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  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • Terra's ill-received Chickification in the previous Dissidia is now undone to focus on her personality in VI's end-game. Trailers for the game seem intended to hammer this point home, showing Terra looking confident and badass in battle instead of hesitant and afraid.
    • Cloud being based off his more cocky and headstrong personality during VII's early game rather than his unpopular Advent Children counterpart. From a gameplay perspective, he's no longer as easily blocked as all his moves were slow, now having a charge mechanic for stronger moves while uncharged versions come out relatively quickly.
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    • One of the most common complaints about the game so far is its cluttered HUD, which was created with Japanese tastes in mind and also accounting for the relatively smaller size of arcade cabinet monitors. The developers acknowledged this criticism and made the HUD smaller for NT.
    • A small one, but this time around one of Garland's purchasable lines is his infamous "I, Garland, shall knock you all down!" line, a line that was never said in the first two games. The actor delivers it wonderfully to boot!
    • After much criticism was laid at NT for not adding any new villains to the roster, the first DLC character was revealed to be Vayne, a villain that many love and wished had been in the previous games over Gabranth. His trailer also showed his moveset, which was well received since it was both unique, and fitting.
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    • After giving him nothing to do in the main storyline, Golbez is the one who finds Kam'lanaut and gets him up to speed/keeps him in line.
  • Awesome Music: As usual for the Final Fantasy series.
  • Broken Base: The game being an Actionized Sequel that focuses on 3v3 combat has been a contentious matter. Some don't mind seeing the RPG elements removed, as grinding for experience and equipment was tedious and made the PSP game very grind-heavy, and now they can focus on the actual combat element. Others feel it dumbs the game down too much and detaches it from its Final Fantasy RPG roots while also making the characters feel less unique, as players could make builds for characters that suited their playstyles, while the new game makes each character feel the same each time you play, with minimal ways to adjust it.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: When playing against other players, expect to almost always see teams using Shiva, Bahamut, or Alexander as their team's summon. This is because they have the best overall bonus to teams at the start of a round, and because they have very strong summon attacks when used. Shiva in particular is more popular of a choice due to being able to help with Bravery management. That isn't to say the others are not used, but you'll rarely see ones not the above mentioned three.
    • For sure, there's always often going to be a team comp that has one or more members equipped with Mighty Strikes for one of their secondary EX Skills, period. The Bravery damage boost it gives is often considered too good to pass up.
  • Complete Monster: Shinryu returns. See that page for more details.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Spiritus gained a large fanbase due to his intimidating design that managed to invoke Evil Is Sexy, while also being a interesting character thanks to the reveal he is purposely acting evil, and thus is a sympathetic character. By contrast, his counterpart Materia is more divisive.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Noctis x Lightning had a small following in the early days of XIII, back when XV was still called "Versus XIII", but it died down as the years went on. The addition of Noctis to the roster here, the introductory cutscene which sees him paired up with Lightning and the Warrior of Light as a travel companion, and finally the battle trailer where Noct and Light teamed up to fight Sephiroth saw the idea flare back to life.
  • Foe Yay: The legendary "undertones" between Cloud and Sephiroth are as strong as ever. This particular exchange from a trailer is notable because in the final game, Sephiroth's line is directed at Exdeath; the trailer was specifically edited to make it look like he was talking to Cloud.
    Sephiroth: Trust me, you'll like it.
    Cloud: What did you do!?
  • Fridge Horror: Everyone in this Cycle comes from the ends of their home games and returns to them after defeating Shinryu. This raises an unsettling question about the villains who died in their home games: are they allowed to come back to life? Or do they have to go back to being dead, including the sympathetic ones like Kuja and Jecht who arguably deserve a second chance?
    • This can lead into a Fridge Tearjerker for the those two as well. It was established that everyone remembers everything from their respective games and the previous cycles. And knowing what happened in some of those previous cycles and what Shinryu's motives for bring all of the warriors here, it is possible that they would rather stay dead.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In the original Dissidia, it was teased that maybe the playable characters aren't really the characters, but advanced Manikins implanted with their memories that have achieved sapience. This game's ending implies that has actually become the case now — the warriors have departed home, and the memories they've left behind have been used to create Manikins in their images for Materia and Spiritus to command instead.
