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The Multiversity is connected to Jonathan Hickman's The Avengers event Time Runs Out
Consider the following facts.
  • Hickman was a guest at Morrisoncon in 2012.
  • Morrison at Morrisoncon revealed the general outline of Multiversity
  • Hickman would have been in the planning stages of his Avengers epic while at Morrisoncon
  • Hickman and Morrison probably talked at Morrisoncon.
  • Morrison said this to CBR back at SDCC:
    I think especially since Marvel and Jonathan Hickman's been doing this big sort of Marvel "Multiversity" story. Our first issue opens with the DC characters meeting the DC version of the Marvel Universe — so there's now this really weird thing happening, where everyone's doing versions of everyone else's characters meeting somewhere. [Laughs] So the world kind of caught up with that one. We've got a confrontation between our own Justice League and "The Retaliators," this kind of version of the Avengers, in the first issue. It's almost as if it's happening at the exact same time as Jonathan's doing his book.
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  • And finally, Hickman referred to the superflow as the bleed in Avengers Vol. 5 #35 and mentioned the Builders fleeing something worse than death (Anti-Death????) in bleed ships.

And the Earth-20/Earth-40 thing is like a long incursion.

Either (least to most likely):

  1. Rabum Alal is The Gentry or at least a different form of it.
  2. Morrison and Hickman are including subtle references to each other in their work.
  3. Hickman is including subtle references to what he was able to get Morrison to tell him about
  4. There's no connection, Multiversal conflict is just in the zeitgeist.
Earth-3, Earth-10 and Earth-20 are mutually fictional
All 3 are 'evil' worlds, although 10 is in a different way to the others, but given the prevailing moral attitudes it would make sense for tales of evil to be all there is in those worlds.
Earth-20's Doc Fate is actually that universe's Kal-El
Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster are credited as the creators of Superman in the credits of the issue, which is usually only ever done in issues which feature him. And yet, at first glance, Superman does not appear in the story. However, given that a number of similarities between Doc Fate and Kal-EL (adopted parents, looking very similar to Earth 23 Superman), it's entirely possible that Doc Fate is this universes' Kal-El, just obviously with very different powers.
What comics are published in each universe can be seen as also be seen as a good indication of attitudes in those universes.
We know that Earth-23's heroes' adventures are published on earth-36. Considering the fact that the majority of it's heroes are black, and we should probably assume that DC comics in earth-36 has had a similar history to here on earth-33 (with regard to crises and all) so presumably on earth-36 comics Superman has always been black. Therefore, we can presume that Racism is a less prevalent issue on earth-36 (even if the only 2 Justice 9 members we've seen are white), and there are angry nerd fights about how, for example, the Manhattan Guardian is about to be succeeded by his white protoge.Obviously this can be extended to other attitudes (comics about superheroes as shallow celebrities are published on earth-4 because frankly the ones they have are too scary, or because Earth-5 is full of happy-go-lucky types their stories are much darker.

The Variant covers depicting a different world to the world featured in the issue indicates that world is fictional to the universe the story is set in.
So Earth-13 is fictional to earth-20, and Earth- 29 to earth-16

The murderous villain of The Just issue is...
  • Damien. In this version at least he's his grandfather's grandson and with no crime to fight he's just bored, so decides to kill instead.
  • Literally anyone except Alexis Luthor, because her being the villain would be far too obvious
    • Yeah I know completely jossed, but they did a good job of making it seem like it wasn't her

