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  • In Issue #2, Society of Superheroes: after much buildup, Felix Faust confronts Doctor Fate's Earth-20 version, Doc Fate, with a Wizard Duel imminent between the two of them to supplement the other mirror matches going on. Doc Fate, who's also got martial prowess, just kicks his Evil Counterpart in the balls, defeating him then and there without any ceremony whatsoever.
    Felix Faust: It's your magic against mine, Fate! Abrakadabra.
    Dr. Fate (unimpressed): Hey, Presto! (Groin Attack, followed by pistol-whip).
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  • Blue Beetle and the Question busting a smack dealer during Issue #4. It begins with Vic criticizing Ted for spending so much money on his gadgets to catch petty criminals before he shoves all of the drug peddler's heroin down his throat. Afterwards, the Question spends a few panels pondering what he'll put on his ironic calling card for this caper.
    • The Question droning on about Spiral Dynamics to a man pinned between an enormous amount of metal and a puddle of gasoline, all while his victim yells that it's this kind of sadistic, self-indulgent nonsense that got the masked mystery man kicked out of the Pax Americana in the first place.
  • ALL the Sivanas being weirded out by the Darker and Edgier Sivana who murdered Billy Batson before he became the Wizard's champion. The looks on their faces just show that the guy creeps them out and some are even disgusted by him. Dr. Sivana takes him better than others, but even he is disturbed by how evil and unhinged the guy is.
    • An Only Sane Man Sivana who is a Nobel Prize-winning scientist with some personality issues is horrified that all his alternates are mad scientists. You can't help but laugh at the poor guy's misfortune.
    • The fact that every Sivana save the sane one has the same overbite and coke-bottle glasses. Even the one that's a snake.
    • Sivana complains about comic books presenting "maverick scientists" as "stereotypical, cackling madmen". Mere moments after that, the Sivanas (including the complainer one) start cackling with their Evil Laughs.
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    • Captain Sivana is having trouble fighting Captain Marvel and demands that Captain Sivana Junior help him. Junior (an evil genius in his own right) does this by covering Captain Marvel's eyes with his hands. He's quite proud of this until Captain Marvel Junior uses a power shovel to smack him to the moon.
    • Captain Marvel Jr. versus the newly empowered Georgia Sivana.
    • Sivanaday being sabotaged by the fact that every single one of the Sivanas skimped out on their Suspendium quotas, making it so that the sole day they could win only lasted 8 hours.
  • The opening pages of Mastermen feature Hitler suffering from one of his infamous episodes of constipation as he reads a Superman comic.
    • How do the Nazi scientists show Hitler Kal-L's super powers for the first time? By shooting at the infant Kryptonian with a barrage of machine gun fire.
  • There's something hilarious to be said of how Vague, the Wonder Woman counterpart of Earth-41 is based on Vogue of Youngblood, who was in fact originally based on Joker's Daughter of the Bronze Age Teen Titans.
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  • Earth 47's description in The Multiversity Guidebook is punctuated with "All is groovy."
  • Ultra Comics attacking Intellectron with weaponized Internet Hate Dumb:
    Hater: The Big Bad is an EGG?!
    Hater: An EVIL egg! That's it. I'm OUT! This guy's raped my wallet WAY too times!
    Hater: A 5-DIMENSIONAL evil egg! Lol!
    Hater: Don't forget the EVIL BATWINGS!
  • Multiversity #2 opens with the League of Shadows from Earth-13 fighting the vampiric Blood League of Earth-43. Before they leave, Annataz casts a final spell that makes the vampires no longer crave blood. Now? Coffee.
    Earth-43 Wonder Woman: I must have a latte!
    Earth-43 Batman: AMERICANO FOR ME!
    • As well as Snake Sivana and Serial Killer Sivana discussing their vampiric counterpart's defeat along with the rest of the Blood League.
    Snake Sivana: Did you find hithhh thhhpeech impediment ath annoying athhh I did?
    Serial Killer Sivana: It was the main reason I sent him to his death.
    • The fate of Chibi Batman.
    • Adam Familiar
    • You'd think that Captain Carrot getting decapitated wouldn't be all that funny. But it is.
    • The Bug has his inspiration's sense of humor.
    Bug: Zombies! Next they'll be taking our jobs and there goes the whole neighborhood!
    • Nix's Ultimate Reward for helping save the Multiverse? A whole month's worth of rent money.

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