  • It's Short, So It Sucks!: The story-mode for NT has received flack for being very short once you get past the frustrating and tedious grind to unlock memoria to unlock the next chapter of the story. The content in it is only several small cutscenes, a few battles against Manikins or an antagonist from the other faction, and battles with the summons, with most of the cutscenes being fairly short and often uninteresting since the characters are very minimal in terms of expression and personality. As nice as the cutscenes look, many wanted a 012 length story-mode filled with more interactions, and did not get it.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!: Roster-wise, a common complaint about the villain side is that there are no new villains added to neither the arcade version nor the PS4 port, despite there being four mainline games released after the last game came out, and the game now including both Tactics and Type-0 characters. This is especially bad as the game removed Gabranth, Gilgamesh, and Feral Chaos, meaning that the roster of villains is actually less than the previous gamenote .
  • Just Here for Godzilla: A lot of players admit that despite the game's many flaws in their eyes, being finally able to expire Shinryu's Karma Houdini Warranty by having every hero and villain gang up on him was downright satisfying. In fact, the premise of being able to cave his head in after two games of getting away scott free was a major draw for veteran players to buy the game and play the story aside from playing the new characters.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • The fact that Team Ninja developed this game has prompted jokes asking about how the game's Jiggle Physics will look, particularly in regards to Tifa. The choice of developer has also invited Dead Fantasy references (though Word of God confirmed that none of Team Ninja's franchises were planned to appear in the game).
    • People had a field day with Noctis's losing animation, since the closeup makes it look like he's having The Immodest Orgasm.
  • Narm Charm: Two choice lines include "Damnable sky serpent, learn some manners!" and "Why must every single person meddle in my plans!?" Coming from most characters, these lines would be groan-inducingly bad. But coming from Exdeath, they're cheesy enough to work.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Time limits. A-OK in online play, a miserable handicap in the offline modes. On higher difficulties, the A.I., when it's not beating your ass red, is easily evading you and playing keep away until the timer runs out. Mind you, only you take a loss if the time runs out even if you're in the lead of the match. Many players found themselves losing offline not because the enemy was better, but because they couldn't manage to catch up to an enemy repeatedly while also being harassed by the other units.
    • Unlike in the previous games, being knocked against a wall doesn't give you time to dodge from an enemies attack. This can result in a player losing a life simply because, after being knocked into a wall, their opponent uses an HP attack that becomes unavoidable. It also lets them follow up with another Brave attack, meaning a player can be trapped into damage with no way to avoid it. Its only the second time you get knocked into the wall within a short-time of the last one that gives you mercy invincibility to let you get out.
    • There is no penalty present for ganging up on a single target. While this means that the other members of the units team can harass the other players or go for the core, many players have expressed frustration at being unable to play fairly since other players will simply take turns slapping them around and into walls. If a player gets ganged up on while at low HP, its borderline impossible to survive, as if the characters are different from each other, the differing playstyles will allow combos to block down the target. The one way to punish people from doing this is have one of the teammates left alone to land a potent AoE HP attack that can possibly land a triple hit, or better yet, a triple kill.
    • The way match-making works appears to be direct wifi connections, which is something players are not happy about, since it means online matches are filled with so much lag that it becomes unplayable. Making this frustrating is that the lag seems to be almost one-sided, meaning while one player experiences lag, the enemy team might not seem to suffer it, resulting in a defeat not because you play badly, but because the player quite literally could not fight back.
  • That One Boss: Story Mode can suffer from the usual fighting game issue of the A.I. being "hard" by reading your inputs but the summon fights can be a pain based on circumstances. One way to sum it a majority of frustrations up is when you first face them in story mode you only have a pick of a small handfull of characters, and there's no promise you'll be good with any of them. Or the one you pick will be good against the boss. A few specific examples:
    • Leviathan is a headache for a few reasons, not least because the 3 characters you're allowed in story have short range and, if you don't know what you're doing, have moves that will constantly leave you vulnerable, meaning unlike the other ones you're likely going to have to learn at least one of them if you hope to finish it. That doesn't mean Leviathan doesn't have any nasty tricks. Her HP attacks are fairy easy to dodge and pretty well telegraphed if you're focusing, and her focus attacks don't cause too much trouble if you know what you're up against, but she does have a few nasty surprises waiting. She has an attack where she summons water pillars to attack her target which will summon 3 under the feet of whoever she's targeting, and in addition they will leave behind whirlpools wherever they came up which draw you in. The attack animation only takes the time of two pillars, meaning she will be free to do another action while you're still dodging the third one. If you're unlucky, she'll use it twice in a row which will give you twice as many whirlpools to deal with, in addition to the attack itself, and may connect due to taking you by surprise, or even worse she'll use douse, an HP attack that comes out fairly fast but can easily be sidestepped normally, while you're still dodging the third pillar and thus make you eat an HP attack either because you are in dodge recovery or you just didn't see it, and due to A.I. and her Bravery attacks being fairly reliable she will almost always have the bravery to kill you with it.
