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    Introduction Quotes 

Playable Characters

Warrior of Light:
I have no intent of holding back.
Foes such as these will not trouble us.
None can extinguish the light within us.
I'll admit you have the courage, but have you the wits?
I have allies who can help me.
Believe that we can win and we shall.

How will you fare against armed opponents?
I thirst for carnage.
Like lambs to the slaughter!
We are to kill, only to be killed!
Do not allow them to gain the upper hand.
You will make this worth my time.

Friends, do not fall for their tricks!
Stick together and we'll win!
I needn't fear with allies by my side.
You have a grueling struggle ahead of you.
We will not shirk from your challenge!
We need to work as one.

Emperor Mateus:
All you hold dear shall be mine.
Only I am worthy of wielding this scepter.
They will dance like puppets.
Let your rightful master command you.
Gaze upon me and glimpse hell's true fury.
Remember well: I do not tolerate failure.

Onion Knight:
United, we'll win in a flash!
Why'd you even bother showing up?
How do I get rid of these wimps?
Rest assured, for I'm here!
It doesn't matter what they say, I am a knight!
Don't say I didn't warn you.

Cloud of Darkness:
Our eminence alone will crush you.
Fall to the Void.
To defy us is to face ruin.
It will all be over soon.
Balance will be restored.
We shall quash this conflict.

Cecil Harvey:
There is no task I am not equal to!
I shall answer your threats against us!
This day, you shall know our strength!
Both light and dark are at your beck and call.
We have only each other to depend upon!
Have your wits about you and we have naught to fear.

Kain Highwind:
I'll keep the skies safe.
Our victory is assured.
My training commences.
I'll strike with the speed of a firebolt.
The battle calls once more.
You're brave to stand against us.

If I am needed, so be it.
Do not disappoint me.
Arrogance undermines your might.
I have no patience for pests.
Show me you're capable of more.
I shall make an example of them.

Bartz Klauser:
When life gives you lemons, squeeze 'em dry!
Yet another stop on my journey!
Like they say, "no road is long with good company."
Any way the wind blows, that's the way I go!
Times are wasting! Let's get this show on the road!
Don't push yourselves too hard out there. Got it?

They wish to throw their lives away.
Not even history will remember them.
Remorse is all that awaits you.
Cling to your sanity while you can.
The dead tell no tales!
Bear witness to the Void's power!

Terra Branford:
This battle will be finished before you know it!
Follow my lead everyone!
We must fight as one if we hope to win.
I'll stand strong no matter what happens!
The fate of the world rests on my shoulders.
If we all work together, we can't lose!

Locke Cole:
You dunno what you've gotten yourselves into.
Never thought I'd get invited to this party.
Looks like a job for a treasure hunter.
Let's do what we always do: win.
Gonna do this and do it well.
Just give us the match.

Kefka Palazzo:
I'll play fairly...fairly dirty, that is!
It's a beautiful day for a massacre!
Now be good. We all know what happens to naughty boys and girls!
Let's teach them a thing or two! Or three!
I can't hold it in a single second longer...
Now, you just sit back and watch the world go kaboom!

Cloud Strife:
Just do what you can.
Make it easy on yourselves and give up now.
Guess working with others can't hurt.
I fight who I want, when I want.
Don't get in my way. Or else.
I won't disappoint you guys.

Tifa Lockhart:
My techniques will lead the way!
I'll show'em fists of fury!
There's no way we can lose!
Laugh while you still can!
Underestimate me and you'll lose!
Okay, everyone! Time for victory!

Death is too kind for them.
Now, beg for your lives.
There is only despair.
It's too late for mercy.
This may be worthwhile after all.
Today's scars shall never fade.

Squall Leonhart:
I'll send you packing in no time.
Hmph. They'll never be able to beat us.
Don't worry, I can take care of myself.
I'm not alone... I have friends.
Too bad you crossed our path.
Let's just do what we gotta do.

Rinoa Heartilly:
Ready or not, here we come!
I can't fight alone, but together...!
Together, we can win!
Don't you dare take us lightly!
My future is my own!
I can be fearless, too.

I am the fear you must confront.
I will pluck the life from you.
You are hopeless before my powers.
It will not be long before you fall.
Our conquest has been foretold.
None can stem the tides of time.

Zidane Tribal:
They won't even see me coming!
Gotta strut my stuff.
This is your last chance! Just walk away.
We gotta be thick as thieves to win!
Come on! We can take these goons down!
We'll take both this fight and your pride!

This shall be my greatest performance.
It is a simple fact that I cannot be stopped.
Time for an exquisite interlude!
Soon you shall know eternal pain.
What tortured screams shall grace our ears?
I will take you to a world of dreams.

The team that sticks together wins together!
Gotta give it a 110%!
Follow the ace and we'll get a win!
You won't even see me coming!
I don't know the meaning of lose!
Focus, Focus!

We shall be your opponent.
Whenever you're ready.
We'll win this fair and square!
I won't let you down. I promise.
Well, it's showtime!
Let's have a fun match!

They'll be talkin' about this one for years.
Looks like a bad matchup for you.
Gotta show these guys how a pro does it.
Well, gonna step up my game now.
Let's try to have some fun out there, guys.
Is that the applause of my adoring fans?

If we get our jobs done, this contest's as good as won!
Hold me back and I'll put you to the rack!
Perish here, you surely will. Beat a path toward the hills.
I'll dispense with the greeting, since your life will be fleeting.
It'll be prudent to treat my teammates as students.
I'd dare not lean on these bumbling peons.

They shall succumb soon enough.
Your resolve is praiseworthy.
I will gladly be your opponent.
Tremble before my might.
Perhaps I will put forth an effort this time.
They had best make this worth my time.

Hah... Waddya know, you might pose a challenge after all!
Now how do we get their goat?
How'd you all get on the same team?
Okay then, time to clean house!
I can't wait! Let's do this already!
We can take them. No problem!

Vayne Carudas Solidor:
Is there not a strategist among you?
Can you not see the divide in our strength?
Do you intend to provide a challenge?
Your defeat shall be swift and absolute.
I need prove nothing to the likes of them.

You're flying awfully close to the sun.
We've got this one.
We can win if we stay focused.
It won't take much to win.
You'll be begging for mercy soon enough.
Let's show the other team what we're made of.

Snow Villiers:
Don't say I didn't warn you!
Nothing's gonna keep us down!
I'll make sure we all get out of this.
Come on! Do your worst.
They'll know what I'm made of soon enough!
May the best brawlers win!

Y'shtola Rhul:
To arms! Afford them no quarter!
Betake you to your guard!
You would do well not to misjudge us.
These summons... Their powers are much unlike the Primals...
We shall show them, we are not to be trifled with.
This fight will not take overlong.

Zenos yae Galvus:
Let us embrace violence together!
Give me something to remember!
I have no interest in beasts who only howl.
It is a delicate dance...
Are you worthy of my blade?
I pray this battle doesn't disappoint me.

Noctis Lucis Caelum:
I don't need any royal guard!
Let's shift into high gear.
Hope you're ready to lose.
I never pull my punches.
Don't think I could hold back even if I wanted to.
Now this is what I'm talkin' about.

I may very well be able to help you.
This has not the look of a joyous reunion.
If endeavored, it can be done!
Use every advantage afforded you!
We make our stand here!
What stokes the fires of this conflict?

I wonder... Who should I bet on?
You don't stand a chance.
Hmmm... This mission has potential.
We can take care of this.
Let's make this count!
I won't go easy on you.


Are ye poised to embrace in the fury of my flames?

Face me and ye shall know death's chill embrace.

Make known to me the full measure of your strength!

Your lives shall end as rust upon my steel.

There is no mercy for any who would dare bare their fangs at me.

Prostrate yourselves in reverence. Silence yourselves in awe.

Display the extent of your might and the depth of your courage.

    Victory Quotes 
Warrior of Light:
We know naught of failure.
As long as the crystals shine, I shall fight.
Cooperation will always be key.

The battlefield is no place for children!
Bwahahaha, they call that a fight?
Let us not stop here; there is yet more blood to shed!

One day, freedom shall blossom!
This is what a team can accomplish!
It seems our worries were unfounded.

Emperor Mateus:
Now be a good subject—kneel before me!
The future isn't yours to give or take.
That was an interesting show.

Onion Knight:
I couldn't have done this without you!
Well whaddya know, we won!
We won. What a surprise.

Cloud of Darkness:
Our conquest is part of the natural order.
The scales have been righted.
Lick your wounds and taste your weakness.

Cecil Harvey:
Our bonds are what won us this battle.
My courage shall see me through to this journey's end.
You doubted your strength and lost.
I fight, that my friends be safe!

Kain Highwind:
'Twas an honor to fight alongside you.
Know the skies' true fury.
You shall never best us!

I did only what was called of me.
Consider this my atonement.
Your efforts were commendable.

Bartz Klauser:
I haven't had that much fun in a long time.
Time flies when you're having fun, but... yeesh!
Come back for a rematch once your wounds heal!

Prostrate yourselves before your master.
My power is unmatched!
How unremarkable.

Terra Branford:
I couldn't have done this without all of you.
I said I'd keep the world safe, and I will.
I'm so glad we won! If we hadn't...

Locke Cole:
Their adventure's finished.
Could've won that in my sleep.
I knew it would end this way.

Kefka Palazzo:
It— Hmmm, I think I look better from this angle... Ahem! It feels good to dominate!
Does this— Hmmm, better make sure the camera gets my good side! Ahem! Does this mean I am the strongest?
Today's— Hmmm, no no, that's just dreadful... And today's most valuable player!

Cloud Strife:
You put up a decent fight.
It went exactly like I thought it would.
Looks like I've finally found my way.

Tifa Lockhart:
See? I told you we could do it.
Now that's good teamplay!
Give it your all—and you win!

Remember who brought this pain upon you.
Now they know the error of their ways.
I almost enjoyed myself.

Squall Leonhart:
I could get used to working with you.
I'll take you on anytime.
Mission accomplished.

Rinoa Heartilly:
YES! I knew we could do it!
Time flies when you're having fun!
No one can beat us!

I alone control fate.
Grovel at my feet.
That was beneath me.

Zidane Tribal:
Heh, I haven't had that much fun in a while.
Awww, over so soon?
Looks like I'm doing all the right things.

You lot are more fit to be fools than fighters.
I must ask... was that to your liking?
It appears our victory was preordained.