How the other issues will tie into the final issue.
  • We know Abin Sur stepped into Earth-20's transporter thing, so he'll wind up in the hall of heroes for sure.
The Just
  • While we did see the transporter, I don't recall any sign of anyone entering it, although I presume anyone could (should we assume it would be the Super-Sons)
  • If not one of the Super-sons, when Sasha realises just how bad things are she'll be able to use skills inherited from her father to escape the universe.
  • Damian is on the cover for Multiversity #2, so it's a safe bet he'll use the cube to escape to the House of Heroes.
Pax Americana
  • While we didn't see a transporter cube, we did see Captain Atom being forced out of the universe. We also know, thanks to him saying he could see their thought balloons, that he allowed this to happen. So he's been sent to the Hall as well, where he will prove to be a bad enough dude to resurrect the President, just not the one Harley expected him to resurrect.
  • Mary Marvel was shown on the Multiversity #1 cover, meaning she'll probably wind up using Earth-5's cube, which will obviously be Sivana's work.
  • Atomic Batman is at the Hall of Heroes.
MastermenUltra Comics

Red Racer's civilian surname is "Tanaka"
So he'd be Ray Tanaka.

The Little League is quite possibly the most dangerous threat out there

The New Gods of earth-51 are in their purest forms
The ones from the New Genesis and Apokalips we've been seeing in the New 52 are splinter elements who've been effected by the Multiverses changes.

The seven unknown earths will play a major role in Convergence.
Random guesses is that they include:
  • Pre-52 DCU
  • Earth-One (rather than Earth-1)
  • Earth-Two (rather than Earth-2)
  • Earth-Flashpoint
  • Earth-Three (rather than Earth-3)
  • Earth-Four (rather than Earth-4)
  • Earth-X (rather than Earth-10)
    • Semi-jossed, semi-confirmed. Pre-Flashpoint Earth, Earth-One, Earth-Two, and Flashpoint Earth all played major roles in Convergence and Earth-Three and Earth-X both played minor roles. Howevere, none (of them other than maybe Flashpoint Earth) are part of the Multiversity lineup of Earths. They're not part of the New 52 version of the multiverse. In other words, Convergence did not reveal any of the seven unknown Earths.

Alternatively, the seven unknown universes will be DC's extra-comic material.
The above universes could fit in its own artifical multiverse, as a result of Brainiac's actions. Well, some of them anyway
  • The Arrow shared universe
  • The Young Justice universe
  • The DC Cinematic universe
  • Smallville and it's Earth-2 universes

Earth-1 is the DC Extended Universe.
It's "still developing" with the age of superheroes just beginning. How true this is of the DCEU we'll see, but there's no better candidate.

The true villain of the series is none other than...The Source itself.
In the Multiversity Guidebook, we see a hand drawing the words "I FOUND YOU" on the walls of Darkseid's empty tomb, with Nix Uotan arriving shortly after. This is the method of communication used by the Source itself to communicate with The New Gods and others, seen here. This could very well mean that the Source itself is the true master of the Gentry. The Gentry are said to come from outside the Multiverse, and are often seen as a metaphor for editiorial intereference and control in comic books. So it would make sense if the Source was controlling them, as the Source is behind the Source Wall, which is depicted at the very edge of the Multiverse, beyond even the Monitor Sphere. Therefore, the origin of the Source and the Gentry is one and the same.

Leatherwing was the traitor, not Overman
I don't doubt Overman has been partly convinced that the regime needs to die, but, as deepspacetransmissions has pointed out, what Leatherwing claims Overman described about the Human Bombs biology is completely at odds with what he actually said.
  • It might run into the theme that no matter the setting or how he is raised, the hero is still the hero. Overman to his core is still Superman, who can't help but feel guilty for whatever crimes or tragedies he couldn't prevent and loves the whole of humanity and is wracked with guilt over the ethnic purges that he wasn't able to prevent. In the same sense, Leatherwing to his core is still Batman. Not agreeing with Overman vocally, but also having the same morals and beliefs. Leatherwing is also wracked with guilt over the crimes his father and homeland participated in, and thus also sees the need to make the whole of the Nazi empire pay in his own secretive way.

If we open Ultra Comics it will be too late

Superboy-Prime will appear at some point.
We know he still exists, since Earth-15 was destroyed by him. And given Grant Morrison's love of metafiction, he's got a good shot at fixing the character. As mentioned in the Superman WMG, he could explain Prime's Character Derailment as the writers controlling him there out of anger for him attacking them when Black Lanterns were after him. In meta-fashion, Superboy Prime will try to kill Grant Morrison because his Multiversity is once again endangering Real Life.

