention the staff is paying to them? West Genetics was supposed to be the leading example of all the others because Maria was there, so this kind of oversight is something that really can't be hand-waved besides Early Installment Weirdness.
  • Speaking of the incident, doesn't it seem Ao gets a little overly concerned about Miyabi? Putting aside what she tried to do to him, she brutally beat Satellizer before violating her, and in her own words planned to keep doing so "until she finishes"(UGH) driving her to tears. Then she strips her and is about two seconds away from siccing her lackeys on her to finish the job when she apparently gets bored with that. ...and his reaction, when that psychopathic, monstrous piece of filth doesn't get a blade through the gut is "thank goodness."? Jesus... Don't get me wrong. He's a hero, a do-gooder. I'm not saying he should've been openly disappointed or egged her on, it just seemed to me it went a bit too far in the other direction, as if she had just stolen Sat's lunch money or something.
    • Well, obviously, he doesn't want his friend to become a murderer, but I see what you mean. It's rather disconcerting how he seems to care more about Miyabi's well-being than Satellizer's. If I were in his position, I'd be a lot more worried about my friend who was molested and nearly raped than the person who tried to violate her.
  • Am I the only one who sees the series as a knock-off of Claymore?
    • Well, I see it as Claymore meets Ikki Tousen with a light sprinkling of Neon...yes, I do see some similarities between this and Claymore, but not enough to be called a knock-off.
    • Actually, when I first saw this I thought it was a cross between Sekirei and Evangelion. (The fact that Stella is VERY similar to Tsukiumi and now there's a "Matsu" only serves to highlight this impression.)
  • No-one in the story seem to think of Satellizer's fear of being touched as a psychological trauma. They all call her "Untouchable Queen" in the way that make it look like she's just being stuck-up and violent. This is not just There Are No Therapists, it's like the Nova Invasions killed everyone on Earth with any knowledge on psychology at all.
    • As well as destroying all the books on psychology apparently. Even a nurse's office has basic psychology books, especially at a pseudo military facility.
      • The Author himself doesn't seem to have much regard for Satellizer's trauma in general, actually. While she reacts as one would expect, given her history and raw capability, no one seems to take the obvious route when Louis rears his deranged head.
      • Her sister wants Satella to make up with Louis, the primary source of her severe emotional scarring. (Despite knowing their mother basically raised him to be that way, and was rather shameless about it because she had issues with her HUSBAND.)
      • Kazuya can't seem to initially attain the resolve to use his freezing, in spite of knowing the situation.
      • Louis' partner is actually jealous ( though, admittedly, she seems to be screwed up to begin with and even more after Louis).
      • And they all just seem to forgive Louis after he nearly drowns, just like that. Like being blood-related just excuses everything he has done and all that he still likely does. The Author didn't seem to realize that no one that sympathizes with Satalizer would be happy with that Arc unless it ended with Louis' excruciating and repeated impalement.
      • Can't really blame Stella for that. It's not so much "he's my brother." As "I don't want to think about it anymore." I CAN blame Violet. She KNEW Louis abused Stella for years, Louis' own mother put him up to it, and she STILL set up a situation where Louis and Stella would be stuck together on an island with NO WAY TO LEAVE. You don't do that unless you WANT someone to get hurt. If Holly and Louis had died, it would have been her fault.
      • Satellizer's characterization at the end of the arc is still rather problematic, actually. It would be one thing if, after saving Louis, she said something to the effect of "I'm forgiving him to move past his abuse and get on with my life." However, she explicitly says that she is forgiving him because he's still her brother, no matter what he's done. Like everyone else, she seems to find the fact that he is her blood relative more important than the years of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse he put her through.
  • In episode 2 a pair of ladies step in before Satellizer can manage to... hurt, kill, what... Ganessa. This is all well and good, but where the hell were they five minutes ago when Ganessa violated the rules by going Pandora Mode over a petty grudge and nearly crippled a clearly superior Pandora? Allow the weaker Pandora to knock off the stronger one by going Super Mode? That's not a very sound game plan.
    • Travel time? Someone had to go get them and the fight took place on a public street so may have been off campus or at least away from the main buildings. Plus the fight was a combined Rule of Cool and Rule of Drama.
