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Possible characters!

With fan favorite Ramza on the roster, as well as possible secondary representatives from the franchise, all bets are off. Also, Word of God said that every characters from previous Dissidia series will be playable, so yay!

  • Noctis (FFXV): Never doubt the power of promotional tie-ins.
    • Word of God said that he will appear if FFXV is finished. Seeing that FFXV is released in September (now November) 2016... yay?
      • Confirmed! Noctis was announced alongside the PS4 version.
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  • Zack Fair (FFVII): Cloud's mentor, and infamous mugger for the spotlight.
  • Gladiator (FF Adventure): With the remake of the original game coming out in 2016, this is yet another opportunity for a spinoff character to take the lead.
  • Aki Ross (FF: The Spirits Within): Everybody loved The Spirits Within, right guys?
  • Luneth (FFIII): Maybe not as a full character, but as a variant of Onion Knight with special dialogue changes?
    • Seeing that one of Onion Knight's palette swap is already a shout-out to Luneth...
  • Machina and Rem (FF: Type-0): Maybe acting as The Dividual, the leads from Type-0 would fit right in. Or Ace, the poster boy.
    • And of course, for the antagonist we have Cid Aulstyne, the first Cid that become Final Boss.
    • So far Ace has been confirmed as playable.
  • Celes Chere (FFVI): Let's face it. We need Celes. She's the best. She also already has an appearance in World of Final Fantasy so they can just recall her voices.
  • Edea Lee (Bravely Default): Close enough, right?
    • I think if they add Bravely Default character, it will be Agnes, as she's the face of the series.
  • Ashe (FFXII): The true protagonist of the game, we need her ASAP!
    • Also maybe Vayne Solidor, the true antagonist of the game. He is fun to fight in the game, with cool attacks and effects, so he will be fun to play to!
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    • Vayne is confirmed, he is the first DLC character for NT, and he uses martial arts with some magic sword based attacks.
  • Ardyn (FFXV): Since Noctis is now in the game, it would make sense to have 15's own villain in the game. And just like Kefka, they both control post-apocalyptic worlds.
  • Agrias (FF Tactics): Another fan favorite, and a character that everybody want to see in HD version, seeing how pretty Ramza become...
    • And for antagonist, we have Ultima/Altima the Bloody Angel.
    • Delita would also make a pretty good Anti-Villain.
    • I do not know if this would extent to being playable, because no one would want to, but if NPC-only boss exist, adding Argath might serve as a good Catharsis Factor, because come on, was FFXIV enough?
  • Speaking of FF Tactics…
  • Also maybe Cosmos will be playable…
    • ... or perhaps we can finally play as Chaos properly!
    • Or, best case scenario, both will be playable!
  • Shadow (FFVI): He's a Ninja and Ninjas are cool. It would go well with his battle against pirates such as Vaan.
  • Agni because no one would see her coming.
  • Gaius van Baelsar (FFXIV): It helps that he was considered along with Minfillia for the launch of the arcade game.
  • Glauca (FFXV): Eh is a pretty cool guy, eh kills kings and doesnt afraid of anything.
  • Grahf (Xenogears): He's one of the most powerful characters and he can team up with with Gaius who wears a similar looking helmet.
  • Id (Xenogears): Because he can do this.
  • Fei Fong Wong (Xenogears): Can't represent Xenogears properly without The Hero. Besides, he's a two-for-one deal with Id.
  • KOS-MOS (Xenosaga) She has a lot of moves and weapons in her arsenal that she can use in battles like these.
  • Vivi (FFIX): Please? I know we already have Terra and Shantotto and other mages but…
  • Cyan Garamonde (FFVI): How have we not had a heroic samurai yet? Add in the fact he's a Bad Ass Grandpa and he should have been a shoo in a while ago.
  • Lahabrea (FFXIV): Another villain option from XIV. The Ascians are the largest threat in the game, and the Paragon has a plethora of magic to work with.
  • Aerith Gainsborough (FFVII): Might be interesting to see a White Mage style character go, and she's… not exactly demure as many flanderized her as, could work as some sort of 'support' (works well because it's team game). Plus, the Catharsis Factor of manually having her beat the crap outta Sephiroth instead of last time being programmed to always be shish-kebab'd by him.
  • Laguna proved that firearm-type combatants are viable, so perhaps more could be added, like Yuna (FFX) or Vincent Valentine (FFVII).
  • Caius Ballad (FFXIII-2): Granting that characters from XIII-2 would be unexpected, but NT already opened up the pool for non-main title characters. Meanwhile, Caius is the absolute best possibility for an opponent to Lightning, considering the lack of real alternatives from her original game.
  • This guy has more, using every possible other player character in the games and then some, from the other classes in FFI (e.g. Thief and Black Mage), to characters ranging from Minwu to Maria, Edward to Rydia, Faris to Galuf, Celes to Setzer, Nanaki to Yuffie, Rinoa to Seifer, Quina to Freya, Auron to Seymour, Shadow Lord to Aphmau, Balthier to Penelo, Snow to Hope, Aqua and Vanitas, and jokes like the Blood Gulch Crew, GLaDOS, and the Mane Six.
  • Cid. Just let your imagination run wild on what I mean. If not just for the novelty.
    • But which Cid? From IV? From VII? From XII? From XIII? From Type-0? A new Cid?
    • I think Cid Aulstyne from Type-0 as he's the Big Bad of that game.
  • Ariana Grande, her apprance would surprise people similar to her appearance in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.
  • Freya Crescent (FFIX): If the initial mentions leading up to Kain were accurate, they mentioned "she". There's only two female Dragoons so far, and it would be a real treat to get the first lady Dragoon.
  • Benjamin (Final Fantasy Mystic Quest): Because Mystic Quest is a bit of a cult classic.
  • While Yuna's return seems assured with her having been playable before and being somewhat popular, I'd like to think that they'd bring in elements from her X2 incarnation based on how they've been basing characterization and abilities off of how the characters are in the endgame of their respective games. Either by switching to her Gunner Dressphere style/or basing her moveset off of using the Garment Grid or having her use her Summoner powers AND Gunner powers in equal measure.
    • So, her EX Mode changes her into Floral Fallal Dressphere?
    • From a teaser she is currently one of two female veterans chosen from the newer games to be put in. The other being Prish.
  • Minwu (FFII): Tetsuya Nomura wants him in the game too, and he got Kain in Duodecim upon request, so why not!?
  • 2B (Nier: Automata): The developers mentioned a bit about including guest characters from other Square games, 2B would blend in well with the Dissidia gameplay style.
  • Chocobo (Chocobo Series): Chocobos are fan-favorites, and the inclusion of this one might bring interest into his spinoff series.
  • The Undead Princess (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time): I admit that this one is a major stretch, but this gal is one of my favorites, and I think her inclusion could be a nice surprise for the roster.
  • Aqua or Master Eraqus from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Less Disney interference then Sora and just as powerful, possibly more so. Also they both sort of disappear by the end of Birth By Sleep so being summoned between BBS to KH 1 wouldn't cause a lot of problems (and possibly solve a plothole or two)
    • Highly unlikely, as a debated interview implies Disney would never let that happen.
  • Zenos Yae Galvus (FFXIV), the Crown prince of the Garlean Empire and the Big Bad of the Stormblood expansion. He's a ruthless and colossal samurai whom I feel would have a chance with several options for EX Skills.Plus he is connected to Shinryu so he would work quite well considering Shinryu is the Big Bad.
    • Confirmed, announced as a DLC character with Storm, Swell, Sword as his EX Skill.
  • Fray (FFXIV), the personafication of the Wo L's (XIV) anger and such. Sure he isn't a MSQ character but he's one of the most memorable characters in the game. Plus he could have some interesting interactions with Y'shtola and maybe the Wo L (I). Gameplay wise he could combine XIV Dark Knight and abilities he used in his boss fight.
  • Randi (Secret of Mana) would be a good choice to represent the World Of Mana series, especially with the recent remake. Like Firion he would have access to the game's many weapons but with more of a melee focus. He could also take a page out of Primm and Duran's book and use Sword Magic to power up his attacks, with Mana Magic being his EX Skill.
  • Riesz (Trials of Mana) would make a good Ensemble Dark Horse choice for the Mana games. She's more or less a female dragoon like Freya and her gameplay could revolve around class changing when she uses a buffing or de-buffing EX Skill, reflecting her role as a fighter with support skills in her home game. Her own game finally getting a remake in 2019 certainly helps her chances.
  • Thor as a Guest Fighter
  • Reynn and Lann can make a appearance.