Captain Adam isn't actually dead.
  • Because like Doctor Manhattan, he's impossible to kill anymore. He'll just wind up on some other Earth.
  • It makes sense because he mentions to President Harley that "they" will try to kill him, but can't. It's very likely that the black hole sent Atom to the ship in Final Crisis, and a way back home was his reward for helping to save the Multiverse.
  • In Final Crisis, he did mention that there was a "crisis" on his own world and he needed to go back; he could've been talking about the aftermath of Harley's assassination. He also seemed really chill (even by his standards) when he revealed he knew they were planning to kill him, he already knew the outcome and it was nothing to fear. (Hey, he'd get to hang out with Superman and Captain Marvel on a dimension-hopping ship. Thanks for the neat trip, guys!)
Thunderworld is filled with characters from Fawcett comics
  • And they're all there; every single Fawcett character rebooted and reworked to modern times and to fit into a single world.
    • It would be great to see Morrison's Bulleteer character again.

Determining what books can't be published where
  • Because the secret identities of Earth-0's heroes are disclosed in it's books, DC cannot be publishing their tales in the following earths.
    • Earth-1
    • Earth-2
    • Earth-3
    • Earth-4
    • Earth-5
    • Earth-11 (maybe)
    • Earth-12
    • Earth-16
    • Earth-17
    • Earth-18
    • Earth-19
    • Earth-20
    • Earth-21
    • Earth-22
    • Earth-23
    • Earth-31
    • Earth-32
    • Earth-37
    • Earth-38
    • Earth-42 (might get away with it thanks to the innocence clause and we do know Li'l Gotham's published there)
    • Earth-43
    • Earth-50
Naturally for these same reasons a number of these worlds can't be fictional to each other either, though some worlds will be able to publish the focus issues for this series if those characters don't exist there. But for this reason, because of this business, in those universe DC's main line is variously Earth-6, Earth-9, Earth-10 (it's Leagues identities are basically completely different) Earth-11 (again maybe), Earth-13 (while it's characters have counterparts their identities are unique) Earth-29, Earth-30 (same as Earth-10 for the most part), Earth-44 (since they're robots the Metal League don't have secret identities), Earth-45, Earth-47, Earth-48 and Earth-51.
  • A similar issue involves the Major Comics characters, it seems unlikely Earth-7 and Earth-8 are mutually fictional (although there's at least precedent on earth-8) so instead the publishers of either Earth-34, Earth-35, Earth-36 or Earth-41 have taken Major's place as the other main comic publisher.
The multiverse map and the relationship between the worlds.
On the map, every world has a world opposite to it. this means that they either have a connection with each other like with earth 20 and earth 40 or are opposites from each other somehow.

How Ultra Comics could work as a series
Each issue opens with the creation of a new issue of Ultra Comics (who may or may not have the memories of the previous one), and it and the reader go after the latest Hostile Independent Thought-Form (A.K.A. the Monster of the Month). Once it has served its purpose, Ultra Comics is destroyed or retired, paving the way for the next issue to take its place.

Captain Marvel will save the multiverse!
since he's traversing the multiverse, he's saved the day, and it be awesome and totally do justice to the character in how he's been dealt with by DC.

The characters of Teen Titans Go! are inhabitants of Earth-42
They are being used as propagandists by the Empty Hand to get people to demean superheroes and lose interest in actually reading comics.