We're going all the way!
Betcha wish your teamwork was that good!
Blitzball's not the only thing I'm good at!

I couldn't have done it alone.
We'll keep getting stronger and stronger!
It was a good fight.

Ask nicely and I'll train you again!
That match got my juices flowing.
I definitely deserve this one.

That was a job well done; you earned your day in the sun. Ohoho!
The writing's on the wall: you don't know how to brawl. Ohoho!
You thought you could shine? How asinine. Ohoho!

You didn't stand a chance against me.
I simply did what was required of me.
I am one step closer to Paradise.

Gotta give myself a pat on the back.
Sorry to make you look so bad.
You showed promise. Fight us again sometime.

Vayne Carudas Solidor:
Arrogance was your downfall.
Let it be said that you do not lack courage.
We stride ever toward our goal.

If you don't work as a team, you're nothing.
I won't let anything stand in my way.
Hmph. That's how it's done.

Snow Villiers:
There's no way I could've lost!
Hmph, worked up quite the sweat.
A team that works together wins together.

Y'shtola Rhul:
'Twas naught but a trifle.
'Twas an immeasurable honor to fight alongside you.
I must say I performed admirably today.

Zenos yae Galvus:
I tower above the gods!
What an unexpectedly exciting hunt.
Truly an exhilarating battle...!

Noctis Lucis Caelum:
At least make it interesting.
Gotta keep ridin' this wave!
You got the short end of the stick.

Ramza Beoulve:
Sweet as the nectar of victory.
These rats are long in the slaying.
I ask you this: do you now believe in our might?

All right, mission complete!
That gamble paid off.
That was impressive.

    Defeat Quotes 
Warrior of Light: Is the light of the crystals...fading?

Garland: But I am Garland! I do not lose!

Firion: What... What could've set them apart from us...?

Emperor: You dare to mock your betters...

Onion Knight: They must've cheated.

Cloud of Darkness: We shall have dominion one day.

Cecil Harvey: I did all I could...but it wasn't enough...

Kain Highwind: What a twisted mockery...

Golbez: I would be better served by humility.

Bartz Klauser: Will the wind's power ever return?

Exdeath: I will have the last laugh...

Terra Branford: I tried... It just wasn't enough...

Locke Cole: Can't believe I messed that up.

Kefka Palazzo: I'm getting angry...VERY angry!

Cloud Strife: This is ridiculous...

Tifa Lockhart: Aww... I thought we had it, too.

Sephiroth: If not now... then next time.

Squall Leonhart: Am I even cut out for this?

Rinoa Heartilly: Next time, I won't lose!

Ultimecia: I refuse!

Zidane Tribal: Mark my words... we will win next time!

Kuja: I was destined for greatness, not this...

Tidus: Dang, this is harder than I thought...

Yuna: We tried our best, and still...

Jecht: You gotta be kidding! I lost!?

Shantotto: But I never lose! This must be a ruse!

Kam'lanaut: Have I...lost?

Vaan: This is all my fault. Forgive me.

Vayne Carudas Solidor: It seems I misjudged their abilities...

Lightning: No... This can't be!

Snow Villiers: At least it's all over now...

Y'shtola Rhul: What was it... that we lacked?

Zenos yae Galvus: The hunter has indeed become the hunted.

Noctis Lucis Caelum: Talk about ruthless...

Ramza Beoulve: Why must it end this way?

Ace: Ugh... This mission's a failure.

    Summoning Ifrit 
Warrior of Light: Come forth and reduce their world to ash!

Garland: Burn swaths of land until the world is ash!

Firion: Ignite our foes and leave only ashes behind!

Emperor: Render all we see into dust!

Onion Knight: Leave them crunchy outside and gooey inside!

Cloud of Darkness: Leave not even their bones unburnt!

Cecil Harvey: Fertilize the battlefield with their ashes!

Kain Highwind: Leave naught but ashes behind!

Golbez: Set the horizon ablaze!

Bartz Klauser: Burn this whole place to the ground!

Exdeath: Leave them as ash on the breeze!

Terra Branford: Blanket the world in layers of ash!

Locke Cole: Things are about to get heated around here!

Kefka Palazzo: You know how I like my meat—well done!

Cloud Strife: Set the world on fire and watch it burn!

Tifa Lockhart: Time to turn up the heat, guys!

Sephiroth: Thicken the air with their ashes.

Squall Leonhart: Had enough of these guys. Burn'em up!

Rinoa Heartilly: Time to turn up the heat, Ifrit! (Normal) / Set the world ablaze, Ifrit. (Angel Wing)

Ultimecia: I wish to see them as ashen corpses!

Zidane Tribal: Burn this place down! That'll scare 'em away!

Kuja: Bring the house down with your accursed flames!

Tidus: Bury them up to their heads in ashes!

Yuna: Show us the true fury of your fire!

Jecht: Bury the field in their ashes!

Shantotto: Enough balderdash! Turn their world to ash!

Kam'lanaut: Engulf them in a sea of flames!

Vaan: Raze their entire world with your flames!

Vayne Carudas Solidor: Consume them in your conflagration!

Lightning: Turn our enemies into floating debris!

Snow Villiers: Turn it all into smoldering ash!

Y'shtola Rhul: Let your unbridled fury leave this world begrimed!

Zenos yae Galvus: Burn! Burn it all!

Noctis Lucis Caelum: Cover their world in a blanket of ash!

Ramza Beoulve: I would have you incinerate this lot!

Ace: Soon, you'll be nothing but cinders!

    Summoning Shiva 
Warrior of Light: May the light speed your frigid lances!

Garland: Impale them with spears forged of rime!

Firion: Impale our foes with arctic lances!

Emperor Mateus: Freeze their innards solid!

Onion Knight: Show them how piercing your cold can be!

Cloud of Darkness: Fashion your ice into deadly spears!

Cecil Harvey: Wrap our foes in your icy tendrils!

Kain Highwind: Conjure shards of ice!

Golbez: Freeze them in their tracks!

Bartz Klauser: Shove your ice crystals through their hearts!

Exdeath: Let their viscera see light!

Terra Branford: Freeze them solid with icy daggers!

Locke Cole: Freeze them where they stand!

Kefka Palazzo: Give'em a cold shoulder!

Cloud Strife: Plunge lances of ice through their hearts!

Tifa Lockhart: Go! Make ice cubes outta them!

Sephiroth: Skewer them on spears of ice!

Squall Leonhart: Ram your ice through them! They deserve it!

Rinoa Heartilly: Cool'em down, Shiva! (Normal) / Freeze them to the core, Shiva. (Angel Wing)

Ultimecia: May your gelid spires rend them.

Zidane Tribal: Bury your ice shards deep in their stomachs!

Kuja: Impale them with boreal spears!

Tidus: Trip them up with icy obsticals!

Yuna: Freeze this place with an icy wind!

Jecht: Stick'em on frigid spikes!

Shantotto: Make them fear your icy spears!

Kam'lanaut: May the cold pierce their souls!

Vaan: Put these lowlifes on ice!

Vayne Carudas Solidor: Encase them in an icy prison!

Lightning: Gash them in swords of ice!

Snow Villiers: Pierce'em with your icy spears!

Y'shtola Rhul: Pierce them with boreal lances!

Zenos yae Galvus: Freeze the blood in their veins!

Noctis Lucis Caelum: Chill our enemies to the bone!

Ramza Beoulve: Rend them with your frigid blight!

Ace: Your icy javelins will chill their hearts!

    Summoning Ramuh 
Warrior of Light: Grace us with your almighty bolts!

Garland: Assail these ingrates with endless bolts!

Firion: Shower our foes with endless bolts!

Emperor: Buffet our foes with a shower of bolts!

Onion Knight: Light up our foes' lives with a bolt or two!

Cloud of Darkness: Cause the storm to end all storms!

Cecil Harvey: Your fulminating bolts shall be their undoing!

Kain Highwind: May your bolts scar the earth!

Golbez: Bring the skies crashing down!

Bartz Klauser: Stun them with a few bolts to the head!

Exdeath: Bring the skies down upon them!

Terra Branford: Set the battle alight with deadly bolts!

Locke Cole: Give'em a shock they won't soon forget!

Kefka Palazzo: Light'em up a little, will'ya!

Cloud Strife: Descend and shock our foes into submission!

Tifa Lockhart: Lightning, strike them down!

Sephiroth: Overwhelm them with a slew of bolts!

Squall Leonhart: Hurry it up already and drop your bolts on them!

Rinoa Heartilly: Shock'em with lightning, Ramuh! (Normal) / Strike them with your bolts, Ramuh. (Angel Wing)

Ultimecia: Bring the heavens down upon their heads!

Zidane Tribal: Show'em you mean business with a couple of lightning bolts!

Kuja: Shine a spotlight on this tenebrous earth!

Tidus: Show them how hard it is to dodge lightning!

Yuna: Light up the sky with your bright bolts!

Jecht: Strike fear into their hearts!

Shantotto: Silence these dolts with thunderbolts!

Kam'lanaut: Bring lightning down upon them!

Vaan: Make it rain bolts of divine pain!

Vayne Carudas Solidor: Turn the heaven's rage upon them!

Lightning: Give 'em hell out there with your lightning!

Snow Villiers: Give'em a thunderstorm to remember!

Y'shtola Rhul: Levin be the agent of your retribution!

Zenos yae Galvus: Call bolts of lightning down on them!

Noctis Lucis Caelum: Shower this land with lightning bolts!

Ramza Beoulve: Riddle the land with empyrean fury!

Ace: Etch your verdict upon them with searing bolts!

    Summoning Odin 
Warrior of Light: Slice through our detractors!

Garland: Take up your sword and slice them through!

Firion: Ride the enemy ranks without mercy!

Emperor Mateus: Sate your blade with their flesh!

Onion Knight: Hope you know what end of the sword to stick'em with!

Cloud of Darkness: Leave them split in two upon the ground!

Cecil Harvey: Slice through our foes!

Kain Highwind: Slice through my enemies!

Golbez: Trample them underfoot!

Bartz Klauser: Cut our foes to ribbons!

Exdeath: Fell these recreants one by one!

Terra Branford: Chase them down and run them through!

Locke Cole: Bring the sword down on them!

Kefka Palazzo: Heads up! I mean off!

Cloud Strife: Sever their limbs in a single blow!

Tifa Lockhart: Cut them in half!

Sephiroth: Sow chaos among their ranks!