    • Taking into account what one of the women said, they were very close by and watching everything that was going on.
  • Why is Arnett Swiss in the main story, and American in Freezing: Zero?
    • Dual citizenship?
  • So Tempest Turn works by creating illusions and has nothing to do with tempests, and Illusion Turn doesn't create illusions.
    • Tempest Turn doesn't create illusions, but tangible copies made of stigmatic energy which then overwhelms one's opponent (think a "tempest" of attacks). Illusion Turn is, in simplest terms, the ability to hop through dimensions. Gengo gave it the name "Illusion Turn" due to a peculiar trait of the technique. When an individual jumps to another dimension, a mirage like after-image is left in their place.
  • So Chevailer wants Gengo Aoi dead, and apparently according to his will, would get all his research. Fine. I can understand how that would make sense. Why then did they decide to have Raddox utilize four completely psychotic and uncontrollable Pandora failures, each and every one of whom is a known murderer? And have them attack a Pandora base and kill Pandora when the very publicly proclaimed reason for the E-Pandora project, in which Chevalier explicitly out-voted Gengo, was that there weren't enough Pandora to go around in the first place?! For Pete's sake, there are better methods to kill him and make it look like an accident. He still needs food, water, air, and go out in public every once in a while. Slapping a bunch of nutjobs with completely experimental tech that is not fully understood and giving them a license to kill just screams idiocy and ego. Even if they had succeeded, the public fallout against Chevalier from a mass-murder would be HUGE, even worse than the Alaska arc.
    • A combination of being very greedy, very desperate, and very stupid. Gengo is guarded by the strongest Pandora in the world and kept the Legendary Pandoras, who can decimate Novas that gave even Roxanne the Immortal, the #1 ranked student in the world, trouble with ease and resurrect the dead, a secret. On top of that, their previous failure put them in a bad place as well, so they stupidly thought the same thing they did during the E-Pandora arc: Kill everyone to cover it up and get what they wanted. If all his research went to them and they could recreate the Legendary Pandoras en masse, then every single death would have been worth it for the sake of many many more being saved. On top of that, if the Valkyrie system fell into their hands, it wouldn't be just limited to Pandoras either. It's a lot easier to cover things up when there are no witnesses remaining, and once they were done they could have removed the stigmata or silenced the Busters rather than live up to their end of the deal. Just like in the E-Pandora project, it backfired horribly and created more Novas.
  • So Raddox Pantomime's plan was an abject failure, and anybody with a brain is going to know Chevalier was directly behind it, seeing just how badly and flashily "The Busters" screwed the pooch, especially since Petty repeatedly shouted, in front of cameras with sound, that "Chevalier gave us a license to kill" during their attack on West Genetics. Why did they put him back in charge, when something similar happening in Alaska is what got him fired in the first place?
  • What is the point of the Valkyries? Gengo was against the E-Pandora project for being a means for civilians with no stigmata compatibility to take part in the war. However, he's been doing the Valkyrie project in secret for a long time, that basically is the same thing. Also, his main agenda is completely different by wanting his family to reproduce to create superior Pandora with high stigmata bodies, so why did he even start the Valkyrie project if this was his main goal?
    • The Valkyries seem to have been both a measure to buy time against the Novas by bolstering the number of Pandora (a plan which failed when the humanoid Nova appeared sooner than Gengo expected), and to develop means of making normal Pandora stronger. The means of making the Valkyries was far safer than the E-Pandora, though with more restrictions thanks to their limited range and time limits.
  • What ever happened to Pandora mode? No-one's used it since the Nova attack on West Genetics.
    • We know Charles has an improved version from her duel with Elizabeth in Alaska, but good question. Being able to move under the effects of Freezing and a barrier with the improved time-limit would have been great for some of the fight's they've been in. At least they could have shown some Red Shirts getting mowed down in it if it was useless.
    • As the series has progressed the freezing used by the enemies has grown progressively stronger. Its likely that the Pandora modes simply aren't effective anymore.
  • Why are transcendent beings such as the Novas attacking material beings at all!? Is it really worth their time to bully those lower on the trans-reality chain!? What do they aim to gain from this senseless carnage!?