On the unknown Earths
There are currently seven universes who haven't been revealed. However, we know that known universes are parallel to them. In the DC Multiverse, two universes parallel to one another almost always share thematic similarities, are a Mirror Universe to one another or have completely different themes. So it stands to reason we can extrapolate the basic nature of these universes
  • Earth 14's parallel is Earth 29. The only known thing about it is that universes can be born from it. My theory is that this is a way of creating a new multiverse? Why? So that we can finally locate universes in non-comic media. Earth 14 is the birthplace of the multiverse that contains the Arroverse, Cinematic Universe and all non-comic media, at the very least, release after Flashpoint(unless they're popular enough to be adapted into the "Main" Multiverse
    • since all the worlds follow a order/chaotic and Pit/Pinnacle alignment and Earth 29 Chaotic neutral, so Earth-14 has to be order neutral. And since new worlds come from this one so my theory is that Earth-14 acts as the basic and definitive world, what makes each hero and archetype can be found here along with their definitive mythology. This explains all the variations within the multiverse because they're all deviations of the core whether they be reinterpretations or go in 180's and In Name Only's.
    • Jossed. In the Superman (Rebirth) story "Multiplicity", Earth-14 is show to be the home to the Justice League of Assassins, and what's seen of it suggests an After the End Mad Max-style world.
  • Earth 24's parallel is Earth 30, aka Superman: Red Son. I believe there a lot of possibilities to what this reality could be:
    • Another Elseworlds written by Mark Miller
    • Superman landed in charge of the American government during the Cold War, serving as a McCarthy-esque Mirror Universe to Soviet Superman
    • Another major character gets to grow up in Russia, like Batman
    • Possibly the meta-est parallel to Earth 30, What If DC Comics and its writers were Russian instead of American
    • If we were to go with the theme of thematic opposites like with some of the other worlds, then instead of a communist Superman we have a Joe McCarthy type of Superman whose story would deconstruct the ideas of truth, justice and the American way and the setting would have to take place during the 1950's. It be only one form of truth, justice and the American way and a dated,twisted and iffy version at that. Or a Capitalist Superman would be a good idea, maybe even an Objectivist/Ayn Rand styled Superman could work. All three can make good villains/stories in contrast with communist Superman.
    • Alternatively, it's home to the tongue-in-cheek Superman True Brit.
  • Earth 25's parallel is Earth 31, aka Batman: Leatherwing. It is either a world suffering from drought instead of a flood, or puts Batman in another romanticized time period. Such as what if Batman was a literal Dark Knight?
  • Earth 27's parallel is Earth 32, an Earth where its characters are each a Composite Character to the main Earth. Earth 27 could be the polar opposite-where each character is split into many, like Superman Red and Blue, the Batman Corps, etc

Alternatively, Earth-25 is the home of the Justa Lotta Animals.
  • Not all the worlds reflect their parallel (at least, I can't think of a way Gotham by Gaslight is a counterpart to pseudo-Astro City), so it could easily be one of the exceptions.
  • We saw them fighting the Zoo Crew in Multiversity #2, so we know they exist.
  • In the old multiverse the Justa Lotta Animals came from "Earth C-Minus". Earth-25 could be thought of as "Earth-26-Minus".
  • You mean where there is actual animal versions of the Justice League instead of cartoon Funny Animals?
    • No, the one where the Funny Animals are based on the JLA, rather than Zoo Crew's original characters, and appear in Earth-26 comics written by Captain Carrot in his secret identity. Appeared in CC&HAZC #s 14-15, Captain Carrot and the Final Ark #3, and Multiversity #2.
    • Although a world based on DC Superpets (where the human characters exist, but the main characters are Krypto, Ace, etc.) would be fun as well.

At least one of the unknown Earths is a crossover with a non-American Comic company
To clarify, one of the universes will mix the mythos of DC superheroes alongside the universe of another IP and/or company, specifically any universe that is both not originally from the Comic Book industry and NOT owned by Disney in any way (unless Warner Bros. and Disney want the explode the minds of fans with sheer awesomeness). The result will be a single, seemless timeline and universe that fits the world of DC superheroes with this other universe, either blending together contradictory elements or outright picking and choosing which parts to discard and keeps from both original flavors. Of course, this crossover universe will also be connected to the multiverse of the original company's multiverse, creating an unseen and, potentially, untraversible route through the Source itself to this other universe. The Gentry are planning to either save th(ese/is) universe(s) for last or ignore it entirely because they either do not want to break ALL of reality by tampering with the Source itself, avoid stepping on the toes of whatever reality warping GreaterScopeVillains from the other home multiverse, or Empty Hand is only interested with the ultimate destruction of superhero comics and not with any other industry.