Squall Leonhart: I need you to run them through, so do it!

Rinoa Heartilly: Bring your blade down, Odin! (Normal) / Show them true chaos, Odin. (Angel Wing)

Ultimecia: Cleave them all in a single stroke!

Zidane Tribal: Swing that blade and chop 'em in half!

Kuja: Sever the very flesh from their frames!

Tidus: They won't survive your blade!

Yuna: Let us hear your sword sing!

Jecht: Chop 'em down like old trees!

Shantotto: Slice that riffraff in half!

Kam'lanaut: Cleave these vermin in two!

Vaan: Cut through'em like paper!

Vayne Carudas Solidor: Silence them with your blade!

Lightning: Slice them in two!

Snow Villiers: Cut these creeps down to size!

Y'shtola Rhul: Cleave our foes in twain!

Zenos yae Galvus: Cleave the flesh from their bones!

Noctis Lucis Caelum: Slice our enemies right in two!

Ramza Beoulve: Put these blackguards to the sword!

Ace: Slice them clean in two!

    Summoning Leviathan 
Warrior of Light: The ocean waves herald your immense prowess!

Garland: Greet our guests with a wall of water!

Firion: Crush them under the ocean's waves!

Emperor Mateus: Take them into the murky depths!

Onion Knight: Drench our enemies in a massive deluge!

Cloud of Darkness: May they be dragged under by your tides!

Cecil Harvey: Fill their lungs with the briny sea!

Kain Highwind: The tides swallow you all!

Golbez: Drown them under your waves!

Bartz Klauser: Wake up and send them to a watery grave!

Exdeath: Harry them with wave after wave!

Terra Branford: Turn the tides and drown our enemies!

Locke Cole: Turn the ocean upside down!

Kefka Palazzo: This'll make waves... Literally!

Cloud Strife: Crush them under the ocean's wave!

Tifa Lockhart: You can't stop the tides!

Sephiroth: Eclipse the battlefield with waves!

Squall Leonhart: Pour every last drop of ocean on them!

Rinoa Heartilly: Turn the tides, Leviathan! (Normal) / Wash them away with waves, Leviathan. (Angel Wing)

Ultimecia: Wash away their chances of conquest!

Zidane Tribal: Why don't you shower these rejects with a tidal wave!

Kuja: Provide them with the watery stage!

Tidus: They can't swim against the ocean's waves!

Yuna: Cleanse the field with your waves!

Jecht: Drag them to the bottom of the sea!

Shantotto: Ocean waves shall be their graves!

Kam'lanaut: Show them the true wrath of the ocean!

Vaan: Give them a chance to get their sea legs!

Vayne Carudas Solidor: Empty oceans upon them!

Lightning: Overturn the oceans!

Snow Villiers: Send your waves crashing down on'em!

Y'shtola Rhul: Topple the briny depths upon their heads!

Zenos yae Galvus: Drown them in your raging torrents!

Noctis Lucis Caelum: Lash out with wave after wave!

Ramza Beoulve: Adorn their heads with crowns of brine!

Ace: The ocean waves are at your beck and call!

    Summoning Alexander 
Warrior of Light: The beacon of your justice shall lead us to victory!

Garland: Cast your divine verdict in this trial of bloodshed!

Firion: All shall know your judgment is infallible!

Emperor: Your decree is absolute!

Onion Knight: They'll think twice about defying us after you're done!

Cloud of Darkness: Hand down their sentence at once!

Cecil Harvey: Your judgment shall be questioned by none!

Kain Highwind: May your judgment sound true!

Golbez: Show no compassion in your judgment!

Bartz Klauser: We're awaiting your judgment!

Exdeath: There is no place for compassion in your judgment!

Terra Branford: We wait in anticipation for your heavenly verdict!

Locke Cole: Give these good-for-nothings what they deserve!

Kefka Palazzo: Show 'em your soft side—wait, you don't have one!

Cloud Strife: Don't show these weaklings any mercy!

Tifa Lockhart: Show them what true justice means!

Sephiroth: The earth trembles under the weight of your verdict!

Squall Leonhart: Rise and do as you're told! Judge our foes!

Rinoa Heartilly: Let'em hear your judgment, Alexander! (Normal) / Pass your holy judgment, Alexander. (Angel Wing)

Ultimecia: Your judgment shall forge their demise!

Zidane Tribal: Do unto these creeps as they've done unto us!

Kuja: Let your decree be known!

Tidus: C'mon! Let's bring this match to a close!

Yuna: Pass your holy judgment on the guilty!

Jecht: Get them shakin' in their boots!

Shantotto: Their horrible fate is yours to adjudicate!

Kam'lanaut: Let your righteous judgment seal their fate!

Vaan: Be their judge, jury and executioner!

Vayne Carudas Solidor: Condemn them to the gallows!

Lightning: Don't you dare go easy on them!

Snow Villiers: Give these jerks their just desserts!

Y'shtola Rhul: May your judgment resound far and wide!

Zenos yae Galvus: Pass judgment on these savages!

Noctis Lucis Caelum: Be stern and swift in your judgment!

Ramza Beoulve: Your unsparing verdict shall resound far and wide!

Ace: Sound your gavel and signal their defeat!

    Summoning Bahamut 
Warrior of Light: Show us the depth of your ire!

Garland: Let us behold your wrath in all its glory!

Firion: Your wrath will send our enemies fleeing the fight!

Emperor: Loose boundless ire upon our enemies!

Onion Knight: Let loose on these pathetic cowards!

Cloud of Darkness: Leave not a single thing alive in your wake!

Cecil Harvey: A dragon's wrath knows no bounds!

Kain Highwind: None can stand against your wrath!

Golbez: Feed your rage with their corpses!

Bartz Klauser: Show them just how frightening you can be!

Exdeath: Show them not an iota of pity!

Terra Branford: Cause the heavens to tremble!

Locke Cole: Make them tremble before you!

Kefka Palazzo: And you thought I was full of rage!

Cloud Strife: Show them defiance is impossible! (Beta) / Unleash your fury upon our foes! (Proper)

Tifa Lockhart: Big one, comin' your way!

Sephiroth: May your wrath leave the world in ruin!

Squall Leonhart: Don't bottle your anger! Let it out!

Rinoa Heartilly: Let it all out, Bahamut! (Normal) / Let your wrath be known, Bahamut. (Angel Wing)

Ultimecia: Put the fear of death into them!

Zidane Tribal: Kick some butt and take some names!

Kuja: A dragon's wrath has no equal!

Tidus: Make'em turn tail and run!

Yuna: Lend us the strength to end this!

Jecht: Send them running!

Shantotto: Your boundless fury fills them with worry!

Kam'lanaut: Teach them the true meaning of fear!

Vaan: Wipe those smug looks right off their faces!

Vayne Carudas Solidor: May your rage incite the heavens!

Lightning: Eradicate them in an instant!

Snow Villiers: Bring pure chaos to the battlefield!

Y'shtola Rhul: Pitiless wyrm, subject them to your choler!

Zenos yae Galvus: Come! Join me in the hunt!

Noctis Lucis Caelum: Give'em something to be scared of!

Ramza Beoulve: May ire always be your accomplice!

Ace: Scare the fight out of them!

    Vs. Ifrit 
Warrior of Light: There cannot be a flame without light.

Garland: Whose fury shall burn hotter!?

Firion: I fear not even your flames!

Emperor: Hell's inferno burns much hotter.

Onion Knight: Looks like we're set for winter.

Cloud of Darkness: Your ardor shall fizzle before us.

Cecil Harvey: Guess this is my trail by fire.

Kain Highwind: I will trample your flames.

Golbez: Your flames have raged long enough.

Bartz Klauser: You look tough, but not too tough!

Exdeath: Your flames frighten me not.

Terra Branford: Your flames will soon guide us.

Locke Cole: You're in no condition to resist.

Kefka Palazzo: You should be just what I need!

Cloud Strife: Such a warm welcome.

Tifa Lockhart: I'll match your blows!

Sephiroth: One swipe is all I need.

Squall Leonhart: I know I'm better than you.

Rinoa Heartilly: If I win this fight, maybe I can be a SeeD too!

Ultimecia: Flames were meant to be snuffed out.

Zidane Tribal: May cooler heads prevail!

Kuja: Stay put. This heat is too oppressive.

Tidus: We could use you on our team!

Yuna: My will is as strong as it's ever been.

Jecht: Better say your prayers.

Shantotto: How I tire of your fire.

Kam'lanaut: These flames are not born of hatred...

Vaan: I'll fight through any fire!

Vayne Carudas Solidor: You look more than fit to serve.

Lightning: A little heat never hurt anyone.

Snow Villiers: Let's see whose fire burns brightest!

Y'shtola Rhul: I will not let you shed blood in this world.

Zenos yae Galvus: May your flame burn bright.

Noctis Lucis Caelum: I'll make this a fight, just you wait.

Ramza Beoulve: Your flames shall ignite a blaze of creation!

Ace: My cards don't burn!

    Vs. Shiva 
Warrior of Light: Your defenses will melt before me.

Garland: The iciest gaze cannot deter me!

Firion: You will not provoke me.

Emperor: How crisp this weather is.

Onion Knight: You'll warm to us soon enough!

Cloud of Darkness: Chill winds only invigorate us.

Cecil Harvey: You won't extinguish my flame.

Kain Highwind: The ice shan't weigh me down.

Golbez: My dragon's bite is much colder.

Bartz Klauser: Three-on-one's fair enough!

Exdeath: You think I can be frozen?

Terra Branford: May your gales be at our backs.

Locke Cole: Let's not start off on the wrong foot here.

Kefka Palazzo: Don't make me throw you away like the last one!

Cloud Strife: I've seen icier looks.

Tifa Lockhart: The cold won't slow me down!

Sephiroth: Mere ice cannot stop me.

Squall Leonhart: I know every move you'll make.

Rinoa Heartilly: They say experience is the best teacher!

Ultimecia: My heart has ever been the colder one.

Zidane Tribal: Hard to keep my cool around you.

Kuja: Ice, though beautiful, is oh-so brittle.

Tidus: Might need to ice my knees after.

Yuna: Won't you lend me your strength?

Jecht: Sing us a hymn, why don'tcha.

Shantotto: I would never pose in such revealing clothes.

Kam'lanaut: Join me and tragedy shall not befall you.

Vaan: Just gotta move and I'll stay warm.

