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  • In issue #2, Mouse is mourning the loss of one of his rats. Then he says this:
    Mouse: I kinda really wanna sorta eat him.
    • The looks on Virtue and Tremor's faces say it all.
    • Later, Virtue is asking the rest of team what should they do with the two cops they have imprisoned. She turns to Mouse, who was too busy eating his dead rat to listen.
    • Katharsis: This is what I get for hanging with liberals.
  • In issue #3, Rainmaker sweeps one of Mouse's rats away with a gust of wind. His response?
    Mouse: Rascal! He's my favorite! I taught him to ride a unicycle.
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  • In issue #7, Burden goes to Vengeance Moth to talk about "certain feelings" he's having.
    Vengance Moth's thoughts: Yikes, he's maybe the only one in this group who knows less about sex than me.
  • In issue #9, Virtue tries to make Mouse take a bath. She tries to have Burden help, but the conservative christian won't even look at Mouse's naked bod.
    • Later, Mouse is all cleaned up and dressed sharp and gives his crush, Tremor a box of chocolates. He apologizes that his rat ate the chocolates. And is still in the box.

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