Possible candidates for the crossover verse:

One the unknown universes is the Watchmen universe.
As Doctor Manhatten managed to invade the DC Universe, and while some of the other universes like Earth 2 were affected most(like Earth 10) are more or less the same as Pre-Flashpoint I doubt he's something from beyond the DC Multiverse(and if so, be afraid. BE VERY AFRAID). Given opposite-sided universes are foils, similar or mirrors to one another, the Watchmen universe is probably Earth 14; the serious setting of Watchmen contrasting with the silly Bizarro World of Earth 29. The number has never been used to describe any known/numbered reality, so it could've been in the background the whole time. And Earth 14 is mentioned as being a universe where new universes could come to be, which could be an apt description of Doctor Manhatten creating the New 52.

One of the unknown universes is Warren Ellis's Wildstorm universe.
According to Ellis, this is going to have hooks to the DCU but be set in its own alternate reality, so it has to fit into the multiverse somewhere. Shame they assigned Earth-50 to the Justice Lords...

Earth 20's version of the Joker is an anti-hero and their version of the Shadow
This is mostly a headcanon, however, it makes sense to me. For a roster with characters who correspond to multiple pulp adventurers (and genres, to a point) there's no real Shadow analogue present. And in a universe with no apparent Batman, if Gotham City exists here, who's protecting that?

Another thing though, while the Shadow was the inspiration for Batman, the Shadow was also a dark, violent vigilante who was extremely intelligent and often used that same intelligence to pit his foes against each other, and often gunned down criminals while laughing like a lunatic.

Now since the heroes of this world are clearly more violent than most, so having the closest thing they have to Batman be an anti-heroic Joker seems like it'd fit to me, you could still probably have him retain the same traits that make him the Joker as well.

The reason why Multiversity Too hasn't come out yet?
Basically, it's because of Scott Snyder. Whatever original vision Grant Morrison had for the Multiversity sequel would be contradicted due to the introduction of the Dark Multiverse, along with the additions to the multiverse's lore that Perpetua, the World Forger and the like have introduced. To prevent his sequel from contradicting with canon and probably wanting to pull some Canon Welding on the new ideas, Morrison is trying to figure out where Perpetua, the Sixth Dimension, and the implications of a greater multiverse along with the "Justice Vs Doom" concept would fit and avoid contradictions with the rest of DC's continuity. Convergence and Doomsday Clock restoring old universes is also something he's trying to un-muddy, and is probably waiting until DC can suss out the actual structure of their multiverse before he can feel safe exploring it.

Numbers for the Tales From The Dark Multiverse universes.
The Tales series depicts what ifs for comic events that went horribly wrong. Based off their focus, and how the Dark Knights had universe numbers reflecting ones in the multiverse:
  • Death of Superman: Assuming Injustice: Gods Among Us exists in the main DC Multiverse(and there are six universes who's number is unaccounted for), Eradicator Lois would fit perfectly as the opposite number to that. Her and Regime Superman are both Knigh Templar figures driven by the lost of each other. If it doesn't, perhaps Earth -45 as Earth 45 has a twisted version of Superman in Superdoom.
  • Infinite Crisis: Earth -4. Earth 4 is the Charlton Comics adaptation, where Blue Beetle comes from. The Dark Multiverse version of Infinite Crisis focuses on Ted Kord, who's from said comics, become a Knight Templar.
  • Blackest Night: Probably Earth -43. Both involve the undead having a major role; Earth has a vampire Justice League, the Dark Multiverse of Blackest Night is overrun with Black Lanterns.
  • If certain other events get the treatment?

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