Vayne Carudas Solidor: Your frigid winds cannot slow us.

Lightning: You think you can take us all alone?

Snow Villiers: I'll show you what I'm capable of!

Y'shtola Rhul: So long as your soul's untethered!

Zenos yae Galvus: You are nothing but fodder for my blade.

Noctis Lucis Caelum: Hate to do this, but I have to.

Ramza Beoulve: You shall bend to me as light through a crystal!

Ace: If I can't melt you, I'll break you!

    Vs. Ramuh 
Warrior of Light: Is it I who shall sentence you.

Garland: Mere wisdom does not beget victory!

Firion: Your wisdom should come in handy.

Emperor: An old dog should heel to his master.

Onion Knight: Is this the calm before the storm?

Cloud of Darkness: You would do well to bow before us.

Cecil Harvey: I will make my own judgments.

Kain Highwind: He who strikes first shall win.

Golbez: I would take your wisdom for my own.

Bartz Klauser: Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks!?

Exdeath: Your bolts will not even scratch me.

Terra Branford: I know you care about this world too.

Locke Cole: I think we'll get along just fine.

Kefka Palazzo: This one's way past his prime? Better put him down!

Cloud Strife: Let's see who strikes first.

Tifa Lockhart: My fists will shock the life outta you!

Sephiroth: I'll cleave your bolts in half.

Squall Leonhart: I'll dodge every bolt you throw.

Rinoa Heartilly: I don't wanna beat up an old man...

Ultimecia: Your bones are too weary to resist.

Zidane Tribal: We're gonna beat them, you'll see!

Kuja: They say a fool thinks himself wise.

Tidus: I can dodge lightning all day!

Yuna: You aren't a fayth, are you?

Jecht: Don't hoard that knowledge—spread the wealth!

Shantotto: You've brains, that's true, but I do too!

Kam'lanaut: Sorry, I've no need of your wisdom.

Vaan: Shouldn't you be in bed by now?

Vayne Carudas Solidor: We could make use of your erudition.

Lightning: Let's see if you live up to your reputation.

Snow Villiers: Not even lightning can stop me!

Y'shtola Rhul: I assume there is no treating with you?

Zenos yae Galvus: I have no need of words... Only strength.

Noctis Lucis Caelum: At least we didn't have to search for runestones!

Ramza Beoulve: Your celestial powers have a home with us!

Ace: It'll take more than thunder to scare me!

    Vs. Odin 
Warrior of Light: This shall be the shield to stay your blade.

Garland: I am eager to face a fellow knight.

Firion: You'll be slashing at air.

Emperor: A knight turns his blade against his lord?

Onion Knight: Don't run with swords!

Cloud of Darkness: Your blade cannot cleave our vapor.

Cecil Harvey: How long will it take to unhorse you?

Kain Highwind: Knights have nothing on dragoons!

Golbez: May the swifter sword triumph!

Bartz Klauser: We'll be done before you can blink!

Exdeath: I will snap that sword of yours in two!

Terra Branford: Lend your sword to our cause.

Locke Cole: Do you always have such a stony gaze?

Kefka Palazzo: The spell is mightier than the sword!

Cloud Strife: I'll smash your sword into shards.

Tifa Lockhart: Don't think that I'll fall easily!

Sephiroth: That sword will do you no good.

Squall Leonhart: I'll just have to cut you down first.

Rinoa Heartilly: I wonder if Angelo is faster...

Ultimecia: I do not take kindly to knights.

Zidane Tribal: Psh, you call that a sword?

Kuja: A sword is useless if it cannot find its mark.

Tidus: You sure know how to ride!

Yuna: How much will it cost for your help?

Jecht: Your horse isn't gonna help ya here!

Shantotto: You might be a knight, but I'm in the right!

Kam'lanaut: Are you the lord of this underworld?

Vaan: Nice horse you got there!

Vayne Carudas Solidor: Show me the source of your fabled pride.

Lightning: I won't just roll over and die.

Snow Villiers: Don't you dare go easy on me!

Y'shtola Rhul: 'Twas almost effortless to find you.

Zenos yae Galvus: Your cowardice is unbecoming.

Noctis Lucis Caelum: Wow, you're a triple threat of terror.

Ramza Beoulve: By my sword, I shall divest you of darkness!

Ace: Everyone has something to protect.

    Vs. Leviathan 
Warrior of Light: Your waves shall break upon my blade.

Garland: I shall return your waves of wrath in kind!

Firion: Drink deep from the cup of defeat!

Emperor: Your corpse shall be set adrift.

Onion Knight: We're headed for troubled waters.

Cloud of Darkness: The height of your wrath is but low tide to us.

Cecil Harvey: Your raging seas will soon be placid.

Kain Highwind: Your waves won't reach my heights.

Golbez: Your waves are naught but impudent spittle.

Bartz Klauser: Your waves won't topple us!

Exdeath: Your waves are but ripples to me.

Terra Branford: We can weather the harshest waves.

Locke Cole: Hah, those waves don't look too welcoming.

Kefka Palazzo: I just looove singing in the rain!

Cloud Strife: You rule the seas, but not me.

Tifa Lockhart: You're no match for me!

Sephiroth: Bow your head if you wish to keep it.

Squall Leonhart: You won't wash me away.

Rinoa Heartilly: You should choose your allies more carefully.

Ultimecia: Time's current is absolute.

Zidane Tribal: Your waves can't rock our boat!

Kuja: I yearn to see your blood flow like your waves.

Tidus: Let's see who's the better swimmer!

Yuna: I will calm your stormy seas.

Jecht: I'm not a bad swimmer myself!

Shantotto: Back to the deep, you slimy creep!

Kam'lanaut: Your waves will not bring me under.

Vaan: Well, it's sink or swim, I guess.

Vayne Carudas Solidor: So eager to fight...and to die.

Lightning: Your waves will part before my blade.

Snow Villiers: You're nothin' but a fish outta water!

Y'shtola Rhul: We will not go the way of the drowned.

Zenos yae Galvus: Yes... This is the perfect hunting ground.

Noctis Lucis Caelum: How about I enter a covenant with you too?

Ramza Beoulve: Ascend from the depths and harken to my voice!

Ace: I won't let your waves reach our shores!

    Vs. Alexander 
Warrior of Light: My spirit is indomitable.

Garland: I shall be the first to breach your walls!

Firion: Never felled a fortress before.

Emperor: Hell's corruption cannot be stemmed.

Onion Knight: Evil's about to have a bad day!

Cloud of Darkness: Some darkness is too deep to illuminate.

Cecil Harvey: A common blade shall bring you low!

Kain Highwind: I see there are giants here too.

Golbez: Let us end this derelict ruin's rampage!

Bartz Klauser: Time to storm the castle gates!

Exdeath: You are more failure than fortress.

Terra Branford: We can save this world!

Locke Cole: This castle doesn't go underground...does it?

Kefka Palazzo: I am the only one who gets to fight dirty!

Cloud Strife: You're bigger than a reactor.

Tifa Lockhart: You know, the bigger they are...

Sephiroth: I'll bring you crashing down.

Squall Leonhart: You're too big for your own good.

Rinoa Heartilly: I've drawn you out of hiding!

Ultimecia: I hide behind no ramparts.

Zidane Tribal: May our pleas for help reach you!

Kuja: Will force work where words could not?

Tidus: Ehhh, I've seen bigger.

Yuna: Are...are you a machina?

Jecht: Ha, you ain't so big!

Shantotto: I could make a manse from your vast expanse.

Kam'lanaut: Here, you're nothing but an iron giant.

Vaan: You might be bigger than the Cathedral.

Vayne Carudas Solidor: May the battlefield be our court of law.

Lightning: A shame you're judgment's misguided.

Snow Villiers: I'm the one who's "too stubborn to die"!

Y'shtola Rhul: The resemblance is uncanny...

Zenos yae Galvus: Even a living fortress is no match for me.

Noctis Lucis Caelum: You're brighter than one of Cindy's headlights.

Ramza Beoulve: Would that I myself were as pure as your light!

Ace: The power of the Verboten shall be ours!

    Vs. Bahamut 
Warrior of Light: We shall soar higher than you ever have.

Garland: Show me power befitting your station.

Firion: Let us witness a dragon king's strength!

Emperor: Even dragon kings bow to emperors.

Onion Knight: You'll be serving under us!

Cloud of Darkness: We too shall unleash our rage.

Cecil Harvey: My training culminates here.

Kain Highwind: A dragoon's work is never done.

Golbez: The moon foretells your downfall.

Bartz Klauser: You lose, you serve. Got it?

Exdeath: Return to your roost or be slain.

Terra Branford: We didn't have to fly to find you.

Locke Cole: Show me the king of dragons' roar!

Kefka Palazzo: You'll look good beneath my heel!

Cloud Strife: Time to help us out again.

Tifa Lockhart: This'll be a fun one for sure!

Sephiroth: Kneel or I shall make you kneel.

Squall Leonhart: All I need is one battle.

Rinoa Heartilly: We've seen the light, and our victory!

Ultimecia: Lizards are for boiling in cauldrons.

Zidane Tribal: Gotta find a stable that holds you!

Kuja: O, had you but bowed your head in supplication!

Tidus: I'll clip those wings of yours soon enough!

Yuna: Please, hear my answer!

Jecht: So you're the big kahuna, huh?

Shantotto: Take with you that rage back into your cage.

Kam'lanaut: Eternal Paradise will be mine!

Vaan: You certainly look tough, but are you?

Vayne Carudas Solidor: No fortress is impregnable.

Lightning: Don't think you can just fly away.

Snow Villiers: Go ahead, give me all you got!

Y'shtola Rhul: You will cause no calamity here!

Zenos yae Galvus: My might towers far above yours!

Noctis Lucis Caelum: I'm more king than you'll ever be!

Ramza Beoulve: Forge an alliance with us and none will be fiercer!

Ace: You may be vaunted, but I'm no pushover!

    Vs. Shinryu 
Warrior of Light: This is my home, not yours!

Garland: The cycle is broken, as you shall be!

Firion: This world is not yours to do with as you please!

Emperor: Your reign shall soon come to an end.

Onion Knight: You'll never bother another person again!

Cloud of Darkness: We have cornered you at last.

Cecil Harvey: This world does not belong to you!

Kain Highwind: I shall cut your existence short!

Golbez: You shall answer for your misdeeds!

Bartz Klauser: Enough wanton destruction!