    • Ramuh stands out as being quite possibly the worst of all the summon bosses. His moveset involves very strong attacks that hit in every single direction, hone in on the target, or target an extremely wide area with very little time to dodge at first. Unlike with the other bosses, Ramuh stays in the same place right in the center of the arena, meaning he doesn't move around to attack which all the other bosses save Alexander do. This gives him a bigger edge then you'd think since it means you can't take advantage of him moving to get free hits in. His bravery attacks are quick, hard to dodge, and very rarely leave you time to attack him since he often does the large and powerful attacks frequently. His HP attacks make the fight worse too, his first attack is a giant circle of lightning that comes out very fast and hits around him, and the only way to avoid it is to dash all the way to the edge of the arena to not be hit. His second is him producing two beams of lightning that shoot out from his arms that move around the room for a period of time, which require you to dash the entire time to avoid. His last normal HP attack is Thundaga, which shoots out lightning in a diagonal direction, which is his easiest attack to dodge, but still very annoying to when you are up close and fighting him. When his HP drops he gets more attacks and summons crystals that create pockets of lightning that immobile someone stuck in them, meaning he can freely take advantage of them if you try to break them. His last, new HP attack is his Judgment Bolt, which causes four beams of lightning to form around a targeted area and converge to hit the target. If you get hit by a single beam, you are trapped into the attack and take damage, and you cannot fully see the attacks since you are likely targeting him. The final nail is your team, which consist of Lightning, Squall, Terra, or Zidane. You HAVE to play as Terra to win, the other characters are so poorly set up for the fight they cannot safely attack and help. And of course the A.I makes this worse since they get killed a lot, allowing Ramuh to get a ton of bravery quickly.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • The fact that the game has changed a number of features, such as removing the customizable movesets for bravery attacks, and removing EX Mode and EX Bursts, is a disappointment for many fans.
    • The PSP games had you pick a character and play through their individual story with battles against other characters and using the map in different ways. You saw the character's arc and had a boss fight at the end, with 012 adding in a world map containing optional side content to level your character up — a nice addition in general. Here, you play online matches to level up and unlock "Memoria" where you then watch a one-minute cutscene that is not linked to any specific character storyline while maybe having some fights depending on which option you picked. The change has not gone over well. It also did not help that the story feels like an Excuse Plot more so than either games before.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • Golbez comes off as an Advertised Extra for being the villain with the least amount of screentime. But that's not the worst part. The worst part is that he doesn't utter a single word during the whole Story Mode even though he has a voice actor in both English and Japanese. While it's possible he might play a role in future story DLC, it's disappointing to see him relegated to a voiceless side role in the base game, especially after he was an amazing schemer in the previous games.
      • Some are also upset about his costume choices. In a game where mostly everyone else who's appearance changed over time has their "Endgame" outfits available as alternates if not set as their default for the story mode, Golbez's armorless Man in Black outfit is completely missing in action, with him instead having two variants of his armored villainous form available. With Kain having his Holy Dragoon outfit, there's really no reason for Golbez to be left out.
    • Ace and Ramza have no role in the story at all despite the two being completely new to the Dissidia games, and being main characters from their home games. Given how unique they are, and how different their stories are, it would have been interesting to see them interacting with the cast, especially given how Ace, Lightning, and Noctis were all originally supposed to be in the mythos of games, while Ramza comes from the same world as Vaan, just many years later. Even more jarringly, fellow newcomers Noctis and Y'shtola play major roles in the story and are given fun interactions with the rest of the cast. The only reason they seemed to be left out was how much this would have tipped the heroes' side against the villains.