Possible Stages
With the roster stretching into side games (Tactics, Type-0) as well as its nature to update, pretty much everything is fair game, even multiples from the same game like D12 had. That being said:
  • FF1
    • Chaos Shrine
    • Mt. Gulg
  • FF2
    • Pandemonium
      • Confirmed.
  • FF3
    • The Crystal Tower
  • FF4
    • Underworld
    • Tower of Babil
  • FF5
    • Big Bridge
    • Library of Ancients
  • FF6
    • Floating Continent
    • Opera House
  • FF7
    • Gold Saucer's Battle Square
    • North Crater
    • Junon (to possibly emulate the awesome fight on the Sister Ray in Crisis Core)
  • FF8
    • Balamb Garden Training Center
    • Centra Ruins
    • Lunatic Pandora
    • Ultimecia's Castle
  • FF9
    • Evil Forest
    • Burmecia
    • Crystal World
  • FF10
    • Zanarkand Ruins
    • The Calm Lands
    • Inside Sin
  • FF11
  • FF12
    • Sky Fortress Bahamut
    • The Great Crystal
  • FF13
    • Hanging Edge
    • Gran Pulse
    • Orphan's Cradle
  • FF14
    • The Binding Coils
    • Alexander: Heart of the Creator
    • Azys La
    • The Royal Menagerie
    • The Quicksand
  • FF15
    • Galdin Quay Beach
    • Insomnia
  • FF Tactics/Tactics Advance
    • Airship Graveyard
    • Orbonne Monastery
    • Ambervale
  • FF Type-0
    • Akademeia