Exdeath: Surfeit yourself on my steel!

Terra Branford: We won't let you harm this world anymore!

Locke Cole: I'll protect this world with everything I have.

Kefka Palazzo: I'd put your power to better use. Give it up!

Cloud Strife: You'll give back what you stole!

Tifa Lockhart: Time to settle the score!

Sephiroth: It's now our turn to take from you.

Squall Leonhart: Last hurdle's always the highest.

Rinoa Heartilly: You won't take my precious memories!

Ultimecia: You are a mere step on my path to ascension.

Zidane Tribal: You'll pay for all this carnage!

Kuja: I shall pull back the curtain on your charade!

Tidus: I'll shut that maw of yours for good!

Yuna: I will end the spiral of sadness!

Jecht: Haven't had a chance to thank you for wasting my time.

Shantotto: Oh, you'll rue the day you got in my way!

Kam'lanaut: You have no place in Eternal Paradise!

Vaan: Your turn to be on the losing end!

Vayne Carudas Solidor: Your undoing shall be our rise to glory.

Lightning: What goes around comes around!

Snow Villiers: Our battle is with you, not each other!

Y'shtola Rhul: A savage beast deserves a savage end!

Zenos yae Galvus: This dragon, too, shall be made to kneel!

Noctis Lucis Caelum: I can't keep them waiting forever!

Ramza Beoulve: We will not let you stand in the way of our freedom!

Ace: Your reign of terror is coming to an end!

    Greeting Chat Messages 
Warrior of Light:
May fate unite us once more.
Thank you.
I would rather not.

You shall do.
I take my leave.
I shall remember this.
How shameful.
Who do you think you are!?

Well met.
It has been an honor.
Much appreciated.
Forgive me.
It shall be done.
I must refuse.

The Emperor:
Commence the slaughter!
We are done here.
I extend my thanks.
That was unseemly of me.
Very well.
Utter drivel.

Onion Knight:
Good to see you!
Let's meet up again sometime!
I hear ya.
No can do.

Cloud of Darkness:
You too have been summoned?
We are to blame.
We consent.
It shall not be.

Cecil Harvey:
Til next we meet.
I won't forget this.
I apologize.
Of course.
I must decline.

Kain Highwind:
I trust in you.
Well then.
Many thanks.
I didn't mean to offend.
As you wish.

We fight as equals.
I am obliged.
I am ashamed.
It shall be done.
That's absurd.

Bartz Klauser:
The name's Bartz.
We'll definitely see each other again!
How could I ever repay you?
What an idea!
Anything but that.

Welcome to my army.
You are dismissed.
So sorry.
That will do.

Terra Branford:
It's a pleasure to meet you.
I hope we meet again.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
I don't think I can...

Locke Cole:
Let's have some fun.
Maybe I'll see you around.
I owe you one.
That was on me.
I hear you loud and clear.
Can't help you with that.

Kefka Palazzo:
Remember this face!
How kind of you!
Forgive me, pretty please?
Whatever you say.
No, no, NO!

Cloud Strife:
See ya.
All right.
Not gonna happen.

Tifa Lockhart:
We can do it!
See ya soon!
Thanks for that.
Can't do that right now.

Shall we begin?
'Til we cross paths again.
Well done.
I was wrong.
So be it.

Squall Leonhart:
Hey there.
I owe ya.
My bad.

Rinoa Heartilly:
Pleased to meet you!
Until next time!
Thank you!
My bad!
You can count on me!
Sorry, no time for that!

You will serve me well.
I bid you farewell.
I applaud your performance.
How inexcusable.
You have my consent.
Absolutely not.

Zidane Tribal:
Lookin' good!
It'll be great if we could meet again!
Nice one!
How dumb of me!
You got it, boss!
Not up my alley.

What's up?
I owe you one!
Sorry, that was my bad!
No way!

Pleased to meet you.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry!
I understand.
I can't right now.

Hope I can count on you!
Be seein' ya!
Nice! Thanks!
Whoa, my bad.
Yeah, got it!
Eh, don't think I can do that.

Good day, I say.
Keep your spirits high and in good supply.
Here's your due: thank you.
I confess I transgressed.
Loud and clear, my dear.
Rule of thumb: what you say is dumb.

I'm counting on you.
Until next we meet.
You have my gratitude.
My apologies.
So be it, then.
I must decline.

Hey, glad to meet ya!
See ya 'round!
Great job!
My mistake.
I hear ya.
Yeah, I don't think so.

Vayne Carudas Solidor:
May this alliance be fruitful.
All good things come to an end.
That was commendable.
I am beside myself with embarrassment.
It shall be so.
A ludicrous idea.

See you.
You have my thanks.
Got it.
No good.

Snow Villiers:
See ya around.
I owe you.
That's on me.
You got it!
Not happening.

Y'shtola Rhul:
Well met.
By your leave.
You have my thanks.
Pardon my mistake.
I shall oblige.
I think not.

Zenos yae Galvus:
You will entertain me.
May we meet again.
You have promise.
Forgive me.
Very well.
I do not take orders.

Noctis Lucis Caelum:
So...what's up?
I'm out.
'Preciate it.
Sorry about that.
You got it.
Not touchin' that.

Ramza Beoulve:
Fortune be with you.
I have never been good at goodbyes.
My thanks.
I'm sorry.
So it shall be.
I fear that's impossible.

I won't soon forget you.
Appreciate it.
My mistake.
Roger that.
As if.
    Before/After Battle Chat Messages 
Warrior of Light:
Taking a different approach.
I am needed elsewhere.
The desire to fight still burns.
I wish to try something.
I will look on from afar.
An invigorating bout, indeed.
You are a paragon of warriors!
My sword is yours at anytime!

Changes must be made.
Our alliance is finished.
I shall not leave the fight.
There must be another way.
Let me savor the sight of battle.
The thrill of battle is unsurpassed!
Well done!
I have no need for thanks.

Time to change equipment.
I shall rest after this fight.
A shame if I quit now.
I'm always one for a new challenge.
I hope to learn by watching.
That was the fight for the ages!
Color me impressed.
I live to serve.

The Emperor:
A change in perspective may help.
You pawns have served your purpose.
Retreat is the coward's option.
I should look at the board from a new angle.
Provide me with a riveting spectacle.
That shall be remembered for eternity!
I laud your efforts.
It is the mark of my station.

Onion Knight:
Changing things around.
It's been fun, but I gotta go.
Not gonna leave you guys hangin'.
Gonna do something completely different.
Gonna watch you guys from the stands.
Wow! That was intense!
Think you can teach me to do that?
Just comes naturally to me.

Cloud of Darkness:
We shall choose something more suitable.
These games must come to an end.
You still hold our attention for now.
Time for an experiment.
We shall watch and survey your efforts.
We are overcome with the frenzy of battle.
You have done better than expected.
We are not always so gracious.

Cecil Harvey:
Time to change tactics.
I must go after this.
Let us venture out again.
Switching things around.
Show me how it's done.
Well fought!
You've done us proud!
I have done nothing special.

Kain Highwind:
I must rethink my strategy.
My involvement ends here.
My training is not over yet!
Tacticians must be flexible.
Show me how you fight.
I could not have asked for a fiercer fight!
I expected no less.
You owe me nothing in return.

Something must be changed.
Soon we shall part ways.
I need no reprieve.
I shall explore other means.
Show me a display of mettle.
What a frenzied battle!
I knew you had promise.
I act only in self-interest.

Bartz Klauser:
Changing some stuff around.
Think I'll call it quits after this.
I'm having too much fun to stop now!
Was getting bored with the same-o same-o.
Gonna sit back and enjoy.
Now that's what I call a fight!
That sure was something!
It was my pleasure.

There is more than one way to flay this foe.
I have no more need of you.
I will continue to shed blood.
This requires a new approach.
I will take my place in the stands.
A rousing battle!
Hahaha! A fine display!
It is only natural.

Terra Branford:
I should try something else.
I have to go.
I'll stick around for a bit.
There's more I want to try.
I wanna see what you all can do.
I can do that again!
That was amazing!
It's nothing.

Locke Cole:
Almost ready for battle.
I'll call it quits after this.
I can go again.
Gonna keep this fight interesting.
I'll watch the action from afar.
Now that's what I call a fight!
Not too shabby.
You'd so the same for me.

Kefka Palazzo:
Let me change into someone- uh, I mean something.
It's way past my bedtime.
Playtime's not over yet, kiddos!
Variety is the spice of life!
Show me something truly ghastly!
Oh, the euphoria!
What a smashing display!
You flatter me.

Cloud Strife:
Time for a change of plans.
Better quit while I'm ahead.
I can still fight.
Something's gotta change.
Gonna hang back for this one.
That went pretty well.
You did good.
You owe me one.

Tifa Lockhart:
Let me go change a bit.
Last one for me!
Let's go again!
Time for something new.
I'll sit this one out.
Good game!
Nice moves!

How shall I break their spirits?
I have no more use for you.
There is more blood to shed.
I must avoid boredom.
I will observe how you fight.
That was entertaining.
Think nothing of it.

Squall Leonhart:
Switching stuff up.
Last one for me.
I can go again.
You'll never know unless you try.
Let's see how you do without me.
(I enjoyed that.)
No big deal.

Rinoa Heartilly:
Be ready in a sec!
I hate goodbyes, but I have to go.
One more!
I'm gonna try something different!
Show me what you can do!
That was amazing!
Nice work!
Don't mention it!

Addressing the situation.
I have matters to which I must attend.
Keep me entertained for another.
I am feeling spontaneous.
I will observe this bout.
Simply marvelous!
A spectacular display.
Praise suits me well.

Zidane Tribal:
I need a new strategy!
I'm all tuckered out for now.
I could go for another!
Playing a different role.
Sitting this one out.
What a knock-down, drag out fight!
You can be the leading role anytime!
For you? Anytime!

Time to change tactics!
Hittin' the showers after this!
Keep the matches coming!
New plan of attack!
Someone's gotta keep that bench warm.
That match will go down in history!
An all-star play!
You owe me one!

Maybe I should try something different...
This might be the end for me.
I will keep going!
There's something I'd like to change...
I'll be cheering for you!
It was so much fun to see!
That was amazing!
Think nothing of it.

Ugh. Gotta change it up!
Last one, guys!
Gotta kick a little more butt!
Need more of a challenge!
I'll be watching from the stands.
Now that was a match worth rememberin'!
Proud to have you on my team!
Don't worry about it. It was nothin'.