    • Kain gets this especially bad. He is one of three heroes returning from 012, and yet makes no appearance in the story despite Lightning and Vaan both appearing as well. His inclusion seems pointless as a result, and given how Kain's role in 012 was met with immense praise from fans, it seems odd he would be included as a playable character but have no role in the actual story.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Now that all the involved characters have their full memories back, it should make for even more interesting character dynamics this time around, right? Sadly the characters all split off into two or three-person groups outside the first and last cutscenes, and as a whole the game is an Excuse Plot that doesn't have a lot of interest in exploring character interactions.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy:
    • Characters that are focused on long-range projectiles are typically cited as being a High Tier example of this. While they have some Competitive Balance such as their HP attacks often being easier to dodge and having poor close range options, the map sizes make it easy for long-range characters to sit back and toss out attacks, then retreat, preventing melee focused characters from getting to them. Characters like Y'shtola, Kefka, Ace, and Golbez can throw powerful attacks that prevent melee focused characters from closing in, trapping them in a Cycle of Hurting that allows them to easily gain Bravery by standing still. This is especially true of Ace, who can often win fights by simply launching attacks in tight corners, preventing players from getting to him, while he can safely get Bravery to finish off a player.
    • Out of all the Summons, Shiva is currently the most used one with only a very few amount of changes done to her; she appears to have very good combos on her attacks, a unique freeze trap left behind by her attacks, and most of all, her pre-and-post-Summon buffs of increased bravery recovery and initial bravery increase respectively, are benefits for nearly any situation and team comp.
    • Yuna for a long time was considered by the Japanese playerbase to be extremely annoying to fight, due to her spammable EX skill, Wakizashi being a solid-tracking-projectile while being usable with a glide function, and her Holy staying on field for a long time. This resulted in Yuna being one of the best characters to control the neutral with while making her very hard to punish for it, and many were happy when she finally got nerfed.
  • Uncanny Valley: The Manikins are back. But instead of polygonal crystalline versions of the cast, they look exactly like them with a hazy color filter over them and smoothed-out textures. The result is something unsettlingly and most certainly non-human. The new heavy and deep, metallic echo filter in their voices certainly isn't helping matters.
  • Unexpected Character:
    • Y'shtola being the representative for XIV was certainly a surprise when the roster was revealed. While popular, Y'shtola was arguably Demoted to Extra after A Realm Reborn, and has been mostly a side-character for the following two expansions. By contrast, Minfilia, Thancred, Yda, and especially Alphinaud are more important characters within just the Scions itself, and that doesn't include other important characters like Aymeric and Estinien. Still, her appearance here helped generate good-will towards the game.
    • Ramza is the first Dissidia character to be from a Final Fantasy spin-off instead of a numbered title. Furthermore, unlike Ace who was originally going to be part of a compilation in the same setting as Final Fantasy XIII, Ramza comes from the oldest spin-off setting in the series.
    • When it was announced that the first DLC character would be a villain from the newer half of the series, a lot of people speculated that the character would be Caius or Ardyn, or at least would be a representative for XIII or XV, since those games had hero characters in Dissidia but not villains. The character revealed was Vayne. With most having presumed Gabranth would return as the villain representative for XII, Vayne's reveal was rather surprising.
    • When the fourth DLC character was announced to be a male character from the newer half, most people were expecting either again Ardyn or Snow. Cue Kam'lanaut. What makes him even more surprising is that he wasn't even the main villain of the expansion pack he came from (Rise of the Zilart), he was The Dragon to the true main villain, his brother Eald'narche.
    • Zigzagged with Snow. While many hoped for and expected him, what people weren't expecting was the Lightning Returns version of the character instead of his original incarnation, meaning Snow is serving as his game's villain representative.
    • The reveal of Zenos was a surprise, not because of the character, but because of the confirmation that more characters were to be added. Given how the game seemed to be not doing well sale wise, it was a surprise the team continued to put work into the game a year after its release.
  • Woolseyism: Summoning in the original Japanese version involves every single character simply calling out the summon's ultimate attack and then its name, making for a consistent but dull experience. The English localization has all 28 characters provide unique summoning incantations for each of the seven summons, turning the same seven incantations in the original to a whopping 196 in the localization, with more characters still to come. A large number of fans enjoy this unique spin on things better than the original's questionable Gratuitous English.
  • WTH, Costuming Department?: Materia's bizarre cage-dress over bikini outfit, which people have uncharitably compared to a shuttlecock. Her random crown-like hat also made people snark about how silly it looks, especially compared to Spiritus' fairly intimidating design.

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