The final boss for the Arcade game will be Shinryu
  • As one of the key powers behind the War of the Gods, and someone who could easily be called an antagonist, it seems fitting that his time finally comes that the heroes would take the fight to him.
    • Considering how much bigger the new arenas seem to be compared to the PSP version and the fact that large enemies like summons can be fought in regular gameplay, this is very plausible. Better than fighting yet another incarnation of Chaos, at least.
    • Confirmed. Shinryu is the Big Bad of the story, and the Final Boss.

Materia is playing her heroes for fools.
Officially, Spiritus is the god of Magic and Materia is the God of Machinery. While Final Fantasy has shown that the two can live in harmony from time to time, more often than not, overabundance of Machinery is tied to the villain's faction. I'm thinking they're playing on her beautiful appearance that resembles Cosmos, who, despite early hints, did NOT betray the heroes, so they may be attempting to play on our expectations. The fact that Spiritus's claim in the NT Trailer didn't sound the least bit evil is also what implies this to me.
  • The FF games LOVE gnosticism, where Spirit is good and Material is Bad. So why is the "heroic" goddess named MATERIA?
  • The TGS trailer has her claiming that the realm must be stabilized by fighting in it. The heroes think she wants them to fight eachother. While the villains show up, how did they get there? Why did Materia be unclear when she summoned them?
    • The TGS trailer also notes that Materia can not stabilize it by herself and she summoned them here against their will. While Cosmos and Chaos are ambiguous on how they summon, we also have multiple examples of people defecting or trying to anyway. Shantotto figured out how to straight up leave. Why is Materia so cagey about methods and forceful about fight stabilizing the realm? Especially as fighting was not nearly as stabilizing in the psp versions?
    • The Cinematic was released. In NT, Materia orders her warriors to attack first. In Dissidia for the PSP? Garland (who is part of Chaos) does it. Balance? Or to show her siding with Chaos?
  • This theory is officially Jossed. Materia is earnest with her asking the heroes to fight for her, and she is also not related to a "God of Machinery". In reality, Materia is being used by Shinryu to help further the conflict.
Possible OST
What is a Final Fantasy game without it's awesome OST?
  • FF
  • FFII:
    • Battle II
  • FFIV
    • The Dreadful Fight (Boss Battle)
  • FFV
  • FFVI
    • Dancing Mad (Phases 1-3)
  • FFVII:
    • Still More Fighting (boss battle)
    • One-Winged Angel
    • Liberi Fatali
    • Maybe I am a Lion (final boss battle)
    • The Man With Machine Gun (Laguna's theme)
  • FFIX
    • Battle 1 & 2
      • Battle 1 is confirmed, and is the same remix as it was in the first Dissidia game.
    • Grand Cross (final boss battle)
  • FFX
    • Normal Battle
      • Confirmed! It gets a unique remix.
    • Summoned Beast Battle
  • FFXI
    • Esper Battle
    • Boss Battle
      • Both theme's are confirmed!
    • Nascent Requiem (final boss battle)
    • Heavensward
    • Steel and Scale (Omega and Shinryu's theme)
    • The Worm's Tail (Shinryu's second theme)
      • Confirmed, added alongside Zenos.
  • FFXV
    • Invidia
  • FF Type-0
  • FF Tactics
    • Ultima, the Nice Body (final boss battle)
      • Confirmed!
    • Amber Valley (FFTA)
Yosuke Matsuda & Yosuke Hayashi, CEOs of Square Enix and Team Ninja will be Bonus Boss.

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