To prolong my lifespan, I'll change my lesson plan.
After this one, I will be done.
Let's keep dueling and continue your schooling.
I want to test to see what's best.
I'll sit and watch to see what you botch.
No one can make light of that rousing fight!
I'm almost moved at how you've improved.
Your esteem makes me beam.

Allow me to perfect my strategy.
I will take my leave.
I'm hardly finished.
Time for a new strategy.
Show me what you're capable of.
I commend you.
Make the most of it.

I'm gonna try something different.
I think this'll be my last one.
I got another one in me.
Got something I wanna try.
I'll be rootin' for you all.
I swear my heart skipped a beat!
What a move!
I knew I'd be of use.

Vayne Carudas Solidor:
I must rearrange my equipment.
We part ways here.
Once more into the fray!
I must rethink my approach.
I shall watch from a safe vantage.
A better outcome I could not wish for.
Very impressive!
It is of no consequence.

Switching my load out.
This is it for me.
Keep the fights coming.
This won't cut it.
Let's see what you can teach me.
Couldnt've gone better.
You're a credit to the team.
No thanks needed.

Snow Villiers:
Need to change things up!
I'm heading home after this.
I'm no quitter.
I got an idea.
I'll watch from the sidelines.
That was awesome!
Nice moves!
No sweat.

Y'shtola Rhul:
I must reconsider my approach.
My time to depart is nigh.
I would not desert you now!
Now to make adjustments...
Perhaps observing would broaden my horizons.
My ears are still twitching from that bout.
A sight to behold!
You do me an honor.

Zenos yae Galvus:
I must prepare for the hunt.
My hunt takes me elsewhere.
Our hunt continues.
I have a plan.
Show me a spectacle.
'Twas a marvelous dance.
It seems I underestimated you.
I won't do it again.

Noctis Lucis Caelum:
Changed my mind.
My eyelids are getting heavy...
Of course I'm stickin' around.
Yeah, not a big fan of this.
Do this one without me.
I haven't fought like that in a while!
I knew you had it in ya!
Stop with the flattery!

Ramza Beoulve:
I must consider a different approach.
We must now part.
The war is not yet won.
I'll mull over a new plan.
I will gleam what I can from you.
I emerge from that a better soldier!
We benefit greatly from you.
Those words lend me strength.

Gotta go with a different strategy.
Think I'll cash out after this one.
Let's keep up the training.
Goin' with a new strategy.
Hope you guys can teach me something.
Gotta step up my game!
Even Mother would have been impressed.
It was no big deal.
    During Battle Chat Messages 
Warrior of Light:
I shall destroy the core!
Call forth our summon!
You can leave that one to me.
I shall come to your aid!
I need help.
I'll be on the front line!
Falling back for now!
Beware! They're almost upon us!
One moment.
Sorry for the wait.
I failed you...
I take that back.
Time is now of the essence!
We're on the cusp of victory!
I will not go quietly.
Dwell not upon it.
Direct your rage toward me!
Allow me!
Form up!

I'll leave the core in shards!
Summon our minion!
That one will die by my hand!
I'll deign to help you.
To my side!
Going on the attack!
Let us fall back!
What plot are those simpletons hatching?
All in due time.
My preparations are complete.
That did not go as I'd imagined.
I made that last remark in jest.
I will not tolerate sloth!
Their route is imminent!
I refuse to submit!
Grin and bear it.
They cannot escape my grasp!
I shall afford them no quarter!
Tighten formation!
Spread out!

Leave the core to me!
Let's summon a greater strength!
I'll cross swords with that one!
I'll be there soon!
Come, now!
Time to finish this!
I must fall back!
On your guard!
Give me but a few moments!
Ready to go!
Blast! Forgive me.
I was mistaken.
Time runs short!
Keep it up!
Do not abandon hope!
What's done is done.
I'll lend you my arsenal!
I shall put them in a corner!
Hurry to my side!
Away from here!

The Emperor:
I'll decimate the core!
I could do with another pawn!
I'll force that one into submission!
My aid comes at a price.
I may have over-extended myself.
Their lives are forfeit!
I need a moment to collect myself.
They dare scheme against me?
No, not now.
Shall we begin?
I shall own up to my mistake.
Never mind that.
The sun sets on this battle.
The death nail tolls for them.
The tides can turn in an instant.
Quit your bleating.
Now, to eradicate them!
They shall have the honor of my fury!
Protect your leader!
We would be better alone!

Onion Knight:
I'll bash that core to bits!
Let's get to summoning!
Leave that enemy to me!
You're safe in my hands!
S-someone, help!
Gotta live to fight another day!
Watch your back!
Wait a second!
Raring to go.
I bungled that.
Forget what I said.
Get your rears in gear!
They're no match for us!
I refuse to lose!
Don't sweat it.
Variety is the spice of life!
Don't worry, I got this!
Come on, guys! Get over here!
Don't stay in one place!

Cloud of Darkness:
The core is ours.
Awaken our servent.
That one has our attention.
We shall aid you.
Come to our aid.
Entering the fray.
We shall pull back.
We must be vigilant.
More time is needed.
Our preparations are complete.
Things have gone awry.
We spoke false.
It shall be over soon.
We have all but won.
We shall not be hindered.
Do not waver.
We shall lend you our strength.
We shall deliver them to the Void.
To our side!
Away from us!

Cecil Harvey:
I'll shatter that core!
Call upon our chosen thrall!
I'll handle that one.
My blade is yours!
I require aid!
Unsheathing my sword!
I must pull back!
Just a moment!
Awaiting your word.
I'm worthless!
Never mind what I said.
Time is scarce!
Don't let up!
Victory is still in sight!
Don't blame yourself.
This calls for a different skill set!
You can rely on me!
Join me!

Kain Highwind:
The core is mine!
Let the summoning begin!
Leave that one to me.
You'll have my lance!
I require aid!
I'll press the advantage!
Retreat is my only option.
This isn't right.
I ask that you'd be patient.
I stand at ready!
I have only myself to blame.
Pay no mind to what I said.
Time is of the essence!
The tide of battle is in our favor!
Victory goes to the determined!
It is no fault of yours.
One blow will finish this!
I shall be your baroque!
Muster around me!
Disperse for now!

I shall destroy the core!
Call forth our summon!
Leave that rat to me!
I shall come to your aid.
My situation is dire!
I will not squander this chance!
I must retreat.
An ill wind blows.
I require more time.
I am ready.
I have erred.
Let me rephrase that.
We must make haste!
Our victory is at hand!
Let not your spirits flag.
Learn and move on.
They have awakened the dragon!
I will hold nothing back.
To my side!
Keep your distance.

Bartz Klauser:
Gonna go crack the core!
Let's get the summoning started!
I've got dibs on that one!
Bartz to the rescue!
Kinda in trouble here!
Goin' in for the kill!
Before I get in over my head...
I don't like the look of this.
Almost done, I swear!
Hope I didn't hold you up.
What was I thinking?
On second thought, I take that back.
We've gotta hurry!
Nothing can stop us now!
I've got my second wind!
Don't let it get to you.
I'll give'em a piece of my mind!
Gotta strike while the iron's hot!
Gather around, one and all!
Don't bunch up!

I shall pulverize the core!
Concentrate on summoning!
That one stands no chance against me.
My servant prays for help.
You dare ignore your master's plight?
The opportunity presents itself!
Fervor got the better of me.
They think to deceive us.
I will be done when I am done.
Yes. This will do.
How foolish of me.
Allow me to rephrase that.
The hour is upon us!
The battle is already won.
We will not give them the satisfaction.
Do not dwell on it.
Gaze upon my majesty!
I shall unveil my power!
Rally to me!
Break rank!

Terra Branford:
I'll take down the core!
Let's call upon our summon!
I'll fight that one!
I must protect you!
Please, help me.
I'll put an end to this!
This is too much!
Everyone! Stay alert!
Please be patient!
Ready to go!
That...that can't be right.
Forget what I just said.
We must hurry!
Are we safe now?
There's still time! Don't give up!
It's okay, don't worry.
My strength shall awaken!
Trust in me!
Let's stick together!
Keep your distance!

Locke Cole:
That core's as good as dust.
Summon some help.
That one's mine.
I'm coming to the rescue!
A little help here!?
I'll put'em on the ropes!
Gonna have to run!
I don't like the look of this.
I need a bit more time.
Ready when you are.
Can't believe I did that.
Just forget about that.
We need to wrap this up!
We've got'em on the run!
We make our own luck!
Hey, it happens to everyone.
Time for some treasure hunting!
I'll take the lead!
Stay close to each other!
Split up!

Kefka Palazzo:
If it bedazzles, I'll bash it!
Summon away!
That's my new toy!
Looks like someone needs a hand.
Help me squish this pest!
No better time for a bloodbath!
Well, I'm outta here.
Hmm. Something smells funny.
Hold your horses!
Did I keep you waiting?
Ho boy! Is my face red?
Scratch that. What came over me?
Tick-tock! Tick-tock!
Hmm. Tastes like...slaughter!
I can't work with you people!
Don't worry your pretty little head over it.
Hope their tears don't smudge my make-up.
I'll take it from here!
Circle up, children!
Let's skedaddle!

Cloud Strife:
The core's as good as gone.
Time to summon some help.
I'll take care of that one.
I'll back you up.
Need some help!
Pressing the attack!
I'm pulling back to regroup!
Keep them in your sights!
Can't do that now.
Whenever you're ready.
That didn't work.
Never mind.
Think we can make it in time?
Don't get cocky!
It's too early to quit!
Don't worry about it.
I'm tired of waiting.
Got some work to do.
Group up.
Leave some gaps.

Tifa Lockhart:
I'll get the core!
It's summoning time!
I'll get'em!
Be right there!
Can you help me out?
Keep pressing forward!
Time to regroup!
Hang on. Something's not right.
Gimme just a second.
Sorry for the wait.
Sorry. I tried my best.
Wait! Let me take that back.
We're almost out of time!
Now is our chance!
We can't give up now!
Don't worry. You got this.
Let's get a move on!
My turn!
Stay focused!
Spread out!

I'll smash the core to nothing!
Let us awaken the beast!
That one shall submit to me.
You're lucky I'm on your side.
Is someone going to help?
They'll crumble before my attack!
Hmph. Another time then.
I hear something.
The time is ripe.
How disappointing.
Pay no mind to that.
It will all be over soon.
They cannot defy us!
They're no pushovers.
Don't let it get to you.
Keep bearing those infantile fangs.
I'll unchain my fetters!
Assemble here!
Away from me!

Squall Leonhart:
Attacking the core!
This calls for a summon.
That's my prey.
It wouldn't kill me to help ya.
Damn it, I need help.
Going in full force!
Be on your toes!
Don't start yet.
I can go.
That was on me.
Didn't mean that.
It's now or never!
This fight's already won.
We have to work together!
It's no big deal.
That magic's mine.
I've got your backs.
Form up.
Return to your posts.

Rinoa Heartilly:
I'll smash the core to dust!
We gotta summon some help!
I'll take care of that one.
I'm on my way!
I could use some help, y'know!
I'm going all out!
I should go now...
Something's not right...
I need more time.
Ready to go!
Oh, no!
Uh, nevermind.
This is our last chance!
We can do this!
Keep it up!
Don't worry about it!
I will become a sorceress.
Feel my power!
Everyone, get together!
Split up!

I shall sunder the core!
We could use another pair of hands!
I shall take that one's life.
I will be there in a breath.
You plan on leaving me to die?
I am determined to make them yield!
We must regroup.
Something is in the air.
The world does not revolve around you.
Carry on.
The most unfortunate misstep.
Pay no heed to what I said.
There is no time to dodle.
This bodes well for us.
We will find a way.
Shame will only hinder your ability to fight.
I have something up my sleeve.
I lead by example.
Come here now!
Spread out!

Zidane Tribal:
Goin' for the core!
Time to raise this fiend!
That enemy's mine!
I'm comin' for ya!
Help me out here!
Gotta attack now!
Time to scram!
Keep your eyes peeled!
Don't leave me behind!
Ready to kick some butt!
Hahaha. I knocked that up.
That's not what I meant!
Fight's almost over!
I'm liking our chances!
I won't let anything happen to your beautiful faces.
I've got your backs!
Time for the tough to get going!
I'll liven things up!
Gather around!
Spread out!

I'll bust that core up!
Time to bring out the ringer!
Consider that one beat!
Help's on the way!
Gonna need a hand!
I'll end this in one shot!
Gotta catch my breath.
I've got a bad feeling...
Ready to kick some butt!
How embarrassing.
Wait. Not that.
Clock's ticking!
Stay the course and we'll win!
It ain't over 'til it's over!
No use dwelling on it.
They won't know what hit'em!
Gotta pull my weight!
Group up!
Get away!

I will take care of the core!
Let's summon help together!
Leave that one to me.
Let me aid you!
Could someone help me, please?
I will stop them!
I need to take a step back.
Be careful!
Just a moment.
I am ready!
Oops! I'm sorry!
Let me rephrase that.
There's not much time left!
We can win this!
Let's turn this around!
Oh, don't worry about it.
Help us, Valefor!
I'll do what I can!
Stick together!
Let's split up!

That core is as good as dust!
Let's get to summonin'!
I'll go up against that one.
Won't leave ya behind!
Don't just leave me stranded here!
I'll show'em what's what!
Just takin' a breather!
Somethin' ain't right.
Just hold on, will'ya?
Didn't mean to take so long.
Shouldn't have done that.
Do me a favor and forget that.
Hurry up! Time's a wastin'!
Gonna plan my victory pose!
Don't let them wear us down!
Hey, chin up!
Better watch out, here I come!
Time for a little flair!
Bring it in!
Spread out!

That piddly rubble won't give me trouble!
Time to invoke some astral folk!
That swine is mine.
I'm on the way to save your day.
Heads out of the sand, for I need a hand!
I'll now attack; they're sure to crack!
Just a retreat, not a defeat!
Whatever they're planning, we'll give them a tanning!
I'll say it straight, could you please wait?
I've no more to prepare, so strike up the fanfare!
No wonder that was a blunder.
That wasn't a joke-I merely misspoke.
We must be deft-there's no time left!
By Altana's good graces, we've put them in their places!
On regret we'll sup if we dare give up!
I'm still a member of your team, so things are better than they seem!
Your fate you'll meet, beneath my feet.
I'd best use it or I'll lose it.
I need you near, so get over here!
No time for chatter; we need to scatter!

I will take care of the core.
Time to awaken our summon!
Leave that one to me!
I will be there soon!
Lend me your aid.
I shall strike them down!
I must pull back!
This is...unsettling.
In a moment.
I am ready.
I had not anticipated that.
Ignore my last order.
We don't have much time!
We shall triumph!
Victory may yet be ours!
There is no need to rush.
I'll make my stand here!
Witness my power!
To my position!
Spread out!

I think it's time I destroyed the core!
Concentrate on summoning!
I've got that one!
I'll save you!
Somebody! Anybody!
They'll die by my blade!
Movin' back!
Something's comin' our way.
Not so fast, now.
Done on my end.
Gee, that didn't work at all.
Pretend I didn't say that.
Hurry it up!
Everything's going our way!
When there's a will, there's a way!
No big deal.
Pulling out the stops!
No more playing around!
Get over here!
Split up!

Vayne Carudas Solidor:
I shall destroy the core!
Bring the summon forth!
That one is mine for the taking.
I shall be there posthaste!
I am in dire straits!
I shall harry our enemies!
I must away.
Stay alert!
Just a moment.
All is in order.
Spectacular failure.
I withdraw that statement.
Our time runs short.
The battlefield sings our praises!
A fight can yet be won!
This lies not on your shoulders.
You shall have my aid!
Give me a grand display!
Stay close to one another!
Stay in loose formation.

I'll get the core!
Ready to summon!
That one's mine!
I've got your back.
Need backup!
Time to strike!
Here they come!
Stay calm.
This isn't good.
Scratch that.
There's no time!
Let's finish this!
I don't give up.
You'll be okay.
Get ready for a show.
I'll give us an edge!
Come here!
Spread out!

Snow Villiers:
I'll take a crack at the core!
Show our summon some love!
That one's all mine!
I'll save you!
In over my head here!
I'm going in!
Backing off!
Stay focused!
Need a minute.
Sorry for the wait.
My bad!
Forget about that!
Let's bring this one home!
We've got this one in a bag!
Failure's not in my dictionary!
Don't be too hard on yourself.
Time to show off my skills!
Chaos consumes all!
Huddle up!
Spread out!

Y'shtola Rhul:
The core is mine!
Let us summon aid!
Entrust that foe to me!
I shall provide assistance.
Pray, lend me your aid.
It is time to press the advance!
I must away!
Be vigilant!
I hope you did not wait overlong.
I failed? Impossible!
Ignore my ramblings.
Our time is dwindling.
Victory is emminent.
Yet not your will err.
Pay it no mind.
You shall find succor here!
May this be a boon to us!
Muster here!
Keep your distance!

Zenos yae Galvus:
I claim it.
Let us summon together.
That one is mine.
I will dispense with your prey.
I tire of this rabble.
Let the hunt begin.
I will withdraw for now.
Something has changed...
Patience is paramount.
I am ready.
I've changed my mind.
The time is now.
Shall we finish off our prey?
So this is what it feels like to be the prey...!
Reclaim your honor.
Mayhap I shall test my blade.
Follow my lead.

Noctis Lucis Caelum:
I'll cut that core in half!
Get on with the summoning!
I'll handle that one.
Be right there!
In a bind here!
Takin' it to'em!
Pulling back!
Got a bad feeling about this.
Forgettin' someone?
I'm good to go.
My bad!
Nix that.
Now or never!
Lookin' good for us!
We can still get back in it!
No big deal.
Gotta warp to win!
Gonna pull out all the stops!
Alright, come together!
Split up!

Ramza Beoulve:
I'll make dust of that rock!
Lend me your voices!
I'll cross swords with that one!
On the way!
Need reinforcements!
I will seize this opportunity!
Can I do naught but run?
Something is amiss here.
I bid you wait a moment.
Ready to sally forth.
It should not have come to this...
That was merely a slip of a tongue.
We've little enough time as it is.
We must put them to route!
This is but a test of our resolve!
These things happen on occassion.
I will raise your spirits!
I endeavor to be free of weakness and fear!
Come hither!
Make space!

I'll destroy the core!
Time to call a summon!
I can handle that one!
I'll cover you!
Need backup!
I'll put an end to this!
Tactical retreat!
Stay sharp!
Give me some time.
Ready to set out.
It was a lapse in judgment.
Just ignore what I said.
Time's running out!
Keep your defenses airtight!
Hope still burns bright!
It's of no consequence.
This hand will decide our fates!
I'll give us a chance to win!
Come here!
Spread apart!
    Custom Chat Messages 
Warrior of Light:
I shall fulfill my destiny... here and now!
The light will always be with us.
Let us not forsake the crystals.
As long as this conflict rages, I shall do my utmost to protect you.
You're... welcome...
I do not intend to run from anything.
We are comrades in arms.
There is nothing about which to hesitate. I need merely to march forward.
The light shall be passed.

This is the cycle of battle!
I, Garland, will knock you all down!
Embrace the pleasures that combat has to offer!
Even as you die again and again, I shall return!
No one touches my princess!
Time flows ever onward.
You are me... and I... am you.
Very well! I shall take on all of you!
What a battle! My muscles are still twitching!

Hey, it's free! What an offer!
I-I mustn't...but...
That's why we must go ourselves.
Believe in the future and survive the present—that's what I'll do!
The password is "wild rose".
Blasted monster! Where's the real Princess Hilda!?
Moogles? I've seen beavers, but moogles...
You shouldn't carry all that burden by yourself.
My dream is a world filled with wild roses.

Emperor Mateus:
This world can have but one emperor, and I am he!
Who... are... you?
To the victor goes the princess!
Defeated by insects like you...not once, but twice!
Ungaaah!? Aaah!
Delusions of grandeur do not become you.
You are unworthy even of being crushed under my foot.
You should have disposed of your fantasy and accepted me as your master.
You braved the depths of hell to reach me, but the hand of man, which deals in false justice and forsaken love, can never hope to defeat the lord master of hell.

Onion Knight:
We don't have time for bickering!
You are worthy of legend, at least in my eyes.
Heh heh, just as I planned.
I've found strength... the strength to protect everyone!
If only we were gnomes...or maybe toads?
Well... Shall I just sleep in the princess's bed?
Gotcha, chocobo!
Feelings are stronger than rationale.
Are you gonna fight in that?

Cloud of Darkness:
We are the Cloud of Darkness.
Hah hah hah!
Darkness will flood the world!
Both light and darkness will return to the Void.
That is of no consequence.
Know this, human.
The entirety of existence will vanish!
You are trying my patience!
We shall engulf everything in our shadow and both light and darkness will return to the Void.

Cecil Harvey:
We are the Red Wings—the pride of Baron!
I'll be counting on you.
This is a fight for me and me alone.
Dark power, harken and become hallowed light!
I suppose you wouldn't recognize me. It is I, Cecil!
Will you at least let me protect you?
I've worn this darkened armor for so long now, there's no mote of light left in me.
Open your eyes to what you're doing!

Kain Highwind:
You've nothing to fear.
I'm not doing this for you.
I just wanted to keep keep you by my side.
Urgh... Don't...look at me!
I've returned to my senses!
Put on the real show, didn't you?
Let me ease your suffering.
You're not the only one who can ride the wind!
If that should happen, kill me without a second thought.

Death... will not claim dominion over me.
Nothing can keep us from the moon!
Whoever could that be?
You called me "Brother".
Very well!
Why was I so consumed by hate?
Might you permit me to accompany you?
You are my brother.
Take this—my final gift to you!

Bartz Klauser:
Actually, I, uh, don't really like heights...
Just a trick I learned from my dad.
I wonder how Boko's doing right now.
I don't ever play around! Got it!?
(*snort*) ...Nhuh?
Welcome, come right in!
The wind is calling me.
A one-way trip, huh? You guys sure about this? We probably won't be able to come back home.
Of all the... It's a talking turtle!

For your continued bungling, I banish you from this dimension!
Simple-minded fools such as yourselves could never hope to understand.
What is this power?
You damnable turtle!
The laws of the universe mean nothing!
Go forth and destroy everything!
You shall find no solace in the afterlife!
All the hatred in existence would never be enough to defeat me!

Terra Branford:
Espers...heed my call.
Children, Mama's going to make the world a safer place!
What was that!?
Yes, I found it! Love!
Have you ever seen anything so fluffy?
I suppose a normal girl would have felt something from those words.
Ugh... I can't remember a thing...
I wanted to see you again!
How dare you tease a little kid like that!
Is it true you're a thief?
At first, I thought you were a bear...
It wouldn't hurt to bring them along, would it?
You all helped me understand what it love.

Locke Cole:
How dare you call me a thief! I prefer the term "treasure hunter"!
I'll keep you safe! I promise!
I'm not cut out for this sort of thing...
Have you...always been that pretty?
Oooh... Ohhhhhh...
From here on out...everything'll be okay.
You're sure that stuff will work?
I won't let go...I promise!

Kekfa Palazzo:
Ahem... there's sand on my boots!
Stupid, vicious, whiny, pampered, backstabbing, worthless...little brat!
I just can't believe it!
Life... dreams... hope... Where do they come from? And where do they go?
Such meaningless things... I'll destroy them all!
"Wait," you say... Do I look like a waiter?
Yes, you just go off and be a good little kid...
This is just dreadful!
Oh dear! You want to fight, don't you?
Hehehe. You're not getting away from me!
Now listen to me! No more playing games!

Cloud Strife:
Not interested.
Come, planet! Show us your answer!
There's not a thing I don't cherish!
Stay where you my memories.
Ha ha ha... Black Materia.
I'll tell you how much I know...and for free, too!
I'm going to live my life without pretending.
I'm gonna do whatever I can.
Need something to complete my disguise.
...I can't go without my friends.
...It's not an excuse. I can feel it in my soul.
I can't remain trapped in an illusion anymore.
I think we all are fighting for ourselves.

Tifa Lockhart:
I'll smash it.
Ha ha. You know, you don't look bad, if ya don't look closely.
So you really did come when I was in trouble!
Would you tell me 'it's all right'?
Quit slapping me!
Not until he...gets a lecture.
Somehow...I knew you were there.
Dilly dally shilly shally. Dilly dally shilly shally!
Words aren't the only thing that tell people what you're thinking.

Good boy.
Shall I give you despair?
Ha, ha, ha... Stop pretending you're sad.
Tell me what you cherish most.
I will never be a memory.
All will become one with me.
Where did you find this strength?
So how does it feel?

Squall Leonhart:
Go talk to a wall.
Just stay close to me.
I don't care...even if you are a sorceress.
I can't make it alone.
Lions are known for their great strength and pride.
Your days of messing with people are numbered!
There's still a chance. I'm not gonna look back.
Think what you want. Reality isn't so kind.
Sorry, but I'm gonna pass on that subject.
I'm more complex than you think.
Come with us.
No! I'll never hand them over!
Are you going to continue with this knight thing?

Rinoa Heartilly:
Dance with me?
You're-going-to-like-me... You're-going-to-like-me...
We're serious. So hurts.
I couldn't...I just couldn't. I couldn't fight alone.
Stop trying to act so cool!
Give me a hug.
Don't! I'm a sorceress.
Let's go home!

This is reality. No one can help you.
I will let you live a fantasy beyond your imagination.
Swarming like locusts across generations. You disgust me.
Time...It will not wait...
Time shall compress... All existence shall be denied!
SeeD, SeeD, SeeD!
Bid farewell to your childhood.
The sorceress shall provide you with dreams again.
Come, Griever.

Zidane Tribal:
I have friends who will help me.
How 'bout you and me team up?
If we win, you and me'll go out on a date!
I'm here because you asked me to be.
You don't need a reason to help people.
Playin' hard to get, eh?
All right, then. I'll protect the both of you!
Get off me, you scumbag!
Ooh, soft...
This is an age-old ritual between male friends!
I was just looking for more ways to impress you!
If you're willing to make an effort... you'll shine too, someday!
I had to live. I wanted to come home to you.

Time to die, everyone!
I don't understand you.
Hahahahahaha! This is too easy!
Beautiful... Absolutely beautiful!
Live on...
You're all as resilient as oglops.
You will all join me! A fitting end to this tragic farce!
Oh, such ferocity...
It appears we were destined to meet again.

This may be our last chance.
Hey! Star players first!
I promise this will be quick!
This is my story!
Newbie here!
What's the point of pretending to be grown-up if it means all the things I wanna say never gets said!?
What would an adult do in this situation!?
Every blitzer knows: when you got the ball, you gotta score!
Was I the only one who didn't know?

I must defeat Sin.
Now, let's see what you can do!
I will do it without...false hope.
If we should get separated, just whistle.
Never forget them.
I'm just...angry.
I can't. I just can't.
You missed a few things.
Everyone's picking on me!

Trust me, I'll think of something.
Why do today when you can leave for tomorrow?
Let's end this.
When it starts, I won't be able to hold myself back.
You'll cry. You're gonna cry.
I usually charge for lessons, you know...
You're all bones! You eating right?
What's the matter? Afraid I might bite?
Well, well, trying to follow in my footsteps, are you?

Ohhh! You're making me lose my temper, dear!
Very well!
Shantotto's the name, and destruction's my game!
Before being cursed by a fool, make sure he's the one who gets cursed!
You might be my a million years!
Did you come to apologize for your failing? Well, I can't tell that from your incessant wailing.
Were you hit by a bolt of inspiration? Absolutely nothing? Did the battle lack the required level of desperation?
Why, hello! And, oh...goodbye!

I am Kam'lanaut, Archduke of Jeuno.
Quite an interesting show you put on.
Tu'Lia bids its time until the day of the awakening.
I am the will...of the crystal...
Why!? What did I do to deserve this?
Why do you just sit there and watch?
Hm-hm-hm... Ha-ha-ha! I can no longer fool you.
The true Vana'diel of legend will be reborn.
You shall be the first...!

This is my charge!
Hey, are you sleeping?
I'm through with it. I'm through running.
You'll make it. You got good friends.
I'm Captain Basch!
How old were you again?
Hey, you give that back!
Yeah, I don't know what we'll find. I like it better that way.
What would change?

There are some things in life you just do.
There's no going back.
It really is a miracle.
We hope in the face of despair...that makes us strong!
Meow-meow, choco-chow.
How practical.
You're the one who convinced me. So stay strong.
Bhunivelze named me the savior and ordered me to rescue his people.
I'm not your sister!

Snow Villiers:
You gonna try and kill me?
Let me get it right just this once!
Damn it. You always were a hardcase.
Hey sis.
And the hero saves the day!
Will you marry me?
Some of us are tougher than others.
We'll never give up!
I will protect Cocoon!

Y'shtola Rhul:
My apologies.
I never thought it in question.
This is farcical...
Less provoking and more pummeling, if you would be so kind!
Next time, have a care what you wish for.
Well, well... This has been a day of unexpected revelations.
Do not think me bested so easily!
Are there ever times when you're not enthused?
I have missed my mark... Or perhaps not.

Zenos yae Galvus:
I am loathe to expend effort on the unworthy. Come earn the honor.
Finally you prove yourself worthy prey for the hunt!
Only man has the wisdom and clarity to embrace violence for its own sake.
Before the Resonant the gods shall be made to kneel!
Oh... My. Have I said too much?
Together, we could while away the quiet hours, as friend and confidant... if you would accept me.
Come. 'Twas plain from the first how this would end.
This battle shall echo in eternity!
There is only joy. Transcendent joy that I have never known.

Noctis Lucis Caelum:
Not into the "prince's procession" thing.
I get it, all right!? I get it!
Won't have to wait much longer—we'll be together soon.
Off my chair, jester. The king sits there.
It's... more than I can take.
Not half bad.
Walk tall... my friends.
Why did he stand there smiling as he left?
I am Noctis, prince of Lucis and king of fishing!

Ramza Beoulve:
If it is a Beoulve you seek, address yourself to me!
What is this game you play with us?
Please, do not abandon hope!
I have no wish to change the world.
Dispose of my companion here!
Sheathe your blade, and let us talk.
I endeavor to be free of weakness and fear.
I am my father's son, but that does not make me the same as my brothers!
We are the sum of our deeds, not our names.

We have arrived.
We must forget in order to break free—to move forward.
I'm right here!
I probably shouldn't be falling asleep here...
Yeah, I like chocobos. Is there something wrong with that?
If you want to think that, then go ahead.
Our crying won't help anything.
If we have time to worry, then we have time to do something, right?
All of us are doing our best, Mother.

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